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Summary: For years, Chanyeol had been longing for a place to call home, not knowing that what he’d been searching for all along was right next door.
Author: baeconandeggs
Side Pairing: Chenbaek, Chansoo, Krisho, Lukai
Length: Oneshot
Status: Completed
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC-17
Warning: mpreg, Divorce


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I’m thinking about remodeling my blog over the weekend and maybe into the week if it takes a while. If anyone has any theme suggestions I would really appreciate it. I’ve got some more old Not So Berry posts that I need to finally queue, and once those are done I’m probably going to get back into the Iris Rainbowcy. Also, the Disney Princess Challenge is still a thing, I just have some work to do to get it ready still (such as hair recolors), before I can move on with it.