• Aries:Mars - the planet of passion and war, assertiveness and courage
  • Taurus:Venus - the planet of love, beauty and nature
  • Gemini:Mercury - the planet of communication and logic, speed and wit
  • Cancer:The Moon - represents the sea and the movement of the tides
  • Leo:The Sun - represents the king, leadership and warmth
  • Virgo:Mercury - the planet of communication and logic, speed and wit
  • Libra:Venus - the planet of love, beauty and nature
  • Scorpio:Mars - the planet of passion and war & Pluto - the planet of death, transformation and rebirth
  • Sagittarius:Jupiter - the planet of expansion, experience and knowledge
  • Capricorn:Saturn - the planet of contraction, concealment and self-awareness
  • Aquarius:Uranus - the planet of exploration, individuality and enlightenment
  • Pisces:Neptune - the planet of dreams and fantasy, illusion and psychic receptivity
  • Aries:One two three I declare a war on *flips coin* ENGLAND
  • Taurus:And uh, to celebrate um, the third day this week without rain, WE SHALL FEAST
  • Gemini:Tell the King of Spain to fuck with me because I don't care about his trading policy
  • Cancer:Have a town meeting. I want to hold every newborn baby.
  • Leo:Let's dedicate an entire month to my birthday and get turnt every night. Feast for everyone even peasants!!!
  • Virgo:Shhhhh leave me alone I am planning my next World War
  • Libra:I'd like to meet all of the other monarchs and I need a new dress and let's have a ball tonight!!!!!
  • Scorpio:Everyone in the kingdom wants 2 kill me or fuck me #tru
  • Sagittarius:National Get Shit Faced Day, am I rite???
  • Aquarius:Name all the planets in the solar system after me right now
  • Pisces:I don't want to go to war can everyone please be happy look at how many kitties there are in my palace!!!

If you look carefully at the image, it will quickly be apparent that that the zodiac, the planets and their relationships form a mandala, a symbolic figure representing the universe. Within the figure, we see that each of the original planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn – are used with two signs, while the Sun & Moon, placed in the 4th and 5th house, are used once. Interestingly, the Moon is associated with security and the Sun with creativity. If you look at the mandala again, you can see that there are many potential layers to who we are. Walking through the figure, a narrative emerges: we need all these qualities. Keep in mind, as well, that because your Sun sign is only a small factor of your chart, you may feel a great deal of kinship with the sign under which you’re born.

Aries – positive: self-assertion, enthusiasm, the direct approach; negative: hurried, inconsiderate, conceit

Taurus – positive: building and maintaining a secure structure; negative: greed, stubbornness, a ponderous approach to the world

Gemini - positive: flexibility, communication take center stage; negative: disorganization, emotionally restless 

Cancer - positive: nurturing, sensitive; negative: timid, tends to withdraw

Leo – positive: generous, optimistic, independent; negative: dislike of routine, overlooks the details

Virgo – positive: service, methodical, down-to-earth; negative: critical, inhibited, overly reliant on formalities

Libra – positive: diplomatic, able to creat harmonies; negative: indecisive, problems with self-assertion

Scorpio – positive: strong, determination, powerful insight; negative: dependent on recognition, secretive, manipulative

Sagittarius – positive: independent, generous, searching; negative: righteousness, superficiality

Capricorn – positive: practical, disciplined, patient; negative: mistrusting, joyless, cold

Aquarius – positive: original, imaginative, broad perspective; negative: overly detached, misses emotional clues

Pisces – positive: flexibility, adaptive, versatile; negative: boundaries, difficulty with self-assertion and goals

What I've Learnt from Dating the Signs. (Personal but #relatable)
  • Aries:You never wanted to let me go but when you did you finally found happiness, with out me.
  • Taurus:You fell hard and fast. And you are so controlling.
  • Gemini:Every mistake you made, I forgive you. But I know you will never forgive me for mine.
  • Cancer:Baby, you clung to me like we were both drowning. I loved it and holy shit do I miss it.
  • Leo:You are a sex freak and I hated it, but I will always bend over and tell you have bad I've been, but only for you.
  • Virgo:You are fake sometimes and you quit way too early in the game of love.
  • Libra:You are perfect and you could never do wrong. So much love to give.
  • Scorpio:You love to pick fights but making up with you was worth all the yelling.
  • Sagittarius:You are your own version of cupid. Collecting as many hearts as possible.
  • Capricorn:Nothing hurt worth than when you cried and you were always fucking crying.
  • Aquarius:I loved to tease you while you were at work by wearing that black dress but you loved to tease me when it came to showing your love.
  • Pisces:Your kisses were heaven. But your life was hell. Get it together and please stop using drugs.
What kind of girls do they want?

Aries: Male Aries are attracted by independent, brave and spontaneous females, the ones who know what they want.They respect those females who show their spiritual force.These males want challenges and enjoy when they’re seduced by a female filled with confidence, who’ll just tease them and go against their way, because that’ll make it even more interesting for them.

Taurus: Taurus like females who are cute, calm, relaxed and who also love cuddling and kisses.They prefer females who are reserved and have their feet strongly on the ground, but not those who are overly confident and energetic.

Gemini: Geminis are attracted by females who are smart, but also mysterious.They can be attracted by a female that’s average, but it’s funny and interesting, because those are the traits that Geminis value more than appearance.

Cancer: Cancerians are attracted by females who are ready to be beside them when they need them and will take care of them.The girl that’s going to take care of them and spoil them will make the Cancer feel loved, and will get a spot in their heart, and they love having a lady by their side.

Leo: Leos would like a girl that’ll make them feel proud, a girl that’ll make them look good in the eyes of others, just by walking beside them.Wonderful, dynamic, sophisticated and reserved girls will catch the attention of this zodiac sign.

Virgo: Virgos will always notice someone who has their outfit perfectly put together.These males are very picky and don’t want anything less than what they think is perfect, because of that they’re single a long time.

Libra: Libras are attracted by girls who have style, but aren’t too formal when there’s no need to be.She can be a bit sophisticated, but not too arrogant.Also she can be picky, but not overly picky.The lady that’ll attract a Libra can have many contradictory traits, as long as she’s honest in her motives and there’s no hidden secrets, the Libra will be fine with it.

Scorpio: The girls who attract the emotionally unstable Scorpios, have to be vital and passionate.They like dynamic and strong girls, that aren’t indecisive.

Sagittarius: Sags like girls who are honest, honourable, direct and proud, and at the same time they can be friends as well.They like girls who can act like children at one point, and then at another moment they could talk about serious stuff, having serious conversations.Girls who are constantly happy and pleased, will always stay in their hearts.

Capricorn: Caps are attracted by girls who are accepted by their surroundings and are formal and reserved.For them, ideal girls who have put up high goals in life and who try to realize them.

Aquarius: Aquas are always attracted by girls who are intelligent, independent, with a free spirit and who know how to make a good conversation.Mystery and unconventionality fascinate them, and too much emotions turn them off.

Pisces: Pisces like girls who are romantic, emotional, sensitive and passionate.If she’s mysterious or able to make them feel secure, she can easily become the right person for them.

Mercury & Neptune - Sister planets?

I was thinking before about the exaltion of the outer planets and couldn’t help but relate Gemini and Virgo (and to some extent ‘thinkers’ like Aquarius and Libra) to Neptune, although rather, existing under the illusion of thought and words rather than Cancer and Pisces under reverie and maladaptive daydream. Alan Watts discusses his theories on the concept of the development of language and mental signs to navigate the world around us and how thoughts protect us from truth and trigger us to lose touch with true reality ( Neptune is the deception, the illusion, the masquerade and the fog; and Mercury encourages us to indulge in the sensuality of our own thinking, intellectualize every concept to the point of blurring the magic and identify too closely with our own thoughts. These two planets are the traditional tricksters, and with the mischievous double talk of Mercury and sedating Neptune psychosis are these too planets more closely related? 

Mercury thinks to escape while Neptune is the escape, and these two play with each other transmitting the deceptive photoshopped media, novels, adding song lyrics to melody and propaganda. Mercury relates to forms of psychological ailment and thought disorder, anxiety; while Neptune’s twelfth house governs mental instabilities, psychotic illness, substance abuse, delusional disorders and derealization. Both have a capacity of deceptive allure to cloud the practical seams of reality and become utilized as a defensive reflex that taints realistic exposure. Neptune’s enchanting pull into the mystic unconscious waters can completely distort our perception of the universe and Mercury’s chatter can block us from engaging with our divine soul beyond the ego and view the world through a consensual and meaningless block of symbols and linguistically associations. Ideally, we draw from the energies of Neptune in meditation and reunite the infinite with the ego to escape from the mischief of Mercury. If we slip inside the space between our thoughts, this is where Neptune waits, are they sisters from other sides of the solar system?

All 12 of my little drawings each one a different zodiac sign, all in it’s order. 

These little pictures each have a mash up of a variety of things that represents that sign. Including: The zodiac symbol, their ruling planet symbol, their element symbol, one of the flowers that represent that sign and the colour that represents that sign around the symbols. I like these as a little collection, but I still have much more researching and experimentation to do before I start with my final pieces. 

Moon in Aquarius

Kind, Quirky, Distant

People born with the Moon in Aquarius tend to be very out of touch with their emotions. They often have no idea how they feel. They are usually very kind and very concerned about improving the world.  They are very open minded and they always have lots of friends. They may seem strangely cold though. Like there is no center.  They may be very difficult to connect with. They may be next to you, talking to you, but emotionally in another galaxy. Completely unreachable. 

Nothing phases them. They aren’t weirded out by anything. Sometimes they do want emotional connection, but they are not always aware of their emotional disconnect. They are like robots trying to imagine what emotions must feel like.  They don’t understand how disconnected with emotional behavior they actually are.

You won’t see them ever cry.  If you do, you may never see them again.  If they have ever gotten to the place, with a person, where they have to cry in front of them, that is their cue to exit.  They don’t like feeling weighed down by tears. They don’t see the point in all of that.  

It is possible that they detach themselves from their emotions because they actually are very sad with the state of the world. They are so deeply heartbroken by it that they cannot live with it.  They have to leave the weight of their emotions in a place where they cannot access it, because if they do, it will hold them down and prevent them from moving forward and all aquarius knows how to do is move forward.

They cannot handle their emotions at all. They fall apart, they have no idea how to allow themselves to feel what they are feeling. It is an extremely scary and unsettling experience for them.  They are completely overcome by pain when they actually do face it. They are manic.

So often they seem distant. Unreachable. But they do want to be there with you, just not emotionally. They need to be around people who entertain and invigorate their minds.  They want to share their ideas with people who they know will listen. They want to hear interesting, fun, unique ideas. They do NOT want to engage in any emotional drama.  That is the way to totally bore them and bring down their energy.

They don’t always want to be parents. It is way to weighty of a responsibility for them.  Often, they’d rather have pets than children. Pets are much less of an emotional responsibility than children, but yet it still allows them to do good in this world by looking out for a life in need of care. Moon in Aquarius natives  can be extremely loving and affectionate with their animals.  Much more than you will ever see them be with a human.  

When they do have children they may be an emotional distance between them.  There may be a bigger issue that has to get more of their attention, so they can’t fully give themselves emotionally to their children, though they may really want to.

People with this placement often have to try very hard to make personal time with their children to remind them that they are there and they aren’t going anywhere.

The homes of Moon in Aquarius natives are usually very tech savvy. They will most likely have all the latest models of the latest technologies. They like to be ahead of the curve. Their homes are usually very modern and quirky.  

Famous Aquarius Moon natives:

Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, Sasha Grey, Princess Diana, Frank Ocean, Uma Thurman, John Lennon, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, Woody Allen, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Jessica Lange, Jayne Mansfield, Kim Cattrall, Glenn Close, Orson Welles, Latoya Jackson, Chris Isaak, Rosa Parks, Timothy Leary, Philip K. Dick, Sherilyn Fenn, Ice T, Tom Petty

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☿ mercury: playing with words

mercury isn’t only how you communicate. yes, it is your translator, how you share your message with the world, how your thoughts are spoken, but it’s also how you perceive your surroundings, how you struggle with gathering and clarifying the information you receive. mercury creates patterns, absorbs concepts, it is how you think and how you share your inner wars. it is how you connect, grasp and reason. each sign provides a different translation of your inner world and a different perspective of life, but its importance is often questioned due to lack of understanding.

December 31st, 2014

The end of 2014 is going to go out with a boom today. You might have noticed things have been particularly tense the past two or three days emotionally. We could be feeling the impending Mars and Jupiter opposition. Think of the time now of burning up the karma from the past year. Right now might be chaotic or emotionally intense but it is the grieving and purging of the past year. In other news right now is an intensely creative time that might be overwhelming. Try to make sure to use this time to create something physical to manifest the next year. For example, if you want to make a lot of money, paint a box of cash next to a pot of flowers. Magic and creativity is highly tied at this time.