Happy earth day everyone! Remember please protect our planet earth that we live and breath in by planting plants, recycling, and walking! I found two good videos that relate to how important is to protect it, watch it if you’re interested: 1 // 2    

I really wanna discuss the second link, is a documentary trailer of Al Gore named An Inconvenient Truth, he speaks in a conference about Global Warming and how it’s affecting us and nature and that documentary is in 2006. I watched this like two times when I was in eight grade and I really enjoy it tells the truth of the bad situation we are in of the Global warming, here are some photos of now and then of some places around the world. 

Also, Al Gore was in the elections in 2000 running for president until he loses for George Bush.

The trailer was wrong before i changed it with it’s correct link sorry for the incovinience.


     the sister planet of Earth, living on a different timeline parallel to our own


ALRIGHT! I got my first dream address up and running! The actual address is currently in the Cherry Blossom festival and it’s night time, but I liked this screen shot too much not to use it. It’s a big work in progress but I hope you guys enjoy it anyways! It’s based off of a personal story of mine and all the characters are characters from that story (except the Mayor, but that’s okay). :) Enjoy!

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it is extremely disappointing to see that you support clinton. i'm sorry, but it is. how can you write whole essays and shit about institutional racism and not see how hypocritical you're being by supporting her. you're too smart to pretend people are somehow being disingenuous or whatever about her and what she's doing. and you're too smart to pretend i'm just some pro-trump loony or that pro-trump people are the only ones who feel this way. deflect if you want but you know it's true.

Ok, ok. 

I said this:

and then you said what you said. And inasmuch as a tweet means anything, now I’m saying this:

Hillary is guilty of being,

  • a white woman who, like all white people, was born blind and raised deaf to her complicity in America’s titanic system of domestic racism; 
  • an ambitious person who, like all ambitious people, is fundamentally indifferent to those who have not chosen to enter the arena of combat with her;
  • a politician who, like all of them, says whatever is momentarily popular and maintains the most perfect silence on what everyone knows to be true;
  • and a Clinton who, like all Clintons, believes in nothing and is therefore capable of saying and doing whatever the moment requires. 

Now, I would argue this makes her barely more than a human person to begin with but, in addition to these qualities, she is also running for president. And a president is, 

  • a three-dimensional hologram projected by bond traders, the military-industrial complex, constitutional necessity, the collective fears of white people older than 45, and, to the smallest possible degree, the idealism of the Declaration of Independence;
  • a golem summoned from the silt of international trade and this trade’s requirement that violence be restricted to economically unimportant branches of the human family;
  • a ghost who patrols the planet Earth, who maintains its status quo with prophecies of material wealth or else by spooky threats of ejection from the global order & exposure to the wolves that wait beyond its firelight.

This is what anybody who wants to become president is going to be. This fact is the ultimate tragedy of power, ambition, and civic virtue in America. No matter how idealistic you are, and Barack Obama was pretty idealistic as far as politicians go, if you become the President of the United States you’re gonna spend years being crushed in the most exacting mill of souls ever devised. 

This is why ambitious people are pathetic and why presidents are pitiable above everyone else. It’s why power is a curse and how those who wield power are punished in direct proportion to their fondness for it.

So it oughta be clear that I don’t have any great respect for Hillary in particular or for the presidency in general but, because I’m a human being who needs the planet Earth in order to live, I have to pay a certain amount of attention to who wants the job. 

And I also want revenge.

I want the evil cocklords in the Republican party to pay. I want every last one of them to feel the political norms they’ve betrayed return as glowing brands that burn both cheeks of their ass. I want Mitch McConnell to spend a long and pointless life screaming himself hoarse at a Supreme Court stacked nine deep with black pussyhaving, pussyloving justices. I want Paul Ryan to realize that Ayn Rand’s ‘philosophy’ was an endless rope of sand, and that his attempt to attain power by climbing it was one big, life-long jerk-off. I want Reince Priebus to feel the hook go through his cheek and then its line drag him down to the eternal abyss of shame, disgrace and oblivion as it follows the sinking corpse of Donald Trump. I want Roger Ailes to see a woman in the presidency.

But in the end, I hate Hillary for what she’s going to do as much as I hate myself for knowing she needs to do it. This is because, in the end, the concentration of carbon dioxide as measured in parts per million is more important than whether Hillary is woke, whether she gratifies my desire to punish, or whether she makes your skin crawl when she speaks. She is precisely the person who can successfully perform the revolting calculus of international power politics. And this is what has to be done if we’re going to hold the global temperature anomaly to one and a half degrees Celsius. 

And make no mistake: she is going to kill people to do this. Whether this means protecting the Saudis as they wage their criminal war against Yemeni civilians so their insane royal family does not obstruct a post-petroleum world-order. Or if not this, then fomenting a bloody coup against Filipino psychopath-in-chief Rodrigo Duterte to keep him from becoming China’s boy in the South China Sea, hence preventing him from smashing the precarious balance of peace American hegemony has maintained on the Pacific rim. Or if not that, then any of the hundred thousand other horrible things the United States will have to do to orchestrate a relatively peaceful transition from fossil fuels to whatever follows them. Because, and you should be under no illusions as to this point, global peace is presently maintained by the imminent threat of death from above as delivered by the U.S. Air Force. And preventing the worst excesses of climate change from killing millions of people as it also wipes away much of human civilization will require a certain level of global peace. Because if you think the Syrian refugee crisis was bad remember that it is the result of a single, smallish country disintegrating because agriculture was no longer possible there. Now imagine that everything south of the Himalayas has become unfarmable. Imagine the instability, war and genocide that a billion refugees would trigger. 

Humanity will be relying for its survival on the most delicate thread by which global politics are suspended: the absence of war. We have a global order capable of producing this and Hillary is the person capable of pouring a great deal of innocent blood on the altar of its maintenance. Our existence on this planet is too tenuous, and the requirements for fixing climate change much too stringent to wait around for a global order that better pleases our sensibilities. 

Regretfully yours,

youraverageshipper replied to your post “Umm, Rumple (and Robert) make the show. That’s why his episode got…”

I just read this with my own two eyes??? LOL WHAT EVEN

the whole thing is HYSTERICAL TBH. like i didn’t even know it was a rumple centric until after it was over cause the only thing abc has been promoting is the cs wedding?????? like what on earth planet are they living on im confused