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Dresden Kohler a.k.a. Cataclysm · 21 · House 2 · FC: Yuri Pleskun · Open

“How the hell does anyone put up with you? A handsome face is hardly enough to get you by when you’re a fucking cataclysm.”

— Jericho Mills


From a very young age, people could tell that Dresden was going to be a problem. Not only was he horribly intelligent, but he possessed an undeniably evil nature. The way he interacted with other children wasn’t something to be taken lightly. Even then, he manipulated them — whether it was getting someone to do a task he felt he couldn’t be bothered to do himself via violent threats and violence itself, or turning people against one another simply for the amusement he found in watching it all come crashing down. He deserved the avoidance that followed as a result, spending the majority of his adolescence friendless and disdained even by his own family. Dresden’s behavior was insufferable, they claimed, and at sixteen years of age, Dresden found himself face-to-face with death in the form of his own father. The tables quickly turned, and, in the end, it was Dresden who came out of the fight alive. Crippling paranoia ensued soon after, driving Dresden to near insanity. In a fit of rage, he killed his mother, brother, and sister, convinced they, too, could no longer be trusted. One could say that he was then left alone in the world. But soon, there wasn’t really world to be left alone in.


The apocalypse didn’t do much to change Dresden as a person, and on Planet X, much like on Earth, he is known and feared for his extreme sadism. He largely views people as nothing more than his personal toys for use to relieve his seemingly unending boredom. One honorable mention, Adrian Nox, was unfortunate enough to be given more than enough insight into Dresden’s mentality, when Dresden took advantage of his harbored feelings. Currently, Lilith Vane has captured his attention, and he has developed what could be considered a mild obsession with her. He uses her more than anyone else for his sick games, and she plays into them without much thought for the consequences. She, like many others in the past, has been fooled by his appearance, hesitant to believe that Dresden could ever be responsible for the dreadful things he’s done. They say he’s got the face of an angel and the heart of the Devil, but when it all comes down to it, he’s, in fact, quite heartless.


The amount of gifts Dresden has received is pretty underwhelming. He doesn’t particularly mind, though. He’s too invested in his games to be too terribly bothered with talk of aliens, and he fails to understand the blatant obsession with the unknown that some of the other residents seem to display. But he doesn’t discount the existence of alien life. In fact, he thinks it would be quite foolish to do so. He can feel a presence that isn’t exactly human. And to be perfectly honest, it does unnerve him some; it brings back the ghosts of paranoia, even. However, Dresden isn’t about to drop everything and invest all of his time and energy into solving the mystery when there are others already at it. He’s tasted insanity before, and he’s not very keen to outright offer himself up to it all over again. He intends to wait it out for now, hopeful that the time for him to get involved never sees the light of day.

Further Information:

  • Asexual
  • Manipulative
  • Atheist


  • Friends: Lilith Vane
  • Enemies: Jericho Mills, Joshua Nox, Elliott Dallas
  • Past Person of Interest: Adrian Nox


The universe is a vast, limitless expanse. There are many things unknown to us.
Scientists such as Percival Lowell have devoted their lives to finding a mysterious planet named Planet X, located beyond Neptune in our very own Solar System. After long years of pointless research and many failed attempts, the astronomical community agreed that Planet X, as originally envisioned, does not exist, but the concept of Planet X has been revived by a number of astronomers to explain other anomalies observed in the outer Solar System.

In 2072 long after Lowell’s research was long forgotten, everything about the seemingly non-existent planet is revealed in a post-apocalyptic blur. Planet X is real and not that much different from Earth. It has everything the human species need to survive once they get adjusted to life there. 100 humans were chosen to live on the planet. Some consider it a blessing, others think of it as a curse.

Five years have passed since “judgment day” and Planet X now has a well-organized, yet still dysfunctional community, occupying the seven houses, built by the residents. Now, in 2077 suspicion is rising among Planet X’s residents more so than ever. For years they have been receiving help in the form of supply crates, full of the basic necessities of life from an unknown source. Some ignore the mystery behind the supply crates, others are haunted by the endless possibilities. Do aliens exist or is this all a cruel joke, conducted by the human race? It’s a game of the brave and the bold now, the truth is vital for survival and it’s survival of the fittest.