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shipping-the-gods I found it! It’s called a druid’s wand and it uses the “coelbren of the bards”.

The author recommends wood with druidic (alder, hazel, Apple), lunar (willow), or general magical significance (oak, ash, rowan). I just used whatever I could find in the woods out back.

Choose a straight and even branch and cut it at 25 inches.

There’s a long drawn out ritual (that I didn’t do) of watering the chosen tree with a mostly water, a little milk and honey mix for a month (just on the full, waning half, new, and waxing half moon days). Cut it on the next full moon with a white handled knife and 9 silver coins. Walk around it 9 clockwise times, repeating the whole time: “Tree of Wisdom, Tree of life, Forgive the cutting of my knife. A single branch I’ll take from thee, that I May hence the future see.” When you’re done, cut the branch, ask again the tree for forgiveness and thank it. Bury the 9 coins at the roots of the tree, saying: “May the forest Lord and earth goddess bless thee for thy service, creature of earth!”

Anyway, peel the branch, sand it, and trim it to 20 and 4/5 inches. Mark off 2/5 of an inch on both ends, color one end black and the other end red. Divided the wand into 20 1-inch spaces using a black marker or black paint. Starting at the red end, draw the figures on the wand numerically starting with the figure labeled “1”. They can be drawn horizontally or vertically. When done, you can seal the wand or leave it natural.

There’s also a consecrating ritual (that I forgot to do) that requires you to leave the wand wrapped in white cloth or linen until 2 days before the next full moon. On that day, keeping it wrapped in the cloth, put it in a plastic bag and bury it in the top of the nearest hill. Don’t bury it deep and make sure it won’t get wet if it rains. Before you fill the hole, say the following 3 times: “Made to measure star and moon, from earthly wood thy form was hewn. I lay thee to thy peaceful rest, that Sun and earth shall make thee blessed!” Fill the hole and cover it with rocks and leaves. Sometime the day after the full moon, go dig up the wand and take it out of the bag. Keep it in the white cloth when not using it.

The wand cannot be used to answer a specific question, it is used to divine the forces that surround you for the next 28 days (a lunar month). It says in the book to not use the wand more than once during this period.

Here’s how to use it: Go outside on a clear night, meditate in a spot where you won’t be disturbed. Find out which direction the wind is blowing. Even if there’s hardly a breeze, notice where the next puff of wind that hits you comes from. If from the east or south, use the red end. West or north, use the black end. Place the end flush with the outer curve of the moon. If it’s full, use the right side curve. Using the point on the moon as a pivot, maneuver the wand so it touches Polaris, the pole star. Note the symbol on which it falls. That is the influence that will be coming into your life during the next lunar month. If because of the location the moon the wand does not reach Polaris, abandon the divination and try it another day. The book says you can also divine during the day if Polaris and the moon are still visible.

Meanings of the coelbren of the bards:

Each symbol is based on a “druidic triad” or “Welsh triad or “bardic triad”. These are my condensed meanings:

1. Hold your tongue on your personal life and affairs this month. Silence is power. Don’t brag about your accomplishments, keep your pride inside. If not, you’ll prevent hopeful future occurences from manifesting by speaking about them.

2. Beginning of some new adventure within the month. Something big from a small beginning, in terms of relationships or the ending of conflicts. Not usually financial. Watch for a person to assist you, they may be the key to success.

3. Uncovering secret influences this month regarding recent problems. The how and why, and the solution. Wisdom, knowing the truth and the lies. Someone may be deceiving you and you will find out soon.

4. Obstacles and difficulties this month, but the willpower/strength to get through them. Don’t be moody, edgy, or snappy or it will get worse. Meet everything with strength, bravery, and positivity. Also a good sign for remaining positive. Be calm, but confident.

5. Important decisions to make this month. Even a small decision will have great consequences. Don’t let physical, sensual, or emotional impulses cloud your judgement or the situation will end badly. Your mind is clouded already so be careful. Follow any hunches or strong spiritual impulses. Intuition is born from reason.

6. Meditate, meditate, meditate. Decisions to make this month? Meditate first. A problem vexing you will be solved this month… if you meditate. Contemplate the problem, Silence yourself. Contemplate again, silence again. Look at the problem from a detached view. Be willing to learn. Listen actively, not passively. Meditate no longer than 10 minutes. Note anything that came to you. Do it again if you have to. Follow your inner advice.

7. There be storms ahead this month. Watch out for a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They may be the catalyst. Be wary of people with selfish reasons or you will be disappointed. It could be more of a failure to deliver on promises, rather than deliberate malicious deceit. Be independent in any matter at hand this month. Beware of fair-weather friends.

8. Romance this month, if single or taken. A new relationship or deepening of a current one. You may only meet your future partner so don’t get excited. Beware of two-faced, lying, or unkind/abusive lovers.

9. You’ll find yourself in an uncontrollable situation this month, usually an ending. Accept it. Fighting it will bring disappointment or pain. Learn and move on. You’ll be powerless to do anything else.

10. Spend time at home this month. Sort out your priorities. Retreat if you find obstacles. Relax. Any projects or purchases for the home should be made, but after careful consideration. Any illnesses should be healed within the month.

11. There will be an end to something you’ve worked on this month. You will reap the benefits of your labors. Business deals will close. A relationship will become stable. Personal goals will be reached.

12. One of two things will happen this month: You will be called to settle an argument, to advise someone on their foolishness, or to speak the truth. Either that or someone will advise you on your foolishness, call you out on your anger, or stop you from gossping. Communication of some kind, for the better.

13. New opportunities this month, in terms of work, money, or business. Someone in the higher ups at work will notice you and/or help you. Don’t be talkative, superficial, or vain.

14. Be prepared to cut back this month, socially or professionally. Don’t overextend yourself or do anything half-assed, or you’ll be exhausted in all ways by the end of the month and may get sick.

15. Beware of flatterers, slanderers, and braggers. You will encounter 1 or all 3 this month. They will be working against you. Don’t let them get to you and remember the truth will come out sooner or later.

16. Very fortunate, nothing but good vibes this month. A new emotional relationship, or the discovery of new talents, leading to material gain. Change of job or house, or a benefical change in life. A physical birth or conception.

17. Trials, tests, and obstacles this month, from any area of your life, that may require personal sacrifice. These will develop you and help you become more aware of your environment. You need to let go of something, if called to. You’ll be better off.

18. Guard your morals this month. You’ll be in a compromising situation but don’t take the easy way out. Have courage to stand up for your beliefs. Truth is the watchword of the wise. Beware of turning a blind eye to some evil in your present environment. Do not bury your head in the sand. Face the facts. Ignorance will make things worse. Take action.

19. A month of harvest. All events will end in personal success, prosperity, happiness, and well-being.

20. You and others will be in a threatening situation this month. Keeping your wits may save all of you. Others in the same situation will be reluctant to help, unkind, and may gossip about the situation. Don’t let it get you. Stay calm and act quietly. Remember the law of karma.

From “A Witches Book of Divination” (OOP I think, I got mine on Amazon)

andriseup  asked:

feuilly + space pirates au

  • Feuilly was born on a spaceship - not that he remembers much of it.  His oldest memory is this: he was five year old (he was never sure of his age). His mother was running a hand through his hair, kissing his cheek and telling him to stay put, that she’ll be back soon. Her voice was steady, there were no tears on her cheeks on in her eyes. She pressed a gun in his hand, ‘just in case’. Then a strong hand, maybe his father - or maybe not -  clasped his shoulder for a moment, and then the man left too, locking the door behind him, leaving Feuilly alone in the semi-darkness of the engine room of the ship, clutching the gun. He fell asleep to the familiar sound of the engine. 
  • He never saw his mother again, and the next time he touched ground it was on a hot, sandy planet, and it’s only port was half in ruins, but there was gaz, and a few houses, and some food stalls. The biggest man - the captain - asked him to get himself something to eat then meet them back at the ship. By the time he found his way back to were the ship was, it was gone.
  • So he spent most of his childhood and his adolescence on that planet; he wanded for a couple of days before stumbling into a chruch on the other side of the town. For a long time, the priest there was the closest to a parental figure he had: teaching him basics, how to read and write, feeding him even though there wasn’t much on this godforsaken planet - they’re far from any centre planet, it’s very hot and dry, they’re basically on their own. Feuilly brough as much money as he could doing basic repairs on passing ships; even though he was very young the last time he had actually travelled on a ship, he had an instinctive feel for the machine and engines. He also spends a lot of time teaching younger kids to read, when the old priest can’t.
  • Feuilly is actually missing three fingers from his right hand; he learned pretty much all he know about machines by himself and, well, accidents happen. In this universe - it’s kinda space steampunk, I guess? - prostethetics technology is very advanced, but he didn’t have the materials, or the ability, to make one for himself. Thankfully, a few months after the accident, a ship he had helped repair before stopped by to drop more goods, and the captain’s son, a boy just a couple of years older than Feuilly himself called Nicolas Combeferre, helped him make a prostetic glove that he can put on to replace the missing fingers. Over the years, Feuilly kept tinkering with his, adding little hidden screwdrivers other tools to help even when all his other tools are available.
  • The next time he see his mother’s face, it’s when Feuilly is twenty. A picture of his mother is framed and sitting on the desk of his latest customer’s on-board office. The customer - General Lamarque, a well-respected merchand - just says that she was an old friend. Feuilly’s face close, remembering what happened to him after his mother dissappeared. But then Lamarque looks at him, and offers him a position on his ship - he’s still very young, but they could use a mechanic like him. Feuilly is torn over it at first, but in the end he accepts.
  • Over the next couple of years, Feuilly ends up befriending the others on the crew. Enjolras, Lamarque’s assistant and second-in-command; Combeferre - the same Combeferre who helped build Feuilly’s glove, the book-keeper. Bossuet, the pilot. And the crew grows more and more - Lamarque seems to chose people not only for their talent, but also their passion, and compassion, and values for freedom and justice.
  • (Feuilly learns later that his mother was a pirate, hijacking ships to bring foods and goods to outer planets like the one he lived on; and that General Lamarque, despite his neat title and governement-paid ship, admired her greatly. Then Lamarque is arrested and excecuted for treason, and the crew doesn’t even pretend to be good law-abiding Sky citizens, after that.)