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Last week, Google released an update to an app they originally put out in 2013 called Timelapse. The US Geological Survey’s Landsat program has been collecting orbital images of the planet Earth for decades, producing the longest running series of photos of Earth’s surface ever created. Landsat satellites have looked down on the planet as humans have fundamentally reshaped the landscape, and the Google Timelapse app is built to share that database.

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Mosaic Review

Masterful Early Stan Getz: on Vinyl to Boot

Leave it to Michael Fremer, who brings the world the blog Analog Planet, to relate the story of Stan Getz and the swinging music he made, well before he made a name for himself by way of the Jazz Samba. Read this review of Mosaic’s limited edition vinyl collection Stan Getz: the 1953-54 Clef/Norgran Studio Sessions to find out why this is a set you need to get. To learn more and to purchase your set, go here.

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Looking At You, Looking At Me

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by chicaclamp

It was a universally well─known strategy that if you wanted to established a trustworthy and unbreakable alliance between two planets, which could trade a lot of information on different areas valuable to each other, you had to create a close union between two individuals of said planets with a high rank…or at least that was what the United Federation of Planets thought.
A story in which The Federation is just starting to have ties with the planets, Jim is pretty much a skittishly kitty about commitment, Bones is trying to be happy again, Spock is kind of a trophy, Sybok only wants to be in love and the High Command(at least nine members)are a bunch of wackos.
Loosely (or heavily) based on the PRIDE AND PREDJUDICE film (because the book is pure awesomeness that It would be disrespectful to try adapting it).

Words: 1522, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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I don’t know about everyone else, but I think these need way more publicity. THEY ARE SO COOL. They were made by Kasami-Sensei, and are called “The Walking Disney”


This is an absolutely unbelievable demonstration of the behavior of different layers in Earth’s atmosphere. Look how the distant clouds move so different from the near clouds.


As Earle Bergey is to Barbarella, Allan Anderson is to Xena Warrior-Princess.

While Bergey’s cover girls were all cutesy miniskirts & ray guns, Anderson’s were chain-mail & badass battle-axes. And none more so than his Black Amazon of Mars.

Planet Stories, March 1951.

And Leigh Brackett, Leigh. Eff-ing. Brackett. Known as the “Queen of Space Opera”, one of the best and most prolific of all the women pulp writers, she wrote dozens of short stories & novelettes for Planet Stories, Startling Stories and Thrilling Wonder Stories throughout the forties & fifties before starting a jaw dropping screenwriting career.

Her first hollywood gig? Co-writing the adaptation of The Big Sleep…with William Faulkner. She then wrote a series of westerns for John Wayne before returning to the works of Raymond Chandler with Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye.

Her Final hollywood work? A little flick called Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

The Queen of Space Opera? All hail the Queen.



Viewing a wave from underwater, while someone is surfing on it.


Last weekend’s full moon vanishes behind the clouds


Distant Lands by Matt Ferguson / Tumblr / Website / Twitter

12″ X 24″ screen prints, S/N editions of 50. Part of Matt’s solo art show, “Distant Lands“ opening March 27th, 2015, at the Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.

The Hobbit piece is also available as a timed release until 11.59pm EST on Sunday March 29th, as it forms part of Matt’s previously released Lord of the Rings Trilogy poster series.  

All remaining artwork will be available online from 12pm EST Saturday, March 28th, HERE.