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Yes, I’m still in orrery mode - a little one set in a pocket watch case.  The planets are solid metal - gold, silver and copper tones.  It was made to be a desk ornament but could be very carefully used as a fob or pendant.  It doesn’t move - no orbit or rotation - just an assemblage piece made to look like it might move.  

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“Pair of Planets”

I can’t say for sure, but I think the two brightest “stars” are the planets Venus and Uranus. The Brighter one is likely Venus.
They both look much bigger and brighter than usual because of moisture in the air creating a lensing effect.
I also did some light painting to show the steam coming off the lake.
I took this shot just before setting up the Northern Lights timelapse (see previous photos) you can see a little bit of the Aurora on the right near the horizon.


Cool fan-made TRON track for the game Planet Coaster!

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Orrery 16

This will be one of the last to be made with the clear pocket watch as a base. It’s always a bit sad when I run out of a limited vintage supply but it also stops me getting into a creative rut. These can be a nightmare to make because it’s very easy to completely stuff them up in the final building hours. The scratch build gods must have been on my side this past week because it came together perfectly.

I must reiterate that this does NOT move at all. All movement is just alluded to by the gears, spring and other motifs. One day I’ll make a real one with orbits, moons and rotation…

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Do you like video games? SURE YOU DO!

Do yourself a favor and play this “Pseudo-Saturn” gem known as Freedom Planet!

This game is up there with Shovel Knight.

Seriously, It’s that good. I can’t believe this game has flown under the radar for so long. If you want a good platformer, THIS IS IT. Tight controls, excellent music, fun and creative level designs and some sick ass bosses. Okay…I’m done gushing. NOW PLAY

Oh my god. A hat in times work shop is out.. first of all the description says discover and download new hats, chapters, time rift, and abilities. THE ADVENTURE IS REALLY NEVER ENDING. This shit goes deep. 2 hats are on the workshop and they have CUSTOM ANIMATIONS. OH MY GOD. They are lilacs spin move from freedom planet and a pyschonauts hat. I can’t stop screaming and waiting for this to snowball!

Etna smolders

Mount Etna on the island of Sicily has been extremely active this year, erupting multiple times in several styles. Here, in this photo taken by Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano from the International Space Station…Etna smolders, sending ash and gas into the air.


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hi eva. i'm really stressed out because my sister had surgery today and lost an ovary. i've been anxious for the past day and i would really love if you could give me some good ol' classic kylux. soft and fluffy. thank you for continuing to write and produce amazing content in this fandom. we appreciate you 💕

Hi, little cupcake. First of all, I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been anxious because of this and I’m sending all my best wishes to you, your sister and your family! I hope everyone feels better soon. You’re always welcome to message me if you’d like someone to chat with! It’s so kind of you to tell me how much you appreciate my writing – it’s really enjoyable for me to do and if other people enjoy it, too, even better.

Hot water heals, someone had told Ren when he was very young. He doesn’t remember who it was, whether it was his mother or father or uncle or maybe someone he’d just heard in passing, because his childhood was a long parade of meeting people briefly and then never again as he accompanied his mother to meetings, to planets for just a day cycle, never to come back.

But some places, they did go back to. Icy planets with steaming hot springs, or warm planets with warm flat seas. To luxuriate would not be proper for a knight, but the healing power of the heat for the muscles, and for the mind, is not just acceptable but encouraged. So Ren finds a place he knows he can go to soak away the sores of training, and of course Hux must come, it will supplement Hux’s health to engage in such an activity, he is an expert in such matters. The only person who would dare argue with Ren’s logic is Hux himself.

“But it’s freezing outside,” Hux says, peering out the window of the small First Order base that had been established where there had once been only wilds, stunted trees and shaggy beasts with beautiful white coats. Now there was a small station, manned only by a skeleton crew of troopers, who Ren didn’t doubt spend quite a lot of time bored and soaking in the springs, gossiping about one another and probably sneaking off to the jagged cliffs up above and fuck around. Not that Ren wasn’t basically here for the same purpose.

“The springs aren’t,” Ren argues.

“Yes, because they’re boiling,” Hux snaps back, not particularly vitriolic but also clearly unsure. “And you have to be naked?”

“Well, General, it’s not a law, it’s just not really necessary to wear anything.”

There’s a sound that vaguely resembles the word ‘barbaric’ as Hux sighs and accepts his fate. He hasn’t come all this way to turn back now, semi-requisite nudity or no.  

For all of Hux’s grousing and griping, the way he shivered like an abandoned pet left out in the cold as he undressed, the look on his face as he sinks into the water is nothing short of blissful. Hot water, it seems, can soak all the way into Hux’s icy core, and he turns his eyes up appreciatively as Ren climbs in next to him. 

“It heals, you said? Heals what?”

Ren shifts so he’s sitting as comfortably as he can, so he’s low enough to soak his shoulders. “Don’t hide all that,” Hux complains, before Ren can answer.

“I’m trying to actually soak, you know.”

“I thought you just wanted an excuse for us to be nude.”

“It doesn’t hurt. It’s just a secondary motive.”

Hux humphs contentedly, the look on his face so unbothered that he looks almost like another person, a lighter and younger one. 

“To answer your question,” Ren goes on, “It’s supposed to be good for your muscles. If they ache. And to relieve stress. And just…you know, feel better in general. I think your circulation as well.”

“Barbaric,” Hux says again, but he looks so pleased that it’s almost a coo. “Ancient.”

“It still works as well as it did back then. When’s the last time you felt so good?”

Hux flicks his eyes in Ren’s direction and the ends of his ears go pink but he’s smiling, it’s almost like he’s drunk on the feeling. “Last time you took me to bed.”

It surprises Ren to hear him say something like that, only because Hux is so private about his feelings when they’re good. Nor does Hux normally want to press up against someone sitting near him. The feeling of the water has given him a pass. As does their privacy. Maybe some troopers are watching from above, on the off-limit cliffside, but they’re not supposed to be there anyway, and they’re probably much more fascinated with one another than whatever is happening below. Which is not the rough frantic secretive love that they’re making but just soft kissing, Hux pliant and melty against Ren’s side, his cheeks cold but his lips, his tongue, all of it warm as the water.

“Maybe this feels even better,” Hux allows. “Or maybe not.”

It’s hard to say. It all feels so good. 


Pocket watch Orrery - a miniature model of our solar system (with all 8 planets) set in a pocket watch case with a clear base.  It doesn’t actually do anything and doesn’t move.  I’ve just used the gears to imply movement.

It’s available in my etsy shop:

In Defense of Sam

Ok, so something that’s always bothered me about the Phandom is how divided people are over Sam. I’ve seen tons of people who hate her or reduce her character to a bitch in fanfics.

One of the main reasons people hate her ( from what I’ve seen) is that she’s a “special snowflake”.
Sam is goth, vegan and very vocal about being an individual. Does she come across as a special snowflake? Honestly, yes. But we have to take a step back and look at the other DP girls- specifically the ones at Casper High. A lot of the girls at Casper have been portrayed as shallow, manipulative, materialistic and superficial. Sam constantly voices disapproval of the shallow behavior of Paulina, or things like beauty pageants which she sees as a superficial competition to determine who’s the prettiest girl- which the other girls view it as too. But Sam cares about inner beauty, intelligence and kindness more than outer beauty or popularity. With the girls in her school, Sam’s view of them is relatively justified. The girls are often portrayed as bitches- which is a fault that should be placed on the writers, not Sam. It’s not her fault that most of the girls in the show are written off as superficial stereotypes nor is it her fault that she considers them as such- she’s reinforcing what the show has already labeled these characters as. The problem lies in how the writers viewed these girls, not Sam.

The second complaint I see is how preachy/hypocritical Sam is. If she’s so hooked on individuality, why does she try to force her beliefs on others? She does this when she changes the school menu to a vegan menu. Guys, this is called a character flaw, and every good character should have one. The fact that Sam can be hypocritical is not a reason to hate her. And for her to be truly hypocritical, she would go back on her own beliefs (in this case- veganism) which she never does. She’s passionate about what she thinks is right, and gets carried away sometimes- but so does Tucker (he makes a big deal about meat, and tries to restrict the vegan choices on the menu)

Speaking of Tuck- some say Sam is selfish, because of Phantom Planet. She was so hung up on Danny choosing to become human again, that she abandoned him. So other than the fact that Phantom Planet was a steaming plate of shit that made nearly all the characters OOC, there’s several reasons this doesn’t sit right with me.
Tucker has almost the same reaction, yet very few people gripe about that. Besides, we see that in Memory Blank, Danny chooses to become a ghost again. Sam doubles checks that he’s ok with being a halfa, and he CHOOSES that. So not only does she show that she cares about Danny, but we also see that in Phantom Planet, It’s very odd and jarring that Danny would risk the safety of Amity Park just for his own comfort. So either
A. Phantom Planet is just OOC for everyone
B. Sam is justified in her reaction

And finally, phans have an unhealthy rivalry with those who ship Danny with Sam and those who ship him with Valerie.
Look, I love both of these girls, and I’m fine with Valerie×Danny, but it ridiculous that so many shippers of Valerie×Danny write off Sam as a bitch or heartbreaker. The whole reason Sam is so important to the series is that she loves both Fenton and Phantom. Valerie was interested in Fenton, and Paulina was interested with Phantom. But from the very beginning of the show, it was Sam who loved Danny unconditionally and was always there to support him. Even in Phantom Planet she admits that she’ll always support him even though she’s disappointed in the choice he made.
In conclusion, yes- Sam is flawed. But she is a passionate, intelligent and kind girl who truly cares for her friends, no matter what. If she isn’t a good person, I don’t know who is.