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A Masterlist of Every Gorillaz Song

Tomorrow Comes Today EP (2000)

  1. Tomorrow Comes Today
  2. Rock the House
  3. Latin Simone (English Version)
  4. 12D3

Gorillaz (2001)

  1. Rehash
  2. 5/4
  3. Tomorrow Comes Today
  4. New Genious (Brother)
  5. Clint Eastwood ft. Del the Funky Homosapien
  6. Man Research (Clapper)
  7. Punk
  8. Double Bass
  9. Sound Check (Gravity)
  10. Rock the House ft. Del the Funky Homosapien
  11. 19-2000
  12. Latin Simone (¿Qué Pasa Contigo?) ft. Ibrahim Ferrer
  13. Starshine
  14. Slow Country
  15. M1A1

G Sides (2002)

  1. 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)
  2. Dracula
  3. Rock the House (Radio Edit) ft. Del the Funky Homosapien
  4. The Sounder ft. Phi Life Cypher
  5. Faust
  6. Clint Eastwood ft. Phi Life Cypher
  7. Ghost Train
  8. Hip Albatross
  9. Left Hand Suzuki Method
  10. 12D3

Laika Come Home (2002)

  1. Jungle Fresh (19-2000)
  2. Strictly Rubbadub (Slow Country)
  3. Bañana Baby (Tomorrow Comes Today)
  4. Monkey Racket (Man Research)
  5. De-Punked (Punk)
  6. P.45 (5/4)
  7. Dub Ø9 (Starshine)
  8. Crooked Dub (Sound Check)
  9. Mutant Genius (New Genious)
  10. Come Again (Rehash)
  11. A Fistful of Peanuts (Clint Eastwood)
  12. Lil’ Dub Chefin’ (M1A1)

Demon Days (2005)

  1. Intro
  2. Last Living Souls
  3. Kids with Guns ft. Neneh Cherry
  4. O Green World
  5. Dirty Harry ft. Bootie Brown and The Children’s Youth Choir of San Fenandez
  6. Feel Good Inc. ft. De La Soul
  7. El Mañana
  8. Every Planet We Reach Is Dead ft. Ike Turner
  9. November Has Come ft. DOOM
  10. All Alone ft. Roots Manuva and Martina Topley-Bird
  11. White Light
  12. DARE ft. Shaun Ryder and Rosie Wilson
  13. Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head ft. Dennis Hopper
  14. Don’t Get Lost In Heaven ft. London Community Gospel Choir
  15. Demon Days ft. London Community Gospel Choir

D Sides (2007)

  1. 68 State
  2. People
  3. Hongkongaton
  4. We Are Happy Landfill
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Highway (Under Construction)
  7. Rockit
  8. Bill Murray ft. The Bees
  9. The Swagga
  10. Murdoc is God
  11. Spitting Out The Demons
  12. Don’t Get Lost In Heaven (Demo)
  13. Stop The Dams ft. Ghostigital

Plastic Beach (2010)

  1. Orchestral Intro
  2. Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach ft. Snoop Dogg
  3. White Flag ft. Bashy and Kano
  4. Rhinestone Eyes
  5. Stylo ft. Mos Def and Bobby Womack
  6. Superfast Jellyfish ft. De La Soul and Gruff Rhys
  7. Empire Ants ft. Little Dragon
  8. Glitter Freeze ft. Mark E. Smith
  9. Some Kind of Nature ft. Lou Reed
  10. On Melancholy Hill
  11. Broken
  12. Sweepstakes ft. Mos Def
  13. Plastic Beach
  14. To Binge ft. Little Dragon
  15. Cloud of Unknowing ft. Bobby Womack
  16. Pirate Jet
  17. Doncamatic 

The Fall (2011)

  1. Phoner to Arizona
  2. Revolving Doors
  3. HillyBilly Man
  4. Detroit
  5. Shy-Town
  6. Little Pink Plastic Bags
  7. The Joplin Spider
  8. The Parish of Space Dust
  9. The Snake in Dallas
  10. Amarillo
  11. The Speak It Mountains
  12. Aspen Forest ft. Paul Simonon
  13. Bobby in Phoenix ft. Bobby Womack
  14. California and the Slipping of the Sun
  15. Seattle Yodel ft. Archie McPhee’s Yodelling Pickle

DoYaThing (2012)

  1. DoYaThing ft. André 3000 and James Murphy

Phase 4 (2017)

  1. Hallelujah Money ft. Benjamin Clementine

Other/Rare Songs

  1. Pirate’s Progress
  2. Apple Cart
  3. Pirate Radio
  4. Crashing Down
  5. Whirlwind
  6. Leviathan ft. The Horrors
  7. Soldier Boy ft. Martina Topley-Bird
  8. Three Hearts, Seven Seas, Twelve Moons
  9. Electric Shock ft. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
  10. Dub Dumb
  11. Samba At 13
  12. Film Music
  13. Mr. Softy’s Balloon Race
  14. Mix 2
  15. 911
  16. Hand Clapper
  17. Gor Beaten
  18. Don Quixote’s Christmas Bonanza
  19. Gorillaz on My Mind ft. Redman
  20. FM with Nathan Haines
  21. Crystalized (The XX cover)
Its headcanon time: Lance might be Altean!

So correct me if im wrong, and im quickly writing this bc its late and shit, but we know one thing right?

Allura is the only person that can open a wormhole.

Except… not.

If Allura would be the only one to be able to open a wormhole, how did Lance reach planet Arus?

He wouldn’t be able to.

Now, i know this might seem unlikely. The lion could’ve opened the portal too, right?

No, because that would mean that allura simply didn’t need to create wormholes, because the lion would be able to open it himself. Allura explicitly states that, even if theres enough quintessence, someone needs to manually open the portal.

We gotta keep in mind that Lance doesn’t have his “special thing”. Hes the most balanced character of all, who has the least unique qualities. Shiro has his past, Pidge their family, Keith his Galra-ness, Allura had her problems ith the Galra’s and Hunk is the cook/sweetheart (who in imo can have some more qualities too). He knows it himself, too.

Lance is, though, an extremely perceptive person, and it isnt the first time that things that he has said lead to foreshadowing (“why are the galras finding us?” “I dont know, but i bet its keiths fault” implying that keith has a relation to the galra). In episode 1, Lance literally says to keith “I’ll stick u in a wormhole!”


Lance, too, was the one who caught Allura, who’s an Altean, and is the closest paladin to Coran. He also was the first one to activate his lion. And hes the only one sleeping in Altean robes.

Now, I’m not necessarily saying that Lance is Altean, but at least his quintessence is close to theirs. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Lance somehow has something to do with the Alteans.

Feel free to add on to this post if u found things too!

Earth has 100 years before it is destroyed. The best and brightest board a ship on a 10,000 year journey to another planet. 20 years later a tech is invented allowing for everyone on Earth to reach the planet in 6 months. In 10,000 years the original ship arrives to planet full of habitants.

Ok but imagine Lance being blackmailed by Lotor into joining the Galra empire

The paladins going on a mission led by Keith in Shiro’s absence. For some reason, Lance gets captured and they’re forced to leave without him. Lotor takes an interest in him and offers him a deal; enter the service of the Galra empire, and it will never attempt to annex the Planet Earth .
Lance at first refuses, and says that Voltron will destroy the empire altogether. Lotor just smiles.

“I don’t doubt Voltron’s potential to dismantle my father’s kingdom. But having said that, it didn’t grow to the extent it has over a span of ten-thousand years for nothing. The empire’s reach is constantly expanding across the galaxy. For every planet your lions free, another ten are subjected to my reign as we speak. And your lions can only be in so many places at once! Even if word of your planet’s invasion reached your fellow paladdin’s ears, there’s no way you would be able to prevent at least some form of warfare from being unleashed before you arrived at the scene. How do you plan to save a planet that’s been turned into an apocalyptic wasteland?”
Imagine Lance’s fear for his family winning him over and he agrees to the deal. Imagine Lotor submitting him to all kinds of torturous surgeries and injecting him full of drugs in order to break his mind and turn him into a living weapon. Imagine Lance assuring himself that it’s for the sake of his family. It becomes a mantra that he uses to cash in a piece of humanity every time he needs to make another kill. Eventually it fades out, to the back of his mind.
By the time the paladdins finally track him down, it’s too late. The friendly, trusting goofy boy who they know and love is gone. All that’s left in his place are a pair of cold, glazed, emotionless eyes that sends shudders down their spines.
When they summon up the courage to remember why they came, they tell him they’re here to save him. He just gives a mirthless laugh
“I’m not as stupid as you think I am” He sneers as he throws his bayard at Keith’s feet.
“This is what you came here for. You can’t officially replace me without it, can you?”
Lance fighting back tears that he didn’t know he was still capable of shedding as he retreats back to Lotor’s ship. Imagine Lotor’s voice reaching him via an earpiece, just as he considers going back to his friends.
“I won’t stop you if you decide to go back on our agreement. I’m sure your family will understand where your loyalties lie”
Imagine Lance barely making it back to his chambers on the ship before breaking down

The Phantom Flower or...

…My retelling my favorite episode about Lance in the original series. (with random screen grabs)

So one day, a mysterious but beautiful flower appears on Altea and it blooms in desolate conditions. Everyone’s happy! Here’s the Space Mice giving Allura some of these new flowers.

Too bad everyone on Altea is allergic to them and it makes anyone who’s touched the flowers ill. (Actually it kills a couple of background Alteans. Opps!)

Anyway, the cure is only found on the planet Amazon (Lyra in English, I like Lyra better), and for some inane reason only Blue Lion can reach that planet. In this version Allura (Fala) flies Blue, but she’s sick. So Lance (Kurogane) in a hot shot move takes Blue Lion before anyone else can to save the day.

But oh no! The Evil Prince Lotor knows of Blue Lions arrival. He was hoping to capture all of Voltron, but this turn of events is also doable. He’ll take the Princess anyday!

wha! wha! Lance get’s captured shortly after arriving and this is not the princess you were hoping for. Seriously though, you’re a flexible guy Lotor. You can make this work one way or another. A little makeup, the right shoes…

Or not. He’s so bossy and cranky… and huge. Like I forgot that he’s quite a bit larger than Lance. He also bitch slaps Lance here, which I didn’t get a good shot off and conveniently gives Lance the chance to break out of his bonds.

They have a sword fight!!!

Lance is kinda outclassed with the sword, and get’s a boot to the head!!!

Not really. He just falls from the castle into the lake below. Hits the castle and rocky cliff a bunch of times on the way down too. Seriously? The fall alone should have killed him. But he’s the hero of this episode Lotor-cakes.

Well now that Lotor knows that the Princess is sick, he decides to corner the pharmaceutical market and pretty much annihilate Lyra. Cuz he’s so going to be the white knight that saves Altea and Allura! (He Is The Bestest!)

 He also cuts the bitch King down stem to stern. Because he hates a haggler. Seriously, that’s a line.

Meanwhile while the planet’s inhabitants are being slaughtered Ta-Da Lance and Blue Lion come to the rescue!!! And he eaqually slaughter’s the Galra Soldier’s with so much firepower from a giant robot cat that I kinda thought, “Over Kill Much?”

BTW that’s Aimee that he’s wrapping the arm up of. She gives him the plant they need to make the cure for Altea. And then dies!!! How? Seriously? She got knocked into the lake and crawled out and hurt her arm. Why did you die?!?!?

Meanwhile still, Lotor arrives at the castle and flaunts his victory. Honestly I’m surprised he even knew Lance’s name. He brings out a RoBeast, that whomps on the other’s for a couple minutes. Allura crawls out of her sick bed to help and get’s whomped on the worst. Of course in the nick of time Lance arrives to save the day and does more damage to the RoBeast then all the other four were able to do without him. But hey it’s your episode dude. 

Finally Keith gives the order to Form Voltron and fabulous period appropriate late 70s music plays… but wait… I’m watching the original Japanese and it gets better!!! THEY SING A SONG ABOUT BLUE LION!!!

I’m pretty sure they bring the house down on the RoBeast because of that catchy tune. And Lotor runs away to be villainous another day.

Happy Ending!!! Allura kisses the hero. Do you see Keith in the background?

And they Mice kiss Pidge.

I hope you enjoyed my disjointed retelling of this story. It’s probably better then the book.


In 855.M41, the 2nd Company of the Ultramarines, commanded by Captain Sicarius, prosecutes war against the greenskin invaders and their warlord Zanzag. When the planet of Black Reach is invaded by a mighty Ork horde, the Ultramarines must act fast. If the orks gain a foothold in the system, they could spread, and threaten the entire sector.

Darcy/Loki, First kiss

for @valiantlyangryfoxblr

Darcy was the one who initiated it.  She was kissing him before she could stop herself.  And once she had stopped herself, the damage had already been done.  

“Oh my blob…I’m so sorry…” She wiped her mouth and looked around for an escape, an exit.  Didn’t even have to be good or make sense.  She just wanted out of this lab and out of this planet.  

Loki reached up to touch his lips, to touch the place she’d kissed him.  “Why are you apologizing?”  He tilted his head quizzically.  “Was it an accident?”  

“Yes!  Yes, I didn’t mean–”  

“Did you mean for your lips to touch me somewhere else?  My cheek?  My throat, perhaps?”  he asked, his tone silky-smooth and doing things to her.  

She shook her head, “I just meant…I don’t want this to be weird.”   

“The only one who’s making it weird is you…” He took a step towards her, wrapping his arm around her back.  His hand came up to cup her chin as he sealed his mouth on hers.  

Christmas | Drabble

Originally posted by thewinchesterdaily

Author’s Note: So I didn’t post yesterday because I’m lazy so here is something to make up for it. If you all get what mystery place Hoth is, you get a gold star! - Haley xx 

The snow piled up on the hood of the impala. Last Christmas by Wham! was playing quietly on the radio as Dean slowed the car down onto the shoulder. He sighed, “I can’t see the road.”

I unbuckled my seat belt and slid over to him. “Dean, it’s fine. We’re fine. We can wait here a bit.”

“The snow will just pile up even more,” Dean said, gesturing to the hood. “Before we know it, we’ll be snowed it and maybe frozen to death.”

Our journey started off with the world looking like a winter wonderland, now it looks like we got stuck on planet Hoth. I reached over the seat into the back and grabbed the giant comforter Dean said we didn’t need. “Aren’t you glad I brought this?” I asked him, nestling myself besides Dean and wrapping us up in the blanket.

Dean turned off the car.

“I’m sorry this Christmas sucks,” Dean said softly after a while. The wind was blowing snow everywhere around us. There’s no way we would have made it to the dinner with Sam after all.

“It’s fine, Dean,” I whispered, grabbing his hand and squeezing it. “Christmas isn’t about that. I’m here with you and that’s all I need.”

Dean’s fingers were cold as he used his free hand to tilt my head back so he could kiss me. “I love you,” he said.

The wind and snow started to calm down, leaving us a blanket of white all around. I felt giddy as I turned to faced Dean. We had exchanged gifts this morning, but I was saving the best for when we were with Sam and Jess.

“I have something to give you,” I said, grinning. I pulled away from him and grabbed my purse, pulling out a small gift bag. I placed it in Dean’s hands.

He gave me a confused look before pulling out a green and yellow bib saying, I love my daddy.

I really love the idea of aliens being on Earth. Not in a “they’re secretly the creators of humanity” or “they were behind all the true marvels in human history” way because that’s boring and, quite frankly, is selling humanity short on its ingenuity. What I mean, is things like refugees from far off planets - dead planets, the kind that have been completely obliterated, either incapsulated in a supernova or simply unable to support life anymore - living on Earth. They don’t technically live here in secret, they’ve been here far longer than humanity, but they have a great respect for them. They don’t interfere, don’t try to overseer the humans, even though they are completely capable of doing so. The only concern to them is their own survival.

Some of them live in the uninhabitable sections of the mountains, the closest they can find to the icy tundras of a planet just outside the reaches of the Goldilocks zone. Ones that are well adapted to living next to hot stars live nestled in volcanoes, making huts made of obsidian and bathing in magma. And some live in the deepest trenches of the ocean, making small talk with whales and using sunken ships as convenient landmarks.

A playlist for the kids with galaxies in their souls and stars in their veins 

David Bowie space oddity //  Dusted into the atmosphere //  David Bowie starman // MGMT electric feel // Twenty one pilots stressed out // Coldplay moving to mars //  Gorillaz starshine // Coldplay X & Y // The killers spaceman // Gorillaz every planet we reach is dead // Coldplay sparks // The beatles across the universe // STRFKR say to you // Panic! at the disco nine in the afternoon // Gorillaz some kind of nature     

you can listen to it here 

I also made a forest playlist which you can find here 

ADHD Lance Fic Snippets

A/N: Three scenes from a longer fic that I’m working on.  First scene takes place before Lance goes to Garrison, second is sometime between Ep3 and 4, and the last is farther off in the future when Lance and Keith are pretty close friends.  Contains anxiety, people talking about medication, and people talking about drowning.

Lance keeps staring at his Galaxy Garrison application form like he has for the past few minutes, hands trembling and pulse thundering in his ears.  He feels silently judged, the crisp black text feeling like an indictment after he reads the words.

Do you have any special needs?  
[ ] Yes (please specify): __________________
[ ] No.  

Lance thinks about his dream to explore the universe, the endless stars and planets currently out of reach (but they don’t have to stay that way).  He thinks about driving, the dings and scratches on the bumper from times his focus lapsed while backing out of the driveway.  The meds, the study sessions with Hunk, the fights, the money, the desperate desire to prove that he’s worth more than his brain’s shortcomings.  He wants to prove that people’s belief in him isn’t misguided, when they think he can do great things, and not just scrape by.  

But there are countless other people who won’t give him a second chance the moment he slips up, or even before he can try anything at all.

Lance picks ‘No’.

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