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Oh okay, sorry! I have an alien character who was born on an insect planet where the ratio is 90% female and 10% Male. Females are much more colorful than males too. He is a male, but due to a genetic anomaly he has bright colors and although I hate saying this, he looks like a female. I don't know how to address this, but what should I say about his gender? I'm sorry if this is rude too.

Gender is whatever your character feels, it’s separate from sex. If I understand this right, you have a male character, who by genetic anomaly looks like a female. But the key word here is looks. So they have functioning male parts. If the society is anything like ours, they’d be assigned male. So if your character believes they’re a boy, they’d be a boy. But if they say they’re a girl, they’d be a trans girl (if she wants to use the word trans), but a girl nonetheless. And same thing for nonbinary

Please correct/inform me if I’ve said anything wrong.

Edit: Hey guys! Thanks for the comments. I definitely wasn’t thinking wide enough and completely left out the possibility of being intersex. I apologize for that. Though while what I said above still stands, I agree with commenters that this seems more likely. That is if the society does things similar to how we do.

Quote from E. O. Wilson, an American biologist, researcher (sociobiology, biodiversity, island biogeography), theorist (consilience, biophilia), naturalist (conservationist) and author.

taimatrolls replied to your post:“of course trolls eating bugs isn’t at all far-fetched yknow like?…”:

I honestly prefer headcanons that implies things like “grubsauce” etc is actually them eating bugs and grubs etc in general rather than cannibalism on their own grubs so yeah I second this omg……. it makes more sense to me

 yeah like i know trolls are fucked up but i aint sure bout them bein down to eat their children. what restaurants would go through the effort of just taking babies from the caverns. i mean, actually… but no, i dont… yeah no, grubsauce is probably legitimate bugs mashed up cause fuckin trolls, man. BUGS are probably the easiest food source anyway bc the animals on alternia are all huge and deadly and more likely to eat the trolls rather than trolls eating them


Tenth Doctor + speaks alien language

TMNT Flashback . . .

“Do you fleshlings know who I am?”

*shake heads ‘no’*

“I am Lord Vringath Dregg, ruler of Planet Sectoid, lord of all insect life in the universe, and bringer of your deaths!”

“Uh, could you hang on a second?”

“I just got a phone call here from someone named … ”

“‘I don’t give a FLYING – ’”

“That’s great!”

“Thanks, Raph!”

“Nice diplomacy there!”

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In regards to the “Anakin eats bugs meme”

Look, to be fair, Anakin not having a problem eating bugs would probably make sense. Look meat used to be and still is in some places, kind of hard to get very often/expensive for the lower classes. Not to mention that while Tatooine has banthas and eopies (is that how you spell it?) having a bunch of like space-cows like Naboo does is probably unlikely to be suported by the desert environment and might have been to valuable a meat to give to slaves. Also the taboo against eating bugs is not like completely universal on earth, it would make sense there would be different food taboos across the star wars galaxy. Point is, it would make sense if Anakin and his mother had to supplement their diet with bugs in order to get the protein they needed.

And its Anakin. I would not be surprised if upon learning that Obi-Wan is grossed out by the thought of eating bugs, Anakin goes and finds the most biggest disgusting bug he can find and slowly eats it while making eye contact with Obi-Wan the whole time because he is a little shit like that.

…..I have never actually watched the older Clone Wars (2003?2005?) movie…..

Butterfly Diamond (White)

A butterfly-sized White Diamond who quite literally looks like a butterfly. She’s not corrupt, and rather chose to look odd to fit it with her original home. She’s tiny, and even the smallest breathes can blow her away.

Hailing from a long forgotten planet of insect-based Gems, she once ruled her home planet alongside a Black Butterfly Diamond. Unfortuently, Red Diamond shattered that one long before Anika was born.

She was kidnapped by the Red Diamond for reasons unknown, and kept inside a cage made of a large net that was mostly empty. When she was finally freed, she no longer remembered how to get back home and traveled for many years before she ended up on Earth.

Nowadays she still seeks her home planet, but now is aided by her Pearl who spent many years trying to be with her after she was stolen away. When she’s not searching for home, she’s found by the winds will and flower gardens that humans planted. She loves smelling flowers!

Her hidden ‘weapon’ is that the glitter dust on her wings makes Gems get their own butterfly wings if she gets it on them. They basically gain wings on their gem too until the powder wears off.

White Butterfly Diamond often has a soft white aura around her when it’s night. This is so she can be seen. Sometimes she surrounded by swarms of corrupted Gems who are from her home and take the shape of butterflies. These swarms defend her at all costs, but they shatter once poofed even with even the slightest touch.

In case you needed one more thing to keep you up at night, meet the Sea Spider: a tiny but sinister looking animal that is not actually an arachnid, but instead probably evolved as a distinct sister lineage to all known arthropods (crustaceans, insects).

Their elongated bodies have so much surface area that they don’t even need a respiratory system, instead exchanging gasses via direct diffusion across the surface of their body and extremities.

Sea Spiders are carnivores and feed on soft tissued animals like sea anemones, by stabbing them with their long, sharp proboscis and sucking the nutrients out of them. Not creepy at all - photo taken at Seacrest Cove 2, Seattle, WA


The Performance of a Male Coastal Peacock Spider hoping to appeal to a Female mate.

Although other species of spider are known to perform mating rituals similar to this one, the legwork used as well as symmetry and colours of the clown faced abdomen is very unique.

A cannibalistic nature of the female; which is common in certain spider species, is also observed in this type. 

A female may witness the dance, but could already be carrying eggs or is uninterested. The perturbed female usually attacks the male; and although the male has superior jumping ability helping its escape, if it is not quick enough it is killed and devoured. 

It is also common that even if the female is interested, she can still devour the male after mating. 

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