planet mugler

Lets move to planet Mugler

We could have r own government and we could all be hookers

R Jesus is going to be the new Jesus and black a black Panda

We could all be bad kids and listen to some Heavy metal with r lover

Were gonna be free as r Hair cause we were Born This Way

It wont matter if you’re Americano,Spanish Canadian…we’re all the same

We could go to the Electric Chapel every sunday so Judas wont come at us

We wont have cars on the Highway only Unicorns so we could find that Road To Love

Yoü and I could be on The Edge Of Glory with the Queen queen Gaga

We r going to be strong females cause we wont have Scheiße over there

Just a Bloody Marry who look like a zombie boy

R black panda is a Fashion icon his the king because Of His Love

And since we r going to be all happy were going to Marry The Night

                                                   Amen Fashion