planet ill

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uwaa ... can we have hugs and sweets from everyone !! we love hugs and sweets :D!!! -- taetae and jiminnie

Jin: Yoongi, Tae and I both think we should adopt kids for the club

Yoongi: no.

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French version of Ifrit’s story : God of the fire. It is thanks to the Infernian’s gift that men mastered this element. Ifrit ruled the ancestral Kingdom of Solheim, until his subjects rebelled against him. This rebellion started the Divine War, which ended with the Infernian’s death. The ‘planet’s illness’ (starscourge I guess) has provoked his resurection.

Part of Admantoise’s story  : The metal of its carapace would’ve been used to propagate the crystal’s power through the wall protecting the capital.

(I feel extremely ungrateful for killing this poor being now)

Part of Ramuh’s story  : After the divine war, this god was resting in Angelgard, until Lunafreya’s desperate summoning of him brings him back among us.