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Hardly my best work, but you flubbles seem to be fond of it, so here’s the shiny version…

Part II - Part III - Part IV

He was watching you. You might never have noticed, but you caught him watching you just the other day. He was mad at himself for getting caught. He had been so careful, so cautious, just so that you wouldn’t realize. Now, you knew, and he was just waiting for you to say that you wanted to leave. After all, why would someone like you put up with a cranky, war-torn, old alien watching them all the time? Not that he watched you in your sleep or anything, but really.

Was it wrong, to be so attentive? He couldn’t help but wonder. For a Gallifreyan, it was a perfectly acceptable to express interest that way, but humans seemed to be split on the matter. He didn’t know what you would think about it.

Honestly, he had been restraining himself. Had he been courting you in the traditional Gallifreyan style, attentive wouldn’t even begin to cover it. But you didn’t know that he wanted to court you, you didn’t recognize all of the rituals he wanted to go through. He couldn’t think of an excuse to give you courting gifts, and it wasn’t as if he could pass such gifts off as casual. Courting gifts were supposed to be personal.

Well, at least there was the travel. You seemed to enjoy all of the strange, exotic planets. Those, at least, he could give you. He could give you galaxies. Not enough, he thought, but all he could give you without clueing you in to what he was doing. Not that he didn’t want you to know, but… he was a coward, really, and he couldn’t risk losing you. He had your friendship, and how could he sacrifice that? He would gladly sacrifice many things for your love, but what if he failed earning your love and lost your friendship at the same time?

No. Now was not the time to think about that. It was unthinkable, anyway. He was too far gone to consider it. He just needed to make sure that you wanted to stay on the TARDIS. If he could get you to willingly stay with him, then everything else could work out. Maybe. He hoped.

“Where are we going this time?” you asked, and he was instantly distracted by your smile. Smiling was good, very good, especially when it was for him.

“Somewhere special.”

This was a gift. You didn’t know, but this whole trip was a gift. Every trip was, but this one, as the Doctor said, was special.

“What, no name?”

The Doctor grinned at you, self-conscious of his ‘daft face’ but unable to resist giving you a smile. He enjoyed a smile from you, and he hoped that you enjoyed a smile from him. “I never named it, no.”

You blinked and ran that statement through your mind again. “What?”

“Just wait.”

The TARDIS rocked, and you nearly fell over, but the Doctor held your arm firmly. He cheered a little on the inside when you didn’t shrug him off or pull away. You seemed perfectly glad to let him touch you like this, and wasn’t that nice? Holding hands was one thing. It was just a habit, and a safety measure so that he could run and know you wouldn’t fall behind. And, it made him rather proud to say that you weren’t likely to run off when he was holding your hand. Whether that was good manners on your part or if you were less likely to stray when he was touching you, he didn’t know, but he hoped it was the latter.

“Was that a landing or just the usual turbulence?” you asked.

“A landin’,” the Doctor confirmed. “C'mon.” He tugged on your arm. “I’ve been dyin’ ta show ya this.”

You wanted to ask what he meant, but your voice was stolen away when he opened the TARDIS door.

A landscape of pristine snow stretched out before you, glowing under the light of a full, blue-tinged moon. The sky was clear, allowing you an unhindered view of stars, so many stars stuffed into the dark expanse, mingled with galaxy dust reminiscent of the Milky Way, but so much closer and more vibrant than anything that could be seen from Earth. Glowing crystals peeked out from the snow, all soft colors of rose and robin’s egg blue. In the distance, you saw the scraggly silhouette of a forest, and beyond that, the luminescent outline of a mountain range lit by the moon.

You had never seen anything so beautiful in your life.

Considering everything the Doctor had shown you before this, that was really saying something. You couldn’t quite believe this was real. You had seen so many strange things, some frightening, some beautiful, but this… oh. You could just stand here and look for forever.

You shivered in exhilaration, but the Doctor mistook it for chill. There was snow on the ground, after all.

“Are you cold?” he asked.

A cold breeze brushed across your face, and you blamed it for the way your cheeks flushed, because it certainly wasn’t the Doctor’s concern that made your face warm like that. Certainly not anything to do with the Doctor.  Not at all.

“Aren’t you?” you said.

“Nah. Here.” He swept his jacket off and draped it around your shoulders. “I don’t need it.”

You stared unabashedly even as you pulled his jacket tighter around your frame.


You tried your best not to smirk, but failed. “You’re practically naked.”

Oi!” the Doctor exclaimed, his hands flying to press defensively against his green jumper. “Am not!“

"Practically! I’ve never seen you without your jacket on!”

The Doctor almost made a retort, but trailed off as he realized you were telling the truth. He had never taken his jacket off around you. It hadn’t occurred to him before, but he almost didn’t feel right without it on. It was his armor. What also hadn’t occurred to him was that this might make you uncomfortable, or at least make him seem unapproachable. You had been so at ease with him lately, so open, and he hadn’t been just as open for you. That was hardly inviting, and when he was trying to get you to see him as more than a friend? That wouldn’t do. He would have to take it off more often… and give it to you. He liked the look of it; you wearing his jacket. Maybe that was male pride, but he didn’t care.

You slipped your arms into the sleeves so that the jacket wouldn’t slip off your shoulders. “This is amazing.”

“Really?” The Doctor didn’t know whether you were referring to the planet or… this. Whatever it was. This situation. Hopefully both.


“Y'know…” The Doctor grinned, eager for his big reveal. “No one else has ever been on this planet.”

Your eyes widened. “What?”

“You-” he grabbed your hand, “and I, are the only ones-” he took a step into the snow and prompted you to do the same, “-are the only ones to ever step foot on this planet. It’s impossible to get to, except for by TARDIS. This place doesn’t even have a name.”

You hadn’t followed him. With your hand still gripping his and the toes of your shoes on the very edge of the TARDIS threshold, you could only marvel at the scene and what the Doctor was telling you and… and how he looked with the most beautiful landscape in the universe shining behind him. “You’re kidding?”

“No!” His grin was going to break his face if it stretched any wider. “I discovered it in my first body and never showed it to anyone. ‘Til now.”

Now, that was a sobering statement. ”

"Why me?”

“Well… I explored some, of course, but there’s still so much left, and I decided to save it…” He stepped closer to you, close enough for him to hear the rush of your single heart and for you to see the way his eyes were shining. “I wanted to share it with someone special.”

You didn’t reply. You couldn’t. What could you say to that, other than those three forbidden words? I love you. But you couldn’t say that.

The Doctor’s smile vanished, and he suddenly looked very serious. “How long do you want to stay with me?”

“For as long as you want me to,” you answered without hesitation.

The smile was back, soft and easy.

“Forever, then?”

“Sounds good to me.” Please, forever. Forever would be perfect.

“Well then!” The Doctor’s grip on your hand tightened as he turned back out into the breathtaking landscape that was somehow even more beautiful with his confession of how much it meant to him. And to you, now, as you took your first step onto the snow. “I say we go exploring!”

“Good idea,” you agreed with a laugh at his innocent curiosity.

That ear-to-ear grin was back, and the Doctor leaned close to you with a gleam in his eye that you recognized.




The Bamboo groves of Arashiyama in Kyoto, Japan

To Sua Ocean Trench in the Lotofaga village of Upolu, Samoa

Fingal’s Cave on Staffa Island, Scotland

Antelope Canyon in Arizona, United States

Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia

The Tunnel of Love in Klevan, Ukraine

Glowing Beach on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives

Mount Roraima in Venezuela

The swing at the “End of the World” in Baños, Ecuador

Cenotes of Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico


EXO / Black && White Ver. / Moonlight Ver.
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HAPPY PROMPT as requested! (logicallythyla here again XD) TOS Spirk no 65 please!! <3 extra points if the fluff is tooth-rotting! :p tysm!

ayyy finally! idk whether there’s enough fluff though? :o i might have to make do with no extra points.

TOS Spirk - I love coming home to you

It can definitely be said that nobody has a more stressful job aboard a ship than her captain. But it can also be said that nobody gets invited to as many parties, inaugurations, celebrations, festivals, grand openings and birthdays as a ship’s captain. Specifically, a flagship’s captain. Specifically Jim Kirk.

Now, don’t get him wrong - he loves socializing, he loves parties, he loves mingling with people so far away from what he does. It’s great for finding or exploring new perspectives, gain some interesting tidbits of knowledge, or to just relax a little.

Jim is on his third cocktail of the evening, drinking a bit faster than he really wants to, but he’s been on a celebratory cruise for the better part of the fortnight, beamed here, there, everywhere for all the wave of parties sweeping the quadrant for the Federation’s so-and-so-many-th anniversary, and what better to adorn yourself with than inviting Captain Kirk himself. Captain Kirk had agreed - or been agreed and then informed of his luck, and then he’d been given the honor of toasting here, christening a ship or a parliament building there, of making speeches and attending that one really spectacular performance of The Merchant of Venice (a pity Spock wasn’t there. He would’ve enjoyed it immensely), had dutifully had the governor of Mars snuggled up to him for an entire evening, and now he’s laughing and smiling at every joke the princess of Abagundi Leta makes. It’s not that she isn’t pretty, or intelligent, or witty, but he knows her mother is intent on marrying her off. Seventeen years isn’t an early age for her people to marry at all, but it is for Jim. Also, he has other arrangements. One other arrangement, to be precise.

    “So tell me about you. What’s it like living on a starship?” She’s got a nice, lilting voice, probably makes for a great singer.

Jim chuckles and takes another sip of his cocktail. “Ah, you know, it has its perks. Space is very beautiful and we see a lot of exotic planets and fantastic nebulae and stars. It’s very scientific, of course, but that’s why I like it. Of course there are certain things you start to miss - trees, wind in your hair, the sun, fresh food, but, well…”

    “So the benefits outweigh the costs?”

    “Oh, for me, yes, definitely.” He chuckles again. “That sounds almost like you’re considering to go to Starfleet.” He’s overstepping a little. Blame the alcohol, or blame his long absence from his better half.

    “Well. Mother does want me to marry someone influential, maybe off-planet, but I really do like the idea of traveling the galaxy. Is the academy hard?”

    “Oh dear, am I putting mutinous thoughts in your head?”

She giggles. “I won’t tell if you won’t!”

    “Alright then. The academy isn’t too hard if you study faithfully and choose something that suits you.”

    “And is it lonely? Going to space. Because I do want to find someone to love me, I think.”

Jim thinks of chocolate brown eyes, pink lips and heartwarming hugs in the morning.

    “No. No, it’s not lonely at all.”

    “You have a wife!” She exclaims with obvious glee. “Oh, is she your officer?”

    “Not a wife, but … we’re very close. And yes, he is my officer, science officer and first officer.”

    “Ohh, a husband then! Forgive me, I didn’t want to offend you.”

    “Oh, no, not at all. Well, Spock and I aren’t exactly married, but we are certainly … very close.”

    “That is lovely though!”

Yes. Yes, it’s lovely indeed.

The party drags on until almost the early morning. Jim is kind of used to it - the Enterprise, as beautiful as she is, is a very demanding lover, and he didn’t stay on absolute top in all his classes in the Academy because he was a slump. Also he had too many classes, but it’s not his fault for everything being so interesting.

He is tired though. His schedule has been non-stop socializing, and as much as he is a social creature in part, he’s also very much a recluse, often preferring to read or go to the theatre instead of attending a party. It’s also an anniversary for him, of sorts, and not the pleasant kind, and as usual, he sleeps far more restlessly. And generally he does prefer to sleep in Spock’s arms, so there’s that, too.

His room on Abagundi Leta is nice though, with a huge balcony opening on the marvelous Royal Botanical Garden. The planet barely experiences seasons, since they have only a very small moon and an almost perfectly circular orbit around their sun. It’s always pleasantly warm, so Jim’s room doesn’t need windows, since the architecture also protects it from rain or heavy winds. He adds Abagundi Leta to the growing list of places he’d love to explore during a shore leave one day. Hopefully the next one will leave them somewhere with a longliner transporter, so he and Spock can beam to one of the locations on their list.


Jim strips off his suit and hangs it up more or less haphazardly, letting himself fall backwards onto the large bed. There’s lunch tomorrow at … oh, somewhere. He’s had too much to drink to properly remember his schedule, but he knows there’s only that lunch tomorrow and then he’ll be back home with his lover. Probably. Maybe? He’s relatively sure, but that might be the alcohol talking.

Jim rolls himself up in the blankets like a burrito, head already beginning to pound. Spock.

Spock. Spoooooock.

He has to white-knuckle his way through the lunch because … man, that was far too much alcohol last night to happily chat about the mining industry in some asteroid field or whatever. Also he had some five hours of sleep, max. Probably less.

He finally gets a hold on a hypo against hangover, but the dosage is miniscule and the President of the Federation themself invited him to the opera. It’s classic Wagner. Of course it’s Wagner. Look, don’t get Jim wrong - he loves Wagner. Dude made some fantastic pieces, but they’re also very loud. As though he was personally advocating against alcohol.

The Enterprise greets him with the soft hum of her transporter room, the little blips and pings of the console, a warm blanket of familiarity.

There’s no welcoming committee - Jim hadn’t been too sure when exactly he’d be back, and really, there was no need for anyone to wait up for him

He makes his way to his quarters alone, greeting the odd crewmember he encounters.

He had expected his quarters to be dark. Instead, they’re warmly lit by electronic scented candles that come so incomparably close to the real thing that they can only belong to one person on the ship - Spock.

The Vulcan is curled up on the window seat, one of Jim’s paperbacks in hand, wearing a comfortable robe and with the quilt Jim’s mom made for him around his shoulders.

He looks up at the door swishing and smiles.

    “Jim. You’re back,” he says, getting up and placing the paperback on the table before crossing over to Jim.


    “Ashayam,” Spock whispers, taking the bag out of Jim’s hands and stripping off his jacket before enveloping him in the quilt. “I have missed you. The Enterprise is not the same without you.”

Jim curls into Spock’s embrace. He’s finally home, where he belongs. In Spock’s arms. Is there anything better in the whole galaxy?

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Ok ok mtmte Drift, first aid, rodders, and prowl reactions to their s/o (after being away for a long time) coming back with sparking and saying "it's ours"

*walks through the door* “Take this” *hands over baby*

I assumed this to mean they took like a trip or had a mission or something–


He’s excited to see you again, knowing this is the day you’re supposed return from your mission. He had been annoying everyone on the Lost Light to the point of thinking about actually punching him, no one was actually going to try and do that to him, however. Of course, some were more understanding than others.

He waited, shifted from pede to pede as you boarded on and he was just about to come running at you when he froze. What… On Earth was that in your arms? When he could more clearly see you his jaw almost dropped, by Primus. 

“Is that-” “it’s ours.” And this time his jaw really did drop. He’s going to be a sire? No way. He… He can’t. He has to. This sparkling is so cute. A family with his s/o? He doesn’t think he deserves something so great. 

He starts crying when he takes you both into a gentle hug, “I love you so much.”

He’s clumsy and completely unsure of himself, but he’ll be a great dad.

First Aid
He’s so excited to see you again, bouncing on his feet. You had taken an extended trip to an exotic planet and, of course, he couldn’t come with you. He needed to stay at the medbay with Ratchet. So he’d been missing you for so long and he was just so happy to finally have you back.

He ran to you when you came into view, barely able to stop when you asked him to. He looked so confused and hurt until he saw a wiggling sparkling in your arms. He’s optics lit up as he looked at it. 

“Primus it’s so cute!!” He said as he wiggled a finger in front of it’s face, the sparkling gripping his finger in a surprisingly firm grip. He grinned and looked up at you. You smiled and nodded at him. 

“Oh my gosh I’m gonna be a sire!” He said, excitedly. He’s so happy, he gets to have a family! He’s grinning so wide you think he may split his plates, but his smile is infectious as you smile back. 

He’s just as unsure of himself, but his excitement usually takes precedence over his anxiety. He’s a great dad, if a little childish himself.

He was supposed to go with you, but things had changed and Megatron had gone with you all instead and /Primus/ had he been missing you. He was itching to have you back in his arms, cuddling in berth too. He just missed you so much.

He grinned as you came in, “Hey babe, I was begin- Whoa.” He stopped short when he saw the little… sparkling in your arms. “Holy frag.” he whispered as he walked over to you.

You smiled and nodded, “It’s ours… I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you.” You explained as you handed the little bit over to Rodimus for him to hold. He’s surprisingly calm as he coos at the sparkling.

He seems a lot calmer as a father and parenting seems to come rather easily to him, though he still has his moments and he makes mistakes… Like teaching his child to use the word Frag.

You’re on an extended mission, one he was told you were unable to finish due to medical reasons, but they couldn’t send you back. He had to wait to find out what was wrong and it was entirely nerve wracking, to say the least. He’d convinced himself you were probably dying.

When he saw you, looking almost entirely healthy, he was a little pissed off. You asked for medical leave and there’s nothing even wrong with you? What the hell is your problem? You could have used vaca- The ranting in his head stops dead when he sees something squirming in your arms.

Couldn’t be.

He comes up to you and gently places a servo on your shoulder and the other gently on the back of the sparkling’s head, “Is this?” “Yours? Ours? Yes.” Your smiling softly at both of them and gently place the sparkling into his nervous arms, you can tell he’s as excited as he is scared.

He gets angry sometimes, you have to watch him with that, and he’s a little overprotective, but he’s a great dad and would do just about anything for his family. Overall a great dad.

ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, AMAZING, KIND, AND SPECIAL PERSONS EVER, WAS BORN THIS DAY. Kim Jongdae AKA Chen of EXO, was born September 21, 1992. Someone we all hold dear, and love so much. He’s the personification of sunshine, a precious baby, but yet one of the hottest males to ever exist???? Like??? But anyway, Happy Birthday to our dear Chenchen, and may he always be happy and healthy!!!!!!

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first order triumvirate xmas headcanons!

-kylo uses the force to hold mistletoe over your unsuspecting head. when you realize, he knows it. a proud grin crosses his face before you kiss him, somewhat flustered

-there is a christmas dinner that you, hux, kylo, and phasma have every year. it’s usually decked with roast meats and cooked or sautéed vegetables, mashed space potatoes and more.

-kylo may hate eggnog and fruitcake but that won’t stop him from buying it and subsequently torturing hux and phasma by bringing it to the christmas dinner so they can’t avoid eating it without seeming rude. kylo is immature.

-kylo loves red meats and testosterone boosting vegetables, and generally eats very healthy foods.

-hux loves sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes, and takes pride in finding and bringing expensive wine to the dinner. neither kylo nor phasma likes to drink much, so most of it goes to him.

-phasma eats just about whatever is put in front of her, though secretly she would love if the meals had more sweets. she doesn’t mention this though. she’d rather bring them to her rooms to share with just you.

-hux buys the most intricate, bizarre presents for you, and is always pleased to see you amazed by what he found. one year, he bought you a robotic, steampunk style cat. millicent was extremely jealous that you were more interested in it than her.

-kylo writes you stories about far away worlds, and buys you soft blankets and fluffy socks. one year, you were pleasantly surprised to find cat socks and a large, all encompassing comforter wrapped up under the tree.

-phasma writes you poems about simple things, like the odd joy of seeing a trooper begin dating someone that they like, or how satisfying it is to just lay in bed with you and look out the window at the seemingly never ending cosmos. she also buys you paintings of exotic planets, the landscapes captivating and incredibly realistic.

-on christmas day, phasma lets all of her storm troopers off to spend time with each other. since there isn’t much work for her to do, she is able to happily spend the day watching old holofilms with you, or go out playing on the snowy surface of Starkiller, making snow wookies and snow ewoks.

-hux spends the day dancing with you and talking to you on your shared bed about various happenings he witnesses when working. sometimes, exhausted, he drifts off mid story, cheek pressed softly against your shoulder. he snores a little.

-kylo spends the day reading old literature to you and enjoying your presence. he usually plays with your hair, or massages you, or dresses you up in his robes. they’re comically long, but the material is surprisingly comfortable. you’ll have to find out where he gets them from.

-you and the three of them have another end-of-christmas dinner, this one less extravagant. it tends to consist of leftovers or easy to make foods. the simplicity of this meal is soothing- it feels good. like you’re in your true home. as you’re eating, you can’t help but be enveloped by joy, surrounded by the comforting voices of those closest to you. you’re very tired once it’s over, and you’re almost reluctant to leave the room, knowing you’ll have to wait another year to enjoy the festivities again. but it’s ok. somehow, you know it will be ok.

In Which Peter Quill Goes On A Blind Date (Guardians of the Galaxy Fluff)

Opening line as suggested by becauseimrichandican

Peter wasn’t really into the idea of blind dating, he was more for drunken dating with the term dating being used extremely loosely. Gamora had somehow talked him into it though so here he was, waiting around in a restaurant alone like an asshole.

He didn’t even know that Gamora had friends (female friends, nonetheless) outside of their group, but evidently she’d made a few in the months after being given the title as one of the “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Though according to Rocket, she sought them out only for the purpose of putting an end to Quill’s constant advances. Yes, the two of them saw each other more as family than possible partners but Peter found it impossible to shed himself of his “no girl left un-turned” nature around someone he found attractive. But until that night, he hadn’t realized how truly desperate she was to get him to leave her alone to the point that he felt a rare twang of guilt within him.

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killermedic112  asked:

Do Cybertronians have pets? If yes, are they from Cybertron or from exotic planets?

There are a range of domesticated Cybertronian animals (‘mechanimals’) that are kept as pets, from certain types of crystalline insects to photovoltaicats. Most of these species are native, but some of them are not.
The most common pets prewar were insects, metallifish (fish), turbohounds (dogs) and photovoltaicats (house cats). These were popular for a variety of reasons, but mostly due to owners not having to be licensed. Other pets, including turbofoxes, cybercats (think Ravage), arachnedroids and ramdroids (sheep), required licensing for owners due to the potential danger they posed and the knowledge required in owning them.
However, most common as ‘pets’ in the work-centred culture of prewar Cybertron were crystal plants, some 'intelligent’ and reactive to stimuli, similar to venus flytraps and succulents, as they did not require as much attention as another creature being dependent on a bot for their care and company.
Houseplants may not love you back, but at least they won’t make a mess of your living room in anxiety if you’re not back from work at the usual time.