planet earth it's not just for humans anymore

Mini Theory

So in the upcoming ep “Earthlings”, which I watched the sneak leak too, Jasper is like seemingly unaware of the Diamonds causing gem corruption? Like she is talking to a gem monster that she put in a cage and says “You used to be a Quartz too, didn’t you? What happened to you?…  Just look at you, this planet ruins everything” Like so maybe Jasper like thinks they won the gem war? Like Homeworld probably didn’t tell its people that they ended this war using basically lethal tear gas to escape without a trace, so like what if current homeworld citizens don’t even know about corruption? Like what if Jasper just thinks these are gems that have been stranded on earth and just went crazy and couldn’t take human form anymore? From her dialogue is sounds like she believes that corruption is a choice? Because we know from Centipeedle that some of the corrupted monsters are infact Homeworld aligned gems that didn’t retreat in time, so why would she act like this towards a gem that could potentially be a gem that fought on Homeworld’s side, unless she isn’t aware of the tactics that Homeworld resorted too