planet bone

Spock reads every single damn report on whatever planet they’re about to visit cos the most random information usually ends up being useful. Most recent volcanic activity? Three years ago, but not on this continent. Top predator? Similar to the crab of earth, but bigger and scarier. Why do all the trees look the same? There is very little flora diversity, only one tree, one reed, one flower, one fruit.

Of course, this means that after every mission he has some left over facts he didn’t get to share. Jim has taken to letting Spock tell the Bridge crew anything he wants to share. Spock insists he says it quickly to get it over with, but really he’s just so excited.

“There are two moons, but one is caught behind the other in synchronous orbit so it’s never seen from the surface but explains the more extreme tides. The ph levels in the soil are high enough to kill humans. The fruit is naturally alcoholic.”

Bones frowned. “You coulda mentioned alcohol fruit while we were still there, Spock!”


Black Sails characters and their Treasure Planet counter parts
(Or, Treasure Island characters in Black Sails and Treasure Planet)

Long John Silver
James Flint/McGraw - Nathaniel Flint 
Billy Bones
Ben Gunn - B.E.N (Bio-Electronic-Navigator)
Israel Hands - Scroop*

*There is a character in Treasure Planet called Israel Hands, one of the pirates who’s never named and doesn’t have ant influence on the plot. Scroop fills Hands’ role as a character, and therefore he was picked instead. 

This is a list of books where monsters or aliens aren’t just the story antagonists. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. The list is a “living document” and will be updated as time goes.

If requested, this post will be turned into a read more.


Carey, J. (2007). Dragon’s Keep. Orlando: Harcourt.
[Suggested by @terato-imagines]

Cornish, D.M. (2006). Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling. Australia: G.P. Putnam’s Sons.
The first installment in the Monster Blood Tattoo series.
[Suggested by aj_Ravenheas on twitter. Contact me if it needs correcting.]

Glassman, S. (2013). The Second Mango. Round Rock, TX: Prizm.
The first installment in the Mangoverse series.
[Suggested by @improfem]

Hambly, B. (1985). Dragonsbane. USA: Del Rey Books.
[Suggested by @deerbot36]

Jay, St. (2013). Of Beast and Beauty. New York: Delacorte Press.
[Suggested by @terato-imagines]

King, S., Straub, P. (1984). The Talisman. USA: Viking.
The first installment in the Jack Sawyer trilogy.

Knaak, R. (1988). The legend of Huma. USA, TSR inc.
Part of the Dragonlance Heroes series.
[Suggested by @deerbot36]

Knaak, R. (1990). Kaz the Minotaur. USA, TSR inc.
Part of the Dragonlance Heroes series.
[Suggested by @deerbot36]

Landy, D. (2007-2014). Skulduggery Pleasant (first series). Ireland: HarperCollins.

Landy, D. (2017). Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection (second series). Ireland, HarperCollins.

Levine, G.C. (1997). Ella Enchanted. USA: HarperTrophy.
[Suggested by @improfem]

Ness, P. (2011). A Monster calls. United Kingdom: Walker Books.

Novik, N. (2006). His Majesty’s Dragon (alt. Temeraire). USA: Del Rey Books.
The first installment in the Temeraire series.

Sutherland, T. (2012). The Dragonet Prophecy. USA: Scholastic Press.
The first installment in the Wings of Fire series.
[Suggested by @stormfangsky]

Taylor, L. (2011). Daughter of Smoke and Bone. USA: Hachette Book Group.
The first installment in the Daughter of smoke and bone series.
[Suggested by @peppenn]

Sci-fi/Speculative Fiction

Cargill, C. R. (2017). Sea of rust. London, Gollancz.

Chambers, B. (2015). The long way to a small angry planet. United Kingdom, Hodder & Stoughton.

Chambers, B. (2017). A closed and common orbit. United Kingdom, Hodder & Stoughton.

DiTerlizzi, T. (2010). The search for WondLa. USA: Simon & Schuster.
[Suggested by @moonfireflight]

Gilmore, K. (1999). The Exchange Student. Boston:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
Released as paperback 2006.
[Suggested by @monsterkittenparty]

Fforde, J. (2001). The Eyre Affair. United Kingdom: Hodder & Stoughton.
The first installment in the Thursday Next series.
[Suggested by @improfem]

Meyer, M. (2012). Cinder. USA: Feiwel & Friends.
The first installment in the Lunar Chronicles.
[Suggested by @improfem]

Zahn, T. (2003). Dragon and Thief. USA: Starscape.
The first installment in the Dragonback series.
[Suggested by @monsterkittenparty]

A Little Bit of Both


John only joined Bones in 2014 so he didn’t spend that much time with them but clearly more than enough to absolutely adore the cast. Even after the first year, he was already truly one of them, they made him feel at home right away and he’s so grateful to have been a part of the show, he’s said such wonderful things about them, he obviously respects David so much and loves all of them. It warms my heart. They are a family. “I really would have been nothing without you guys.” ❤

Star Trek In Two Sentences

What do we want: To boldly go where no man has gone before!

When do we want it: Whenever we almost fuck up and narrowly avoid not following the Prime Directive!