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i just want to start out and say that I am an autistic magic player. I've been playing magic longer than I could even read. Being with magic so long that I thought I could no longer surprise but had been so enfranchised that I would never quit. Than dragons of tarsier came out and with the relevant uncharted realms became deeply attached to Narset. I've never had characters to relate to but magic made one. My birthday did fall on the first and was wondering if I could get any trivia on narset.

The very first thing we knew about Narset was that she was going to be a clan leader that would become a planeswalker in the alternate timeline. Everything was built from that.

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Hello, this is a two-part question: first, can the Magic Origins planeswalkers be used as commanders, given that their initial form is a legendary creature? then if yes, whenever their ability triggers and they get exiled to become a planeswalker, can i do a replacement effect and put them in the command zone instead?

Yes to both questions.

Liliana-related fiction and resources

We are living a vorthosian golden age, aren’t we? Following the Multiverse’s lore is now an easy task thanks to the new role assigned to Uncharted Realms. Previously, however, tons of great canonical writing were scattered through the web, and readers often had trouble finding everything they wanted about, let’s say, a character they cherished.

In this post, I tried to compile all of the main Liliana-related works of fiction and articles. If you’re up to know her better, I hope it will help you fill some or even all the blanks concerning her known trajectory until now.

Articles and resources

Planeswalker Comics

Uncharted Realms

Planeswalker Novels

Did I miss anything important? Help me complete the list!

Liliana Week // Planeswalker Positivity (Part 7 of 7)

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Say I'm playing EDH and Kytheon, Hero of Akros is my commander, and I flip him, then my opponent destroys him as a planeswalker. Does he return to the commander zone as Kytheon, or as Gideon? And if he returns as Gideon, is the mana cost his base (Kytheon) + 2?

When a double-faced card is in any zone other than the battlefield, it only has the characteristics of its front face. Gideon will be Kytheon again in your command zone.


Nissa Revane wields green magic to summon forth massive elementals, bringing the land to life in order to defend the natural world and its creatures.

Nissa Revane was born on Zendikar. Once a warlike Joraga elf, Nissa Revane has left the old ways of her tribe to return to her roots as an elementalist and druid. She knows the Multiverse needs her power if it is to be made safe for life to flourish. Plane-threatening catastrophes like the Eldrazi titans have brought her to this new understanding, and now, as a powerful Planeswalker, she must use her magic to warn, protect, and defend what she holds dear.

Some more amazing Magic: the Gathering artwork featuring Nissa Revane.

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With the new focus on the Origin 5 as the protagonists, are the planes still the centerplace of each block? Or might we see, for example, a block set on Ravnica that focuses on the planeswalker plot going on there instead on guilds? (It's something I personaly wouldn't mind as a twist on things now and then)

While we are putting more focus on story, the environment will always be important. The trick is making the environment an important part of the story.


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Sorry if it's been asked before, but will we see Planeswalker cards in full sets that can be used as Commanders, or will that only be for those 5 Planeswalkers in Commander 2014?

That was something we did for Commander decks. If we ever repeated it, it would be in another set of Commander decks not in a normal expansion.