arithallan asked:

Mark, I seem to vividly remember Tibalt being dead, but the last Checking in with Planeswalkers article send to indicate he's alive. I'm confused. Can you shed some light?

I’m pretty sure Tibalt is still alive.

A while ago, I did a couple of articles in a series I called Planeswalker Hunter, in which I explained the flavor behind the loyalty abilities on planeswalker cards.

Every now and then, @flavoracle runs an activity known as Vorthos Volleyball, in which the community takes turns explaining the flavor behind the mechanics on all your favorite cards.

I would like to do somewhat of a reboot of Planeswalker Hunter, but expand the flavorful analysis of cards beyond the Planeswalker card type. Is that something you want to see? If so, what are some of the first cards you’d like to see my flavor interpretations of?

Tibalt Cosplay

Why wasn’t he the first thing to jump to mind? I’ve had a soft spot for him since I first saw his card, so you know it’s love at first sight.

The thing is I don’t necessarily have the time or skills to take on making a cosplay from scratch. I’d like to start by purchasing clothing that looks like what he wears to start. If I enjoy wearing this sort of thing to events then I can get more customized and intense with it later.

I would love your help!

Send me/reblog this with links to items (especially from Amazon, but Etsy or other sites are ok) that look like anything he’s wearing in these images:

Also it would be awesome if you could reblog this so more people can see it. I’ll be sure to take pics once I get the stuff together.

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What if Planeswalker Sliver actually "held on" to abilities it gained from other Slivers, like Amazo or Super Skrulls, but also had the Sliver ability sharing ability?

Have we learned nothing from “Heroes”? : )

mgmegadog asked:

We know that Innistradi vampires can be planeswalkers, but what about the lycanthropes? Could we potentially see a proper werewolf planeswalker? (Garruk doesn't count...)

You’d have to check with Doug but I’m pretty sure it’s possible.


Ok this is kind of a PSA on race in Magic. I’m a huge Liliana fan. She’s the older, self-made, antihero type I generally identify with. As a nerdy gamer woman who has (at least some times in my life) identified with Asian-American social justice issues, I’ve only recently realized the extent and breadth of challenges other women of color such as African-Americans and Latinas, not to mention Middle Eastern women, face day-to-day in America.

I was born and raised here. As a child and young woman it was a challenge to just find dark-haired role models in media–not even of any non-white ethnicity, just brunettes–and I always gravitated towards those that were available in geek culture: Wonder Woman. Most huge-name female characters in gaming and sci-fi/fantasy fandoms were blonde/red and blue-eyed at the time: She-Ra, Princess Zelda, Peach, Jean Grey, April O’Neil, Ariel the Little Mermaid. I was super grateful for Chun Li, Yellow Ranger, Psylocke (even with the butt thing lol), Kitana.

My point in writing this is just to mention how the Origins art took Liliana’s look in a very, very “vanilla white” direction (and I don’t mean to insult anyone with this terminology, it’s all I could think of - and there is nothing absolutely nothing wrong intrinsically with vanilla white, we’re just talking about the subconscious whitening that happens all the time in media). Ortiz’s art is gorgeous, let’s not take anything away from that fact. I know Maro had said at some point Liliana was Middle Eastern, ok great, but we don’t actually need to know what real-world ethnic background each Planeswalker references, we just need more shades, more options. We also don’t want to fall into the trap of “as Liliana got more ‘evil’… she got less Caucasian.”

Magic has been responsive to these kinds of issues, and I hope to see more future depictions of Liliana that are more relatable for most of the world’s women. Racial ambiguity or mixed-race looks are easy ways to be more inclusive, and it really doesn’t take much to craft an “everyperson” look.

In Kekai Kotaki’s vision of Liliana (bottom right), she could be, for example: Middle Eastern, Latina, a paler Pacific Islander, any type of Asian, Italian, Blasian or other mix resulting in a lighter-skinned black person (I apologize if that’s not the right modern nomenclature, in college my African-American friends would just say “light-skinned” so that’s what I’m used to), Maori, Romanian, Mexican, Native American, Mayan, Puerto Rican - okay, I’m probably overlapping categories now lol but I wanted to make this point clear.

Kotaki’s Lili could be any of those backgrounds - she could also be a white girl with a slight tan. And as I said - she could be Latina - and where are the Latinos and Latinas in MTG’s pantheon?

Thanks for listening to me share my perspective here. I’m confident we’ll continue to see more diversity in Magic’s cast, but I felt it was a good thing to point out the issue of non-inclusivity that arises in art and media all the time, especially as it may apply to Magic: The Gathering’s flagship Planeswalkers. Cheers.