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Could we get a Mothership article going over the correct pronunciation of the planes, planeswalkers, etc? Most of the big ones have been addressed on Blogatog, but it would be nice to have them all in one place.

It takes time to coordinate an article, so how about right here instead?

Which pronunciations would you like cleared up, Tumblr?

Xiangla: Story/Setting

Ral Zarek is still holding a grudge against Jace after the events of the Dragon’s Maze, but he’s realized that he’s no match for Jace’s powerful mental magic on his own. To level the playing field, Ral creates a device he can wear that generates an artificial version of the Firemind, which Niv Mizzet has used for centuries to enhance the mental abilities of the Izzet guild.

After a hasty trial run, Ral declares the device not only a success, but even more powerful than the influence of the original Firemind. He then straps the device to his back, hooks it up to his brain, and sets up an ambush to attack Jace with his new magically augmented mental powers. At first, Jace is thrown off by the surprise attack and the sheer force of the Firemind generator, and Ral seems to have the upper hand. Jace is forced to planeswalk away in a desperate retreat, but Ral Zarek is close behind.

Without time to weigh his options, Jace planeswalks to the plane of Xiangla. Jace had previously discovered Xiangla when searching for a place where he could quiet his thoughts away from all the noisy minds of Ravnica. Though more wild than Jace generally preferred, he found the plane provided adequate solitude since the only inhabitants were the primitive anthropomorphic animal tribes that lived there.

As the less experienced planeswalker, it takes Ral longer to arrive on Xiangla, and Jace is granted the precious moments he needs to prepare for a real duel of mental magic. When Ral does arrive, Jace is finally able to fight back against his foe, and the fight begins to turn in Jace’s favor. The duel is cut short however, because Ral’s Firemind generator is pushed beyond its limits, and the faulty device begins a massive cascading failure.

Ral manages to eject the device from his back, and both Ral and Jace planeswalk away just in time to escape a catastrophic explosion that leaves a massive crater where the duel took place. Having each escaped to different planes, the conflict is put on hold and both planeswalkers go off to recuperate. Neither one is aware however, that deep below the rubble of the crater, Ral’s Nizzium-built generator remains intact, and continues to radiate its artificial Firemind magic in all directions.

What effect does the influence of the alien Firemind have on the native inhabitants of the plane? How are the ten primitive tribes transformed and shaped by the influx of mental magic? And what does it mean for the entire plane of Xiangla?

That is the central conflict for the Xiangla block. In the first set we see the tribes in their more primitive state, very soon after the Firemind was introduced. In the second set of the block, we see the ten tribes after a few generations have been affected by the Firemind, and how their world has changed.

OK, this was a long post today, so I’ll only include one card for your consideration. Let me know what you think!

Ral, Firemind Thief


Planeswalker – Ral (5)

+2: Your maximum hand size increases by 1. Deal 1 damage to target creature for each card in your hand above seven.

+1: Creatures you control gain curiosity until end of turn.

-5: Deal damage to target player equal to the number of cards in your hand.

In my next post I’ll be talking about each of the ten animal tribes, what their roles were before the Firemind was introduced, and how each of them adapts and changes with the magic. Stay tuned!

As always, I’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback.

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Uh so what happens if i clone a Gideon, champion of justice when he's a creature?

You will get a Planeswalker Gideon, and then you’ll have to get rid of one of them.

Bought a Dragons of Tarkir fat pack today and I got two Planeswalkers. Apparently, that’s pretty rare. Neat! :)

Britney Spears invented the popular card game, Magic the Gathering, in 1998 to entertain her and her family while traveling to and from Sweden while recording her debut album, …Baby One More Time. Magic the Gathering is based on a fantasy storyline where each player is a wizard, referred to as a “planeswalker”, who draws different types of elemental power from environments which he/she controls (referred to as “lands”). Each player tries to destroy one another by summoning creatures and casting spells.

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is there any way to work around the planeswalker type limit so i can have 2 garruks on the field?

Not that I can think of off the top of my head. Mirror Gallery works for Legendary Creatures, but there’s nothing like that for Walkers really.


My 2 best friends got their hands on thousands of Magic the Gathering Cards. My little brother let them sneak into my room while I was working.


To prevent me from just tossing everything out the window, they hid my $50 $15 Elspeth Planeswalker somewhere in the mess.

This is ninjagrifon's doing.


Elder dragon and tyrant of worlds, Nicol Bolas is one of the oldest known beings in the Multiverse.

Mana hungry and wielding a triple threat of blue, black, and red spells, he’s a force of villainous destruction, crushing all magic—and minds—that stand in his way.

Witness to countless wars, cataclysms, and rivalries, Bolas is one of only five elder dragons to survive the Dragon War. He’s also survived the destruction of his Madaran Empire on Dominaria at the hands of Tetsuo Umezawa, the epic duels between the Planeswalkers Leshrac and Teferi, and The Mending, which healed the universe and consequently changed the very nature of the Planeswalker spark, costing several Planeswalkers their lives.

Nicol Bolas left a crumbling Dominaria before The Mending, implying that it couldn’t be saved. “I have prepared a suitable place for myself in that eventuality,” he said before departing through the Talon Gates.

In fact, he had already begun plotting his next scheme for power. His “suitable place” was Alara, which Bolas had been watching for decades. Long ago, he began recruiting agents on Alara’s five shards—gathering individuals and groups who could secretly do his bidding. These agents have sown the seeds of dissent, creating chaos and conflict. Unknown to all but Nicol, the shards of Alara are reconverging into a single plane, and when that happens, he wants all-out planar war.

Why? His obsessive need to regain the godlike powers he had before The Mending. Back then, Planeswalkers were ageless shapeshifters whose supremacy was limited only by their experience and knowledge.

This elder dragon had that power torn away from him, and he will go to any lengths to get it back. For Nicol Bolas, all the power in the universe is not enough.

Some amazing artwork featuring Nicol bolas.

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You seem to be answering a lot of other things, so this might be the ideal time to ask. Why is R&D set on only planeswalkers making emblems when the first planeswalker to produce an emblem, Elspeth Knight-Errant, was worded the same as other cards people are trying to make have emblems, such as Stigma Lasher and Praetor's Counsel? As far I can tell it is non-functional errata sense they do work the same way though i may be wrong...

We emblems to be a planeswalker thing. It is more flavor than function.


Beautiful, cunning, and ambitious to a fault, Liliana is quietly becoming one of the Multiverse’s most magnetic dangers. She wields the blackest of black magic: necromancy. Her spells reanimate the dead and corrupt the living.

Liliana’s dark charisma is undeniable. She’s agelessly striking and sharp as the edge of a razor.

Faced the limits of her human lifespan and not content to accept her lot, she made a pact with demon lords to forever remain at the height of her health and power.

One of the demons tasked Liliana with obtaining a powerful artifact for him known as the Chain Veil. Once the object was in her possession, she felt its power instantly. She refused to give it up, and used it kill the demon, starting her on a path to destroy the remaining demons to whom she is beholden.

Liliana’s ambition has led her to interact with beings from all over the universe. But ultimately, Liliana’s greatest love and first priority is herself.

She’s convinced that everyone else is in it for themselves, too. She just thinks that she’s better at playing the game than everyone else—and maybe she is …

Some amazing artwork featuring Liliana Vess.