Today’s Bad Draws caps off Narset’s planeswalker positivity week by checking in with her progress of uncovering Tarkir’s past. I think the shaman she’s talking to is a little confused about what world he’s in though…

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Submission by griselbrand-tm

Sorry for the little intro. I seen that B/W fiora planeswalker for that contest and got me thinking. What if we mixed a mechanic with a planeswalker.

Ceranti, the Heartless Council - 3WB
Planeswalker - Ceranti
Will of The Council - Starting with you, each player votes for The Start or The End. If The Start gets more votes Ceranti enters the battlefield with 2 Loyalty counters. If The End gets more votes Ceranti enters the battlefield with 5 Loyalty counters on it.
+1: Until your next turn whenever a player votes for a choice you didn’t chose, they lose 2 life.
-5: You get an emblem with “Creature spells you control have “Will of the Council” - When this creature enters the battlefield, starting with you, vote for life or death. If life has more votes you gain 3 life. If death has more votes each player loses 2 life.

A bit wordier than I wanted it, tell me what you think!

Wordier is one word for it. The concept is good, but the execution is way too complex. What do you think, followers?

anonymous asked:

So how do you think the planeswalkers that have been confirmed will be divided between BfZ and Oath of the Gatwatch?

I think we’re getting Gideon, Kiora, and Ob Nixilis in BFZ, then Chandra, Nissa and Jace in OGW. That’s what it looks like based on the art we’ve seen so far, at least. 

Seems a little strange to be getting three Walkers in both the Large and Small sets, but with the new block structure I’m not sure how the numbers work out.

reiversmusings asked:

2 years ago you said yet another aether vortex doesn't trigger etb/ltb or let planeswalkers have loyalty. Why is this? The cards clearly go from "not the battlefield" (hand/2nd card down) to the battlefield (top of the deck)

But the never officially “enter the battlefield”. They just appear on it.

Black on Black on Belerin.

I couldn’t resist doing another “SDCC Exclusive style” fan-art Planeswalker.  These are super fun.  I think everyone should give this a try.

You have to admit, love Jace or hate him, he’s got a pretty cool fashion sense.  Giant, heavy cloak for long brooding sessions, tattered just enough to say “hey man I’m not some poseur , I’m an experienced brooder.”  Enigmatic, glowing …buckle-ish things that look like maybe he’s trying to lock his fancy, rare blue leather (probably Muppet-skin) onto his hairless chest.  (I don’t know why I make the assumption he’s hairless.  But yeah.  Like pale, squishy teflon everywhere.)  He’s got his stompin’ Docs, custom-made to match his all-over mind-racing stripes.  And then, just to throw us off and make us discard our judgements: Bam!  Classic jester pants!  

They say fashion is a way of communicating who you are.  Jace’s fashion is spot-on with “I have no idea.”

If each planeswalker was locked in a room for an extended amount of time with a porcupine and some blueberries

Ajani Goldmane - Hiss at the porcupine until he’s set free
Ashiok - frighten the porcupine to death with some blueberry based nightmare
Nicol Bolas - would make the porcupine his newest minion, replacing Sarkhan
Chandra Nalaar - Eat the blueberries, accidentally set the porcupine on fire
Dack Fayden - Steal every quill off the porcupine, without it noticing, then use the quills as lockpicks to escape the room
Domri Rade - Makes the porcupine a 40/40 and rides it through the wall
Elspeth Tirel - Teaches the porcupine the meaning of chivalry, gives it flying, and uses the newly knighted porcupine to escape
Garruk Wildspeaker - Kills the porcupine on contact, by accident, swears revenge on Lilliana
Gideon Jura - Vows to protect the porcupine with his life, accidentally blows up the room in an attempt to escape, kills porcupine in process
Jace Beleren - Switches his and the porcupine’s minds in a freak accident, grazes on blueberries while crying about Kallist
Karn - Pets the porcupine very gently, despite its spines. The porcupine is uncomfortable- disturbed by Karn’s lack of ability to feel pain
Kiora - Gripes that the porcupine is not a leviathan instead
Koth - Ignores the porcupine entirely, walks through wall
Liliana Vess - Turns porcupine into a skeleton, teaches the undead porcupine how to dance
Nahiri - Makes a porcupine sized sword and armor out of the blueberries, tells the porcupine to help her save Zendikar
Narset - Spends hours counting every spine on the porcupine- twice- only to discover that her initial count was wrong. Does it again.
Nissa Revane- See Domri, but with more elves
Ob Nixilis - Sacrifices it, in an attempt to gain his spark back
Ral Zarek - Accidentally causes the blueberries to explode, also accidentally electrocutes the porcupine
Sarkhan Vol - Turns the porcupine into a dragon, escapes. Post-escape, eats porcupine. Immediate regret.
Sorin Markov - Meticulously places a blueberry at the end of every spine of the porcupine
Tezzeret - Impales porcupine on his metal arm- spends hours painfully trying to remove it
Tibalt - [Censored]
Tamiyo - Spooks porcupine, spends hours wondering how it could curl into a moon shape. Forgets that there are spherical objects that aren’t moons.
Ugin - Is mildly entertained by feeding blueberries to porcupine. Is glad to not be alone in a box. This time.
Venser - Is dead in a room with a porcupine and some blueberries.
Vraska - Turns porcupine to stone, plots to throw it at Jace’s face.
Xenagos - Makes blueberry based alcohol, gets porcupine drunk. Parties. [Censored]


Liliana Vess (Lorwyn) - DotP 2012 trailer
Liliana Vess (Duels of the Planeswalkers promo) - DotP 2013 trailer
Liliana of the Veil (Innistrad) - Innistrad trailer
Liliana of the Dark Realms (M13) - DotP 2013 trailer

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