planes trains and cars

days turn into weeks and weeks into months
then months into years but its not long enough
to forget you, to forget your love
i try not to but you’re all i think of
you’re stuck in my head, you’re stuck in my heart
you’re everywhere but still too far
don’t make me steal a train, plane or a car
i might do that just to be where you are

these poems are shit, i see that now
but honestly, its too late i’ve already written this down

—  oko ninjah (shit poem #5)
I’ll Keep You Safe

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language

When the team gathers for movie night, nobody mentioned it was a scary movie. What happens when you turn your light off for the night and still feeling panicked.

The kitchen was bustling as the team gathered things together, you could smell popcorn and was that tequila? Nat was making margaritas again. As you come around the corner looking at the team, your friends, you laugh.

“What is going on?” You step out of the way as Tony slides through with boxes of pizza.

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Travelling in Spanish 🏝️

  • Viaje en tren / coche / avión. Train / Car / Plane trip
  • Viaje a caballo. Travelling on horseback
  • Viaje en el tiempo. Journey in time, time travel
  • Viaje de ida. One-way trip
  • Viaje de vuelta. Return (only) trip
  • Viaje de ida y vuelta. Round trip
  • Viaje de vacaciones. Vacation travel, travelling for the holidays
  • Viaje de trabajo. Work trip
  • Viaje de estudios. Study trip
  • Viaje de fin de curso. End-of-year trip (school)
  • Viaje astral. Out-of-body experience, astral trip
  • Viaje al pasado. Trip to the past, trip down memory lane
  • Ir de viaje / Hacer un viaje. Take a trip
  • Estar de viaje. To be travelling, away on a trip
  • ¡Que tengas buen viaje! Have a good trip!

I submitted a story a month back about a hobby store I worked at. Sold remote control cars, planes, model cars and Gundam stuff, trains, all sorts of stuff.

Anyways, someone mentioned customers paying $10+ in nickles/change - I got you beat

Literally had a customer pay almost $120 primarily in quarters, dimes, and nickels that his young son had saved up for a car. Like we spent ten minutes counting it.

$120 in change.

I was mad but also it was kind sweet cus the kid was 7 or so. But still. Counting that much and the drawer was stuffed. UGH

Hearing Privilege

So this week in a Deaf studies course, we got to go over the term “hearing privilege”, and what constitutes that. Needless to say, I was very excited to finally discuss this. However, most of the students (hearing) seemed to dismiss it, not realizing how crucial a role this plays in many people’s lives. 

These are NOT my words. I would like to make that abundantly clear. 

Hearing privilege is…

-conversing with friends in public without being stared at. 

-never being asked to justify or defend your existence as a hearing person.

-making mistakes without being considered a representative of the entire hearing population.

-having opportunities over Deaf people, such as: teaching positions, job promotions, presenting at conferences, and committees. 

-teaching ASL or working in jobs requiring ASL fluency without providing evidence of ASL skills. 

-being able to interpret in certain states without certification.

-being able to jump in and out of “the fight”. You don’t need to live it everyday if you don’t want to. 

-means that many Deaf people will make you feel that you are okay, even if they don’t think you are doing the right thing, because they are not comfortable challenging you as a hearing person. 

-means that you are never pitied for who you are. Hearing privilege is not having someone apologize to you when they discover your hearing status. 

-being able to call businesses and agencies without worrying that they will hang up on you. 

-turning on the television and expecting to access anything that’s showing. Being able to go to any movie theatre, anytime and enjoy a show. It is to know that you can enjoy the arts anywhere, anytime. 

-going through the drive-thru to order your food. 

-going to the emergency room and expecting to get service immediately; all nurses and doctors can communicate in your language. In an emergency, all police, firefighters, and EMT personnel speak your language. 

-taking any classes, anywhere - as well as workshops - and expecting to access the information. You can expect that you will be allowed to take the classes. 

-building a strong resume because you have had access to those opportunities.

-being able to change jobs and stay within the same city or state. 

-beiing allowed to opt out of signing if you so choose.

-being able to choose a religion based on your spiritual beliefs instead of which ones provide services in ASL. 

-having the option to serve your country if you so choose.

-means that you are not subject to repeated and painful medical probing (ears, brain, throat). Hearing privilege is never being pressured to have surgery to “repair” something that is very much a part of your identity. 

-being able to make mistakes in written English without people assuming you are not capable of proper English. 

-sitting in any room and feeling comfortable with how it is set up. Cars, trains, planes are all designed to fit your aural and spatial preferences. 

-knowing that when you go to court, you can expect a jury of your peers. It means knowing that you will not be denied the opportunity to serve jury duty because of your hearing status. 

-being able to struggle with a task without someone stepping in to take over, assuming that you cannot do it due to your hearing status. 

-expecting to access speakers anywhere (airports, ballgames, auditoriums, trains, etc.). 

-expecting to find support groups, sports groups where my language is used, even in small towns. 

-representing yourself. Knowing that your exact choice of words are used. You do not have to wait for an interpreter. You do not have to wonder if the interpreter is skilled or qualified. 

-being able to expect to have direct conversations with teachers, with supervisors, with board members anywhere. 

-showing up at your city council, senator’s office, congressperson’s, governor’s, or president’s office anytime and being able to have a direct conversation in your language. 

-not fearing for your life and safety when you see a police officer. 

Now, I understand that some of these are applicable to hearing people (such as the last one, with all the discrimination out there). However, ignorance is never an excuse for abusing your hearing privilege, regardless of whether you realize you are doing it or not. Again, ignorance is never an excuse. If you realize that you abused it, offended someone, etc., do you know what you do? You apologize, and ask for that person to point out if you mess up so that you can learn from your mistakes. 

You know what the world needs? More autistic characters, and more VARIETY in autistic characters. Less little boys who really like trains or planes or cars and awkward nerdy young men, more adults of all ages, more genders, more people of other races and ethnicities, more interests that fall outside of STEM, more diversity in traits.

Make autistic characters more like real autistic people, and less like a narrow stereotype.

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do you have any tips for taking/editing scenery shots please? all mine turn out so lousy and your blog is just super pretty all round!

i don’t really know haha, i mean first of all this mod is everything and i literally can’t play without it, let alone take screenies. try to experiment with various angles, daytimes, find a nice detail that will make your screenie more interesting! i, personally, love to take screenies from low level, like most of the screenies on here, y’know what I mean? also ‘tour’ the neighbourhood in live mode and you’ll see trains, planes, falling leaves, cars and beautiful deco ppl of san myshuno.

as for the editing, i edit my scenery screenshots mostly like my other pics, i just add more blue. :’)

edit: i forgot!!!! zoom in!!!

you know, i’ve been thinking for awhile about how many substitutes/alternatives to flying are given on this website and how different each of them are from actually flying with wings. i’ve done indoor skydiving, skiing, and riding a bike, and all of them are great as far as simulating flight in a wingless human body, but it can be easy to pay attention to what doesn’t quite…. match.

i don’t really have much to say on indoor skydiving, honestly. i only did it once before i fully had myself figured out and MUCH later on i realized it would probably feel exactly like the way i could fly in another lifetime. just… obviously not connected or related to wings at all. (at the time i remember going into it thinking “why would this feel like flying? i don’t have wings and this wouldn’t simulate that.” that’s beyond the point, though.)

skiing certainly seems to have more of the atmosphere one might expect of flying to some extent. high mountain peaks, great scenery and the ability to see everything going on below you at times, less of the sensation and analogs of simulating flight in a human body like pedaling does. it’s far smoother if the snow is good and your equipment is good, but it’s still clunky and after awhile i started to realize just how strange it was that i couldn’t move my wings a certain way, make turns that much easier by slightly changing the angle and position of my wings and tail.

it’s also not a great idea to go full speed down a mountain slope, no matter how much it could feel like a swooping dive. there isn’t as much of a way to catch yourself, not as much upward motion after the dive like you’d expect. human bodies don’t really have much in the way of slowing down or stopping and preventing crashes, and i think part of the reason i’m not as into extreme sports and the like as i want to be is because i am very much aware of how different this body is compared to others i’ve had in the past.

i do honestly have to say that cycling is my favorite analog to flying in a human body. it’s easy, practical, doesn’t require as much specialized gear, and despite the fact that the repetitive motion that keeps you moving has been relocated to a different part of the body there’s still a physical aspect that’s at least somewhat more… right. not only that, being up on the bike itself is that much more distance from actually touching the ground, which is probably what really makes it the most personally enjoyable to me.

there’s still a need for caution, obviously, and there’s still several directions and dimensions of maneuverability missing, but it doesn’t feel as bulky or awkward to do so. and honestly i do think the ease and practicality of it is what makes it such an ideal “replacement” to me, because flight was just a means of transportation as well as something that could be done for recreation. there’s a specific mindset to flying, i think, and that’s probably what feels most comfortable to me.

Could you imagine Caspian coming over to England in Aslan’s Country? Caspian, who loved the idea of a world round like a ball from the fairytales he heard growing up, and who said he’d give anything to live in one, but who only got to spend five minutes on Earth. And then the Pevensies bring him around to their family home for tea and he’s wide-eyed and fascinated by everything.

He sees cars and trains and planes and he’s dumbstruck because he could’ve flown to the End of the World. When he proposes a plan to fly to see the end of this world, Lucy has to gently remind him that this world doesn’t have an end, although there are lots of other countries to see if he’d like. He stares at the globe Lucy shows him and he cannot believe how big the world is and how he’s so glad that he has an eternity to see it all.

That’s when Edmund realises how naïve he is and he cannot resist handing Caspian a bottle of soft drink and telling him to shake before opening it to make it taste better, or tricking him into putting his fingers in a finger trap and watching him struggle for an hour on the verge of tears. Then Peter joins in and gives him a snake in a can, which makes Caspian shriek. Lucy, who has been watching, scolds them and tells them they should both be ashamed of their simplistic, juvenile pranks… before revealing a giant bucket filled to the brim with water balloons. The four of them end up soaking wet and breathless with laughter by the time they return home and Caspian has had the time of his life and can’t wait to explore more of this world that made the Pevensies as wonderful as they are.

Honestly, how beautiful would it be to see Caspian on Earth like he always dreamed?


In the darkness something was happening at last. A voice had begun to sing. It was very far away and he found it hard to decide from what direction it was com­ing. Sometimes it seemed to come from all directions at once. Sometimes he almost thought it was coming out of the earth beneath them. Its lower notes were deep enough to be the voice of the earth herself. There were no words. There was hardly even a tune. But it was, beyond comparison, the most beautiful noise he had ever heard. It was so beautiful he could hardly bear it. – C.S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew

This is a song about love but especially it is a song about words, about language. About the way we can’t say anything but that’s good and true and right. This song used to be hard to find and for many years I hoarded it quietly in my iTunes, copied it diligently from one computer to the next, bit my nails about the idea of losing it. I can’t explain to you how much every intonation in this recording is like something hallowed and important to me. Oh, an incurable humanist you are an incurable humanist. You-ou-ou-ou are, you-ou-ou-ou are, you are, repeated over and over. This is so important, in all of Regina’s music: the repetition of words into inarticulacy, inarticulacy the only way towards feeling. The unbearable sweetness of talking about someone over and over and over and saying nothing. Regina sings “let’s go to the movies, I will hum you a song about nothing at all”. Maybe all songs are about nothing at all, maybe they have to be about nothing to be about anything. Forget about words, think about the slow slide of her voice into oooooh, an incurable humanist, the adoration. Allow for inarticulacy. Maybe music is what happens in the acceptance of wordlessness.

Think about all the things we can know about, can talk about. Porcupines. Antlers. Cars. Buses. Trains. Planes. Mamas. Papas. You, me – love. Loveology, kiss-ology, stay-ology, please-ology. All of being a person the desperate attempt to learn the science of love, the science of kissing, the science of staying. My quantum physics professor told me once that I should treat his class like church – that I was there to learn the “vocabulary of truth.” I am enamored by the idea of a truth, of a thing so bright and clear, ahead of me if I just keep moving upwards. This is what was promised to me: the notion that, given enough time, we will all be capable of perfect language. I will be able to love people with all the right words. Sometimes I call my parents and they are speaking German to me and I am speaking English to them and we each get stuck—they need a word that only exists in English, I need a word that only exists in German. For just a moment we swap languages. For just a moment it seems as though there is nothing between us, no telephone line, no thin membrane of discomfort on our tongues. No accents. This is a feeling that bursts a second later like a soap bubble, that never stays. It feels bleak to say that language is impossible but, l mean, language is impossible. I will sing you a song about nothing at all.

But god, we do our best. We do our best to say so many things. I’msorry-ology, the science of apologizing. The words for an apology, the right order to put them together in. The desperate encoding. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, please stay. Every apology echoing back to a hundred other apologies, every act of being a person never the first. I am still not good at apologies; I am still so young. When I was a kid I practiced asking people to forgive me so that I would have experience if I ever needed to do it for real. Imagine me 9 years old – I wore very round glasses, my hair was always in pigtails, I had three lopsided dimples. I asked my mom to forgive me if I ever ate too many cookies, stole my brother’s Halloween candy. Like submerging yourself into very cold water, a thing that makes you feel like your heart will stop at first but eventually gets easier, is something good. We are all only trying to learn how to really be people. Every day an act of desperate meaning-making, all of us shining ciphers. All of us ships passing each other in the dark.  

It’s not so bad. Even if the song isn’t about anything at all we still sing it. It’s still a song. Maybe we can never say what we want to but the trying—that matters. The space where we know the words aren’t enough but we say them anyway: I will sing you a song about nothing at all.  At the last wedding I went to someone played Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” on a harp and the bride and groom misspoke their vows at least four times and they accidentally dropped the first piece of wedding cake. Sitting three tables away I felt like a matryoshka doll, a dozen secret descending levels of joy.  At a birthday party I kissed a boy’s forehead and he said “hey, I’m going to miss you when you’re gone” and then he hummed a little bit, leaned his head into my shoulder. During the last week of my finals I was so tired I fell asleep crying in my best friend’s room with my head in her lap and when I woke up she said “hey nerd, do you want pancakes” and I laughed an awful hoarse laugh and it was enough. I felt myself reaching my limbs starfish-like outwards into the world, no words. I wish I had the language to take care of anyone the way they deserve but it’s alright. Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me. In the end we don’t have any truth but people still say sorry to each other. Said a thousand times even “sorry, I’m so sorry” is a song.

 - s

and if you change the rules a little some of the memories that most jut out of the file as Good are, if not in cars, on buses and planes and trains and teaching myself to drive a moped on Kentucky back roads

only: it gets strange here, because there are memories I think of as Good and Vital and ones I’d choose to get back inside of if I could, but they are not Happy

the train journey I took from New York to Kentucky was not an experience in which I was happy. I started it off by sobbing for two full hours. 

but I was fully and absolutely and incontestably fucking alive the whole way.

and I think, whether or not I ought to, I value and crave that more.

[HINTS] Two times Weizhou visited his sick ‘friend’ Jingyu?

Some of you might have known it already but I’ll post it for those who are new to YuZhou fandom ♡
Remember everything is just fans’ guess so you may choose to believe it or not. Thanks for reading.

        1. THE FIRST TIME

✩ On 160411 Jingyu from Beijing to Shanghai

That evening he updated his weibo

→ Trans: Gloriously fell ill. (Poor our baby Whale)

✩ Meanwhile Weizhou was still in Beijing on 11th because he had to record iQIYI Music show.

✩ One fine day passed and then much to everyone’s surprise, Weizhou suddenly appeared at his friend’s performance in Shanghai on 13th!! 

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Things to ask people you care about (because you might actually want to know)

Sometimes when I have writers block I like to list questions. Questions are one of the best ways to develop a story or a character or just to get thoughts moving in my mind. Here is a list of questions that help me get to know a character:

Things to talk about and possibly ask yourself (Part One)

  1. NAMES what is your middle name? what does your name mean? what origin is your last name? how far back can you trace your family tree? if you could change your name what would it be? did you ever have a nickname? what is the worst thing you have been called? do you use the word faggot or cunt? how do you feel about cussing? do you use the N word? do you ever get annoyed when people mispronounce your name? where were you born? if you had been the opposite sex what would you have been named?
  2. FEARS what are you afraid of most? what animal or thing scares you? do you have any phobias? why are you afraid of what you are afraid of (did you have a bad experience)? what is an irrational fear you have? do you fear death, why or why not? do you let your fears drive your decisions? what are some fears you have conquered? are you afraid of natural disasters? have you ever had a panic attack? what stresses you out?
  3. LOVE do you believe in soul mates? what do you think about divorce as a concept? what are your thoughts on marriage? who was your first kiss? how do you feel about same sex marriages/ relationships? do you think it’s a good idea to have sex on a first date? what is your stance on one night stands? are you more confident sexually when you are intoxicated? sobriety? sex before marriage? is there someone in your life that you are willing to die for? do you think soul mates could be a best friend? who is your best friend? are friends important to you? are you afraid of being alone? how do you know you love someone?
  4. DRUGS have you don’t drugs? what do you consider an addiction? what drugs would you do if you knew there would be no consequences? how do you feel about marijuana being legal? do you think drugs enhance creativity? do you think drugs are okay if they are prescription drugs? have you ever felt addicted to something? do you smoke cigarettes?
  5. RELIGION do you have a religion? are you a strict believer? do you believe in God? do you believe in an afterlife? do you believe in ghosts? do you believe in satan? do you believe in evil? do you believe in science and evolution? do you believe in reincarnation? do you believe we have souls/spirits? would you convert to a religion for your spouse? how do you feel about church? do you pray? do you believe in angels? demons? do you believe in magic, spells, potions, herbal healing?
  6. CHILDREN do you want children? do you want a girl or a boy? how many? twins? what age do you want kids? if you don’t want kids, why not? do you support a woman’s right to choose abortion? if you became pregnant or got someone pregnant would you stay with them/ get married? what eye color is your favorite?
  7. MUSIC who is your favorite artist? your favorite song? your favorite song? what music has changed your life? do you like to sing? what can you sing? will you sing for me? do you like to dance to music? do you like to go clubbing? what do you listen to when your falling asleep? what do you listen to when you work out? would you have sex to music? what helps you get the anger out? can you write lyrics? what lyrics do you connect with? Have you been to a concert? who would you like to see live?
  8. ART what kind of art do you like? what’s your favorite medium? do you paint, take photos, make collages, etc? who is a favorite artist? why do you like or not like art? are you a museum person? would you want your art to be sold or put in a museum if you made it yourself? do you get abstract art? what’s your favorite color(s)? how much would you pay for art if you had all the money in the world? are you a visual art person or a sculpture art person?
  9. BOOKS what’s your favorite word? do you have a favorite book? favorite author? do you get poetry? what is a book you’ve read that has changed your mindset? what book has frustrated you? what book can’t you get through? what book puts you to sleep? what genre do you enjoy most? are you a graphic novel person? how about erotic fiction? or are you a bibliography person? favorite children’s book? favorite nursery rhyme? favorite character? J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Lewis Carroll, or Jane Austin? what do you consider good humor? what makes you laugh? do you have any good jokes? comics?
  10. MOVIES celebrity crush? best movie? best childhood movie? favorite animated movie? indie films? short films? foreign films? favorite scary movie? are you romance or sic-fi? worst chick flick? worst movie ever? longest movie? titanic or avatar? J.J. Abrams, Quenton Tarantino, or Tim Burton (or all three)? Have you seen the Princess Bride and can you recite the lines? Harry potter? Lord of the Rings? what are you favorite T.V. shows? favorite tv genre? do you like crime/cop shows? what about medical shows? do you like soap operas? if you could play a movie character who would it be? if a celebrity were to star in your life story who would you chose to play you? Woody Allen? are you a superhero fan? if you had a superpower what would it be? Is netflix not the most amazing thing ever? favorite cartoons? black and white movies?
  11. DREAMS what do you want to be “when you grow up”? do you have any regrets from childhood, high school, college, early life etc? do you think money is required to be happy? what is your definition of happiness? what makes you smile? do you daydream? what do you fantasize about? do you have nightmares? do you ever have reoccurring dreams? have you ever sleep walked? do you talk in your sleep? snore? how many hours of sleep do you need to function? are you a night owl or morning person? what’s your favorite breakfast food? do you like to have lazy days in bed? do you like to sleep with a lot of covers? are you a pillow holder? do you move in your sleep? do you use caffeine to stay awake on those rough days? caffein junkie?
  12. MONEY what small jobs did you work as a kid? what is your dream job? do you think money is a good or bad thing in any level- government, social, personal, universally etc? do you donate your money? where would you donate if you had all the money in the world? what would you do with a million dollars? if you got three wishes from a gene what would they be, would one wish be for money? are you a hard worker? do you believe in the american dream? do you think money solves the most important problems? how do you feel about begin in debt? loans? how do you feel about having to pay for higher education? how would you like your tax dollars to be spent? do you support paying for the military? have you ever volunteered for a non profit organization? have you ever discovered money you didn’t know you had? do you get jealous of people who are rich? can you see yourself being a modern day version of robin hood? is money evil? have you ever thought about the fact that the money you usually deal with is really just green paper? if you bought or wanted to have an engagement ring, how big would your rock be? how much do you spend on groceries for yourself for a week? what is your favorite thing to spend money on? what are the guilty pleasures you spend on? what do you spend unnecessary amounts of money on? do you like to buy things for others?
  13. BEAUTY what do you think is beautiful? what are some weird things you like about people? do you have any fetishes? what is your favorite part about your body? what is your least favorite part about your body? what features do you like in yourself and others? what types of personality traits do you like? do you dress well? do you like specific smells? do you like hair, facial hair etc.? heels or no heels on yourself or your spouse? would you rather have someone make you laugh or make you think (or both)? what are your pet peeves? what are some annoying habits you or someone you know has? flowers or diamonds? how do you feel about birth marks? how do you feel about stretch marks? how do you feel about dimples? how do you feel about scars?
  14. TRAVEL if you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why? where did you grow up? how do you like your neighborhood? what languages do you speak? do you want to learn another language? if you could own three houses anywhere in the world where would you choose to have them? What kind of house do you want/have? are you a city person? do you like camping? what is your favorite exotic animal? do you want pets? do you like swimming? hiking? have you ever considered jumping out of a plane? do you like flying? how do you feel about airplane bathrooms? travel by train, boat, car, or plane? if you could time travel what time period would you want to live in? what age is your favorite style? 
  15. TRADITIONS what are some family traditions you have? what holidays do you celebrate? what special activities or traditions do you have with each of your parents? with your grandparents? with your aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.? do you have a favorite meal? how do you usually celebrate your birthday? are you a introvert or extrovert? are you a party person? what type of drunk are you? what’s your favorite snack? do you like chocolate? milk shake or smoothie? juice or milk? cake or pie? what cultural foods do you like? can you bake? can you cook? did you like vegetables as a child? favorite fruit? best cookie? do you have a morning or evening routine? what is a typical day like?
  16. EDUCATION where have you gone to school? favorite class? favorite subject? who was your favorite teacher? do you have any role models? why do you look up to them? what was difficult for you in school, socially, academically, mentally, etc.? were you bullied? were you a bully? what is the worst thing someone has said to you? how did you respond? have you gotten into any fights? did you win? are you sassy? do you have good comebacks? do you ever thing of something brilliant that you should have said way after an incident has occurred? who were you friends with? did you have a crowd? what did you do for fun? did you have to wear a uniform? public or private school? did you hang more with girls or guys? did you party? were you a cool kid? did you stereotype? what was the most valuable thing you had to learn on your own that was never explicitly taught to you by a teacher? when did you start listening to your parents? how did you choose a college? what was your major? did you have an affair with any of your teachers? did you have a crush on any of your teachers? don’t lie. did you ever loose a friendship? did you know someone who died? 
  17. HOBBIES how do you spend your free time? what is your favorite thing to do by yourself? do you collect anything? do you have any projects you are working on? have you ever been in a club? do you like sports? have you ever been on a team? are you good at hide and go seek? do you have a favorite game? are you good at uno? card games or board games? mind games? favorite sports team? favorite sport? is physical exercise an important part of your routine? would you rather run or walk? rock climbing or fishing?
  18.  DINNING are you a vegetarian? vegan? gluten free? crazy carnivore? do you hunt? do you fish? what is your favorite local restaurant? do you eat fast food? favorite chain restaurant? favorite brand of ice cream? what is the most expensive meal you have ever had? pizza? favorite toppings? have you ever been to a food festival? do you have allergies? 
  19. ADVICE what is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? who is the wisest person you know? what advice would you give yourself? what advice would you give a stranger? what would you tell a suicidal person? what would you tell someone who was being bullied? what do you say at funerals? how would you explain death to a child? what age do you think it’s inappropriate to loose virginity? do you think losing the v card is important before college? what do you say to someone who is depressed? what do you do to make yourself feel better? if you raised children what are five things you would want to teach your children? what are two things your parents taught you how to do separately? 
  20. MEDICAL have you broken any bones? who was the first person to die in your lifetime? how do you say goodbye to people? were you ever really sick? have you had chicken pox? do you like doctors? have you had braces? how tall are you? do you wear glasses? does your family have a history of mental illness? how old do you want to live? do you have a bucket list?