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After a day of traveling to the moon and back, Oreo and Onyx relax in the Hot Tub.

Caveat: it’s long, it’s extra. Tonight was my 51st show since I became a fan 2.5 years ago, and my last of 2016. How special it was to close this chapter in Newcastle. This year has taken me to 30 shows across 5 festivals, 7 countries, 12 US states and 24 different cities, not to mention countless planes, trains, cars, bars, cabs, venues, airbnbs, friends’ couches, hotels, tubes, Ubers, red wine pregames (those- truly countless): I wouldn’t trade any of it. I am endlessly grateful for the people The 1975 have led me to, who I’ve toured with and shared all this with and to whom I never have to explain anything: what a gift your implicit understanding is. Your friendship has colored this journey with meaning. George, Ross, Adam, and especially Matty: you changed my story forever. I love you, and I thank you.


those “eyes” are literally cookie cutters straight from google images if you were wondering (which you weren’t)

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Thunderbird Traits

Thunderbird Traits

-loves adventure
-up for any kind of travel: music, reading a book, dancing, walk through the woods, planes, cars, trains
-loving of friends and family
-friendly but can seem cold to strangers
-laid back
-good at thinking ahead and taking charge of a situation
-makes plans and keeps them
-sets goals

-feels the need to be in 10 places at once
-can be over confident
-too involved
-can be taken advantage of (result of being too nice)
-easily annoyed
-gets overwhelmed easily

Travelling Percabeth

Percabeth headcanons

• After all they had been through they just wanted some times to themselves.

• They took a month to settle in, talk to old friends and family but they decided they wanted a break.

• Always going by boat or train or car, planes stress Percy out and after Tartarus the fear of falling is only worse for both of them.

• Poseidon sends a boat over, after that quest it’s the least they can ask for.

• Iris messaging Sally at every destination every day, because there is no way that boy would not keep in contact after all those months when he couldn’t.

• Annabeth takes him to various architectural places, Percy loves the way she talks about it and how it makes her happy.

• Sunny places. After Tartarus neither of them feel like going anywhere cold or dark.

• Visiting Grover at nature parks, catching up with HIS BEST FRIEND ( I’m not salty can you tell )

• Seeing parts of the world that make it worth it, showing them how much the world really is worth saving.

• Being away from home making the both a bit anxious, especially bringing back memories of quests but they can push through.

Look seriously just give me anything that makes these poor kids happy. Also feel free to add any :)

There are two types of distance: the physical one and the one of the heart. Some may say that the physical one is harder because it’s not easy dealing with missing someone but it’s also the one who can be overcome. We’ve got trains and planes and cars and if you really work your ass off for it, you can save some gas money. But the distance of the heart, no matter how hard you work for it, you can’t reduce it if the other person isn’t willing. So, best to be in the heart of someone than in the same city.
—  giulswrites
Re: Binding on Airplanes

This post has been going around for the past few days telling people that it is unsafe to bind because you’re “going up in a pressurized metal tube” and don’t want to be putting extra compression on your ribcage. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Airplane cabins are pressurized to imitate the air on the ground and alleviate stress on the body. This does not mean that they are putting excess pressure on your body, and this especially doesn’t mean that they would be forcing excess compression on your ribcage from a binder. As long as you’re binding properly in the first place (using an actual, safe binder, taking breaks, stretching regularly), a plane ride will not affect you anymore than an extended car or train ride will. It is perfectly safe to bind on airplanes. That said, take precautions as you would with any form of long travel: wear a looser binder, sit upright, stretch often, go to the bathroom to take it off in breaks and help yourself breathe easier. You will be fine. Just take care of yourself.

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Could you imagine Caspian coming over to England in Aslan’s Country? Caspian, who loved the idea of a world round like a ball from the fairytales he heard growing up, and who said he’d give anything to live in one, but who only got to spend five minutes on Earth. And then the Pevensies bring him around to their family home for tea and he’s wide-eyed and fascinated by everything.

He sees cars and trains and planes and he’s dumbstruck because he could’ve flown to the End of the World. When he proposes a plan to fly to see the end of this world, Lucy has to gently remind him that this world doesn’t have an end, although there are lots of other countries to see if he’d like. He stares at the globe Lucy shows him and he cannot believe how big the world is and how he’s so glad that he has an eternity to see it all.

That’s when Edmund realises how naïve he is and he cannot resist handing Caspian a bottle of soft drink and telling him to shake before opening it to make it taste better, or tricking him into putting his fingers in a finger trap and watching him struggle for an hour on the verge of tears. Then Peter joins in and gives him a snake in a can, which makes Caspian shriek. Lucy, who has been watching, scolds them and tells them they should both be ashamed of their simplistic, juvenile pranks… before revealing a giant bucket filled to the brim with water balloons. The four of them end up soaking wet and breathless with laughter by the time they return home and Caspian has had the time of his life and can’t wait to explore more of this world that made the Pevensies as wonderful as they are.

Honestly, how beautiful would it be to see Caspian on Earth like he always dreamed?

facts about tintin you should (probably) know

• He used to be in boy scouts. Explains his can-do, optimistic attitude. Also means he is adept in boating, navigating, fishing, first-aid, tying knots, climbing, and most importantly, tying ties for dress dinners.

• He does yoga. At advanced level.

• He can drive literally anything. Horses, cars, trains, planes, tanks. You name it.

• He was once banned from South America. Long story.

• He’s one of the fiercest dog owners you’ll ever know (he spanks Snowy and calls him the harshest things when scolding him).

• He seems super suave and cool and badass like he couldn’t do any wrong but he’s super trippy. Literally. As in he trips a LOT. He’ll trip at the most inopportune moments like during chases.

the lines on my arm are a reminder of the dark i was stuck in.

nobody wanted to help me see any type of light to lead the way.

who would want to anyway?

theyre all on trains and cars and planes,

why would they want to pick up a lone person, with nothing.

no soul, no pretty blue eyes, no freckles on her cheeks.


i searched for years,

and never found anything at all.

but then you came along.

you reached your hand out, and i accepted, but stayed by the door,

waiting to be kicked out after you realized i had nothing.

you asked me where my things were.

i shrugged and kept my eyes at the ground.

you hugged me, and suddenly i didnt feel so alone.

you reached out to me and gave me my soul back.

you colored my eyes blue

painted the freckles back on my cheeks

sculpted the dimple back into my left cheek

and poured a jar of hope and happiness into my empty brain.

you took my hands and pulled me from the darkness

even though i had become the darkness.

 i didnt want to believe it so i did not walk with you.

thinking it was a joke,

just like everyone else.

but then you stopped.

you looked back at me and asked why.

i told you about the planes

and cars

that had taken me this way before

but left just after i believed them.

you told me you understood

so we slept right there for a month.

you didnt push. 

you didnt plead.

eventually i took your hand and i told you to take me.

to make me happy.

that i trusted you.

and that i loved you.

from that day on you’ve been my nightlight.

because even when i fall back into that darkness,

you reach to me and guide me out of it 

and keep me safe until the sun comes up again.

anonymous asked:

What is the farthest you've ever travelled by 1) foot/bike? 2) car/bus/ferry? 3) plane/boat/train? Just some fun questions if you're bored! ☺

By foot I’d say 10 miles (consecutively).
By car, from Florida to Ohio so, 16 hours.
And I’ve never been on any of the third!

Booty Game

Prompt: Waht pRoMpT?

Rating: T+

A/N: I have not written a single thing for months…and this is the garbage that happened when I try to get back in the groove.



There wasn’t much in the world that could set Natsu Dragneel off balance. Sure there were trains, cars, Erza, planes, boats, Gray’s ugly mug, carnival rides, Erza’s wrath, bad meat, earthquakes, Erza- okay, maybe there were a decent collection of things that could make him uncomfortably squirm.

Well, he could add one more thing to that pretty hefty list today and it wasn’t something he ever expected to see in his life.

The Fantasia parade made the streets one big party, the hint of freshly baked pastries and other food in the warm air. Chalk covered the streets in fine, colorful dust, the kids getting particularly more talented with the purple and green striped dragons each year. The decorations were colorful, the people were excited, and the guild was busy trying to make the parade preparations.

Which was why he and a few other guys sneaked away to chow down at the 8-Island cafe while Erza was known to be on the other side of Magnolia. Everything was right with the world.

Then, Gray choked on his BLT and Natsu could feel the spiritual uplift in his chest until the gaping eyes of Gajeel called him to turn his head towards whatever discourse awaited.

Oh, what discourse looked like that.

Natsu instantly learned one more thing that could knock him off balance, his body tilting dangerously in the chair to get a good long look, eyes scanning the group of very familiar women walking up the street in their cheer practice attire.

There was Levy, Juvia, and Cana, casually walking and talking like normal…only with the tight crop tops and boy shorts. That explained why Gray and the others stilled, half chewed food dripping from their maws.

But Natsu had a whole other ball game going on, his attention fixated on the head of golden hair between Juvia and Cana. That hair was styled up in a messy bun, displaying her pink crop top and quite a lot of bare back before her own matching pair of boy shorts.

Lucy was a briefs kinda gal, it seemed. Holy Mavis did it make him feel funny all over just watching her walk, watching her hips sway with a glimmer of her keys always at her side.

Bootylicious?” Gray squawked hoarsely, fingers clenched in the tablecloth and freezing the fabric solid as he stared at Juvia’s backside, “Wha…H-How-?”

All This And Brains Too?” Gajeel mumbled in interest, a small smirk gracing his lips, “It even has a bow, how about that?”

But Natsu was fixated on Lucy’s ass-and the words printed on her shorts. ‘Hot Stuff’ in silver glitter and bold font, shaping against her like a second skin. It glittered as she took each step, her head turning to address the group with a bright smile that rivaled the sun itself.

‘Hot Stuff’ indeed, he was burning up from head to toe, fingers digging into the wood of his chair and singeing it. He leaned over a little farther, mouth ajar as the women wandered farther away, ignorant to the trail of gawking men.

“I have seen the afterlife-” Gray whispered, “-just a glimpse.”

“I didn’t think bows would work for the shrimp” Gajeel added. “But damn.”

Natsu didn’t speak, still staring even when the girls were almost out of sight. Staring, until Lucy turned her head back, locking her gaze on him specifically. His heart stalled when she bit her lip and then slyly sent a wink.

In the blink of an eye, she turned away to skip away, paying no mind to the chaos she ignited in his core. Perhaps it was a blessing though, because his fingers slipped and he toppled out of his chair.

At least face first into the floor saved his eyes the shame of the others laughing at him, allowing him to cool down and try not to remember Lucy’s curves.

“Bunny girl’s booty game must be hella strong-” Gajeel teased, “-to make Salamander konk out like that.”

“I…never…want to speak of this again-” Gray breathed, glaring down his sandwich as if it had caused him a great personal offense.

Gray may never want to speak of it…but Natsu never wanted to forget.




“Cana, what shorts did you pick?” Levy asked, quickly shoving the scandalous attire in her bag like it was something illegal.

Cana chuckled proudly, pulling out her red shorts to swing around her index finger. “Oh, just something casual. It says, ‘Are you nasty?’”

September ends and so does Summer. And with October, a lot of people return from their holidays, others go on a last trip before Winter… and this year, a lot of Fannibals will be going to BTRDC, the Hannibal convention in London.

For all these reasons, we won’t be holding a main Fest (a week long) in October, but two smaller challenges (a weekend long) that we hope will keep you entertained as you return to routine.

That’s why the first challenge we’re announcing is the #RudeTrip challenge. Keep those Fannibals returning from their holidays or going to BTRDC entertained in their flights, trains, etc.

Write/draw/create something related to traveling; by car, plane, train, boat, a road trip… the limit is your imagination - from September 30th/October 2nd and post it in Tumblr, Twitter, etc, with the tag #RudeTrip.

All characters Hannibal related (or from other Hugh/Mads movies), all pairings, all sexualities… As long as it has something to do with traveling or any transportation method, you may create what you want!

The art from this announcement was made by the wonderful @hannibalssketchbook​. Looks like Hannibal and Will are having a lot of fun in the car ;)

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[it's time for some wandering]; when you're in the car, on the plane, on the train, on a wander or when you're simply dreaming of going far away.

01. budapest - george ezra 02. ends of the earth - lord huron 03. drops in the river - fleet foxes 04. yellow light - of monsters and men 05. afterlife - ingrid michaelson 06. pompeii (audien remix) - bastille 07. vapour - vancouver sleep clinic 08. sunset on high street - work drug 09. looking to the sea - ian cotterill 10. reunion - papermaps 11. stay alive - josé gonzalez 12. riptide (flic flac remix) - vance joy 13. dirty paws - of monsters and men 14. wolves (phosphorescent cover) - message to bears 15. the unknown - madeline juno 16. step out - josé gonzalez 17. on top of the world (rac remix) - imagine dragons 18. oceans - coasts 19. today - willamette stone 20. sort of revolution (cinematic orchestra remix) - fink

We would take this Bronco out to the drive-ins almost once a week when I was little. My mother would bag up homemade popped popcorn and 99 cent chocolate bars. We’d sit on our blankets under the stars and watch the movie(s) as the crazy trains, cars, and planes go loudly passing by. I miss those days.