2.07.17 – all the ways I’d like to leave

I never meant to make friends with airplanes.

I didn’t mean to fall in love with taxis

or the scream of tires lifting off the runway.

I never wanted to admit my infatuation with the sky.

Because now, I have three homes.

Now I know I have to confront my love of leaving.

I admit that every time I see lights in the night sky,

I hope it’s planes and not stars.

When it is, then I try to determine where they’re going

and if I’d want to go there too.

I’d run away in a heartbeat,

if only I could.

I can.

I shouldn’t. 

Plane tickets cost a lot.

I can’t decide which is more costly:

Not living how I want to live,

or living how I want to,

and failing.

I’ve gotta make a choice.

I’ll decide with my next paycheck.


Milky way over snow dusted mountains in Colorado