Imagine everyone making their way through the shadowfell with Vex and Vax taking point as usual. The two of them go ahead, turning a corner and are gone from sight for a few minutes, but nobody’s worried. Grog and Keyleth are playing Boulder Paper Shears, Percy is idly adjusting his guns, Pike is looking around at the gray landscape, and Scanlan is humming so soft you wouldn’t hear it unless you were right next to him. A few minutes later, Vax appears around the corner and is walking back in the somewhat disconcerting silent manner they’ve all grown used to. Everyone turns waiting to hear what he’s seen.

As he’s walking back, a small smile comes to his face. He opens his mouth, a joke about to escape him when he feels something beat against his chest. He sees his family’s faces all turn to panic as their necklaces emit a faint red glow and all of them, save Scanlan, sprint towards the corner where Vex disappeared.

Vax’s wings are out and his boots make him a bullet. He leads the charge, desperately trying to figure what had happened in the moments he hadn’t seen her. As they near the corner Vex comes racing around, sitting atop the broom with her bow ready to fire. Both twins eyes go wide and they frantically stop their mad dash and manage to avoid colliding. Vex sees everyone else safe and standing and her muscles relax, relief spreading throughout her body briefly before despair settles in.

She falls onto the ground, her knees drawn up and her arms wrapped around them. Her voice comes out soft and broken, “Tary.”

Robert hated flying, he really did. He’d always hated flying - being stuck in an enclosed space, no escape, for hours on end, well - it just wasn’t for him. He liked the destination, sure, the sunny holidays and the discovering new places, all that he loved.

He just didn’t love flying.

Robert hated flying, but he hated admitting it aloud even more. Settling into his seat, Aaron pressed against the window, genuine curiosity in his eyes as he looked out, watched as the airport got further and further away as the plane trundled down the runaway, Robert felt that familiar tug of panic.

That twist in his chest as he realised this was where he was stuck for the next three hours of his life, Aaron on one side, a stranger on the house, all of them stuck on a godforsaken metal tube that was taking them to the sun, sand, and sangria.

The plane gathered speed, and that was it. Robert was digging his fingers into his palms, breath coming in gasps as take off began.

Before he could fly into a full blown panic, Aaron was easing his fingers from where they were making nail shaped indents in his palm, slotting his fingers between Roberts, such a familiar and comfortable action for them now, tangled fingers and warm palms pressed together, Aaron’s finger brushing against the cool metal of Roberts wedding ring.

A ‘I’m here’ sort of gesture.

Aaron looked at him, one headphone in, one not, an encouraging smile on his face. “Worst but will be over soon,” he nudged, squeezing Roberts hand tightly.

Robert felt the knot of panic in his chest ease slightly, Aaron grounding him, just like always (even if they were mid air now, thousands of feet above the rolling green fields of Yorkshire.)

“Just think about how you’ve got me all to yourself for the next two weeks, if that helps,” Aaron gave him a cheeky grin, pressing his lips to the material of the t-shirt Robert had donned that morning, lips warm even through the cotton.

“Yeah,” Robert breathed, eyes closed as the plane continued its upward ascent, griping too tightly to Aaron’s hand. “That helps.”

here’s an animation i did for the adventure time islands map! 

i wanted to do something with the fandom before the show ended (even though we can make stuff after of course.) Plus, this was my first MAP ever! I animated Martin punching the guardian and Minnie sad on the beach. Their episode was my favorite, so I was super happy to take this part! 

lots of DRAMA

poses from imagination to practice what i (hopefully) learned and commit it to memory QAQ

top half (lighter purple) was from may, I drew scribbles and forced em into a pose, so they came out kinda stretched & funky looking lol

bottom half was from june where i was trying to figure out what i need to study next (x’s are there to mark the areas where i was having trouble/getting confused and frustrated) also I invented a pose and then tried to draw the same pose from two other angles OH MAN it was SO HARD  LIKE you WOuLD nOT BElieVE but very very helpful; I’m gonna def keep doing that exercise


earth is miles away, but home is here right next to me

full piece of my submission for @klancefanzine 😊  prints will be available at AX 2017! 


She’s everything 😂😂😍


Flight over the mountains and rivers of Pakistan