I think a lot of those posts that are ranting against people who say “just travel” when people don’t actually have money to may ignore that it’s much easier to travel in Europe for various reasons like:

1) people don’t usually have school debts
2) people live with their parents longer
3) if you book in advance you can get plane tickets for another country for something like 25$
4) there are really cheap cities like Prague where you can get food for less than you do in your own city
5) with a basic knowledge of english you can actually get summer jobs in another country without requiring any authorization
6) you will actually get vacations from most jobs whether you want it or not
7) you can go to another country, stay 1 night and then go back

I mean that’s not to say that it’s always easy or that “just travel” is the correct answer, but when i stopped and thought about it for a second it’s pretty clear that if you’re American you probably don’t realize how much easier traveling in Europe is

No one who is working class knows what the hell going on a “spiritual journey” or a “gap year” means.

Like, if you don’t know who you are then, what the fuck is wandering around the desert, wiping your ass with leaves and talking to poor African people going to accomplish?

The answer is in you. It just is. Geography means nothing, really. 

Just send the native villagers the money for your plane ticket. Trust me: They’ll appreciate it more.  

The medication my doctor gave me never helped. Neither did my mother’s worrying, or my father's condescending tone. So I wrote my own prescription for healing: run away. Buy a cheap plane ticket for the next flight going at least 1000 miles away from wherever it hurts. Only bring a backpack, and remember a water bottle. Drink plenty of coffee. That’s why Honolulu was so important when I was depressed. Boston was necessary to quell my loneliness, Orlando calmed my restlessness, Portland settled my anxiety, and when I finally had a panic attack I went all the way to Anchorage. I felt relief in running away, found anesthesia above clouds, and comfort in cities I had never been to. And I healed in ways that I never could have in the places where I hurt.

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Anonymous said: Getting a plane ticket to Korea to put Jungkook in his place I hate him :—–)))))))

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I leave two weeks from tomorrow to see The Vaccines! I can’t believe how close it is!!! It feels like last week that I booked my plane tickets.

today i’ve already done a freelance shoot that will pay for my entire plane ticket to see @ambientjungle next month, and right now i’m gonna smoke a bunch of weed and go to the post office to mail a package of cute and then get a gigantic bowl of spicy miso ramen