I’m supposed to go back to Poland tomorrow to visit my biological dad but I neither have a plane ticket or the 100% will to. I mean.. I want to go. But I also want to stay here in Bulgaria. Poland is so cold… I don’t want to leave yet…

Sulphurblue, I have a solution to this whole plane ticket mess

Solo doesn’t want you to have their name. 

You want to meet Solo and beat them up or something idk. 

I can work as an intermediary on both of your behalfs. 

You purchase the plane ticket for me (since I’m already doxxed and idgaf, I’ll happily give you my full name and address) under a particular airline, and I will transfer it to Solo. The reservation number will change when the transfer occurs, giving Solo the anonymity they require, and you will get your fistfight or something. 

Nobody gets doxxed, and I will get the satisfaction of knowing everyone got what they wanted.