Can you imagine being internet friends with Luke ever since you were both 13? Meeting through your favorite bands and as time went on you and Luke would become best friends, and you were one of the first people to see his first youtube cover, and you’d support him throughout the whole thing. But you lived a million miles away from him, in a different country so you both thought it was impossible to possibly meet because “even if youtube did work out, my country’s so small there’d be no need to come here anyways” But Luke would be determined to meet you because you were his best friend after all. He’d been so busy since the band took off, but one day, he’d finally tell you that he has a couple months off and he’d buy you plane tickets and send them to you and when you got to the airport in Australia he’d have lots of security there because he knows you’re claustrophobic and when he sees you he’d run over to you and hug you so tight you could barely breathe and when you’d ask “Are you crying?” He’d say no and claim to be too manly to cry in front of his best friend

vriskca asked:

if you had to choose 5 objects/animals/symbols to represent you, what would they be? also a flower. pick a flower.

Huh! Well, I guess, off the top of my head, I’d say a raccoon skull, a book, a plane ticket, a seashell, and a radioactive symbol, and a rose… Ideally there would be something cute in there to represent my softer side but I can’t think of anything


Hey guys

So I’m opening commissions so I can meet a very special someone of mine that lives 6795km away from me for the first time ever this summer. Sadly plane tickets are super expensive as we know and I am afraid I wont make it in time to save up enough money due to my education costs and rent.

If you’d like to commission me then you can send me an email (, an ask or a message (via tumblr) and we´ll talk about the details of what you want.
Not sure if I´ll draw the character you´d like to commission? Feel free to ask!

Note that payments are with Paypal only
Please also read the Terms of Conditions 

I would be incredibly grateful if you were to commission me and i’ll do my best to deliver a piece you are pleased with.

happy birthday to my favorite fascist rat  ❤

Sup grandma. IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! Who woulda thunk. I can’t believe how many of these I’ve gotten to wish you a “happy birthday” on by now, and even if you try to get rid of me before the next one TOUGH LUCK. You’re stuck with me for good. 

I’m so grateful to have such an awesome, funny, kind (despite your best efforts to pretend otherwise…), beautiful, and talented goon as a best friend, and I hope that this year brings you nothing but the joy, opportunities, and fun that you deserve. Thanks for always understanding me even when I’m being a loon, and never being anything but a good person. I wish I could buy your dog a plane ticket and fly her to you for your birthday, or rent a batman, but since I’m a broke college kid I’ll just leave it at I love you and I wish you the world.