A Suggestion:

Make tangible memories. Take photos and screenshots and selfies. Save plane tickets and concert stubs and pretty leaves you find on the side of the road. 

Write down how it felt like sunshine on your skin when they hugged you, or how you managed the perfect ratio of tea to milk on that rainy sunday you spent inside.

Highlight the paragraphs that mean something to you, or scrawl them on paper torn from a notebook and blue-tac them to your wall. Jot down that accidentally-inspirational piece of advice from your professor, or the joke that had you and your friends doubled over in tears.

Don’t be afraid of giving the past material form. Time is fake, and good moments make great memories.

😂😂😂😂😂 When you buy plane tickets (a month in advance) to see your long distance boyfriend– but last minute he quits his job, moves to a different state, and you still got plane tickets worth $310 sitting in your email and you ain’t gonna fucking use them 😂😂😂😂😂😂

There are things that you dream about endlessly, and hope that those dreams could one day become a reality. Usually these dreams feel so far out of reach that the thought of it coming true is overwhelming in and of itself. But it is those very dreams that, when they do come into fruition, have the most meaningful impact on your life. Yesterday I got to experience this form of overwhelming, have such a life-changing experience, because my dream finally came true. After an impulse buy of a ticket months ago coupled with a draining of the last of my savings to buy a plane ticket to and from New York, I was able to attend yesterday’s performance of White Rabbit Red Rabbit and meet Stana Katic.

Not only did I get to meet Stana, but I got to watch her perform in an incredible play and do an absolutely phenomenal job. The range that Stana has proven capable of on Castle is nothing compared to the range I witnessed last night. Every emotion she felt you felt, every word of the play permeated not just your mind but your soul. Stana was able to bring to life a magnificent play and make it entirely her own. As a result, September 26, 2016 has officially gone down as one of the best moments of my entire life.

Yesterday I also learned that there is no end to the love that I have for the woman pictured above. She is incredibly kind and gracious, taking time out of her evening to make sure every single person in attendance got a picture with her and an autograph. The conversation I shared with her will forever be ingrained in my head, just as I will never forget the feeling of her wrapping her arm around me when we took our picture together. Stana was able to make each and every person feel special, something that only a truly extraordinary person can accomplish.

Thank you Stana, for making yesterday the best day of my life. I am still pinching myself because I can’t believe that a dream that seemed so far away finally became a reality.
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crybaby-malachite  asked:

43, 84, and 95!!

43: Do you have any nicknames?

i mean,, technically edge is a nickname bc about a week ago i realized i rly like the name edward so thats like my Name but i havent put that on my tumblr or anything bc i dont want Real Life ppl finding out before im ready (and i get this is kind of hypocritical considering… literally everything but idk.. if i just keep my name on my blog as edge then its not Official)

but also theres sol (sollux), pisslux captvore, and edgeward. id include other terms based on piss but those are rly pet names tbh

84: What is a saying you say a lot?


95: You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?

i would go to california to visit @ichimatsu-boi im love him????

anonymous asked:

Soo i dont if you remember but im the girl in a long distance relationship from ireland my boyfriend new york and i dont know i just remembered i told you once about us and well we were planning for him to come here next year in like june but i saw an ad for cheap plane tickets and i might be going to him at the end of december ! The only thing im not sure im going to have to talk with my parents tomorrow but omg ! Wish me luck i guess ? Haha:)


waywarddaughter95  asked:

63 and 90

Hi Nês :)))

63. You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?

well i really want to go to Italy and Austria. So many beautiful places. So, maybe i take the plane ticket to Italy and then take the train to Austria.

90. How was your day today?

boring. I had some arguments with my boss via email. and this time i didnt care if she would be pissed because i was already pissed. lmao

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