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Nanny or single dad AU for coldwave?

1 - Len was forced into joining the Families by his dad instead of being sent to juvie. In typical Len fashion, he rolls with the punches and comes out on top and suddenly he’s best-frenemies with the head of the Family’s son and heir and next thing you know, ten, fifteen years down the line, he’s the head of the Family and his dad’s in an unmarked grave somewhere.

2 - Len is usually pretty cautious about these things, but someone decides that the infamous Captain Cold needs a weakness and slips him a roofie. They luck out and the girl gets pregnant. Of course, they don’t live long enough to see the results of their victory since Len figures it out when the pregnant girl goes to him to lay out her terms (she gets greedy) and he kills them all but the girl, who he admits was used as a pawn. She gets a one-way plane ticket in exchange for her life and signing away her maternal rights to Len, because he knows she can’t be trusted.

3 - of course, now Len has a daughter who he loves more than life itself. Lisa similarly adores her. But he’s also a full-time mob boss and Lisa’s not signing up to babysit full time and that means he needs to hire a nanny.

4 - not many people are willing to babysit for the mob. who knew?

5 - Mick is an enforcer for a different Family but he hears a crying baby upstairs at a mob meeting and goes to rock her to sleep. He has practice from his little siblings which burned, so it’s nice for both of them. Len comes upstairs to see why she stopped crying and sees Mick. Mick immediately apologizes because he knows how it could look like, another Family’s guy with his arms around your kid. Len ignores that and hires Mick on the spot. (he’s very tired okay?!)

6 - Len spies on Mick for a long while before realizing he’s trustworthy.

7 - Len’s spying and possessiveness lead him to realize Mick is more than trustworthy, he’s perfect. He’s the partner Len’s been looking for his whole life.

8 - Mick is not sure when he became co-heads of a Family. It happened rather abruptly. he’s not sure he’s happy about it. But he’s pretty happy with the co-parenting because the kid is amazing, so he guesses he’ll take the good with the bad. also, he gets Len. Definite good.

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i'm glad you've had a good day!! may i ask why?

i’m glad too! And sure:

  • The day started pretty Lit™ because I woke up with an RT from Rafael and a like from Adrienne (such cuties ahhh)
  • My design presentation went well and i think I got an A (i’m hopeful!!)
  • During that class later on I tweeted Old-Man Miranda and he liked and changed his twitter header bc of my tweet
  • I got a fresh new fic from sab and a new chapter of KOTLB from Liv and both are AMAZING
  • Me and my best friend decided on the itinerary of our Europe trip and we hanged out at my place and i just really like having him around
  • And my mom agreed with the itinerary so we are buying plane tickets hopefully later tonight (!!!!!)

So yeah, pretty nice day, hahaha <3

Phone call with my parents just now:

Mom: So Dad’s been looking at real estate in Pittsburgh, he wants to help you buy and fix up a house! What do you think about that?

[insert discussion about Responsible Adult Things like owning real estate]

Mom: So what’s going on with you?

Me: I…just spent a large amount of money on plane tickets to visit Finland and Germany this summer. *sweats*

someday, i’m just gonna leave. buy a plane ticket, and just fly somewhere. maybe i’ll be with someone, maybe i won’t. but one day, i’ll leave.