Each Stone a Truth

It’s time to lay out the truths in stone
About which others may love to moan.
I’m your best friend with none to fear
As each stone will bring us near.

There is the wind or cold or blazing sun.
This is truth from which many might run.
Stepping upon this stone we’ll go inside
To be closer and with much to confide.

A stone of distance is a well-written letter
Weaving words into a tightly woven sweater.
An easy plane ticket across the miles
Is no substitute for our secrets, compassion and smiles.

Age is the next stone on our path.
To me it matters so very little.
It contains many lessons in math
And I’ll dance a jig to any fiddle.

When it comes to a meaningful friend
There’s no reason for it to end
Because each truth is our stone
We’ll call this bridge our own!

12:08 AM


Does anyone know if I’m allowed to travel to Spain if I am mentally ill? I know there are restrictions when trying to enter America or Australia.

My last incidence was early September of 2016, and I am planning to go away mid May of this year.

I have an ongoing diagnosis of EUPD, and take medication. I need to know because I don’t want to fork out for the plane tickets, the hotel, spending money etc if I’m not even allowed in the country due to poor mental health.

Thank-You all in advance! 💙💙😘


me: *sees someone who vaguely looks like my abuser(s)*

me, already having a panic attack: they’ve found me and they’ve come to harm me again. i can’t believe i ever thought i was safe. i’m sure i can buy a plane ticket to some deserted island and-

What the Signs Give and Receive on Valentine’s Day

Aries: Gives a “use one time only for some lovin’ (;” card, receives two tickets to their favorite concert

Taurus: Gives a handwritten letter explaining every reason why they love their s/o, receives a million red roses

Gemini: Gives a jar containing “a million reason why I love you” inside, receives a surprise trip to an amusement park

Cancer: Gives everything in the Valentine’s Day section of Target, receives a romantic dinner in the city

Leo: Gives a homemade present, receives a song written about them

Virgo: Gives a powerpoint presentation on why they’re amazing followed by sexy times, receives 10 boxes of their favorite chocolate

Libra: Gives two plane tickets to Venice, Italy, receives a star named after them

Scorpio: Gives a blanket with their face on it, receives literally the world

Sagittarius: Gives their time and effort (endless talking, many kisses, lots of cuddles), receives a mixtape of songs that remind their lover of them

Capricorn: Gives a journal full of things that remind them of their lover, receives a mural of them

Aquarius: Gives a camping trip to see the stars, receives a hot air balloon ride in the country side

Pisces: Gives a homemade cake, receives a date to a private beach (swimming, dinner, etc.)