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Wow, what a great society. You're all just whores, basically. 99% of gay males are whores, period. And I'm gay too and I have to say this because it's true. Do you think this is what's important in life? Clothes, physical appareance, sex? Pathetic. You're all brain washed by society. Do other things, give yourself a culture, read, travel, look at the world around you. But no, you're able to think about only those things. It's so sad.

So, here’s my thing. You seem like a smart guy. I say all of the exact same shit about all those gays you see sucking someone else’s dick on Snapchat or that drop hundreds of dollars on drugs and plane tickets to go to Madrid for a big naked orgy. I get it. Part of me is mildly jealous that I don’t have the funds to travel and drop my responsibilities anytime I feel like it like they can but it’s still not the scene I’d choose to end up in. While on the conversation of responsibilities, let’s discuss. I’m in Nursing School. I’m one of the senior officers of my class. I’m a senior bartender at my job I’ve been at for 3 years. I’ve never taken a summer off since I was 15. I have plans to join the military and gain my masters through their grad program for Nurse Anesthesia. That’s a five year contract, active duty AFTER I gain two years of critical care experience. Take away from this? I’m a normal guy with an empty wallet and all the motivation in the world from people like you that doubt my ability to be something. I work my ass off. I’ve slept with all of 2 people in the past six months? You make all of your assumptions based off the questions I’m asked on here but let’s not forget, it’s y'all that ask. I don’t choose the topic of conversation nor do I have any shame in talking about my sex life for that matter. Now, like you, it seems my unfollow button needs some attention. Go help it out, huh?

Suprize!!! TFCON DC!!!

Sooo… aparently thanks to some awesome stupendous fantastic friends of mine out of the goodness of their hearts buying me a plane ticket!!!


I’m honestly so shocked and feelz right now I can’t even I want to hug you guys forever. *Cries*I’m so gosh darn EXCITED I can bearly contain it!!!

I get to see my TF Family this year afterall!! Jfjsjakhdjfkdha!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

So my boss has legitimately told me that once she retires she would love for me to come visit her in the Philippines

Yesterday she was saying that she’d pay for my plane tickets and I could live for free with her and “sit by the ocean and write your stories”
And if I got home sick she’d send me home and whenever I wanted to come back she’d say “go to the airport I’ll get you a ticket”

Like ??? I honestly love her so much, she’s family and has said that I’m like her daughter and I’m just so overwhelmed

But yeah, in four years it’s quite possible I could live part time in the Philippines 😶

Reasons Why I'm Moving to Japan:






the signs and what they remind me of:

Aries- being hard on the outside and full of softness inside, never saying how you really feel, sex in the backseat of a parked car on an empty street, thinking you don’t need another soul on earth.

Taurus- satan, feelings buried in the backyard, leaving without saying goodbye, video games, soft voices, blue eyes, running away from home, old cars, cigarettes lit in the morning.

Gemini- seedy hotels, driving down the highway with the windows down screaming your favorite song, feeling guilt when you see an old person eating alone, violent fire one minute and a lonely wave crashing the next, moving away and starting over, making out so hard you run out of breath.

Cancer- dead flowers hanging for decoration, a soft corner of a warm house, gentle pats of comfort on your leg, holding hands, crystals and open windows, being there for someone when they don’t deserve it, storytelling, designer boots clanking on hardwood, too many pillows, a love that doesn’t relent.

Leo- Fleetwood Mac on vinyl spinning all night, an empty stage with hot lights pouring down, filling an empty room with the sound of your own voice, hurting others before they can hurt you.

Virgo- eyes that understand, eyes that do not stop looking at you when you’re talking, plaid shirts, hardwood floors, the sound of an old acoustic guitar, IPAs, wanting to be there for someone but not knowing how, putting so much weight on your shoulders that you feel like you’re going to collapse.

Libra- running away when things get hard, rough hands, being outside, fresh grass, the smell of coffee, loving the idea of something, being in love with the idea of love.

Scorpio- secrets, whispers, long brown hair, pale skin, reading books about witchcraft and astrology, pursed lips, not knowing what to say, eye contact, changing your mind, regret, standing still, telling stories when you’re nervous.

Sagittarius- only hearing what you want to hear, wanting to be alone, reading in a busy coffee shop, inside jokes, guilt, sacrifice, moths, smirks.

Capricorn- soft voices that are drenched in sarcasm, plants in the window, books that have been read so much they’re falling apart, cold air, minimalistic bedrooms, wanting to be touched but not knowing how to ask.

Aquarius- running fingers through someone’s hair, the feeling that no one understands, isolation, black and white films, buying a last minute plane ticket to anywhere, crying in front of the person you love for the first time, being so nervous your voice cracks, being so confident you could walk on water.

Pisces- holding onto something so hard you’d rather lose your teeth than let go, family, crying by yourself in the bathroom, snorting when you laugh.


im broke and im sad so i made this 

  • currently cannot buy BTS BON VOYAGE Season 2 
  • isn’t registered as an offical ARMY
  • can’t buy merch
    -saves enough money to buy merch (cue tears of joy)
    -gets bitchsmacked by shipping costs (cue tears of sadness)
  • can’t buy concert tickets or plane tickets
  • *is in europe*
  • the only way to support is by voting and sharing things on twitter
  • w e e p i n g
  • jealousy over other ARMYs BTS collections (i will admit to that)
  • doesn’t understand korean but smiles when the boys laugh (because i care very much about their happiness and health)
  • eng subs are my favorite thing
  • quietly awaiting for someone to upload and share BTS BON VOYAGE Season 2 on some other platform
  • *prints out picture of BTS* ”this is the closest i’ll ever get to them”
  • remembering that BTS is grateful for all of their fans including international  ARMYs and that they’re thankful and you feel much love and appreciation :’)
  • *is still broke but rich in love and support for BTS*
SKAM S04E10 Clip 8 - Dear Sana

[Incomprehensible chatter]

SANA: He’s the one who bought the toilet paper rolls.

THE GIRLS: Oh! That’s right!

VILDE: Where did they end up?

BOY: I just sold them to some friends at the Mosque. Nothing big.

EVA: Oh, okay.

BOYS: Eyyyy!

ESKILD: Eid mubarak! Eid mubarak.



SANA: Welcome.

ESKILD: Thank you and I just wanted to say Eid mubarak!

SANA: Eid mubarak!

ESKILD: Eid mubarak

SANA: Ohhh, how nice the two of you look!

ESKILD: Thanks! I’m the one who chose the outfits for tonight. I went to Grøndland and did some shopping. Yes.

SANA: Hijab and everything?

ESKILD: Hijab and everything. And I brought a little present! I brought a gift for the hostess. It’s two boreks that I put in a nice box.

SANA: That’s very nice of you.

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yuri plisetsky is smart af

Okay, so we never see the show address schooling for the characters, but we do know that Yuri uses his government sponsorship to support his grandfather, he’s able to purchase a plane ticket and be in Japan before anyone realizes what he’s done, he purchases things there without anyone’s help (requiring the ability to quickly identify new currency in his head and somehow communicate that with the local population), and he has to be able to quickly calculate point values in performances in his head so he can make adjustments to his own abilities in order to win.

What I’m saying is that Yuri has to be good with numbers. But what if he’s not just good, what if he’s incredible? And everyone in his life and at the rink knows it. So, whenever anyone needs a quick calculation, they just shout it out to him and he throws them the answer nearly immediately.

Milla would be the one to take advantage of this the most, naturally. So, Yuri is in the middle of working on a step sequence and she’s at the other end of the rink telling a new staff member about it. They don’t believe her, so she just yells, “YURA. 12 TIMES 16.”

He doesn’t even stop what he’s doing, just takes a quick beat and calls back, “192!”

They check the math and the new person is impressed, but you never know, that could have been practiced. It’s a fair point, so Milla is like, “Alright, alright, gotchu fam. Wait until he transitions and then you can call something out.”

The new person waits for a few minutes and when Yuri looks properly distracted, they yell out, “1648 DIVIDED BY 14.”

Yuri launches into a triple, and when he’s about to land, he shouts, “THAT’S NOT FUCKING FAIR, BUT IT WOULD ROUND TO 118.”

Milla checks the math and the new person almost passes out.

my mother is super into dream-building, and she knows how interested ive been in going to Japan so she’s willing to help me buy a plane ticket and maybe help with the fee of renting an AirBnB. I think this is the closest I’ve ever been to starting a gofundme campaign in my life, and I’m not sure if I’m feeling an emotion like “im horrified that im so inclined to ask people for money for something that isnt necessary for my immediate health” or if im feeling something like “maybe ive been wrong this whole time and gofundme is actually a reasonable website where kind people help other people with their goals”.