Just because I want to, here’s Part one of Nathan Summers’ trip to Disney World.

At the gate, impatiently waiting for the flight to arrive. Tick tock.

On the plane and that’s a salad of some kind. Leaves. And maybe cous cous. Not a proper salad.

Some kind of wierd dessert that may be cheesecake. Nate isn’t sure.

Nate is used to carrying around big guns, but he’s clearly been watching Zootropolis because of the scene with the giant ice lolly.

Hey look! The Deadpool movie’s on!

Nate’s just heard his codename! Cable! He’d better take some Pym Particles and grow.

At first I didn’t know how to react. I had not received a free meal on a flight in well over 15 years. To make things more confusing, I was in coach and the flight was less than an hour and a half. This is unheard of.

I have to admit it was pretty good. The bread was fresh, the chicken was tasty and the lettuce was actually crispy. CRISPY I tell you. I honestly don’t know if I can fly American domestic anymore.

Airplane Anthropology: Portion Control

Flying back from Hong Kong, packed in a fully-booked Cathay Pacific economy class, I sat next to two men who were the perfect examples of selective eating and non-selective eating.

Observing their eating behaviors alone, on my left, the man chose the chicken orzo pasta special and began his meal by heavily peppering (perhaps also salting, I did not see) the already saucy chicken. After which, proceeded to heavily salting his steamed vegetables not once, but twice and both times shaking the salt pack for more than 4 seconds. Forking a cubed carrot, he used it to wipe up what’s left of the meat sauce.

For beverage, he had an orange juice, and then a Sprite. I suspected water at first, but with the way a bubble or two would occasionally rise up, it was Sprite. He also finished his mini Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Totaling around 700 calories, roughly estimating.

The man on my right received the exact same thing, chicken orzo pasta special, with Coke as his beverage of choice. He downed his cup of Coke. Then, took 3 hasty, un-starved bites out of the main course and proceeded to destroy his Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Then, he threw napkins, utensils, plastic wraps all in a pile on top of his nearly untouched main course. I estimate a total around 240 calories for his meal. That’s 80 for the cup of Coke with ice, plus 120 for the mini Häagen-Dazs ice cream, plus 40 for the 3 tiny bites of his main (yes they were that tiny).

I should add, that neither men touched the fruits or the bread, which was interesting as I ate both of those first.

I must point out that this may hardly be representative of their average eating behaviors—maybe their dietary habits are completely different off the plane—but if this were representative at all, then their physical appearance reflected that. Man on the left was bloated and chubby, and his skin, given he is of the darker sort of Asian, has a grayish undertone I would not attribute to ethnicity. As a passerby I would not categorize him as being at his optimal health. Man on the right, is not chubby by any measure, but has a bit of a belly, and saggy flesh tone. Skin tone, given his Caucasian genetics, is pink and not much more can be objectively deduced in that respect. As a passerby, I would guess that he has a generally healthy lifestyle with the common vices of expat businessmen—such as drinking too much—and definitely older than the gentleman on my left.

Now, the man on my right is a typical example of selective eating, he knows what he likes and eats only that and is unaffected by the portion sizes provided. His food choices were poor but due to his either self-awareness, self-discipline, or not having been cultural conditioned to not waste food, he manages to keep his caloric intake low. Whereas the man on my left is a victim of his preference for heavy-flavors (possibly due to less sensitive taste-buds, but that is another topic), makes poor food choices, and is eating without questioning the portion size presented.

So it was very appropriate that I sat between them and pre-ordered a Low-Calorie Meal.

Sounds entirely trying-too-hard, but in my defense it was partly curiosity. I knew where my weaknesses lie. First, whenever food is being served I feel a need to eat, even if I’ve just had lunch and upon landing will be having dinner. Second, I am still having a hard time saying no to unhealthy food placed in front of me. Third, I still have a hard time deciding my own portion sizes. So knowing that about myself, I set the rules where I could, beforehand, to keep myself from having to face all those difficult decisions. My meal consisted of a small piece of pineapple (5 cal), bread (75 cal), a sip of orange juice (5 cal) 2 short skewers of dry bland steamed chicken breast (90 cal), and sweet tofu (75 cal), which comes up to 250 calories. Just a little higher than the selective eater—because I was not selective and ate everything on my plate—and lower than the man on my left because of precautions taken beforehand.

To wrap up and tie back to a conclusion full-circle, this reaffirmed the idea of Selectively Eating to Achieve Portion Control; you can eat what you like, just maintain awareness and control over how much of it you consume, quality over quantity.

Not all plane food is bad, by the way. Look at this Hello Kitty meal.  

Love, Bed and Breakfast - 1

You dropped your bags by the door with a heavy sigh. Finally you’d arrived. The flight had been too long, the plane food inedible and the traffic getting here incredibly annoying. But now you were here and your vacation could officially start.

First you took a little tour around the house you had rented via Airbnb. It looked exactly like in the pictures. In the kitchen you found a letter on the counter which included instructions on how to turn on the lights, the hot tub, lift the pool cover and informed you about few little quirks the house had.

With a smile you went back to the entrance hall, grabbed your bags and put them in the master bedroom. After a quick look into the fridge, you grabbed your bag and left the house to get some supplies.

You were glad, once you walked into the supermarket, that you had decided on an English speaking country. At least you knew most of the products they were selling. One thing caught your attention though, that you had never heard of. A huge, yellow, green and red display advertising something called “Vegemite”. Curious, you bought a tub. The cashier advised you to spread it thinly, after hearing your American accent.

As you got home you found the door unlocked. You frowned. You were quite certain you had locked it before leaving. You checked the alarm system and it had been switched off as well. Your heart started beating faster.

‘Fight or flight, fight or flight.’, you thought, panicking.

You grabbed the best weapon you could find, which was an umbrella, and headed into the house. There were noises coming from the master bedroom. You gripped the umbrella firmly, holding it over your shoulder and stepped into the room. The door to the adjacent bathroom stood open, light filtering onto the soft, beige carpet. You could hear water running and someone moving about.

What kind of thief/burglar would break in to take a shower?, you wondered, but before you could think further, that someone stepped out of the bathroom.

The umbrella clattered to the floor. Wide green eyes met yours. A towel fell to the ground and part of your brain registered the fact that the person across from you was stark naked. An even smaller part notice that they were quite well equipped. The rest managed to form words and pushed them out of your mouth.

“Who the hell are you?”

“What the fuck?”, the naked stranger asked at the same time.

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Deanee on "Regular Girls" EP.14

Here we are. New episode, new summary.

I changed the title because I’m not going to continue this series of summaries with absurd numbers.
So, from now on I will put “episode 14” or other number.

Ok, let’s start.

Renee told how last week she and Jon came out and walked a lot. They hiked for five hours. Congratulations to both! 😂

She then said how once she called Jon to sing with her. In the bathroom. While she was taking a shower 😂 I can imagine the rest 😏

She also talked about the interview she had with Vegasseven and Renee loved those leather pants she had. Jon slightly less (Understand him, he’s jealous) and she said how she loved doing this photoshoot with Jon.

By plane, Jon takes much food and Renee adores this fact because she loves eat on the plane.
Once, after taking food, Jon has seen a Waffle House and both went there, because Renee had never gone there.

Renee hates slow people, they bother her. I understand her 😂

And this is all! I’m sure that I forgot something… if there’s more that I’ve not write, tell me! I hope you enjoyed it, let me know … Also because it takes me hours to translate it and make a good text from my phone and I would like if you like it. On next summary!

anonymous asked:

I got a full scholarship to study abroad in Hanyang over the summer for a month and found out they're not paying meal fees. How much money do you think I should take in total? I'm very careful with money, so it's not like I'm going to spend it on a lot of souvenirs and stuff. My mom is worrying about it being too much money because I'll be paying for my plane ticket too. :/

Food in Korea is decently priced. Restaurants are pretty cheap. You can get a rice burger for 1800 won (+/- 1,5 euros), or korean bbq for 5000 won (+/- 4,2 euros). Fruit and veggies are very expensive tho. So my advise would be to go to a market, or the Emart at 9 at night; they’ve got sales on perishable goods then.

If you want to keep it cheap tho, you can eat ramyen and bimbap. You can get ramyen packs for like 10 for 5000 won, or 1000 won for one at the convince store. Bimbap is about 1000-2000 won at the convince store.

I spent around 6000 won each day on food and drinks, but that’s because my housing comes with a small selection of free food. I do spend more when I go out to eat, on the weekends. That’s usually around 6k-10k won.

Since you have no food at your place, I would go for around 10k won (+/- 8,5 euros) per day for food and beverages.