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Things I am loosing my shit over: 1 SH hand fuCKING 2 Casey and Mads' faces during said hand fucking 3 Lili wearing Coles jacket such a gentleman 4 Lili legit playing with Coles hair on the plane!!! 5 the food coma I'm in cause of all these breadcrumbs

SH being outed in three magazines!!! Again, short of Lili planting herself in his lap and sticking her tongue down his throat, I don’t know how any of this could be any better.


Where is everything you want?

It’s “there” isn’t it? In your mind, your happiness, your perfect relationship, dream job, more confidence, a flat stomach are all “there”. You look at your present circumstance, and see its is not “here”. So, by reason and logic and common sense, you tell me it’s “there”. This is an illusion. And until you understand the relationship between a desire and its manifestation, you shall not be able to manifest very much, and you’ll continue to be unhappy with where you are now in your life or mind. 

To manifest anything, it has to exist first. To manifest is to change a desire into another form. Manifesting is not magic. It exists as an idea, a possibility, mere fantasy… The idea of light manifested as a lightbulb. The idea of humans flying became the plane. Heated food became a microwave. Try to think of one creation that wasn’t an idea in someone’s mind first…. 

So knowing that everything exists first, and is manifested second, takes the burden off of you. There is a Native American teaching that everything you want or need is in the air, and you can merely pluck it out as necessary. This, is like that. 

Eckhart Tolle says thought is the most potent form of energy, it vibrates so high you cannot see it. The truth is everything you want exists now in thought level. Make no mistake about it; it already exists. Catch the feeling, the mood, of what your wish fulfilled would be like. And you cannot help but manifest it into your life. 

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Flying with Brussels Airlines from Rome to Brussels in economy.

After a day of prosecco and sun in the eternal city, it was time to head back home with the Belgian flag carrier. And our flight couldn’t have been more Belgian!

I was happy to see the beautiful Rackham waiting for us a the gate. This A320 celebrates one of Belgium’s most famous cartoon characters, the adventurous reporter Tintin.

As I hadn’t had the chance yet to taste the fries Brussels Airlines sells on board I asked the cheerful crew if I could purchase them, even though I was flying in the (meal included) flex class. This didn’t prove a problem and some 20 Minutes later I was munching away. To complete the Belgian experience, I got mayonnaise and a Jupiler beer to go with my fries. The crew also handed out a chocolate waffle and some Neuhaus chocolates…

I was pleasantly surprised by the oven fries. They tasted surprisingly authentic and were quite crispy. I thought the portion was a bit small though. But maybe that’s a good thing for my waist line…

[TRANS] Jin’s handwritten letters to Sleepy & Solbi

To. Solbi-noona 

It feels like just a few days ago when the three of us, noona, Sleepy-hyung and I, had to separate and survive on our own, but it’s already the last broadcast. Everyone around me keeps saying that you’re funny and they like you. I’m jealous. They asked me why I did those dad jokes… Anyway, I gained a lot of strength thanks to you in the jungle. You even nursed me… Oh right, I think you shouldn’t nurse people. It’s the first time I see someone pouring the water bottle in people’s mouth when they were lying down. I’m thankful that you gave me water when I was exhausted but… What was it, oh right, it felt like I became the water purifier in the huge water bottle. But still, thank you for nursing me, taking care of me and said I’m your pretty dongsaeng. Let’s gather sometime and go to the jungle again. I’ll wait for that day, adios! 

- From. water purifier Seokjinie - 

Sleepy-hyung, it feels like just a few days ago when we screamed when seeing snakes, screamed when seeing crabs and just screamed for no reason, but it’s already the last broadcast. We met each other outside too but hyung, I ate the king crab that we couldn’t eat that time. Oh right, hyung said that on the plane. Those who buy food for others are hyungs. I suddenly remembered that when I went out to eat with my dad, so I told him, “Dad, Sleepy-hyung said those who buy food for other are hyungs. Hyung, I ate well!” and was scolded. ㅠㅠ I miss you, contact me hyung. 

- From. the hyung who bought you tteokbokki, Jinie -

+ After he sent the letter to Sleepy through Kakaotalk:

At first I didn’t know how to react. I had not received a free meal on a flight in well over 15 years. To make things more confusing, I was in coach and the flight was less than an hour and a half. This is unheard of.

I have to admit it was pretty good. The bread was fresh, the chicken was tasty and the lettuce was actually crispy. CRISPY I tell you. I honestly don’t know if I can fly American domestic anymore.

Genius discovered at the Delta Sky Club just now: Nutella + Biscoff cookies = better than you would think, and I’m assuming you think “pretty damn good.”

So we have a stash of both for the plane.

Airplane Anthropology: Portion Control

Flying back from Hong Kong, packed in a fully-booked Cathay Pacific economy class, I sat next to two men who were the perfect examples of selective eating and non-selective eating.

Observing their eating behaviors alone, on my left, the man chose the chicken orzo pasta special and began his meal by heavily peppering (perhaps also salting, I did not see) the already saucy chicken. After which, proceeded to heavily salting his steamed vegetables not once, but twice and both times shaking the salt pack for more than 4 seconds. Forking a cubed carrot, he used it to wipe up what’s left of the meat sauce.

For beverage, he had an orange juice, and then a Sprite. I suspected water at first, but with the way a bubble or two would occasionally rise up, it was Sprite. He also finished his mini Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Totaling around 700 calories, roughly estimating.

The man on my right received the exact same thing, chicken orzo pasta special, with Coke as his beverage of choice. He downed his cup of Coke. Then, took 3 hasty, un-starved bites out of the main course and proceeded to destroy his Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Then, he threw napkins, utensils, plastic wraps all in a pile on top of his nearly untouched main course. I estimate a total around 240 calories for his meal. That’s 80 for the cup of Coke with ice, plus 120 for the mini Häagen-Dazs ice cream, plus 40 for the 3 tiny bites of his main (yes they were that tiny).

I should add, that neither men touched the fruits or the bread, which was interesting as I ate both of those first.

I must point out that this may hardly be representative of their average eating behaviors—maybe their dietary habits are completely different off the plane—but if this were representative at all, then their physical appearance reflected that. Man on the left was bloated and chubby, and his skin, given he is of the darker sort of Asian, has a grayish undertone I would not attribute to ethnicity. As a passerby I would not categorize him as being at his optimal health. Man on the right, is not chubby by any measure, but has a bit of a belly, and saggy flesh tone. Skin tone, given his Caucasian genetics, is pink and not much more can be objectively deduced in that respect. As a passerby, I would guess that he has a generally healthy lifestyle with the common vices of expat businessmen—such as drinking too much—and definitely older than the gentleman on my left.

Now, the man on my right is a typical example of selective eating, he knows what he likes and eats only that and is unaffected by the portion sizes provided. His food choices were poor but due to his either self-awareness, self-discipline, or not having been cultural conditioned to not waste food, he manages to keep his caloric intake low. Whereas the man on my left is a victim of his preference for heavy-flavors (possibly due to less sensitive taste-buds, but that is another topic), makes poor food choices, and is eating without questioning the portion size presented.

So it was very appropriate that I sat between them and pre-ordered a Low-Calorie Meal.

Sounds entirely trying-too-hard, but in my defense it was partly curiosity. I knew where my weaknesses lie. First, whenever food is being served I feel a need to eat, even if I’ve just had lunch and upon landing will be having dinner. Second, I am still having a hard time saying no to unhealthy food placed in front of me. Third, I still have a hard time deciding my own portion sizes. So knowing that about myself, I set the rules where I could, beforehand, to keep myself from having to face all those difficult decisions. My meal consisted of a small piece of pineapple (5 cal), bread (75 cal), a sip of orange juice (5 cal) 2 short skewers of dry bland steamed chicken breast (90 cal), and sweet tofu (75 cal), which comes up to 250 calories. Just a little higher than the selective eater—because I was not selective and ate everything on my plate—and lower than the man on my left because of precautions taken beforehand.

To wrap up and tie back to a conclusion full-circle, this reaffirmed the idea of Selectively Eating to Achieve Portion Control; you can eat what you like, just maintain awareness and control over how much of it you consume, quality over quantity.

Not all plane food is bad, by the way. Look at this Hello Kitty meal.  


EVA Air: SFO - TPE | the food

After the champagne, things really kicked into gear. The FAs actually came around to take orders and were allowing us to pick between the menus. I don’t think this was allowed based on feedback from others who’ve flown EVA. Anyway, no complains from me. I was all in with the Royal Laurel Class set. 

It started with a cold lobster salad. Doesn’t the lobster look stunning? It was pretty good, but having had Maine lobster fresh from the water, I am jaded in this respect. Chug a little champagne and it’s all good. I’m being facetious, but it was quite good given the circumstances.

Next I was served a cream of asparagus soup. I was surprised at how chunky it was (in a good way), because I could really taste that it was asparagus and not just a a little bit of asparagus drowning in cream.

No pics of the salad course. It’s salad. Nothing interesting.

For my entree, I had the choice between steak and chicken - the inevitable airplane food dilemma! Ordering steak on a plane is sort of like Snakes on a Plane, it’s always a nail biter and laughable. Should I or shouldn’t I order it? The odds are always against you as every airline almost always overcooks it so that it’s rubbery and well done. It makes me feel bad for the cow. Anyway, I lost again and ordered the beef. But doesn’t the presentation look amazing?! I will give EVA that - their presentation was consistently solid. That counts for something - watch Chopped, you’ll see. The steak was cooked all the way through and was pretty tough. The sauce helped immensely. Thank you, sauce. Also, I had the Pomerol, which was quite robust while still being balanced. Thank you too, wine.

Service wrapped up with a cheese and fruit course, followed by tea/coffee and ice cream. Next, a little nap. 

Jetlag || Joe Sugg

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Word Count: 1.2k+

A/N: it’s been a little while and for that i apologise but nonetheless, i hope you enjoy this lil fluffy imagine that i wrote this evening after realising how long it’d been since i posted. enjoy!!xo

The first day of VidCon, in your opinion, was always the most eventful. From the confusion as to whose hotel rooms were located where, to the mess of YouTuber’s crowding the hallways of the building, all huddled into little groups, catching up with their friends and not realizing the delay they were causing.

You’d arrived a little later than everyone else, seeing as you had prior arrangements at home that made it impossible for you to be in America for the first day of the event; which, honestly, wasn’t the worst thing in the world. It just meant you missed out on all of the chaos.

You arrived at the hotel, avoiding any form of human contact until you’d managed to get your room key and take a shower, an absolute must after a long haul flight. You’d planned ahead, unlike the majority of your friends, and had booked your hotel room way in advance; which gave you the opportunity to choose what style, the size, and the floor that you’d be staying on.

And so, overjoyed with your single room that was the perfect fit for you, you flop down onto the bed, wiping a bead of sweat away from your eyebrow and staring up at the ceiling, a smile tugging at the corners of your lips as you thought about how many of your friends you’d finally be able to catch up with over the weekend.

Rolling onto your stomach, you pick up your phone from the spot on the bed where you’d discarded it the moment you walked through the door, forcing yourself to focus on unpacking and washing up before you’d let anything else distract you.

Taking to Twitter, you decide that your first priority was to let your fans know that you’d landed safely and had arrived back at your hotel, a small tradition you had with them. You send out the tweet, amusing yourself and managing to disgust everyone else at the unnecessary amount of emoji’s you used, and proceed to get lost in your timeline, mindlessly scrolling and not even thinking about the fact that you perhaps should’ve been tracking down your friends and spending every moment you could with them before you inevitably had to leave once again.

It was only when you rolled over once again and your eyes landed on the digital alarm clock, did the amount of time that you’d spent mindlessly browsing your social media apps sink in. You groan, throwing your head back against the sheets and locking your screen, tossing the device to your side and clenching your eyes shut. The jetlag was creeping up on you from every direction, and as much as you forced yourself to deny it, the way your limbs ached and your eyes burned were a dead giveaway.

It was already almost ten pm, and given, you’d landed quite late into the evening and hadn’t expected to be able to do that much with your time, and only really mentally prepared yourself for seeing a few of your friends before retiring to your room and sleeping for as long as humanly possible in a bid to relieve yourself of the horrendous achy feeling that came hand in hand with flying for over twelve hours at a time.

You contemplated your options, really only having a few. Number one, you could just risk it and message everyone whom may have been around the hotel, and then have a small reunion. But you were way too exhausted for that. Second, you could just fall asleep now, and brace the wrath of your friends in the morning, blaming the fact that you hadn’t even said hello to one of them on your insane jetlag.

The third option was tempting, and sounded so much more pleasing than the others. You purse your lips before sitting up, tucking your legs underneath your body and picking up your phone, chewing on your bottom lip and pulling up the text log of the one boy in particular whom you’d been desperate to see for a bloody long time.

The short text message you crafted included your room number, and a few more kisses than normal, but you were so excited to finally be able to see him again. You sit on your legs, nervously shuffling around and waiting for a response, staring down at your screen and watching in anticipation as the ‘delivered’ symbol changed to ‘read’.

The message you received back no more than two seconds later, made you smile widely. It was short and straight to the point, telling you that he’d be there in two minutes and he’d bring snacks. The idea of food made you moan in happiness, suddenly thinking back to the last time you’d actually eaten properly, which for sure hadn’t been on the plane.

The plane food incident was a story in itself.

Time flew by, and before you knew it, there were three knocks on the door, and you stared at it for a moment, before hearing a foot bash against the bottom, causing you to unstiffen and grin widely. You stumble up from your position on the bed, running over to the door and swinging it open, throwing yourself into his arms without a second of hesitation, wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging him tighter than you thought was humanly possible.

He swoops you off of your feet, his arms wrapped tightly around you as he hugged you to his chest, only placing you back onto your feet when you’d done a full three-sixty spin in the air. Eyes wide, you look up into his eyes, only managing to do so for a few seconds before you wrapped your arms around his torso, pressing your cheek against his cotton muscle top and mumbling incoherently.

He chuckles, pushing one hand through the length of your hair and using the other to trace random patterns into your arm as you remained pressed up against his chest. “You wanna have some traditional jet-lag cuddles and eat some junk food and then sleep for twelve hours?” He asks, his voice soft as he looks down at you, a small smile on his face.

You pull your head away from his chest, looking up at him sleepily and nodding. “Mhm; yes please.”

“C'mon then, princess.” He mumbles quietly, throwing his arm around your shoulders and tugging you into the hotel room, kicking the door shut and proceeding to spend the rest of the night with his body entwined with yours, his chin resting on the top of your head as you slept.

The way his lips had brushed against yours meant a conversation would be in order; but after a pregnant pause, and your eyes had interlocked with his, in that moment, words weren’t needed. Instead, you sunk back into his arms, and fell asleep within a matter of minutes, mutually deciding that the discussion would wait until the morning.

One Day at a Time (chapter 3) Lin-Manuel x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Summary: This is inspired by Lin’s adorable tweet about him messing around on a friend’s Tinder account recently. Lin gets chatting to you on tinder and you decide to meet, and quickly begin dating. You are about to fly to London to see if you can make the long distance thing work when you get a message from your recent ex saying they want to see you again, leaving you confused and unsure.

Warnings: Is this fluff? Is this angst? Who the hell knows. Note to self: don’t try writing what’s meant to be a fluffy fic while going through a breakup irl. Also I swear a lot.

A/N: Lin’s views on HP sauce are not my own and are based on this tweet. I honestly can’t stand the stuff. 

Word count: 6171 (I’ve been working night shifts, I got bored.)

Tags: I think this is everyone who wanted a tag, I lost my original tag list so I’m sorry If I’ve forgotten anyone:   @coolschmoolzines @ruth-hamilton-delrio @iputmyselfintothenarrative @invisiblerambler @mofoing-democraftic-republican @thedoctorsnerdgirl @21phantasticromances @buckybarneshairpullingkink @nesthemonster @rebel-with-cause


The first sight to greet you when you landed in London was the toilet basin. You weren’t sure if it was bad plane food or something you’d picked up from another passenger, but by the time you finally landed and made your way through customs you were sick, dizzy, and longing for bed. Perfect. This was just perfect. You had flown halfway across the world in the biggest act of bravery of your life only to be rewarded with a gut wrenching text from your ex, and a mild fever and sickness from your own body.

You headed out of the bathroom stall and made your way to the arrivals lounge. Your head was pounding and you felt just about ready to collapse, but you reassured yourself with the thought of seeing Lin again. You headed to the arrivals board where you’d arranged to meet, and scanned the crowd hoping to see him. You were sure you were in the right place, but maybe you’d got it wrong.

You checked your phone which was still struggling to switch over to a UK network. You’d kept your phone off for whole flight, not wanting to fixate on Kay’s message, although that was easier said than done. Your thoughts had jumped back and forth between Kay and Lin throughout the entire flight. You’d thought about Lin while watching the Paul Rudd romcom on the plan, you’d thought about Kay while picking at the compartmentalized mystery plane food, you’d thought about Lin as you overheard the unmistakable sounds of Illmatic coming though the passenger’s headphones in front of you, and now as you stared at your phone you thought of Kay and the message she’d sent you.

“Come on, come on” you grumbled to yourself, willing your phone to work. Eventually it began to show signs of life, vibrating non-stop as you received a handful of messages all at once. You set your suitcase down to read them.

Lin: Bit of a day! It’s RIDICULOUS how excited I am to see you, hurry up plane! X

Melissa: Safe travels, stay safe, and please bring home Cadburys, a souvenir Big Ben, and a terrible British accent. xxx

Kay: Please talk to me. I need to see you.

Melissa: RED ALERT! Kay has just shown up at my apartment looking for you! She says she’s trying to get in touch with you??

Melissa: Ok I  know this is none of my business but I don’t trust her. Don’t think about Kay, go have fun with Lin, I repeat: DON’T THINK ABOUT KAY.

Kay: Melissa says you’re away at the moment. Call me when you get back? I miss you xxx

Lin: Argh I might be late coming to meet you at the airport, we are behind schedule today, I’m coming as soon as I can though!! xxx

Lin: Nooooo!! Shooting is delayed by a couple of hours, I’m definitely not gonna make it in time I’m so sorry. I’ll send you directions back to my place and meet you there. I’m so sorry. I’ll be back soon! Xxx

You stood staring at your phone, which vibrated for the last time as Lin sent through directions to his place, and you sighed. This really wasn’t working out how you imagined. The fizzy feelings of butterflies in your stomach felt like so long ago now and you suddenly had the urge to turn around, jump on a plane and go home. What were you doing here? Why the hell did Kay have to send you that message? Why were things suddenly so much more confusing?

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Hey! ^^ Can I request the RFA+V+Saeran's reactions to reuniting w/ MC at the airport after being away for a month? Thank you~

A/N: Of course you can, I’d be honoured!! ^^ *get a grip 404, stop fangirling* I mean yeah, psh, you totally can. No big deal. Not at all *smOOTH* ~Admin 404

A/N: Listen,,, that’s a cute prompt but das not a surprise coming from u (also i got some very obvious inspiration from How I Met Your Mother for some of these…)~ Admin 626

Yoosung, Jumin, Saeyoung, and Saeran done by Admin 404!

Jaehee, Zen, and V done by Admin 626!


-Literally BOUNCING

-Up down up down up dOWN


-ARE THEY SAFE?!?!?!?!???!

-He has one of those teddy bears that holds a heart, and like, 7 star shaped balloons

-Do you need all this? No. Does he care? Also no.

-The moment he sees you, he squeals so loud, everyone around him is staring

-R U N S to you, pulling you into a hug

-Makes you drop your luggage and instantly feels bad, and offers to carry it for you

-He’ll hand you his gifts and pull you into another hug

-He doesn’t want to let go, you’ve been gone sO LONG

-Insists on holding your hand and cuddling you close for the rest of the day, he wants to make up for lost cuddle time!

-Begs you to tell him every story and every detail you have about your time away from him

-It doesn’t matter if you called him everyday and texted him as much as possible!!!


-Show him any and all pictures you’ve taken, he wants to see!!

-Is in awe of everything you saw and did

-”MC, can we take a trip together some time? I think it’ll be really fun!!”

-Totally not because he missed you

-He’ll make you dinner while you shower and unwind from the plane ride




-He’s gone on business trips quite a few times since you’ve been gone

-Business trips means places that aren’t home, and places that aren’t home mean different types of things to buy

-Different types of things to buy means aLL OF THE PRESENTS!

-All of the presents means; kidding I’m gonna just leave that there you’re WELCOME

-He’ll have Driver Kim pick you up from the airport, and will wait for you in the living room of your shared penthouse

-As soon as you open the door, you call for him with no response

-Although, Elizabeth the Third meets you at the door Thanks Elly at least you’re excited to see me

-You leave your luggage at the door so you can carry Elizabeth to the living room, where you see Jumin standing the the center of the room

-Or, should I say, the cenTER OF A MASSIVE PILE OF STUFF??

-”Welcome home, Kitten. I take that your trip went well? I missed you dearly. I picked you up a few things because I was thinking of you.”

-A FEW things??????

-”Jumin! You didn’t have to do that! Relaxing with you when I got back would have been enough for me!”


-Confused Jumin

-He just wanted you to know that he saw these things and thought of you but you didn’t even really want it???

-You just wanted to spend time with him??

-That can be arranged

-He has a few of his body guards move all of the things he bought for you into another room and sat on the couch, pulling you onto his lap

-Gently runs his hand through your hair as you tell him all the sights you saw, foods you tasted, how the whole experience felt

-He smiles because he’s glad you had such a great time, but…

-There’s no way you’re leaving him for a month ever again, he couldn’t get you off of his mind

-Accompanies you on trips from now on





-Of course, you always sent him selfies, called every day, and texted nonstop

-He totally didn’t hack into every CCTV he could just to see you, haha, what are you talking about

-The bed felt extremely lonely without you in it with him

-Actually refused to sleep in the bed without you after the first few days you were gone

-He even went out and bought a cake to celebrate your homecoming!!

-Picks you up at the airport in one of his babies

-Yes, he actually left the house to get you, he’s just that excited

-Leaves the cake in the car because he doesn’t want to drop it

-Like Yoosung, R U N S up to you as SOON as you get out of your gate

-Picks you up and spins you around before pulling you close enough to give you a proper hug

-He’ll kiss the top of your head before pulling away to look over you

-He may have every inch of you memorized, but you were gone for a month, he wants to take note if anything changed

-Grabs your hand and your luggage, tugging you to his baby in a haste to show you the cake he picked out!

-It was an ice cream cake

-It’s now melted in the car


-It goes faster when you help him clean, and he pouts the whole drive home

-You’re the one who has to drag him to bed and cuddle him close so he stops pouting

-He quickly gets over it and kisses every inch of your face, making you giggle

-He finally had a good night’s sleep that he hasn’t had in the month you were gone, he’s so content


-Why would you leave this boy for a month

-You left him….with Saeyoung…for a moNTH

-To say he’s salty is an UNDERSTATEMENT

-He’s got such conflicting feelings, because he really missed you, but he’s also annoyed that you left him with his brother

-Saeyoung kept trying to get him to do ridiculous “bonding” activities, so he would immediately call you and say he was too busy to participate

-Had you call him more often than you would text him, he felt calmer when he heard your voice

-Freaked out a lot of the time you were gone because he wasn’t there to keep you safe!!

-He’d pick you up at the airport, and if you’re lucky, he’ll give you a quick (but loving) hug

-You’re in public, he’s not about to make a fool of himself like his brother would

-He’ll bring you to his favourite ice cream place and let you order whatever you want, then take you home

-That’s enough crowds for me today, thanks MC

-He’ll quietly listen and watch as your face lights up in delight as you relive your trip through the stories and pictures you tell/show him

-Forgets that he was ever upset with you leaving, and smiles softly at the fire he can see in your eyes

-He can tell that you really enjoyed yourself, but a selfish part of him hopes that you missed him as much as he missed you

-After your stories and you’ve gotten a chance to shower, change, and just unwind overall, he’ll put on a movie and cuddle on the couch, pulling you to his chest

-A huge, fluffy blanket is literally ENGULFING the both of you

-Nice warm little burritos

-He’ll kiss the back of your head and whisper against your hair that he missed you, and you can feel your heart swelling in your chest and a pang of guilt when you hear the defeated tone of his voice


-Lays his cheek on the top of your head and closes his eyes, listening to the movie in the far background and tries to focus on the fact that you’re home, with him, safe

-Please don’t leave me alone with Saeyoung again, MC. He won’t survive

-”MC, next time you go somewhere, you have to take me. No, there’s no “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts” about it.”


- This unicorn boy cannot function without you

- All he does is lament in the group chat about how empty his soul is???

- Saeyoungkickshimoutofthegroupchatafewtimes


- zenhaveyouhaveheardoffacetime

- So when you first get off from the plane, you don’t see him anywhere and that’s a huge surprise???

- You sit down because you’re a little disappointed, you were really looking forward to see him after being away for so long!

- You’resodisappointedyouactuallytearup

- You hear an instrument playing but you think nothing of it

- But then more instruments join in???

- You look up and there’s a crowd of people instruments around you?!






- He doesn’t let go of you the entire way home!!!

- When ur home, he’s made your favorite dinner???

- And may I add, a candle lit dinner!

- He whisks you off for a cute bath together because you’re probably exhausted after all that travelling!

- Afterwards, you two cuddle on the couch and watch his movies

- “I want you to get as much of me as you can”

- okayzennyboyi’msureithasnothingtodowithyoulovingtowatchyourself

- newheadcanon:zenisanexhibitionist

- listen,,, u may think this night ends with some frickle frackle bUT U ARE WRONG MY FRIEND

- He just wants to cuddle with you in bed and shower you in kisses!!!



- usually she’s the one away on business trips, and of course she misses you on those trips but that can’t compare to now

- the house is so empty without your laughs???


- the RFA has to confiscate it from her because she started bringing it into work

- holy shit this girl misses you

- When this girl sees you get off that plane, she runs to you and embraces you as tightly as she can

- “Wow did you lose your composure while I was gone?”

- “Screw composure, I missed you MC”

- When you guys get home, lots and lots of cuddles!!!

- youregladthebodypillowisntthere

- there’s tons of your favorite baked goods

- she pulls out matching onesies (I think we know where this is going)

- shehassomelingerietoobutthatsforlater


- this girl cannot get enough of your face and the RFA group is sick of being sent dumb photos of the two of you!!! Theyhateyoucausetheyaintyou


- you two spend the rest of the night watching Zen and Disney movies but you’re not even actually watching them, you’re telling her all about your trip!

- She never wants you to stop talking, oh my god you’re beautiful


- Oh my gosh this poor precious bean has no idea what to do without you???

- Most of his days would revolve around you?

- You’re in college so he helped you out as much as he could because he wanted you to succeed and not have to worry about little things!!!

- Clothes? Always washed and folded when you got home

- Food? He always has something prepared for you when you get home

- You’re having a rough day? He’ll run a hot bath for you and give you a massage after (listenthisboyisacutehousespouseokayfIGHTME)

- When he goes out for photography shoots, you’d always be his model??

- this giraffe is your #1 supporter and can’t get enough of you

- While you’re gone, his project is making a collage of your best pictures!

- hasadifficulttimebecauseallyourpicturesareyourbestpictures

- when you get off that plane, V is calmly holding a super cute sign with your name that Zen he made!

- he doesn’t run up to you, he doesn’t make a big entrance, that’s not V’s style but when you reach him, he hugs you so tight you almost can’t breathe

- On the way home, he decides to take a detour to his art exhibit because he just wants to check out some new photographs that were put up(y’all know where this is going)

- when you go in, it’s all pictures of you (thisistotallynotliketheExtragumcommercial)



- “I wanted to sum up how I felt about you but I realized that’s impossible. I love you MC.”