Genius discovered at the Delta Sky Club just now: Nutella + Biscoff cookies = better than you would think, and I’m assuming you think “pretty damn good.”

So we have a stash of both for the plane.

Because it was an exciting Christmassy holiday to find Santa, on the plane home we got a Plane Food Christmas Dinner. My excitement could barely contain itself*. The most astonishing things was *whisper* it was actually quite nice. And it didn’t have brussel sprouts so a double win really.

*the other thing that could barely contain itself was one of the many children on the flight, who decided to run towards the emergency exit mid flight and started trying to pull an crucial looking lever


EVA Air: SFO - TPE | the food

After the champagne, things really kicked into gear. The FAs actually came around to take orders and were allowing us to pick between the menus. I don’t think this was allowed based on feedback from others who’ve flown EVA. Anyway, no complains from me. I was all in with the Royal Laurel Class set. 

It started with a cold lobster salad. Doesn’t the lobster look stunning? It was pretty good, but having had Maine lobster fresh from the water, I am jaded in this respect. Chug a little champagne and it’s all good. I’m being facetious, but it was quite good given the circumstances.

Next I was served a cream of asparagus soup. I was surprised at how chunky it was (in a good way), because I could really taste that it was asparagus and not just a a little bit of asparagus drowning in cream.

No pics of the salad course. It’s salad. Nothing interesting.

For my entree, I had the choice between steak and chicken - the inevitable airplane food dilemma! Ordering steak on a plane is sort of like Snakes on a Plane, it’s always a nail biter and laughable. Should I or shouldn’t I order it? The odds are always against you as every airline almost always overcooks it so that it’s rubbery and well done. It makes me feel bad for the cow. Anyway, I lost again and ordered the beef. But doesn’t the presentation look amazing?! I will give EVA that - their presentation was consistently solid. That counts for something - watch Chopped, you’ll see. The steak was cooked all the way through and was pretty tough. The sauce helped immensely. Thank you, sauce. Also, I had the Pomerol, which was quite robust while still being balanced. Thank you too, wine.

Service wrapped up with a cheese and fruit course, followed by tea/coffee and ice cream. Next, a little nap. 

Made a curried chicken salad for my plane lunch today. Keep trying to waft the curry smell away from passengers, but no such luck. Sorry, guys.



I know that’s not an appealing beginning, but here I am, after a 6 hours nap, in full jet lag (thank you, mom, for letting me sleep all through).
All the meals I had during the flights… let me tell you, they were quite good! They even offered us ice cream in the middle of the last one.