Garuda Flight GA879, Seoul to Jakarta

One of the best meals I have ever had on a plane!!

Gado Gado as a starter, which is an Indonesian vegetable salad served with peanut sauce, accompanied by fried tofu and shrimp crackers here…

Brenebon soup, quite possibly THE BEST single dish I have ever enjoyed at 40,000 feet…

A traditional Indonesian beef rib soup with mountain vegetables and beans…

Accompanied by green pepper sambal and lime…

I never order fish on flights (bad “Airplane!” movie memories) but went with the roasted halibut in a spicy gulai Padang sauce…

Served with jasmine rice, baby corn and green beans… boy, was this delicious!

For dessert, it was mango ice cream with poached pear and green tea brulee…

And here was our mid-flight lunch…

Roast chicken over nasi goreng, which is Indonesian fried rice…

And three skewers of satay; beef, chicken and lillet, which is fish…

Served with a tangy chilli and lemongrass “chutney”…

What really knocked my socks off though was that the “chef” on the plane came out and personally explained every dish and its origin! Crazy!!


Clothes that you liked from that TV show that one time.

Movies #1.

Clicking for free stuff for good causes.

Photography tutorial #1.

Crafty Light Flowers.


Cheap plane tickets.

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Photography stuff from Frogman

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How to disappear completely.

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“In her own words”

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson/Perry (mom’s maiden)

Nickname: Bird, Feather, BB, Kitty Purry, Kittles, Mom.

The most fabulous thing in my closet is: My 90s chanel handbag collection.

And the most embarassing thing in my closet is: My fuzzy mom socks I wear on planes.

The food I couldn’t live without is: Pizza, Truffles, Bfast Burritos, Thin Mints from the Girl Scoats!

Here’s my recipe for getting over a breakup: Work on yo self, no drinks, meditate, work out, go to therapy, hike, be w/friends, family… *Create*

The one hair color I need to try but haven’t yet is: Clear.

The coolest thing in my latest fragrance, Katy Perry Killer Queen, is: Blackthorn.

Because: In the dark ages it was known to have magical powers and was used in spells!

The person I dream about doing a duet with is: I swear one day I’ll actually do the Riri duet.

The best thing about being me is: Sharing all this with the people I love.