plane taking off

Sometimes, on clear and warm summer nights, Steve picks Max up and they drive half an hour out of Hawkins to the closest airport, picking up burgers, fries, and vanilla milkshakes on their way out of town. 

Steve parks near the fence surrounding the airport runway and he and Max sit on the hood of his car, dipping their fries in their milkshakes (the burgers were eaten en route) and watching the planes take off. 

Max enjoys the time spent with her honorary big brother, listening to and laughing at the stories he makes up about where each plane is headed.

Silently, they both dream about one day permanently escaping Hawkins. 

it has been 9 days since you have successfully escaped your house in america. after a week of living in lockdown mode due to being haunted by a creature from outdoors, you have managed to make a 9 day trek on foot to the nearest airport. now aboard a last minute flight to london, you take one last glance at the rain outdoors before you pull your window blind down. your shut your eyes and smile as the plane takes off, glad that you can finally rest. your body relaxes at the thought of living a new, peaceful life in europe, where you can be happy and free. you have nearly dozed off when the plane suddenly shakes and you hear something slam against your window. you freeze for moments before finally opening the blind. it is just as you had feared–in this moment, more than ever, you wish that you had listened the first time. but you didn’t. and now you are paying the price as you watch the creature’s lips open against the rainy window.

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always // panic! at the disco

When using your laptop in bed, put a large book underneath to help with ventilation and maximizing battery life.

Because bed sheets and comforters tend to clog the airways for fans, laptop devices can overheat fairly quickly. By using a book as a barrier, you get more battery life from your device AND as an added bonus, you won’t have to listen to your laptop pretend it’s a plane preparing for taking off.  

i can’t wait for dennis’ double life when mac and dennis kiss and then, afraid of his feelings, dennis takes off for north dakota, prompting mac to break into tears and THEN, in a reprise of the premiere’s musical tone, perform the entirety of lady gaga’s perfect illusion as he watches dennis’ plane take off in the rainy philadelphia night

When a plane takes off what if it sprouts legs that grow to 10 mile high as it ascends and uses those to run really far and high you wouldn’t even know cause none of the passengers can see directly down under the plane


Draco on an airplane. Just picture it. Just do it. “Who in the hell does this? Bloody get me out of here! You muggles are mad!” *stands up to leave* “No thanks.” “Sit down, Draco.” Clutching your hand when the plane takes off and screaming a lil’ when there’s turbulence with a couple of ‘oh dear, it’s happening, we’re going to crash’. Cursing the whole time while leaving the plane after it lands and mumbling how you’re apparating next time.