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Gryffindors are bright mornings, leaves dripping in gold. They’re the trailblazers, unafraid of the road ahead. They’re laughing so loud your stomach hurts, the knowledge that your friends are right behind you wherever you go. They’re ice skating with someone you love, clinging on to them for dear life. They’re make-believe games with quests and dragons and swords pointing at the sky. They’re rosy cheeks, winter winds and freezing hands. They’re the adrenaline when a plane takes off, the drop at the top of a rollercoaster. They’re delighted screams and freedom, the wind through your hair. They’re panting, pillow fights, feathers bursting into the air. They’re finger painting and festivals and burning sunsets. They’re the burn in your lung after chasing something you’ll never be able to catch. 

Hufflepuffs are honey and flowers and the soft autumn sun. They’re knitted jumpers and scarves and soft tan boots. They’re fresh air and nature, the sound of birds singing. They’re rolling down a hill in the spring, grass stains on your knees, daisy chains in your hair. They’re waving at someone across a crowded room, bright smiles and laughter. They’re coming home after a long day and seeing your family. They’re playing fetch with your dog, your cat weaving between your feet. They’re fluffy socks and song birds and kraft notebooks with hand drawn patterns. They’re throw cushions on a bed, a tiny cottage surrounded by wilderness. They’re the ground beneath your feet, the air that you breathe. They’re the light you chase when you thought you’d never see the morning. 

Ravenclaws are leather bound books and overstocked libraries. They’re waking up at two am to google that thing that’s bugging you. They’re journals with half the words crossed out, scribbles and ink stains and missing pages. They’re stretching when you’ve been hunched over all day, rolling off the edge of a bed, burrowing in blankets. They’re torch light and held breaths and reverent whispers. They’re the entire night sky and everything beyond it; the embodiment of the universe. They’re desperate searches and hidden castles and ghost stories by firelight. They’re the mystery of a dark corridor, the force of a whirlwind. They’re the excitement of discovery, the rustle of crunched up paper. They’re the last whisper before you fall asleep. 

Slytherins are foggy hillsides and picturesque landscapes. They’re hand written love notes and subtle glances across a classroom. They’re black boots, long coats, buttons done up to the top. They’re tipping your head back to breathe the air, kicking up stones on a deserted path. They’re mirrored lakes, everything below the surface. They’re the confidence to get something right, the feel of magic in your fingertips. They’re holding your breath underwater, pretending to be a mermaid when you swim. They’re finding that one song that makes you want to create a storm. They’re the chill in the breeze, the force in the tide. They’re enchanted forests and lingering glances and long drives. They’re the lightning and the thunder and everything in between. 


always // panic! at the disco

Nashville Predators Trivia
  • Bridgestone Arena originally hosted the football team The Kats along with the Predators before they moved— the owner of the Tennessee Titans and The Kats tried to get it back to the arena, but they could not come to an agreement. 
  • The Preds got their name from the Saber-Toothed Tiger found underground when building the First American Bank in Nashville— now the UBS Tower 
  • The catfish throwing came from the beginning of The Preds as a team. After the Saturn plant was built here in Tennessee, Detroit Red Wings fans came down with the new jobs. Their team had a tradition of throwing a dead octopus onto the ice— after a while, the “Pred Wings” chose a catfish to show the southern roots 
  • Cellblock 303 is the state-famous section of Bridgestone Arena that started out as a group of friends that spent the game screaming and yelling. Now, over a decade later, they have made the cheers you hear during games a tradition 
  •  Surprisingly enough, Cellblock 303 is not the “drunk section” at all— there have been everything from a six month old baby to an eighty year old woman sitting in the seats. The man who started it all, lovingly known as The Warden, merely started the tradition because he was constantly told to sit down and be quiet during games at other stadiums. 
  • Speaking of the cheering, the noise level of Nashville games can get as loud as a military plane taking off and standing by the speakers of a rock concert without earplugs. At the moment, Preds fans are trying to unofficially beat the world record— unofficial only because there are no Guinness World Record officials in the crowd
  •  The zamboni driver, who has been the driver since the start of the team, got the job because he was the only person in the Nashville area who knew how to drive a zamboni.

for bambams birthday!! i wrote this lil cute meet-on-a-plane au w/him as a gift to his fans~~!!! hope you enjoy it ^^ 

  • in which got7 is flying off to some event and you’re somehow the seatmate to bambam on the plane
  • except,,,,,you have no clue who he or got7 is tbh you’re just a tired traveler who is hoping that the minute this plane takes off you knock out to zzzz land   
  • and bambam ,,, you notice him from the get go because his legs are so long that his knees kind of bend just a bit when he sits down and you squeeze past him to get to the window seat 
  • and tbh it isn’t that hard considering he’s so lean and???? when you look up at him he’s got contact lenses in that make his eyes a dark green shade,,,plus multiple piercings,,,and pretty lips
  • and he’s so handsome you’re convinced he’s an model but you don’t make a comment on it because that’d be a Bit,,,,,
  • so you sit down, roll down the window and try to find the complimentary blanket under your seat
  • all the while yugyeom and youngjae from the middle row keep wiggling their eyebrows at bambam 
  • and bambam is making hand motions for them to cHILL OUT and jinyoung is like “kids. keep it down”
  • and you’re like getting comfy under the blanket and when take off is announced ,,,,, you’re like GOODNIGHT
  • and that’s when bambam feels a sudden pressure on his shoulder because apparently a sleepy you is a wobbly you 
  • and the plane pillow isn’t comfortable,,,but this stranger’s shoulder is,,,,and bambam wants to say something but,,,,,,
  • you look so comfortable and peaceful,,,,your eyelashes casting shadows on your cheeks,,,,the way your breathing at a calm pace,,,
  • and your hair smells so nice,,,,and bambam in his head is like: bro this is weird,,,,,you don’t even Know Them and here you are sniffing their hair
  • but it’s also like he couldn’t help it you’re RIGHT THERE
  • and he looks over to see yugyeom throwing two thumbs up and bambam would lean over and try to smack his best friend on the arm but he doesn’t want to move and wake you up
  • and,,,,,maybe by your sheer cuteness bambam doesn’t move enough to wake you up on the two and a half hour flight
  • and even kind of manages to take a nap himself
  • so when you both wake up,,,, his head laying gently on top of yours and your shoulders practically squished together,,,,you both stare at each other and are like oh my god.OH MY GOD.
  • and the rest of got7′s laughter is heard in the distance but you’re like oh,,,im,,,,oh my god your shirt looks expensive im sorry i slept on you,,,,
  • but bambam is like PFFT this shirt??? nah??? it’s cheap??? don’t worry???
  • and you’re like ghflkdjsd im sorry aren’t you a model i hope i didn’t ruin any-
  • and he’s like,,,,,A MODEL? and you’re like,,,y,,,yes??? you are one right?? and bambam is like “wait you don’t know who i am?” and you’re shaking your head and he’s like,,,,
  • well he’s actually a little relieved but he’s also like “don’t worry seriously, i own like 5 of these shirts but by the way im bambam!” and you’re like,,,,oh,,,he’s just introducing himself to me?? this handsome model,,,,is being nice to me???
  • but you introduce yourself back and before bambam can say anything jackson walks by and dabs and you’re like ? and bambam is like plEASE go away
  • and jinyoung is next and is like bambam we have no time for you to go on a date im sure they’re a nice person but serious-
  • only to be pushed forward by mark whose like “i got you, ill distract the managers”
  • and you’re like ??? managers ??? dab????? date????
  • and bambam turns back to you and is like “listen i wish i could actually offer to take you out because you’re super cute but my job is kinda hectic right now,,,,,can i get your number though?”
  • and you’re still waking up,,,,thinking this is a dream but,,,you’re like “s-sure!” and you quickly put it into bambam’s phone 
  • and you’re like “um,,,who exactly are you though? are you a model?” and bambam laughs and is like “nope! an idol! but ill text you,,,,super fun,,,,taking a nap with you! best nap ever! anyway you’ll hear from me soon!!” *dabs* as he gets up to run toward the manager waiting and you’re like
  • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wait
  • IDOL?~?~??~?~?~?!??!!?!
  • and you’re sure you made this whole thing up in your head and there’s no way an idol was going to text you
  • but a couple hours later you see your phone light up and it’s a picture of the boy from the plane,,,bambam??? and a text that goes ‘did you take another nap hehehe~ on someone elses shoulder? ~~’
  • and you chuckle to yourself and reply ‘what if i did 0:’ 
  • only to get back something that makes you roll your eyes but also make your heart skip a beat
  • ‘you can’t!! my shoulder is now your reserved nap spot, yeah?’ 
The Wrong Tickets

Summary: Your friend buys plane tickets for the two of you, but she accidentally makes you sit apart from each other. That means you have to sit next to a stranger

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 3,820 words

Warning: Swearing, Fluff 

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His Girl ✘ Sebastian Smythe Imagine ✘

A/N: I’M SO IN LOVE WITH SEBASTIAN SMYTHE! I hope you all like it ♡ The next chapter is done ♡ 

Thanks @lyss-91 for beta 

Summary: Sebastian sees his ex girlfriend (the person he’s still in love with, by the way) dating a New Directions’s guy, Sam Evans. Of course, Sebastian is going to get his girl back, after all, she’s his girl. She always was and always will be. And he’s hers. Which doesn’t mean they’ll be back at the first look.

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 Sebastian couldn’t believe in his own eyes. You were here. Beautiful as always, he added to himself in thought.

Sebastian was not the kind of guy who got nervous easily. After all, he was a confident guy with a cocky attitude, what could make him really nervous?

You, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) could.

Well, that would, probably, be a completely normal reaction, since you were the only girl who he ever had a relationship with and who he fell in love with. His others, and few (Sebastian was always more like the One Night Stand guy), relationships were with men. And none, ever, made him feel like you did.

That did not mean you two were perfect. Arguments, jealousy, it all happened. But you both always managed to make it out somehow. Because, at the end of the day, you loved each other. And that was more than enough.

But you broke up. Your father was transferred to Vancouver and you waited until the day of your flight to tell Sebastian. You knew it was wrong and selfish, but you could not bear to have to tell him before. So, obviously, there’s a fight. And Sebastian did not even go to the airport.

Actually, that’s what you thought. His anger, sadness and frustration had not passed, of course, but it was the last time Sebastian would see the girl he loved in God knows how long. He needed every second with you.

But he wasn’t fast enough.

Sebastian just arrived in time to see your plane taking off, tears struck his emerald eyes as he felt a pain he had never felt before, even though the younger Smythe had worse break ups, but this one was killing him inside. You were the love of his life, Sebastian knew it.

And now you had left.

Sebastian cocked his head to the ground, unable to look at the sky for another millisecond. And as a tear fell quietly from his eyes, the box he was holding also fell.

But now you were here. Sitting at a table in Lima Bean, Ohio, USA. Exactly where he was. And Sebastian would not lose you again, ever.

His quick steps toward her stopped abruptly when Sam Evans, a blond trout from the New-Directions, Sebastian could add, sat down beside you and handed you a cup of coffee, receiving a quick kiss from you.

Sebastian’s feelings were completely mixed. For one side, he was angry as hell. What the fuck? She was his girl. His. No one, again, no one could have her other than Sebastian, she was his. But on the other side, he was feeling devastated. Were you in love with this shoddy trout? Had you forgotten him?

The Warbler looked at you, letting out a sigh. People did not always say that stupid phrase, “If you love, let go” ? Maybe that’s what he should do for you. He still loved you and wanted you to be happy and…

He shook his head from side to side; Fuck it. Fuck the New Directions pet trout. Of course you loved Sebastian, you were his girl. A year would not change that, for sure.

And Sebastian would take what was his back.

His confident, and, even a little convinced, posture and his usual cocky smile returned. Then Smythe took a pen and wrote his new number on the cup, holding where the number was. He walked toward your table and sat down, not even asking.

If that were possible, he would have lost his breath when he saw you closer. God, you looked even more beautiful than last time.

Sebastian almost growled when saw Sam touching your hand on the table, but he just smirked, catching your surprised expression and Sam’s confused expression. Or was he just trying to breathe oxygen and needed to get back into the water? Hard to say with that mouth. He left his thoughts and began to speak.

“What did you get for her?” Sebastian smiled wryly, asking Sam but keeping his eyes on you.

“Hm… A double black?” Sam asked more than confirmed, confused by the Warbler’s question. Sebastian laughed cynically and picked up your coffee, placing his in front of you.

Café au lait, no sweetener and with a little bit of Vodka. Votre favori, mon amour.” He smiled, as if talking to you after all this time had not been affecting him. But fuck, all he wanted was to kiss you right there in front of everyone.

You coughed, falling into reality again. You didn’t know Sebastian would be here. You thought you were finally ready to forget him. Because, come on, a year! You made out with other boys, just like you were sure he had with other boys and girls, but you didn’t get into a relationship, you just couldn’t. But when you met Sam, it was a bit easy to get a crush on him. You were together for a week or two now. He was really sweet.

But seeing Sebastian again made all the old feelings, which had never really left, came back, and through his eyes you could almost say the same about him.

“Thank you.” You said, kind of insecure about what talk. For a moment, both of you were lost in each other’s eyes, involuntary smiles on your faces. God, it had been so long. And those lips, if…

‘’Okay, it’s weird. What’s going on here?’’ Sam asked, who was still completely confused.

“I didn’t know that trouts could speak English.” Sebastian said ironic as he looked at Sam, angry that he was even stepping into Lima Bean.

‘’Sam, it’s Sebastian. Sebastian, it’s…’’

‘’I know him, mon bébé. The New Directions pet trout. Your public school couldn’t pay an aquarium for you?“

‘’Seb!‘’ His nickname slipped easily through your tongue, catching him off guard. No one called him that, but you.

‘’It’s have been a year since someone called me that.’’ He glared you, and your heart pounded a little faster in your chest. But you could not do that to Sam, he was good. Like, really good. You could not be such a bitch.

’'We have to go, we have glee club rehearsal.” You looked down, more telling Sam than Sebastian. Your ex-boyfriend grimaced at that, but quickly argued his eyebrows.

‘’Really? New Directions? Don’t we both know that you’re better than all these Losers, hottie?’’ Sebastian smirked.

“They’re my friends, Sebastian. They’re not Losers.” You rolled your eyes. “Thank you for the coffee.”

‘’Anything you need, mon bébé.’’ He winked at you, smiling malicious. You got the coffee and got up with Sam. You two leaving as you let out the breath you did not even know you were holding.

Sure enough, things got a bit complicated from now on.

A bit, just to sound cool.

Catch Me (Day 7)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,633

A/N: I’m sorry for taking so long to update. I had family and school things to attend to but here it is! The final part of Catch Me - I hope you guys enjoy it and thank you to everyone who reblogged/liked/commented on any part of this story. I adore each and every one of you.

@avengerstories​ - thank you for editing this you queen :)

Day 6

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“We’re all needed for this mission,” Steve states from the front of the conference room. His lips are set in a straight line and there are no hints of the smile he was wearing only half an hour earlier when the two of you were eating lunch together. It goes to show that something as seemingly insignificant as a ten-minute phone call can change everything.

“What is it this time?”

“Infiltration.” Steve hesitates before adding, “Of a HYDRA base.”

Bucky who, for the first time ever, voluntarily chose to sit next to you for this meeting, clenches his fists under the table.

“Even me?” Bruce questions, stealing your attention away from HYDRA’s former golden boy. He’s fiddling with the sleeves of his sweater and you wish you could offer him some kind of comfort. You know how opposed he is to becoming the big, green monster unless it’s absolutely necessary.

“We’re only going to need your medical expertise for this one Doc.”

“Oh thank god.” Bruce sinks back in his seat and relief floods through you. At least someone is guaranteed to come out of this mission unscathed.

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The Long Way Home

A Shawn Mendes oneshot.

Request: Okay but like if you want to and u have time can i request jeep sex w shawn? HAHAHAHHA

can you do one where shawn comes back from touring and both of you really needed each other so much and just fuck the hell out of each other?

A/N: your wish is my command SMUT WARNING ⚠️

- Planes about to take off. I’ll see you in a couple hours. I’ve missed you more than words baby, can’t wait to see you xo
– Feeling’s mutual babe, have a safe flight! I love you lots xoxo
- I love you too, see you soon

The anticipation as I stood by luggage claim waiting for Shawn was killing me. I hadn’t seen him in three months, and it was getting to be more than I could handle. I needed him with me. As the escalator started to fill with a new flight, I perked up, keeping my eyes trained for Shawn. My heart leapt when I saw Geoff, knowing Shawn would be right behind him. I was right, and met his eye as soon as he came into view. A wide smile spread across the face that I’d missed so dearly. He wore grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt that stretched across his chest and shoulders nicely. Despite having just gotten off a four hour plane ride, he looked as hot as ever. God, had I ever missed him.

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pilbobaggins  asked:

Oh! Soulmates prompt! Hannigram / tattoo or mark with what the other loves -- mostly bc I find the thought of Hannibal having a puppy soulmate mark hilarious -∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ (Or it could go the other way and Will is always ashamed / angry about the literal bloody horror show on his body until he finds Hannibal and is just like... of course he had to be a serial killer OF COURSE)

this is like… the opposite of the last prompt. light angst ahead!


When Hannibal is seven years old, a small puppy appears on his wrist. He shows it to his mother and she smiles.

“Look at that.” She traces one finger over the delicate lines. “Your soulmate was just born.”

Hannibal cups his wrist to his heart and prays that they are kind.

When Hannibal is eight years old his mother dies. His mother, and his father, and his sister. He decides then that nobody is kind, nobody at all. He takes a sharp rock and scrapes off the skin of his wrist until the puppy is gone. It scabs over, turns into a pale scar that fades over time. The mark does not come back.


When Will Graham is born, the word kind is scrawled in small, hesitant letters across his stomach. His parents take it as a sign of good fortune and show it to their family and friends.

“How lucky, to have a mark so early!”

Everyone coos and dotes over the beautiful baby and his fortunate mark. Will’s parents nod and smile.

When Will Graham is one year old, he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming.

His father rushes in to find his infant son writhing in his crib, clutching at his stomach. He lifts him out and tries to calm him, but Will won’t stop. His mother holds out her arms but Will just kicks and cries for hours, hands scrabbling at his midsection.

When, finally, Will exhausts himself, they pull his hands from where they were curled tight around his stomach.

Will’s father gasps. His mother begins to sob.

Kind has disappeared. In its place, another word, longer and far less charming.



When Hannibal is 46 years old, the puppy comes back. He ignores it.

The next day he meets Will Graham.

That night, another puppy appears. A week later, another. Then another, and another, and another. Within a month Hannibal has a litter of puppies, linked in a row that travels from the inside of his wrist and wraps all the way round to his elbow.

Hannibal examines his mark thoughtfully and smiles.


Will Graham gives up believing in soulmates fairly early on, much to the relief of his father. He’d hoped that his lack of faith might make the mark fade, but it never does. Over time, the characters became more elegant, slowly joining into a practiced cursive. The beauty of the lettering can’t stop the word from being ugly, though, and Will starts covering it with foundation just so he doesn’t have to look at it all the time. He gives up on relationships not longer after that, tired of explaining either the smears of make-up on his skin or the terrible word.

By the time Will Graham is 38 years old, he is very very tired of vengeance.

Then he meets Hannibal Lecter.

That night he goes home, and when he takes off his shirt to go to bed he catches a glimpse of his reflection and freezes in shock.

He turns slowly in the mirror and sees that his mark is gone. No, not gone. Replaced. One word, shorter and simpler and somehow even more terrifying.



“Can I ask you something, Doctor Lecter?”

“Anything, Will.”

“Do you have a soulmark?”

Doctor Lecter’s mouth purses and he tips his chin to the side. Will feels heat suffuse his cheeks.

“If I answer yes, will you ask to see it?”

Will swallows around the sudden thickness in his throat.

“I, uh, no… that would be rude.”

Hannibal crosses his legs at the knee and smooths one hand down his thigh.

“If I answer yes, will you let me show you?”

“If you want.”

“Then the answer is yes,” Hannibal says smoothly, “would you like to see?”

Will nods mutely.

Hannibal undoes the cufflink of one sleeves and gracefully rolls the sleeve up to his elbow, holding his arm up for Will to examine. Will’s heart begins to skitter in his chest.

“That’s… you’re… I…”

Hannibal leans forward in his chair.

“Come closer, Will.”

Will feels uncomfortably like a fly caught in the web of a terribly charming spider. His fingers tremble as he reaches forward to touch one of the small dogs that cover Hannibal’s arm.

Then the word vengeance flashes in his mind in blood-red graffiti and he recoils.

“I have to go,” Will says, and stumbles out the room.


They don’t talk about it again.

The day that Hannibal cuts into Will’s soulmark, he feels the pain twice over. He clutches onto Hannibal’s arm, where he knows the mark is, and tries to breathe through the overwhelming hurt. Hannibal holds him tenderly, and Will decides in that moment that vengeance feels an awful lot like love.

When he wakes up in the hospital, they’ve stitched him up and his mark is gone, nothing but clean unblemished skin left behind.

When the plane takes off for Florence, Hannibal feels a stinging burn at his elbow. It starts to travel downward to his wrist and he clenches his teeth against the sensation. Bedelia looks up at him serenely from the seat beside him and he turns away.

Ten hours later, he unpeels his shirt from his skin, expecting to see emptiness, a blank slate.

Instead, there is one word, writ in large and bloody script and wrapped around the same stretch of skin where the puppies used to be.



Three and a half years later, as Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham fall from a cliff, their soulmarks change for one last time.

Neither of them know it, wrapped too tightly together to notice the sensation. But as they tumble through salt-drenched air, the same word forms across the same patch of skin directly above their hearts.


The ocean swallows their marks with them.

AI | Mile High Club

A/N: This is my first ever fanfic that I’ve posted so please be gentle! Feel free to give prompts etc through my ask if you want more. Only read if you’re 18+.

Warnings: Smut

You didn’t know why you were so scared so flying. The irrational fear didn’t seem to have an origin as far as you were concerned but butterflies continued to flood your stomach every time you even considered stepping on a plane. Deep down, you knew you were being over dramatic but that didn’t settle the swarm or make the anxiety as less real or present.

As the taxi you’re in pulls up to the airport, you feel your boyfriend, Ashton, give your hand a gentle squeeze. He understands the turmoil attacking you so knows that there isn’t much he can do but be there. Part of him felt guilty for putting you through such a stressful situation but you insisted on attending the award ceremony in L.A. as his date. Your relationship was still very new and this appearance would be your first one as an official couple. This fact filled Ashton with nerves even though he was certain he’d found someone special.

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