plane line

Story Time

Angela rushes out of her house and jumps in a taxi, still wearing her pyjamas and a long coat.

Frantically the taxi driver dodges traffic and drops her at the airport, she proceeds to queue for the next flight to London whilst brushing her teeth.

The plane is rammed and loud, she refuses to eat and drink… Kids are screaming and the flight is bumpy.

Eventually she arrives in London and after going through customs she runs for the taxi rank.
The taxis are on strike! She runs back on herself, aiming for the train station and jumps on the first train to my town.

She forgot to buy a ticket so she spends most of the journey hiding from the conductor in the toilet.

When she arrives in another she looks around confused, she hadn’t planned this detour.
She makes her way to the bus station and finds a bus headed towards my town. She pays for her ticket and gets off halfway.

She is 10 miles from her destination but starts walking.
Her empty stomach and general fatigue hits her like a ton of bricks after 3 miles but she soldiers on for what seems like hours…

She finds herself knocking on doors but can’t seem to find the right house… she is losing hope, she is losing energy, its getting late and she has no money left…. Its cold, it’s raining. Perhaps this is the end of her journey.


I hear someone at my front door!
Opening the door I am greeted by a strange woman… it’s Angela.
She is covered in damp mud, she’s shivering, breathing heavily and her lips are pale from a lack of hydration.

Panicked I ask her if she’s okay!?

She looks up at me, eyes bloodshot, opens her mouth and says….

“I’m vegan.”

blue night radio ♡ 170206
translation: fantaemsie

jonghyun: not long ago i watched the movie doctor strange on the plane. i watched it on the plane returning to korea. lines such as: “time can’t be stopped” came up in it a lot. in the end, it was a work that involved a fantasy kind of view on the world. in the story, things like turning back time or blocking the flow of time or how one can’t change the destined endings while time flows came on it a lot. while watching doctor strange and seeing these kind of things i thought: “ah, then it must be really hard to be confined in an eternal time or a perpetual space, right? that’s why i should work hard living in this moment right here!” i really thought after watching that movie: “that’s right! let’s work hard living this moment and live well!”

You, with the skin made of
ragged twilight:
uneven shades of black and
purple and blue -
one day, the stars will
claim you, and you
will set alight forgotten kingdoms;
you will be greater
than kings and queens.

You, with the bloody lips,
screaming I lie, I lie
with every fractured smile -
one day, a boy will give you
all his dreams and
kiss you on the mouth;
he’ll taste like leather,
and truth and dirty words,
and your story will be
a crooked fairytale.

You, with the glass planes and fine lines
cracking at the gentlest touch -
one day, you will be made
of stronger stuff
than your father’s white knuckles,
and sharp-edged hatred;
you will rise from dust and ash,
and the world will love you
and fear you and bow down to you.

You, with the magic sleeping lightly
in your veins -
one day, your reluctant home will
crumble before your eyes,
and mountains will be
torn off their feet,
and you will try to save
every one you have ever loved.

but you can’t save everyone, Adam.

—  The Magician , n.l