plane gold ring

anonymous asked:

We've never seen Gen wearing a plane gold ring on her right hand ring finger. It's there in this skirt pic. And also that trying to stay caffeinated pic. Judging from the outer atmosphere and background, yep. Both taken on same day. So another nice photo shoot is done. Blah we are gonna get a load of it

Thanks nonnie! I never noticed that ring! It’s interesting to me because I’ve never known her to wear yellow/rose gold. She’s always been a more white gold or silver fan. I actually did a search on her fashion blog and found four pieces that are in fact rose gold (although I think the watch one belongs to Jared) x x x x. I think she might actually be wearing that arabesque ring and just slid to the side but I could be wrong.

But, yep she had another lovely photo shoot. Good for her, I mean she lives such a busy life these days. It must be incredibly hard getting your eyelashes done and then going out with the girls while the kids spend quality time with the nanny. She actually took her caffeinated picture, baby hidden by the hat picture and that skirt picture on the same day. This is of course not the first time she’s done this, she actually took the bullshit farting picture and the sugar high boomerang the same day as well. Just goes to show you she has a tendency of taking pictures on one day and then spreading them out throughout the week/month because she’s not spending that much time with the kids and she doesn’t want people to know how little time she is in fact home.