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If there’s a thing Katsuki Yuuri is really, intimately used to, that must be falling. He’s been doing just that all his life, has learned the pains and the joy of a well executed fall, has been drilled on which way to turn and how to get up. He’s prepared to rise again, every time, higher and higher, tumbling down a step just to climb two.

They say the higher you fly, the harder you fall. Failures are recognizable, merciless, because they’re messy and big, always more easily remembered than success.

By this line of reasoning, you’d think spectacular falls would also make a great noise. And sometimes, they do. But not here, not now: that’s the irony of the unforgiving ice. No matter how hard you fall, the sound of your skin scraping against the cold surface is ridiculously faint. A hollow thud, and that’s it.

No matter if you ruined your whole life or just gained a new painful bruise for your already complete collection, the noise will be the same, measly and inconspicuous. Because the real sound is the one you make, grunting or screaming or crying, and the ice doesn’t ever want to steal the spotlight.

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The Caps are trolling me by not including Ovi in this video but OH MY GOD, THESE LOVABLE DORKS.

Willy’s grin! Lats pointing! Chimmer is too cool for it, and of course, Braden Holtby with the Beauty Queen On Speed Wave. I love it.

cards-needles-pens-swords  asked:

Can you write a part 2 for the adultrio/trouble trio traveling headcanon? This time they are flying and have a long layover at the airport. On the plane, the dorks sit next to each other and disturb others. (Thank you, I'm traveling right now)



  • phinks getting stopped in the metal detector and has to go down to his underwear
  • hisoka and illumi both have huge luggages, hisoka says its “clothes, illu says its just “stuff”
  • someone gets lost (its chrollo)
  • they find chrollo a few minutes before they have to get to their gate
  • hisoka dressed really flashy and acts like its his casual clothes
  • shalnark mostly does the talking to the staff + employees
  • feitan needs help putting his bags in the compartment and phinks helps him but not by putting the bags up there, but by lifting him up and fei gets really pissed


  • atrio sitting together, trouble trio sitting behind, all in 3s
  • shalnark and chrollo have window seats, hisoka and feitan have middle seats, phinks and illumi take the aisle seats
  • hisoka keeps leaning back his hair and feitan kicks the chair and they keep doing that
  • phinks’ knee is jutting out into the aisle and he takes up so much room
  • shalnark busts out that Sweet Laptop, he should play some games or solitaire or something
  • hisoka trying to get really comforable and lean on illumi or chrollo or both and he gets pushed around
  • trios watching movies together
  • feitan’s creepy laughter strikes again
  • chrollo falls asleep again
  • hisoka smiling at that and illumi makes a comment on how thats creepy
  • hisoka keeps going to the bathroom to fix whatever, his make up or hair or something
  • it annoys illumi because he keeps brushing against his knees
  • phinks using both fei and shal’s pillows
  • phinks complaining about the airplane food
  • chrollo cant decide which set meal to get, it takes forever, illumi picks for
  • feitan stabbing his food and not really eating
  • illumi eating his and says its horrible but hes still eating it
  • shalnark brought snacks in his tiny bag, shares some with chrollo (hisoka also asks for some but shal says he has no more)
  • hisoka chewing gum really loudly and blowing bubbles
  • fei drawing and gets pissed when phinks accidentally bumps his elbow or hisoka is messing around in his chair
  • phinks’ loud snoring is so horrible
  • fei sticks some of those ear plugs in his nose
  • shalnark taking pics
  • illumi accidentally tripping phinks


  • when they get off hisoka’s hair is pretty messed up for some reason, illumi’s is in a high ponytail
  • maybe its like 3 am? or a more regular time is good too
  • layovers where u go out at the stop are pretty fun but at the airport it can be fun too
  • they get something to eat first of all, maybe first have to hang around the airport, running around doing parkour or something
  • everyone sitting down and eating noodles
  • phinks cant use chopsticks and chrollo says he can just use a fork but he is determined
  • chrollo and shalnark walking around watching the clean bright tvs play commercials and sports games over and over
  • hisoka stopping by perfume and makeup shops with illumi, they buy a lot of overpriced ones, and nice ones just bc they can
  • fei and phinks running around really fast laughing really loudly (phinks) and making bird noises occasionally (fei)
  • a few of them lounging around on a big cluster of seats bc of jetlag
  • PT members getting calls from other troupe members
  • hisoka asking if anyone wants a massage
  • illumi walking around without his shoes on
  • chrollo is asleep again
  • phinks posing in a really goofy manner next to a see-thru window and asking shal and fei to take pics
  • shalnark tweeting everything thats happening