Pidgance Week DAY 6: OBLIVIOUS TO LOVE (one sided crush/comfort)

yes, today’s one is specially digital cause I always have streams on Friday. So thank you to all who came to my stream. :)

i just made Lance a horrible person. Like, dude, Pidge just made sandwiches THAT CLOSE TO HOME, and… yeah. (i searched up “cuban cuisine” and found “cuban sandwiches” in wikipedia :P)

I still feel sad for Pidge.


What if one day Pidge finds out about how homesick Lance is when he let’s slip that he used to fall asleep to the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach by his house and how hard falling asleep is some nights without it. Pidge totally understands because she misses her glow in the dark star stickers and her stuffed animals that used to help her sleep, and she wants to help so she cobbles together a noise maker that sounds like ocean waves and gives it to him. And she apologizes that it’s not perfect and rambles about it but he just grabs her and hugs her super tight and tears up while thanking her for giving him back even the smallest piece of his home. And she blushes and tells him that she understands missing home a lot, and they stay up and talk about all of the things they used to have in their rooms and life and everything.

And hey, what if Pidge had a stuffed elephant that she got at a build a bear type place that she dressed up like an astronaut and named (Dr.)Penelope Peanut. (She was 7 when she got her.) And even when she hit her teens she still slept with it, and when she missed her dad and brother or worried about things she would hold it close and it would help her sleep. But she had to leave it at the garrison and she tells lance how much she misses it, so to return the favor he uses his sewing/knitting skills and stuff he finds around the castle to make her a replica of it. And it’s not perfect and the cloth doesn’t really match but it’s cute and dressed as a paladin and Pidge pretty much cries when he gives it to her. He tells her that he knows it’s not her elephant but maybe she can be like its little sister or something and Pidge instantly dubs her penelope jr. and even though she’s kinda embarrassed she hugs Lance and tears up and thanks him. 

Even after they are grown up and back on earth and everything is better Lance still listens to his noise maker when he’s away from home and Pidge still holds tight to her elephants, and both are forever grateful to the other for what they did to make the hards times a little bit better. 


Assuming negotiations are unresolved, 53,000 junior doctors in England will be out on strike on Tuesday 1st December, with potential further strikes in the following weeks. This is an unprecedented action in response to proposed changes to pay and working hours which doctors know will risk lives, exhaust them further and legitimise further private sector involvement in the NHS. It also opens the door to further casualisation of the NHS workforce over 1million people. 

A Plan C comrade has made this wicked graphic. I have also made a tote bag.

The slogan is taken from a text one of our members wrote about their experiences of midwifery last November, when midwives went on strike for the first time ever.

Show your support by telling others about the strike, visiting picket lines in your city  or town with food, drinks and hugs, and challenging the logics of austerity and privatisation which will damage our healthcare system.



Can you guys hear the desperation in her voice when they find Lance in a coma? She’s absolutely terrified that they might lose him. 

She was getting ready to leave everyone in order to go search for her Father and Brother alone, but as soon as she finds Lance in a life or death situation she stays and helps. Because despite his cringe worthy jokes and his flirtatious ways towards women that make her wanna roll her eyes: they’re still friends and teammates. 

Her, Hunk, and Lance were the original team back on Earth before they met up with Keith and Shiro. Lance was in the process of growing his relationship with Pidge so they could work better as a team. So they’ve already spent a considerable amount of time together at the Garrison. 

If you want a testimate to how much Lance means to her, look no further than episodes 4 & 5. Where she offers up her pod to Hunk and Coran so they can get a new Crystal, helps Allura regain access to the Castle, and proceeds to fight Sendak with the others in order to get Lance the medical help he needed to survive. 

it’s also in episode 5 where Lance wakes up FROM A COMA to shoot Sendak from the back to save her life when she was being used as a hostage. He used the last of his strength to pull the trigger to save her life. 

I want you to look closely at her face in this entire scene where they discover Lance’s unconscious body. Watch her emotions as she talks with the others about Lance and tell me there isn’t some affection for him. 

One of the things that drove these two episodes of Season 1 was Pidge’s desperation to save Lance from dying and it’s one of the reasons why I ship them as hard as I do. Their relationship holds SO MUCH potential and is one of the most underappreciated in the entire series and fandom to be honest. 

They risked so much for each other. Lance risked his life to save her from being held as Sendak’s prisoner and Pidge saved Lance from dying from his wounds. 

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