welcome to the avengers, buck (bucky barnes one-shot)

Plot: You’re a mutant with the ability to control the emotions and feelings of those around you. You’re also the team medic, traveling with the team and fighting if need be. Bucky is the newest addition to the Avengers, and you try to welcome him to the team. Unfortunately, things don’t go as smoothly as you planned.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: none but I maybe cursed?

A/N: i wrote this and posted it on my sideblog, but then I stopped writing there. so i thought i’d just bring this over here and leave that blog behind. i hope you guys enjoy it! pls remember that no gifs are mine. (also pietro is alive here)

It was a little over 11 AM, and you had just woken up. You walked over to the kitchen where Clint and Natasha were groaning and holding their heads.

“What? Did a few games of beer pong not help you two?” You chuckle and begin making coffee.

“I’m telling you, that was no beer. Tony probably spiked the beer. He’s the only idiot who’d spike an alcoholic drink with more alcohol,” Clint lifted his head and covered his eyes. “Why is it so bright, Y/N? Make it stop.”

“Beer isn’t that alcoholic. Tony always likes making the party games a big deal, can you blame him for making the drink more fun?” You smile and pour out two cups of coffee for the hungover Avengers. “And Clint, babe, it’s called the sun. It’s bright because it’s the day time and I can’t stop that.”

Clint grumbles as Natasha practically inhales the coffee and holds her cup out to you, pouting as though asking for more. You sigh and pour her another cup. Just as you hand her the cup, Cap walks in with a rather rugged, scraggly looking man with a metal arm. They stand at the doorway to converse and before you get a chance to ask who he is, Nat begins talking as though reading your mind.

“Bucky Barnes,” Natasha smirked as Steve continued talking to the shaken man. “One of Cap’s oldest friends and the newest addition to the Avengers. If there’s one thing you should know about him, it’s that he’s temperamental. Stay away from him Y/N.” She downs her coffee and continues. “And don’t mention his metal arm.”

“Temperamental?” You raise an eyebrow at the Black Widow. “There isn’t a single Avenger who isn’t temperamental, Nat. If you think that I’m gonna leave our newest edition out in the cold, you’re dense. Besides, he’ll have to take his final assessment with me. He’ll be top notch before you know it.” You pour out two cups of coffee and make your way over to Steve and Bucky.

“Y/N,” Steve smiles, relieved that you’re not giving him or Bucky the cold shoulder. “This is my friend Bucky. He’ll be joining the Avengers soon.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Bucky,” you smile at the handsome brunette in front of you. “I’d shake your hand, but I’ve got coffee in both of them. Here,” you hand him a cup and Cap the other. “Welcome to the Avengers.”

“The pleasure is mine,” Bucky spoke out hoarsely. “I hope everyone is as warm and welcoming as you are.”

“I hope so too. But the Avengers are a wild bunch. They’ve been through a lot, Bucky. It’s hard for them to trust each other some times. If they come off rough, please don’t take it personally,” you place your hand on his shoulder and smile warmly.

“What’s your place in the Avengers, if you don’t mind me asking?” Bucky smiles at you and Steve looks shocked. “Steve told me your name but not much else.”

“Yeah because she walked over with coffee as I was about to go into detail,” Steve huffs and you chuckle.

“I’ve got it from here, Rogers. You go brief the other knuckle heads. I can watch over Bucky,” you smile and Steve looks at you hesitantly before nodding.

“Stay safe you two,” he yells over his shoulder as he walks over to Clint and Natasha.

“So,” you smile and look over to Bucky. “I’ve got a bit of an odd roll if we’re being honest here. I’m a doctor but I fight alongside them when they need me. There’s not much to me, to be honest.”

“I doubt that,” Bucky chuckles and looks at me oddly. “I’m never really comfortable with anyone at all, why am I so comfortable with you?” He muses and you remove your hand from his shoulder.

“S-sorry, I-I guess that’s my fault. I meant to calm you down a little, and I may have put in a little too much energy,” you bite your lip and Bucky looks at you, confused. “I have the power to control emotions, feelings.”

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“Oh,” his eyes widen briefly before hardening. “So you were trying to manipulate me, to control me like THEY did.”

“Wha-no!” Your eyes widen at his last statement as you take a step back. “I would never be so ignorant, Bucky. I can’t control my power yet. Sometimes it becomes a little overpowering.” You give him a tight lipped smile and step away some more. “I’ll keep my distance from you, but feel free to come to me if you need any help.” Without waiting for his response, you walk away. You decide it’s best to keep some distance between yourself and the handsome Winter Soldier.

A Few Months Later

Bucky’s been in the tower for a little over three months and he was doing exceptionally well. He’d overcome all the physical hurdles almost immediately. Next, Clint and Natasha worked on his reflexes and memory training. He then had to work on hand-to-hand combat with the twins, in the event that we come across anyone else with superpowers. Now, it’s time for his final assessment: his mental examination with you.

You and Bucky started off on the wrong foot, and for the first month you did all that you could to avoid him without being rude. Eventually, he caught your rift and felt this sinking feeling in his gut. He got Cap to talk to you about it, and you realized that maybe you weren’t being as subtle as you’d hoped.

Soon enough, you’d show up to his training and his assessments. You even managed to get a smile out of him as you cheered him on during his physical examination. You eventually grew a soft spot for the scruffy brunette, just as he had one for you.

And now, he’s sitting in front of you, nervous as can be.

“James, please, I can feel your heart beating a mile a minute, and I promise that I’m not using my powers,” you grab his hand and try to soothe him, human to human. “This is not going to be what you think it is. I promise.”

Buck breathes in and out, trying to relax just as you had asked of him, but he could not help it. He remembered the room he was in when HYDRA was assessing him, and this is what your room reminds him of.

You quickly catch on to his quick glances and short breaths, remembering what you read about his previous assessments.

“Oh, crap. James I’m so sorry,” you stand immediately, gathering your clipboard and a few other essentials. “Come on.”

“What?” He looks up at you, confused. “We haven’t started the assessment yet, have we? Or–oh crap! Did I already fail? W-wait no, I–”

“James, look at me. Please relax. I promise your assessment hasn’t yet started. You will not fail this, I’ve got you,” you smile warmly at him and hold out your hand. “Trust me, please.”

“Oh,” he hesitantly looks up at you, your smile almost immediately calming his nerves. He grabs a hold of your hand and nods. “Okay.”

He watches you, his gaze softer than you’d seen before. You clear your throat and look away, but his gaze lingers.

“W-what? Do I have something on my face?” You try to remove your hand from his to check your face, but Buck doesn’t let go.

“No, Y/N. I just wanted to thank you. You welcomed me warmly the first day, and here you are: saving me during my last assessment,” he smiles and kisses the back of your hand. You blush in return and nod.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re back and better than ever, for yourself more than anyone. Now, come on,” you whisper and slowly pull him up. “We can continue this on the roof.”

He looks at you, slightly bewildered but still happy to get out of the small room. He stands and holds on to you, scared that you’d leave him if he let go. You two walk out of the room and you smile ahead as he smiles softly down at you.

You two step into the loud dining room and all heads turn to you. Almost immediately, a hush falls over the normally rambunctious group. You and Bucky stop walking and look up to see everyone watching you, jaws practically touching the floor.

“What, you didn’t see that coming?” Pietro breaks the silence, everyone else groaning as he brings back his famous one liner.


Hotair Balloon Festival x Threesome Date

Without any itineraries or concrete plans for the Pampanga trip x Hotair Balloon Festival, we headed to Pampanga!

The festival actually sucked, good thing I was I was with a really good companion. The venue was really dusty. Worse traffic than Manila. Hotair balloons that didn’t really float. Olats program. Etc. Etc. Well, just being honest. Haha. I get to hear these comments as well from my friends who went to the event. Hoping that next year, they will be doubling their efforts up.

Anyway, on a positive note, here’s our story. After reaching Pampanga, we rode the tricycle that was really overpriced. With just a turn or two, he made us pay 100 pesos. Dang! One hush down. Haha. Then we rode a jeepney to the event venue.

Upon reaching the event, we decided to fly some kites. We were really having fun trying to make our kites fly, but then, the program proper for the hotair balloon flying started. We pushed ourselves to be in front.

Then, we waited for hours as we were all excited about seeing the balloons fly! Hours passed by and then people started leaving the spot until we realized that that was it. They just made the balloon light but it didn’t freaking fly! Sad.

So we decided to leave the venue earlier than expected. And since the traffic was fucked up, we decided to kill time at Central Park for a while with some good bottles of booze! Hooray!

post-reveal cuddly Adrinette again ya wont stahp me...~

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How does Planned Parenthood get its funding?

Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide. An estimated 1 in 5 U.S. women will visit a Planned Parenthood health center in her lifetime. And a number of recent national polls have shown overwhelmingly that the American people support Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood funding comes from:

  • Medicaid reimbursement, which is a combination of state and federal funds
  • Title X
  • Patients who use private health insurance or pay out of pocket
  • Donations
  • Other government programs and grants

You may have heard some politicians talk about defunding Planned Parenthood. But what does “defunding Planned Parenthood” actually mean?

There isn’t a line-item in the federal budget for Planned Parenthood. And the federal government doesn’t just write blank checks to organizations. When people talk about “defunding,” what they’re really talking about is removing Planned Parenthood from federal programs — specifically, Medicaid and Title X.


Medicaid is government-funded insurance for low-income people. Like many hospitals and clinics around the U.S., Planned Parenthood participates in the Medicaid program. There’s federal funding for Medicaid and also state funding for Medicaid.

When a patient goes to a Planned Parenthood health center and uses their Medicaid insurance, the Medicaid program reimburses the health center for the cost of the patient’s visit — just like it would for any other provider. At least 60 percent of Planned Parenthood patients rely on government-funded health care like Medicaid.

Do your tax dollars pay for abortion services at Planned Parenthood health centers? The reality is no federal money can be used to pay for abortion services except in rare cases of rape, incest, or if the pregnant person’s life is in danger. That’s because of The Hyde Amendment: The Hyde Amendment is an unjust federal policy that prohibits federal dollars from paying for abortion with very few exceptions.  

However, the Hyde Amendment doesn’t keep states from using their own money to cover abortion. Right now, 17 states permit state funds to cover abortion for those who have insurance through Medicaid.  

Reproductive health, rights, and justice activists — including Planned Parenthood — are working to overturn the Hyde Amendment, since it unfairly affects poor women, especially poor women of color, by keeping them from accessing abortion services.

Title X

Politicians have also tried to defund Planned Parenthood through Title X, the nation’s family planning program. Planned Parenthood health centers care for about 1.5 million patients through Title X — roughly one third of the more than 4 million people served by the program.

After Kansas attempted to block access to care at Planned Parenthood, Parenthood and other reproductive health providers, the number of people accessing birth control, cancer screenings, STD tests, well-woman exams, and other care through the Title X program fell by more than 14,000.

So despite what some anti-abortion groups or extreme politicians might say, the only thing “defunding” Planned Parenthood accomplishes is to take away access to lifesaving cancer screenings, STD testing, and other essential health services that Planned Parenthood provides.

For every $1 that Americans contribute to public family planning programs, we save more than $7 that would have otherwise been spent on unplanned pregnancies, or from delayed cancer screenings and other health problems best addressed with preventive care. Medicaid and Title X funds are government dollars well-spent.

Planned Parenthood also receives money from a few other sources: health center visits, donations and other government grants.

Health center visits

Like all health care providers, when patients use private insurance, Planned Parenthood benefits by receiving the revenue. As a non-profit, the revenue gets used to fund the organization’s operations and programs. The same is true for people who don’t use insurance and pay out of pocket for their health care.

Private donations and grants

Private donations are critical for non-profits, including Planned Parenthood. Some Planned Parenthood health centers use a sliding scale, so patients only pay what they can afford — this is because of grants or programs set up thanks to private donations.

If politicians out to “defund” Planned Parenthood have their way, they’ll block millions of patients who depend on Medicaid and other public health care programs from accessing care. Their ultimate goal is is to shut down all Planned Parenthood health centers.

Many Planned Parenthood patients — nearly half of whom are people of color, and many of whom live in rural areas — would have nowhere else to turn for health care. Defunding Planned Parenthood would cause a national health care disaster.  

Keeping Planned Parenthood funded isn’t only the right thing to do, it just makes sense.

Learn more:

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Luke & Lorelai // parallels throughout the series“Dirty, I know.”
Planned Parenthood x Tumblr — Never Going Back

Tumblr stands with Planned Parenthood. We believe that access to their vital healthcare services is a fundamental human right. In times like these, we must take it upon ourselves to support them on behalf of the millions of women who depend on them.

Join us on Sunday, March 12 at 6:00pm CT at Mohawk, 912 Red River Street, Austin TX during the SXSW interactive festival for the “Never Going Back” rally for Planned Parenthood.

The all-ages event is open to the public (RSVP here) and will feature live performances by Sleigh Bells, Girlpool (@girlpoool), Hoops, and PVRIS (@thisispvris). Planned Parenthood reps will be on site to share resources, literature and ways to get involved and stay active.

If you can’t join us in person, please join us in spirit with a donation to Planned Parenthood.

And if you’re in town early, Tumblr CEO David Karp and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards will be discussing the importance of activism and allyship on the SXSW stage on March 10 with moderator Aminatou Sow, Editor-at-Large at Racked (@racked).





Luke & Lorelai // parallels throughout the series“It’s no big deal.”


they’re all sweaty and gross after training but they still find the time to be cute