Plan B
  • <p> <b>Negan:</b> We are going to Alexandria so if something strange happens we got plan B.<p/><b>Simon:</b> Plan B?<p/><b>Negan:</b> Yes, B for Badass.<p/><b>Simon:</b> And what does that mean?<p/><b>Negan:</b> That we take Carl.<p/><b>Simon:</b> ... then why don't we called it Plan C for Carl?<p/><b>Negan:</b> ... because he is MY Badass and I want to name it that way.<p/></p>
Sounds Like A Plan (Giriboy x Reader)

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You never understood why it was such a big thing, they were just glasses. You realised that you needed glasses at the age of 17, you found a great pair that complimented your features so you were comfortable with wearing them anywhere.

The pressure on switching to contacts started when you debuted as an underground rapper and started getting more fans. You have tried contacts but it made your eyes dry and it was bitch to get them on and off, plus there was a chance of them falling off and losing them, so you stuck with your glasses.

As time went on you realised that not a lot of rappers wore glasses, even though a lot of them needed it but they chose to either put eye contacts or just going straight up blind on stage and public occasions.

Siyoung saw you after a photoshoot you did for an interview, he noticed that you wore glasses and at first he brushed it off, thinking you just wore them for the shoot. Then he read your interview, one question was for your choice on wearing glasses.

“I don’t see what’s the big deal, it’s just a pair of glasses not the devil, I understand and respect the choice that others made of going with contacts, so others should respect my choice of wearing these. There are other things we should stress out over than if I wear glasses or not”

He had to admit, he really liked your answer. It only took a couple of minutes after this to try to find you on instagram, he liked that all your pictures you were wearing your glasses, it honestly gave you a sophisticated aesthetic that he really loved. Slowly but surely he became a fan, of you and your music.

He was so happy that he would be on a set with you. When they told him that he would be on radio star with you he immediately accepted the offer.

“So today we have two unique voices and presence in the hiphop industry please welcome (y/n) and Giriboy”

He was quick to notice that you always smiled and that it was genuine.

“So let’s start with (y/n), when did you start rapping?”

“I have been rapping since i was 14 but i’ve been active in the industry for 2 and a half years now”

“have you ever met each other?”

“no unfortunately. I actually read an interview that she did and saw that she was wearing her glasses so I started following her and listening to her music”

He replied truthfully. You turned to him and smiled, he saw that your cheeks were getting a bit red, he could tell that you were nervous but also excited.

“how about you (y/n)?”

“i’ve been a fan of Giriboy forever, I loved his way of riding the tune and that he also didn’t care about people talking bad about his glasses, he was honestly an inspiration like if he did it then I can do it”

“I can already see a romance blossoming between these two”

“Come in”

You said when you heard a knock on the doorYou said when you heard a knock on the door. Siyoung poked his head and then took a step in, closing the door gently behind him. A gentle smile made your features softer and so beautiful, to him you were such a sight to stare.

“I just wanted to meet my fellow four eyes privately”

you giggled at his little tease. You couldn’t admit it on camera, but you were a bit of a fangirl for Giriboy, you were addicted to his soft and tender songs.

“You were good out there. I did not expect you to be so at ease for an underground rapper”

“the key is to be honest, if you speak the truth you have nothing to worry about”

You answered with 100% honesty and confidence. He liked that, he admired your bravery to speak out but not in an overbearing way, you had such a balanced aura surrounding you that was so pleasant to take in and be around.

“You are right, honesty is key to everything”

He nodded as he said that. Silence took over but both of you had a smile on your face.

“So, I am working on a song and I would love a female to jump in, so what do you say four eyes?”

“Sure, maybe we can switch glasses”

“You will look like a fly and I will look like i’m confirming the gay rumours”

“Sounds like a plan

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