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Location | Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is one of the largest megacities in the world, and has since 2000 the population increased by more than 34 percent. The city is home to 10 million, but the urban zone is home to 30 million. Moreover, the city will keep on expanding rapidly. The biggest problem in the city is that there is no subway system or good infrastructure for its inhabitants. The city is perhaps the most congested city, where drivers stop an average of 91 times per day. There is no good connection betwen plan and reality, and the private influence is strong. Although a massive transit system was planned in the 1980 plan, a metro has not been established yet. However, a metro is being built as we write, with a completion date set for 2017.

Although it might seem that there is a lot of green space, this area is situated a few kilometers outside the city centre.

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Here is the new Pit Blog update video from Warped Tour in Cuyahoga Falls, OH featuring Simple Plan, Metro Station, The Karma Killers, and more!


Night Photography- Museo Tamayo 

First photo tour at night with the new camera, got a couple of good shots but also learned the hard way that Mexico City can be very chilly before the break of dawn and finding a bathroom can be difficult but overall a fun night with plenty of shots left to process. A few things to note if you like to photograph at night in the city:

  1. Downtown area is well lit up and safe (just be mindful of your surrounding) 
  2. Constant transportation around Reforma (even at night) 
  3. Have a return route plan (Uber/Metrobus/Metro/Taxi)
  4. If waiting for public transportation… (most don’t open until 5am and later on Sunday)
  5. Night life is fairly active downtown/centro/roma/condesa in case of detour
  6. Bring a snack and plenty of water (late night cravings while exploring)
  7. ..and possibly the main one (note where you can use the bathroom when out at night)