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the linstead things: when their eyes (even their eyebrows) do the talking #linsteadlooks

Do you ever think about Louis’ 21st birthday party and wonder who was in charge of planning it? How did they come up with the guest list? Who put Jonny on the fucking guest list? If it was Jay planning it, did she ask Louis to look over the invite list and Louis say “Add Jonny to this intimate, black tie affair, please!” 

Or was it Harry who did the guest list, who painstakingly compiled their family and friends, and thought to himself “Jonny should come to this.” 

Or, perhaps worst of all, did Jay collaborate with Harry on the guest list and they share family and friends who should be invited with each other? 

There weren’t that many people there. It was mostly close family and friends, and Harry’s childhood friend was included among Louis’ close family and friends. 

And not a single one of Eleanor’s friends or family were there.


The outcome of randomness. And the reason there are two Cole on the paper is my sister forgot she’d already written it down… Well, she is quite unhappy that Kai ends up with Jay. I think she prefers Kai with Garmadon, or Lloyd, even Ronin than Jay. XD
But secretly I’m happy she accidentally made that mistake, or I won’t have Zane with Cole!


Please do not delete the caption

Upstate New York-based illustration artist Madeleine Buzbee will be creating original commissioned work for the entire month of February. 80% of the profits will go towards either Planned Parenthood, or The Council on American-Islamic Relations. Here is an example of their work! These would be good for a tattoo idea, Valentine’s Day gift, merch design, or a flyer for an event you are hosting. Feel free to contact them via email at or through direct message on Instagram.

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a list of Little Things I love from Great Comet (Act 1 Part 1)
  • that first accordion note!!!!
  • the way Pierre says “GOing”
  • when the ensemble joins in for the first time!!
  • the doOR SLAM
  • when Marya says “old-schooool”
  • that clarinet going NUTS

  • the entire ensemble in “Pierre.” Just. All of them. All the time
  • “I used to be better I used to be better I used to be better” SLAY ME
  • the way Pierre says “hours” like. so smooth??
  • “I pity you I pity me I pity you” AHGHSFGHW
  • is the above bullet me or the ensemble at the end of “Pierre”? we just don’t know

  • that double clap Marya does
  • Natasha humming with that clarinet!!!!
  • WELL! Now we’ll Talk!
  • the ooOOOOOOLD fellow’s crotchety!
  • the way Marya says “clever girl”
  • basically everything Marya does tbh

  • I’ve aged so very muuuuuuUuuuUUUUuuUUUUUUCH
  • that slight pause right before everything dissolves during “The Private and Intimate Life of the House”
  • never go ANYwhere
  • and tiiiiiiiiiiiime moves onnnnnnnnnnnnn
  • that descending violin after Bolkonsky rejects Mary’s suitor
  • the dissolving instruments during “where are my glasses”
  • “I disgust myself” ahhh Save and Protect Mary

  • oh. oh hello.
  • iiiiiiiirrrrrrrksome iiiiiiiirrrrrrrrksome
  • “says the mean old man in his underthings” pffffft
  • the way Mary says “head to toe” GOSH 

  • the initial piano in “No One Else” like hoo boy here come the Feelings
  • “I love you I love you I love you I love you” like if u crie every time
  • that one note Natasha has on “oh” in the line “oh the moon”
  • did I say one note? I meant all of them
  • and flyyyyyyyyyyyying away
  • those strings during the second chorus!!!!!!!!
  • “maybe he’ll come today. maybe he came already. and he’s sitting in the drawing room. and I simply forgot.” WOW UM that sure is a FEELING I’m having right now

  • “Welcomeeee to the ooooooperaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” those Notes tho
  • Natasha smooth your gown NATASHA SMOOTH YOUR GOWN
  • a n d   i s   t h a t   N a t a s h a   a n d   i s   t h a t   N a t a s h a
  • the way the music INTENSIFIES the second Dolokhov appears
  • now all the Moscow ladies are MAD ABOUT HIMMMM
  • “No I am enjoying myself at home this evening!” bless Pierre 
  • began to pass into a STAAAaaAAAAaaAAAAAaaAAaaAATE
  • the entire ensemble in “The Opera” like DANG
  • that tiny pause before “and then, a rush of cold air” HERE WE GO
  • the music just. Shifting the SECOND Anatole appears
  • those funky BEATS
  • every time I look at him he’s looking at me every time I look at him he’s looking at me every time I look at himmmmmmmm

“You and I are the only ones who saw it. It’s almost like…we shared a secret” (Endless Summer Screencap Redraw: 1/?)

this was one of the scenes that really made me give endless summer a try, despite me originally not liking the art style. this book is now easily my favorite and quinn is a sweetheart

First Time for Everything

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Jay x Reader

First Time for Everything

Prompt: Jay x reader where they’re in a will they won’t they type of thing since he got to the island and finally they do and it’s in front of a giant crowd after Jay wins a game and everyone cheers. Sorry if that makes no sense. It’s nearly 4 in the morning and I’ve been stalking your blog! I’m obsessed with everything you write especially the Descendants things ️Sorry I forgot to mention. Will you make it where Jay is sooo heads over heals for her and he talks to Carlos and he nearly cries he loves her so much? I’m in need of something mushy

Note: I’m literally so hype for Descendants 2 omgggggg

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 1155

You tried to pay no attention to Jay. You buried your nose in your book and shoved your glasses further up your nose. It didn’t matter that he was doing pushups across the courtyard or that his large biceps were glistening in the sunlight or that his long raven locks were just begging you to tangle your fingers through them.

Must. Not. Look.

You couldn’t help yourself. It was just a quick glance up away from your world of paper and ink, but in that instant, Jay’s eyes locked on yours and he winked at you. Your heart flipped and you immediately looked away. His flirting had been less than subtle so far, not that you minded, and everyone around the two of you knew it was only a matter of time before the two of you got together.

You, personally, hoped it would be sooner than later.

Jay found himself lying awake most nights thinking of you. He’d imagine taking your hands in his own and kissing you and holding you in his arms. The most innocent things made his heart leap. On the Isle, he never had the chance to have something like that with anyone, and now that you were here and you were perfect for him, he couldn’t help but want to pursue it.

“Do you think she likes me?” Jay blurted. Carlos was still sitting up in bed, petting Dude.

“Have you see the way she looks at you? Of course she likes you.”

“I just…I’ve seen Chad eyeing her and I’m afraid if I don’t do something…” Jay felt tears threaten to spill over. “She’s…she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Then ask her out. She’ll probably be at the Tourney game. Or ask her to hang out for lunch or something.”

“Why are you so smart?”

“It’s a gift.” Carlos shrugged.


“Are you sure about this, Evie?” You asked her. You were in her and Mal’s room. Evie had called you down and had done your makeup and hair. Your eyelids were sparkly and white like freshly fallen snow, and your white hair was pulled back into an intricate braid. “I mean, Jay is…really hot and I thought he had a thing for Audrey anyway.”

“Ew, did you just call Jay hot?” Mal gagged. “Listen, you and Jay have liked each other from day one and Evie and Carlos and I and basically everyone else are sick of waiting around for it to happen.”

“So what’s the plan then?”

“Don’t worry about that,” Evie said. “He won’t be able to resist you.” She topped off your look with a shade of lipstick called ‘Frosted Rose’. “Well, he isn’t usually able to resist you, so this will be no different.”

You didn’t understand how Mal and Evie were so confident about this. You weren’t so sure, and you could feel your fingertips begin to numb, the first sign of your nerves setting off your powers. Great. The first guy in this whole school you actually liked and now you were going to freeze him solid. What luck.

“We’ll see about that…”


You walked out into the courtyard mustering as much of your mother’s confidence as you could manage. Evie had done an amazing job. Although she had done your makeup, you still looked unexplainably like yourself. She had just brought out all of your best features and covered up the little flaws. It did wonders for your self-esteem.

So, with a little pep in your step, you made your way over to where Jay was sitting on the stairs with Carlos. At the sight of you, Carlos smirked. The girls had held up their half of the plan, and having Jay here had been his half. Now it was up to fate to decide.

Jay could have sworn his heart stopped. You were coming over there. And suddenly Carlos was gone, leaving him alone with the Ice Princess of Arendelle. You took a seat on Jay’s thigh and draped an arm over his shoulders. If you were nervous, he certainly couldn’t tell.

“What brings you over here, princess?”

“You.” You replied with a confident smirk. “I’ll be at the Tourney game today, and I could probably be convinced to go out for ice cream after.”

“Is that so?”

“Yep.” You leaned a little closer, praying he couldn’t hear your heart hammering in your chest.

“Well, I don’t have any plans after. And I’ve never had ice cream before.” A sort of smirk tugged at his lips. It took every ounce of self-control to not lean in and kiss him right then and there.

“There’s a first time for everything, right?” there was more meaning behind your words than even you knew.


Confetti rained down on the Tourney field after yet another Knights victory. The players were surrounded by friends and cheerleaders and the marching band and students who had poured out of the student section. You looked around, searching through the sea of faces to find Jay.

There was a tap on your shoulder. You spun around, and there he was, a smile lighting up his features. God, he had a gorgeous smile.

You rushed into his arms, hugging him tightly. It was unexpected to both of you, but very much welcome. His strong arms wrapped around you, pulling you to his strong chest. And sure, he was sweaty from the game, but you couldn’t have cared less.

“Ready for some victory sundaes?” You asked.  

“Not yet.” He whispered, pulling out of the embrace to look at you. His dark irises flicked down to your lips. In moments, your cold hands were pressed against his warm cheeks, still overheated from all of the running and jumping involved in the sport, and then your cool lips were on his. He reacted immediately, reciprocating the kiss with all of the passion and raw emotion he had held in for so long. All of his lonely nights on the Isle, all of the Auradon days spent pining after someone he thought he couldn’t have, all of it was on the table now.

You wove your fingers through his thick black hair while the other hand remained on his strong jaw, a thumb stroking his soft cheek. His hands had found a comfortable place on your hips, and then rose to support your back, pulling you closer to him.

When you broke apart, he leaned down to rest his forehead against yours.

“You have no idea,” his voice was low and his breaths were labored and there was so much passion in his eyes that it made you want to melt into a puddle, “how long I have wanted to do that.”

“Same here.”

“I could tell.” He smirked. You gave his chest a playful shove, laughing.


“So do you want to go out for ice cream now?”

“Only if we can do more of that after.”


Celebrate Good Times

You woke up to the constant dings and dongs your house was making. You buried yourself in your bed sheet hoping that whoever was at the door would grow tired of not being answered and would whoosh itself away. Sadly, whoever was ringing your door was too diligent at it and you found yourself stomping towards the door in your nighties.

“Stop! I’m coming already. Sheesh.” You mumble as you sleepily tried to find where your door was.

You checked your monitor and saw a delivery guy holding a bouquet of sunflowers. You squeaked and pried the door open. You signed the delivery form and took the flowers from the guy and said thanks. You were about to close your door when he stopped it from shutting.

“Wait. Don’t you want the others?” he asked.

“What others?” you asked him suspiciously.

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jay-leno-incarnate  asked:

What's the story behind the guy calling you a petulant whore??

Oh good lord, that was from awhile ago. I GUESS WE’RE DUE FOR A STORYTIME?

I was in an online D&D group with a bunch of guys in 2016. DM was a woman, and I was the only woman player. Some of the guys were particularly awful, and liked to bully her around since she was a new DM, and make a lot of nasty jokes about me and my character being female (sexual jokes, mainly). Even when I asked them not to, they shrugged me off. They also promoted this belief that women were inherently stupid at D&D, and that I didn’t know what I was doing. I could’ve left, but I refused to have them run me off, and instead had my character go full campaign villain on them. So now they had to fight against this “woman who doesn’t know what she’s doing” - except I had more gaming experience than all of them combined, which proved troublesome for them. Since all this happened, all of the other guys have come to me and apologized for their behaviors. Well, all except one.

ONE PARTICULAR DOUCHECANOE, the one who had been the worst the entire time, was so overwhelmingly outraged by this. He was really bad at doing anything game-related that wasn’t just rolling a dice. He couldn’t think outside the box, he was terrible at puzzles, he also didn’t like communication. Well, on his last day in the group, he was also really shit at rolling dice too - luck was not on his side. He tried to take me on without any of the rest of the party, or without prepping himself whatsoever. When he rolled badly, he demanded rerolls, making a fuss that it wasn’t fair that I was winning, much to the annoyance of even the other guys. I went way easy on him, picked spells and things that were level 1 or 2 instead of the 5 or 6 I COULD’VE done… and he still ended up losing miserably. He ragequit at this point, and screeched, in front of everyone, that I was a “petulant whore” before leaving.

We have some mutual friends, so someone, somewhere, let him know that I’d been using “petulant whore” as a joking pet-name, since it’s the most fucking hilarious thing on the planet. He did not like it. He’s still mad, but I can live with that.

I have parts of that whole “Island Prianna” campaign logged in my D&D posts on this tumblr, mostly the moments that were worth noting (that battle wasn’t, it was so boring and annoying to have someone constantly trying to break the rules). But yeah. That’s the story.

Gang Activity AU: Rotten Four

Imagine when Mal said the Isle of the Lost had more gang activity, it was actual crime organization gang activity. Imagine if magic disappears or something and the villains are released and not take over the world but the 4 continue on to become Auradon’s most successful crime gang.

[ Rotten Four | Auradon Kids | ?? ]

Mal’s the Kingpin after cutting ties with her mother who tried to take over the gang after the magical takeover didn’t work (probably with a shot to the leg and an order to never be seen in the city again lest the shot be somewhere a bit more… fatal). She plans all the heists and keeps the crew in line. She also deals a lot in forgery and black market art with her talents giving her quite a reputation with dealers and museum thieves. Although she’s the boss, she and her small inner circle (the four) still frequently go out on the field and execute heists themselves for the thrill of it.

Jay’s the resident muscle and arms expert. Nimble fingers giving him the talent to disassemble and reassemble any and every gun and armament on the market. He’s got a real thing for making a huge mark at the end of whatever heist they went through, usually with the sound of machine guns and explosives. If Mal’s reputation on the black market is for forgery, Jay’s is for weaponry. Jay takes pride in maintaining his very extensive armory and anyone stupid enough to try to fool him with bad weaponry will come home to an emptied home and a bomb to the face.

Carlos is obviously the hacker and resident tech expert of the group. He’s known to pretty much be able to screw with any and all security system in the land and is the reason why most other crews wouldn’t even think about trying to get through any place secured by the Rotten Four. The minority that thinks otherwise finds themselves becoming test subjects to Carlos’ newest invention to keep their safe houses actually safe. Carlos’ keeps the crew’s dealings untraceable and monitors all mention of the crew on the deep web, contacting interesting clients and people whilst keeping their presence unnoticeable even if the crew was a household name.

Evie’s the front woman. The face that every other crew knows. The clack of her heels on cement signifies power and commands respect in any room she enters as the face of the crew. She keeps her voice coy and husky, and her eyes dreamy as she sways into a room to deal with a group who don’t know her real potential. Anyone other than the inner circle who see her truly cunning and sharp wit finds it the last thing they see. She takes pride on the fact that as much her face is known in the underworld (as well as the overworld), no one knows that the she is most expensive assassin in the city. ‘Cause honestly, Evie’s too smart to just be the face and the voice, her real talent is in disguise and seduction and poisons galore. A message sent to anyone who even thought about crossing the crew. She leaves a blood red crown on her victims, earning her the street name of the Red Queen (to the disgust of the previously known red queen, but then the queen of hearts can’t exactly complain without a poisoned needle to her throat).

I have a few ideas for the other kids but let’s have the core four for now.