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See You Tomorrow - Eisuke Ichinomiya

Summary: You wonder why you even bother to keep working for him. You hated the guy, but do you hate him enough to want him dead? Superhero!AU

Genre: Romance, Fluff-ish

Pairing: MC/Eisuke

a/n: The Supergirl trailer got me so pumped! So much that I was inspired to write this :D How cool would it be if the MC had powers? Daaaaamn, that would be awesome. This was originally supposed to be a drabble, but it ended up being a fic instead.

              Sometimes, you wish you had a different job. Working as Eisuke Ichinomiya’s personal assistant wasn’t as enjoyable as you thought it would be. The man was a slave-driver with no patience whatsoever, and he’d make the most unreasonable demands at the worst possible moments. There was that one time he asked you to go all the way to the office at 3am just to make his damn coffee—


               If only he knew what you were really capable of. You were tempted to shoot lasers at the guy’s face every time he’d talk down to you. Honestly, the only thing stopping you from giving him a beating was the fact that he was paying you. Today was no different.

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