plan b no prescription

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so i just had to buy that plan b morning after pill bc my doctor didnt refill my birth control prescription & that was like $40!!! idk how to tell my mom i need money for the weekend now since i just spent the money i literally just got this morning ugh. like i doubt she would care bc i bought it to take care of myself, i'd just rather not have to tell her

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The situation has deteriorated to the point where people are now seriously arguing that their religious beliefs give them the right not to do jobs they were hired to do.

Pharmacists across the country have refused to fill prescriptions for birth-control or Plan B pills because they say they have a religious freedom right not to. For a time, Muslim taxi drivers at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul airport were refusing to transport anyone carrying bottles of alcohol, even though the bottles were sealed. Wedding planners, florists, bakers, and the owners of bed-and-breakfasts are refusing service to same-sex couples. Again the cry is raised of ‘religious freedom.’

No one is asking the obvious question: Does the private choice of another person prevent you from attending the house of worship of your choice? Further, does it stop you from joining your coreligionists for prayer and worship? Does it require you to bow before an alien god?

The pharmacists, taxi drivers, B&B owners, and so on concede that it does not. But they go on to argue that they don’t wish to be complicit in another’s sin. Putting aside the question of whether the government has any obligation to (or is even legally permitted to) recognize what qualifies as ‘sin,’ the standard being proposed for adoption here is dangerously vague and loose.

‘Sin’ is a notoriously slippery concept. One person’s sin can easily be another’s hobby or harmless preference. Examples include dancing, reading steamy novels, and wearing tight clothing.

A society where a self-asserted claim to religious liberty trumps every other right quickly becomes unworkable. What’s to stop a Muslim store clerk from refusing to ring up your bacon? Don’t laugh—it has happened. Why not allow the clerk in the bookstore to refuse to tell you where the sex manuals are kept because you’re not married? What prevents the woman at the register from turning you away because your skirt is just a little too short?

Some might say these are minor inconveniences. After all, there will always be another store, another clerk, another skirt. Perhaps so.

But what happens when it’s three o’clock in the morning and the only clerk at the only twenty-four-hour pharmacy in town won’t give a victim of sexual assault a pack of Plan B pills sitting six inches away from his hand? What happens when a woman with a problem pregnancy can’t get a taxi driver to take her to an abortion clinic? What happens when an entire family is turned away from a hotel because the owner doesn’t think much of their religion?

More to the point, in such a society, what’s to stop grotesque invasions of privacy under the guise of protecting someone else’s freedom of religion? The owners of secular businesses who don’t want to include birth control in healthcare plans assume that their employees will use it to avoid pregnancy. Indeed, most probably will.

But some will use birth-control pills to shrink ovarian cysts. Some will use them to treat endometriosis. Some will even use them for cases of acne.

Why should an employer’s so-called right to refuse to include birth control in a healthcare plan—a regulation that in no way prevents the employer from attending religious services, praying, or reading the religious texts of choice, or even taking part in numerous other forms of religious expression—override the employee’s right to get and use possibly lifesaving medicine? If these rights are deemed to be in conflict, it would seem the claim for medicine is stronger. After all, the inability to get this medicine can, in some cases, have extremely Serious consequences. (Untreated endometriosis can lead to chronic pain, cysts, infertility, and even cancer.)

Another option is to require women who want birth-control pills for reasons that aren’t related to, well, the control of births to submit a doctor’s note to their employers. How patronizing is that? How much private medical information does that require the employee to divulge? If we accept the proposition that one person must jump through a series of absurd, demeaning hoops so that another person may fully exercise his or her religious liberty, then something is seriously amiss.

The line is drawn exactly where? The Church of Scientology has a well-known animus toward the psychiatric profession. If your boss down at the lumber mill is a Scientologist, can he refuse to cover any employee’s visits to a counselor for any reason? Can he deny couples access to a marriage counselor and cut off paying for drugs that treat things like depression, attention deficit disorder, or schizophrenia?

Can a factory owner who happens to be a Jehovah’s Witness refuse to put surgical procedures into healthcare plans because they involve blood transfusions? More to the point, can a fundamentalist Christian who owns a chain of home-improvement stores announce that the requirement to provide a healthcare plan to employees is, in itself, unconstitutional because no one needs to see a doctor? You just need to pray, and Jesus will heal you.

What about a New Age boss who argues that all healing comes from herbs, vitamins, and crystals, and that’s all that will be covered?

Can these business owners do these things? Why not? How are they different than what Catholic opponents of birth control have asserted? Once a broad right to religious freedom has been asserted—so broad that it gives the boss the right to control the private decisions of others—no distinctions can be made between religions. All must be treated equally.

Here’s a simpler solution: you have no control over others. What medications I use and what I use them for aren’t your business. My need or choice to swallow pill A or get treatment B doesn’t stop you from worshipping, praying, or relating to God in whatever way you see fit.

If you feel these actions endanger my soul, feel free to tell me that. But that’s it. You don’t have a say over me or my soul. Having examined the facts, we are capable of making our own decisions about our souls—where they will end up, how they might get there, and even if they exist.

Williams, Leland, Jefferson, and Madison understood this. At a time when real religious liberty was a rarity in the world, they grasped an important fact: religious liberty is, first and foremost, the right to make decisions for yourself.

This may seem utterly noncontroversial today. It is only because a generation of pioneers paved the way to make it so. Prior to the founders, just about every government in human history assumed it had the right (and the duty) to ‘help’ subjects refrain from making theological mistakes, to prevent them from straying into error.

There were at least two problems with this: First, different nations and leaders had various ideas as to what constituted theological ‘error.’ Catholic France and Protestant England never could quite see eye to eye on this matter. Nor could Orthodox Russia. Or Muslim Turkey, for that matter. You get the idea.

Second, people continued to make it abundantly clear that they did not need, nor did they want, this state-sponsored ‘help’ in matters of religion. They even considered it offensive. And annoying. Even dangerous. The fact that, all too often, those who declined the ‘help’ ended up on the business end of a torture rack only made things worse.

What people sought then, back in the day, was a concept of religious freedom that included the right to dissent. Unfortunately, the first proponents didn’t close the circle. They sought freedom—but only for themselves. America’s Puritan forbearers were known for their intolerance and their insistence that, even though the Church of England had gotten it wrong, they had gotten it right. The reason they threw Williams out was because he dared to tell them that maybe they too had got it wrong.

It took another generation to make the next great leap forward: Perhaps what’s true for me isn’t true for the guy down the street, across town, or even in the next town over. And maybe what he does behind the closed and private doors of his church doesn’t affect me. Maybe his right to worship is as important as mine. Perhaps my right to worship as I see fit and his are strongly linked. Perhaps both will stand or fall together.

Maybe I’m not the best person to make moral decisions for another. Maybe I don’t deserve that role. Maybe that’s for the best.

That’s the first step. Jefferson, Madison, and others took it a long time ago. Our problem today is that instead of trying to advance that step, too many people are working to reverse it.

—  Robert Boston, Taking Liberties: Why Religious Freedom Doesn’t Give You the Right to Tell Other People What to Do (pp. 38–42)
Whole Lot of Pharmacy Fuckery: Pharmacy Follies

-The story of my life.

-So me and V were on vacation at the same time. While I just lollygagged around town, V went to California. The highlight of her vacation was when she was standing outside of a restaurant, located by a corner, having a smoke when some random lady walked up to her and said….

Random Lady: “I know you have a husband! You go home!!”

Apparently, she thought V was standing around hooking. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dead*

-Stupid Human Tricks:

Idiot: “I need to get a refill on my prescription.”

Me: “What do you need?”

Idiot: “Plan B.”

Of course, my first thought is who in the fuck gets a prescription with refills for Plan B when the shit is over the counter but alas, I look in her profile and sure enough, the doctor gave her a script with refills. I notice she just got one 4 days ago and here’s where the fun begins….

Me: “Your insurance is not going to cover this because you got one a few days ago. It looks like they cover one every 30 days.”

Idiot: “Are you serious? I really need it!”

Me: “You can pay out of pocket for it.”

Idiot: “How much is it?”

Me: “$49.”

Idiot: “Just for one pill?!”

Me: “Yes.”

Idiot: “That’s insane! I can’t afford that!”

Me: “I see that you’ve been getting this quite often. Have you thought about going on birth control? It would be more reliable than eating Plan B all the time and your insurance will cover it.”

Idiot: “I really don’t want to take anything with hormones in it.”

And I’ll let you all figure out the stupidity in that statement. Sweet Baby Jesus.

-Stupid Human Tricks Parte Dos:

Dipshit: “I’m here to pick up a prescription and I need a refill.”

I ring up the prescription and then ask….

Me: “Ok, what do you need a refill on?”

Dipshit: “Ibuprofen 600mg.”

Me: “Uh, I just sold you Ibuprofen 800mg.”

Dipshit: “I know.”

Me: “Why would you want to refill Ibuprofen 600 when you just picked up Ibuprofen 800?”

Dipshit: “Because it’s for different pain.”

Me: “All Ibuprofen, regardless of strength, work for pain. One strength doesn’t differentiate between pain.”

Dipshit: “I use Ibuprofen 800 for back pain and Ibuprofen 600 for headaches.”

Me: “That’s not how it works. Both strengths will treat back pain and headaches. Regardless, your insurance is not going to pay for different strengths at the same time.”

Dipshit: “That’s not right! So what am I supposed to do if I get a headache?!”

Me: “Take the Ibuprofen 800 I just sold you.”

Dipshit: “But that’s for back pain! I can’t use that for a headache!”

Me: “Yes, you can. Ibuprofen is Ibuprofen. The only difference between the 800 and 600 is it’s 200mg less Ibuprofen. They all treat pain, regardless of what that pain is.”

Dipshit: “I’m going to call my doctor!”

Me: “Ok.”

So he gets on the phone with the doctor and here’s where the fun begins….

Dipshit: “Dr, I’m at the pharmacy and I’m trying to get a refill on Ibuprofen 600 but they won’t give it to me because I just picked up Ibuprofen 800. Can you tell them to give me the Ibuprofen 600? What? I picked up the 800 right now. The reason I want the 600 is for headaches. What do you mean that the 800 will treat a headache too? I use the 800 for back pain, not headaches. Why should I take 800 when I use 600 for headaches? How is it the same thing? So you’re not going to tell the pharmacy to give me the 600? That’s not right! What am I supposed to take when I get a headache?! You’re telling me to take the 800? That doesn’t make sense!”

And I’m sure the Dr’s brain turned to shit just like mine turned to shit trying to explain it to this wank pot. Just shoot me.

-Stupid Human Tricks Parte Tres:

Fucktard: “I need to get this filled.”

He hands me a prescription for Vicoprofen.

Me: “Let me make sure we have this in stock.”

I check the safe and see we don’t have it.

Me: “We don’t have this in stock. Let me check to see who has it.”

I find it at a different store and here’s where the fun begins…

Me: “Ok, the store down the way has it.”

Fucktard: “I had to get it there last time because you all didn’t have it. Why is that?”

Me: “Because it’s a first come, first serve basis. We ran out.”

Fucktard: “Can you have the pharmacist double check to make sure you don’t have it?”

Me: “No. We don’t have it.”

Fucktard: “Can you just have her check?”

Me: “I don’t need to ask my pharmacist to look at a glass case to look for something we obviously don’t have.”

Fucktard: “Did you look for the right strength?”

Me: “Vicoprofen is 7.5/200mg. We don’t have it.”

Fucktard: “I guess I’ll have to go to the other pharmacy then!”

Yes, please get the fuck outta my face!! GAH!!

-I’m truly convinced that I deal with serious masochists. They love it rough around these parts. They love getting fucked in the ass with no lube and with some sand thrown in for good measure. Why else would they keep coming back to a pharmacy where they ALWAYS claim they ALWAYS have problems every time they come here? Especially when there’s at least 16 other pharmacies located within 5 miles from us.

So one of my regular masochists calls up wanting to know why he got Basaglar instead of Lantus. He’s on Medicaid and Medicaid is no longer covering the Lantus. They cover Basaglar now. We try explaining it to him but he has a complete fucking melt down. Mind you, he stroked a few months back when he found out Medicaid does not cover the glucose testing supplies that he likes. He stroked out when we filled a script for a certain brand of probiotics, which his doctor specifically wrote for, that wasn’t covered by Medicaid, as none of them are as they’re OTC, and that his doctor told him that we could’ve given whatever was covered, despite the fact none of them are covered.

After hanging up the phone, he calls back a little while later saying he got off the phone with Medicaid and they said they do pay for Lantus. Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw, if that’s the case then why in the fuck did they reject the claim for Lantus saying it was not covered? H tries to explain that when the doctor sent over the script for Lantus, Medicaid refused to cover it so we contacted the doctor to have it changed to Basaglar, which is covered. This is when he went off the deep end, started cussing and claims we purposely changed it so he can’t get Lantus.

Yeah, you read right. We have nothing better to do than to fuck with people by not giving them what their doctor prescribes. We’d rather be like: “Fuck that! He ain’t getting Lantus! He’s gonna get Basaglar!” and we’re going to take the time to contact the doctor, talk him into changing it and giving him some fucking Basaglar for shits and giggles. Then he proceeds to go on his usual rampage of how every time he comes here, he has nothing but problems and if he wants certain medication, we should give him what he wants. In a way, he’s right. If you want Lantus insulin or One Touch glucose testing supplies, you can get it. That doesn’t mean your insurance, which you don’t even pay for because it’s Medicaid, is going to pay for it. Hell, even with private insurance that you pay for doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get what you want because even they have preferred drugs. If you want to pay out of pocket for Lantus, I won’t fucking stop you. However, I know you’re not going to shell out over $300 a month for that shit, so quit your bitching and take the free fucking Basaglar!!!

-Dude comes through the drive-thru and asks….

Dude: “I was wondering if you can do me a huge favor and get me a large bottle of alcohol free mouth wash?”

Normally, I do NOT do shopping for patients in the drive-thru. However, he was an older gentleman and I could see a walker in the back seat of his car so I decided to be a nice person and get him some alcohol free mouth wash. Well, I’ll be tossed in a tornado and fucked in a barnyard, I didn’t realize how few mouth washes are alcohol free. It took me a while to find one and I haul ass back to the pharmacy. Here’s where the fun begins….

Me: “Ok, I got this one.”

And I show him the bottle of alcohol free Listerine.

Dude: “You don’t have Crest?”

And this is the fucking reason why I do NOT like to shop for people.

Me: “We carry Crest. However, you didn’t ask for a certain brand. You asked for alcohol free mouthwash and this was the only one I could find that specifically says alcohol free on the label.”

Dude: “Oh, because Listerine is really strong.”

Me: “According to the label, it say that it doesn’t have a strong taste due to the lack of alcohol. Anyways, you don’t have to take it if you don’t want it. However, I cannot run and get you a different one because I have 4 cars behind you and I need to take care of them.”

Dude: “Ok, I guess I’ll take it.”


-Idiot: “I’m here to pick up my prescription.”

Me: “Your insurance does not cover this medication. We billed it to a discount card and it will be $20.”

Idiot: “It’s for a yeast infection.”

Me: “Yes, I know what it’s for.”

Idiot: “And my insurance doesn’t cover it?”

Me: “Yes, for some strange reason, the Medicaid managed care insurance you have does not cover the tablet forms of yeast infection medication. They do cover the suppositories.”

Idiot: “I tried those and they didn’t work. That’s why the doctor gave me the pills.”

Me: “Ok, so if you want to get it, it will be $20.”

Idiot: “Why should I have to pay out of my pocket for this medicine?”

Me: “You don’t have to take it if you don’t want it.”

Idiot: “I’m not going to take it! I’m not paying for that! I guess I’ll just have to walk around with a yeast infection!”

Hey, it’s your pussy. Feel free to walk around with enough yeast in it to start a bakery. Whatever.

-Ding Dong: “I’m here to pick up my medication. What exactly did my doctor prescribe?”

Me: “Norco, which is for pain, and Colace, which is a stool softener.”

DD: “Why would he give me a stool softener?”

Me: “Because Norco can cause constipation.”

DD: “I don’t think I’ll need that.”

Me: “Are you sure? It’s only $3 for the Colace. A lot of people get constipated on the pain medication and that’s no fun. This will prevent that.”

DD: “No, I don’t want it.”

Me: “Okey dokey.”

About 3 days pass and I see DD in line.

DD: “Do you still have that stool softener?”

Me: “No, I put it back. You said you didn’t need it.”

DD: “I lied.”

Me: “Didn’t I tell you to take it? See what happens when you don’t listen to me! Now you can’t go caca and when you do go, it’s going to feel like it’s coming out sideways!”

DD: “I know! I should’ve listened to you!!”

I’m telling you, they never listen and now, he had to learn the hard way, no pun intended. ROFLMAO!!!!

-There’s nothing that peeves me more than idiots who have no clue about how their insurance works. The biggest issue is the mail order requirement. Some insurances require that after a 2nd refill of a maintenance medication at a retail pharmacy, you must use mail order.

Naturally, when you explain this to someone, they look at you as if you have rainbow colored dicks shooting out of your ears. And it never fails. I *always* get the same response….

Assholes: “Well, my insurance NEVER told me that!!”

Let me explain something to all of you. I would say most, if not ALL, insurances have information regarding their policies that are made available to you BEFORE you sign up and hand over money to them on a monthly basis. My own company provides us with a website during open enrollment that has information on various insurance companies we can choose from and when you check out those insurance websites, they explain the premiums they charge, their pricing tiers and the use of mail order/90 day supply and all that jazz. This way, you can make an INFORMED decision and choose the right insurance for your needs.

So when these assholes say that their insurance company NEVER told them that, I have a hard time believing that. What I *DO* find extremely believable is that the insurance company made this information readily available to your stupid ass but you did NOT read all the information provided to you via website/personal mail/booklet handed to you.

And these are usually the same assholes who never have their current insurance card, claim they never received one and come back a few days later saying they found it sitting in the unopened mail pile.

-So it happened. We got our 1st request for a flu shot. However, the only flu shots we have in stock are the high dose which is for 65 and older. Here’s where the fun begins….

Idiot: “I want to get a flu shot.”

Me: “We don’t have any in stock.”

Idiot: “According to the center, you do!”

Me: “We only have the high dose flu shots in stock.”

Idiot: “Well, give me one of those!”

Me: “You have to be 65 and older to receive one.”

Idiot: “I am 65.”

Me: “According to your profile, it says you just turned 64.”

Idiot: “That’s wrong.”

Me: “So we have your birthday incorrect?”

Idiot: “Yes.”

Me: “Why is your birthday incorrect in our system? Was there an insurance issue?”

Idiot: “Medicare has it wrong.”

Me: “Ok, let me see your ID.”

He hands me his ID and it’s got the same fucking birthday on it as we do in the system.

Me: “According to your ID, this is the same one we have in the system.”

Idiot: “That’s wrong too.”

Me: “How can the birthday on your ID be wrong when you have to show a birth certificate, that has your date of birth on it, to get proper ID?”

Cue the green tree frog. Needless to say, he did NOT get a high dose flu shot.

Holy motherfuck! I didn’t watch the video in it’s entirety when I posted it and now that I did, I witnessed a tree frog being boogaloo shrimped and cock blocked!! ROFLMAO!!!

-I know I’m preaching to the choir on this one but for those who don’t know, *I*, nor any other pharmacy employee, determine the price of the medication nor do we determine your insurance copays. You see, when someone wants the price of a medication, I type the name of the medication and the quantity and the computer tells me the cash price. If you have insurance or are using a discount card, I hit the “send” button, which sends a bill to the insurance company/discount card, and they send back a price as to how much to charge you. I can NOT alter that price. I mean, I could change it at the point of sale but then I’d have to account for the change and if it’s not a reasonable change, such as sending a direct bill to a copay coupon card or a computer glitch, I can actually be fired for changing prices.

With that said, if you do not like the cash price of medication, feel free to go somewhere else. If you do not like how much your insurance copays are, take that up with them. If you do not like that a discount card has raised the price of a medication you got in the past, feel free to call them up and bitch at them although it will all be for naught because discount cards are FREE. And for fuck’s sake, if you’re on Public Aid, shut the fuck up if you’re being charged $2. Especially if you pull up in a fucking Mercedes. Case in point….

Asshole: “I’m here to pick up my medication.”

Me: “Your total is $2.”

Asshole: “$2?”

Me: “$2.”

Asshole: “Why am I being charged $2? I have Public Aid.”

Me: “Because Public Aid charges copays depending on certain medications or income level.”

Asshole: “I’ve never paid anything before.”

Me: “Well, they’re charging you now. You don’t have to take it if you don’t want it.”

Asshole: “I need the medicine. Are you sure it’s billed to Public Aid?”

Me: “Yes, I’m sure because if you didn’t have Public Aid, this medication would cost you over $450.”

Asshole: “Something doesn’t seem right.”

Me: “I just looked in your profile and see you’ve been paying $2 for this for the last year.”

Asshole: “Oh. It just doesn’t seem right for them to be charging me money.”

Me: “Yeah, well I work for a living, pay over $200 a month to have insurance and if I were to get this medication, my insurance would charge me $75. But it sounds like Public Aid is really scamming you by charging $2.”

Get the fuck away from me with that bullshit.

-FB was kind enough to remind me of this gem from 7 years ago….

-Sign I need a vacation.

Patient: “Can I speak to M?”

H: “Which one?”

Patient: “The one who works here all the time.”

H: “Hey! It’s for you!”.

Lord have mercy.

-How we be like when someone who CONSTANTLY waits until they have no more refills to request a refill on medication that does NOT have a refill only to have that shit DENIED because they haven’t seen the doctor in over a year.

-Shit, with the way this job is, I should lay next to this cat, ROFLMAO!

-The other day, I’m going through insurance problems and notice that one of my ding dong regulars insulin wasn’t being covered because Medicaid changed their formulary. Instead of covering Lantus, they prefer Basaglar and instead of Humalog pen, they only cover vials now. So I’m in the process of sending the Dr a message to change the medication when B says…

B: “She doesn’t want the medication changed. She wants the Dr to do a PA.”

Me: “Are you fucking shitting me? Medicaid is NOT going to cover this shit even with a PA.”

She comes in today and asks…

Ding Dong: “Did Medicaid cover the Lantus and the Humalog pens? I told my doctor to call Medicaid and tell them to pay for it.”

I look in the puter and see that the doctor sent over new prescriptions for Basaglar and Humalog vial.

Me: “It looks like your doctor did NOT contact Medicaid and just changed the medication to what’s covered.”

DD: “But I don’t want that! I want Lantus and Humalog pens!”

Me: “They’re not covered by Medicaid. If you want to pay out of pocket for them, feel free.”

DD: “My doctor was supposed to call Medicaid!”

Me: “Perhaps she did and they told her they would not cover the medication or perhaps she didn’t want to waste her time being on hold with Medicaid all day and decided to give you what’s covered.”

DD: “So I can’t get what I want?”

Me: “Look, you’re on Medicaid. You’re NOT being charged to be on it. Technically, you’re getting free insurance. You get what they choose to cover. If you don’t like it, feel free to buy private insurance that will cover these things or you can pay out of pocket for Lantus and Humalog pens. So do you want what’s covered at no charge or do you want to drop about $700 for Lantus and Humalog pens?”

DD: “I guess I’ll get what’s covered.”

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

-A patient tosses this in the drive-thru. At first, I thought it was a wonder joint. Then I realized it was a fin. My people ain’t right. No wonder they want to send us all back to Mexico.

-It was a clusterfuck today. Because our hours got cut, instead of having enough tech help, we ended up having the store manager and one of the girls from up front working in the pharmacy. This is what Corporate wants. Normal folk knows that cutting hours does NOT mean the patient’s go away and there’s no way that pharmacy can run with only 2 techs back there. We fill way too many scripts for that bullshit. But that’s how they want it and if they think I’m going to work harder, ROFLMAO!! No. And that means that I really don’t have time for bullshit. Case in point…

The girl from the front end was taking care of a patient and there was an insurance problem. It turns out the patient’s insurance does not cover generic Zofran. No biggy. I know of a discount card that covers that shit really cheap. Went from $30 to $9. Here’s where the fun begins….

Me: “Your insurance does not cover this medication.”

Idiot: “My insurance covers it all the time.”

Me: “They aren’t covering it today. I billed it to a discount card and it made it $9.”

Idiot: “My insurance pays for it at Walmart and it’s no charge!”

At that point, I printed out the screen where the insurance says “drug not covered” and I handed it to her….

Me: “Your insurance says it’s not covered. They may have covered it before but today, they’re not covering it. So, you got 2 options. You can pay $9 for it with a discount card or you can take the prescription for Walmart if you believe it will be covered at no charge. What will it be?”

When she realized that I wasn’t playing, she took the script back. I was NOT surprised when I saw her in line a few hours later talking about she went to Walmart and guess what?! It was NOT covered by her insurance! What?! Get out of here! You don’t say!! They never listen.

-There’s a LOT of shit that boggles my mind but the thing that tops my list is when I’m deleting 15 day old prescriptions, that patient’s did NOT pick up, and I’m putting back sick vagina medication. What is the point of going to the vagina doctor, because you have a sick cooter, and then NOT following through with treatment?!! That’s crazy talk! I can only surmise that their vagina fell out and died which is why they no longer need their sick giney medicine. Lord have mercy.

-Asshole drops off a few prescriptions and as I’m entering them in, I can’t read the doctor’s name and there’s no doctor’s name pre-printed on the prescription blank. Here’s where the assholery begins….

Me: “Which doctor did you see?”

Asshole: “His name is on there.”

Me: “I can’t read his writing.”

Asshole: “Is there someone else in there who can read it?”

Me: “No. His writing is pretty bad so they’re going to ask you the same question I just asked you.”

Asshole: “Well, that’s how doctor’s write.”

Me: “Exactly. So which doctor did you see?”

Asshole: “Dr. T. The only doctor there.”

Me: “When I type in the phone number, about 10 different doctors show up.”

Asshole: “He’s the only one I see so I don’t know why you’re giving me a hard time.”

Me: “I’m not giving you a hard time. In order for me to fill your prescription, I have to know the doctor’s name.”

Asshole: “You’re asking me difficult questions!”

Me: “I only asked you one question and that was inquiring about the doctor’s name. What part of that question were you having difficulty with?”

Asshole: “I didn’t know it was so important for you to know my doctor’s name!”

Me: “I wasn’t asking for personal reasons. It’s required in order to fill your prescriptions. If you have an issue with that, feel free to take that up with the FDA.”

Why do they have to turn the simplest shit into the biggest clusterfuck?!