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I’m going to smack some facts into you about birth control

1. Top tier birth control (as in, less than 1/1000 chance of being pregnant in a year with said birth control) can EASILY cost $1000+ in the USA without health insurance. The first time I got my nexplanon (which was right before the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, aka the ACA) cost me $600 out of pocket and my insurance paid $1200. Whenever it was time to renew it (it only lasts 3 years), it was when the ACA was put into place, I got it FREE because I had changed health insurances since then.

1b. I tried a few different things before settling on the nexplanon. I LOVED the patch (slap on a patch for 3 weeks, break for one, get a new packet of patches), but it cost me $110 PER MONTH (and you needed to buy a new pack every month), so this was just too expensive for me at the time!

2. Birth control, under all circumstances, does NOT cause abortions (even emergency contraception). If the sperm has touched egg, NOTHING HAPPENS. Nothing, at all! Plan B/the morning after pill DOES NOT CAUSE ABORTION! 

3. Birth control helps a LOT of things besides preventing pregnancies. It can help manage super bad menstrual cycle symptoms (as well as PMS symptoms), for example.

4. No, birth control does NOT raise your risk of breast cancer.

5. Studies have PROVEN without a shadow of a doubt, that when young women have access to affordable birth control, their likelihood of getting pregnant PLUMMETS as well as abortion rates. 

6. Nothing is 100% possible for preventing pregnancy, besides not having sex. You can use condoms, birth control, spermicide (which, raises your risks of STIs/STDs by the way, because it makes your vagina’s inners not as tough, basically), and the morning after pill and it still not be 100% effective.

7. None of your money in America EVER went to ‘help fund abortions’. Look at the Hyde amendment. This prevents tax money (yes, YOUR tax money) from funding abortions.

Does the morning-after pill affect fertility?

Someone asked us:

can taking the morning after pill (“plan b”) too many times make you infertile, or less able to easily conceive? i had never heard this until some friends said so recently, and it is horrifying me!

No way — you have nothing to fear. Taking the morning after pill (aka emergency contraception) will not make you less fertile in the long run. Emergency contraception prevents pregnancy after one act of unprotected sex. Period.

BUT, if you find yourself taking Plan B frequently, it might be time to get a new plan A. Save yourself some stress and talk to your doctor or nurse about hassle-free birth control methods that might work well for you — like the IUD or implant. Using birth control is your best bet if you want to prevent pregnancy — it’s more effective, costs less over time than Plan B if you use insurance, and (just like emergency contraception) won’t make you infertile after you stop using it.

Again, if it’s an urgent situation you can totally rely on emergency contraception without worry. If you hear your friends spreading misinformation about emergency contraception, be a sexual health superstar and get them the facts.

-Chelsea @ Planned Parenthood

anonymous asked:

Does plan B only have one pill inside the box? Or is there more than one?

Plan B is only one pill. Some other emergency contraceptives are a two part pill process, but the commonly available over the counter Plan B is just a one pill dose. 

The idea is not to need it routinely, but instead that it’s there if there is a failure of another kind of birth control. 


anonymous asked:

Up in Reno and just had a conversation with an AHA person about their sign (which showed a stillborn baby, not a fetus). I am now disturbed that there are people trying to make legal change who do not know things like 'women die in childbirth' or 'it is nearly impossible in many cases to abort stillborn\already dead fetuses'.

The AHA people are really scary for a lot of reasons.  These are some of the most terrifying (to me)

1. They want a Christian Theocracy

2.  They want to ban hormonal birth control (The Pill, Plan B)

3.  They want all Abortion Doctors tried as murderers. 

4.  They WANT pregnant people to die in childbirth if that is “what God wills” 

5.  They WANT pregnant people to “sacrifice” their lives for a fetus.  They celebrate this.  

6.  They think that the human body will ALWAYS pass a miscarriage or a stillborn naturally.  

7.  From their own website, re: Life of the Mother “Based upon this analysis, abortion is never morally justified, even in cases where there are complications in pregnancy. More specifically, performing a procedure that is purposefully designed to kill the fetus is never morally justified. In life-threatening situations, it is morally justifiable to deliver the fetus from the womb prematurely, provided that the intent of the delivery procedure is to leave the fetus intact, whole, and unharmed, with the best chance possible for his/her survival outside of the womb. In cases where the fetus cannot be delivered in such a manner (such as an ectopic pregnancy), the organ containing the fetus may be removed in order to save the life of the mother. In no case, however, is a procedure purposefully designed to kill the unborn child ever medically necessary, or morally justified”.  They even state in that blog post that they know better than doctors.  These people DO NOT have your best interests at heart.

These people are not doctors.  They are not scientist.  They know nothing about healthcare.  The want to make this into a moral argument, when the reality of the situation is that it is a science argument. 

8.  Ultimately, AHA are street preachers.  AHA are christian/atheist debaters.  AHA are pre-suppositionalist that want to use “logic” to change opinions on abortion.  They are also christian radicals that lean towards “home church” and don’t submit to any church authority or elders. They think the christian church in America is apathetic.  They want the churches to “rise up” and “stop abortion” (WTF does that even mean).  They believe in concepts like “The Lesser Magistrates” (police and those in lower authority arresting and stopping abortion and gay marriage).   These. People. Are. Fundamentalist. Terrorists.