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I’m planning a trip to japan for this spring, I’ll spend a few weeks then hit hong-kong for another week or two. I’m really excited about going back to japan, I get to see trish before her move to LA and reconnect with my other friends. I have a long list of things to do make that trip I planned ages ago to hiroshima, eat some okonomiyaki, visit the itsukushima shrine and go to kyoto from there. Trish’s husband is part of a rock punk band on his free time, they did an anime opening once and is quite known around yoko. He got us tickets to a few shows, I really love japanese music. Trish and I used to hit underground hip hop shows, I couldn’t fully enjoy the show b/c as soon as people spotted 2 black women in the crowd all eyes were on us and it was super uncomfortable. Once you get into it j music is really good and it’s a shame most people talk only about nujabes, the days seem so long since I got everything planned. I just can’t wait to leave I wanna eat authentic j food and use japanese super toilet. You don’t know the true joy of a “washlet” until you’ve been to japan lol!

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Hey mama, I am planning on going to Japan as a senior trip with my friend and mom(the only reasons she is going is because it's been 15 years since she has be there) where would you recommend going. We have a few places in mind already.

I think that’s kind of a hard recommendation to make. We’re talking about a whole country here. 

Twice Realizing They Love You (REQUESTED)

You and Sana would be at dinner. You were planning a trip to Japan, to visit her hometown. She was just staring at you and it hit her. She loves you. After a while, she’d notice you had stopped talking and would try to jump back into the conversation like nothing happened.

You and Nayeon were in the middle of a prank war. She was hiding from you who had a supersoaker full of orange juice. “You can’t hide!” you’d call. She’d smile to herself, a smile that only you can make her do. That’s when she knew. She loves you. She came out from her hiding spot with both arms up. “You win!” she’d yell.

Dahyun was throwing an aegyo storm at you. You were dying from how adorable she is. You were beaming a huge grin at her. She was watching you and she couldn’t help it. “God, I love you,” she blurted. She was so shocked when you heard her. She tried to play it off.

Mina was trying on different outfits for Twice’s comeback. She walked out in a black floral dress. You stared at her in awe, completely captivated by her. She could tell by the look your eye. You love her and she loves you.

Jihyo was into Twitter. People were tweeting about her body. She was so down. You saw that and began to being a total goof. Eventually, she started laughing and she knew in her heart. She loves you. More than anyone else.

Tzuyu was away with the group, promoting. At the end of the day, she called you. You started going on about your day. Then you stopped, you asked her about her day. She told you how long and exhausting it was. You told her that you wished you could be there for her. The fact that you wanted to be there, for her, helped her see it. She loves you.

You were scolding Momo for not sleeping for 3 days. She had spent the past couple nights at the dance studio, dancing till dawn. She sat and took it, knowing that she couldn’t stop you. You were the only person who could get her to take care of her health. Not in a motherly way, it came from a place of genuine love. She knew it from the beginning, but it was clear now. She loves you.

Jungyeon asked you to come to her photoshoot. She wanted you to be apart of her life, including her career. She was doing her poses when she looked over at you. You were smiling a huge smile and encouraging her. You were completely supportive of her and it made her feel like a million bucks. She loves you and she couldn’t wait to tell you.

You and Chaeyoung were spending the night in. She was writing rap lyrics and you were scrolling through tumblr. She kept running what she wrote by you and each time you would give her your full attention. She was just staring at you. When you took notice, she blushed and hid her face. She couldn’t help you. She loves you.

I’m planning a trip to Japan with @pumpkinetics and things are going well!! I’m really excited to go see the countryside and the mountain hikes and she’s super excited to go to the city and the malls and we’re going to split up the trip between that and festivals, I’m so exited for July!!

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t shown myself recently :( Been piled up with full time work and lots of planning for my end of year JAPAN TRIP AHHH /hyperventilates/

Anyhow! For this request, I wasn’t able to write for all the characters asked as I’m not satisfied with keeping it short but if I don’t, the post gets too long SO I have only written for Aomine, Kise, Midorima and Murasakibara here. If anon or anyone else really really wants me to finish the other half I will do that and post it up separately! 

Oh man longest intro ever D: 
I hope yall enjoy this one as well! ♥

♥Admin Arimura

Aomine: The two of you were in bed, shifting around until his body met with yours comfortably, as he spooned you. He presses his face to the nape of your neck for a kiss but instead of your skin, he met his lips with your long hair.

your f/n, your hair…” He grumbles softly into your ear so you lift your head and swipe all of your hair to the side, allowing him access to your skin. This was the usual routine every night almost. 
“Why don’t you just tie up your hair. You’ve got so much.” He hums into your skin a small complaint that bothers you more than you’d care to admit.
You were quite proud of your hair. It was a healthiest of anybody else’s and was smooth as marble, this was because of your meticulous upkeep. So when someone complains as if it’s just a hassle, of course you’d get prickled right? 

Nonetheless it didn’t stop you from making a trip to the salon first thing in the morning. You had decided to cut majority of your lengthy hair as it would be more convenient and would stop your boyfriend from eating your hair all the time.
As soon as your hairdressers hands felt your silky soft hair, he allowed himself to gawk and question your methods.
Wow, how do you keep your hair so healthy? This is top of the top!” You smiled proudly at your hairdresser before thanking him sadly for the praise.
“I’m actually going to cut it today. Up to above my shoulders.” The sad tone of your voice prickled the hairdresser, causing him to nervously confirm with you over and over and over again if you were sure of this decision.
Not wanting to allow yourself time to change your mind you nodded and urged him to cut it quickly. 
By the end of the beauty session, you walked out with a cute and wavy bob.
It had turned out a lot better than you expected. You were so delighted you practically skipped home, looking forward to the surprised face of your boyfriend. 

“Daiki I’m home!~” 
“Ouh” He grunts a greeting without looking away from the T.V. 
“Daiki~” You sang his name as you pranced over to stand in front of the T.V in attempts to achieve his focus. At first, he had tried to look behind you, not giving you attention in hopes you’d give up and come sit by his side instead, but when you persevered he finally turned his gaze up towards your face to tell you to stop blocking the T.V.
“Oi, stop standing there and- Whoa! Your hair!” He stood up upon laying his eyes on the new hairdo and pulled you to him to inspect the cut. After a good few dozen seconds, he leans into your neck approvingly to give you a peck.
“Oh, I see now.” He spoke in a knowing tone after not having met his lips to your hair like usual and instead landed his kisses on you neck.
“You’re offering now huh. Even got rid of your precious hair for my kisses huh, babe?” Your face flushed a vibrant pink before stuttering your denial.
“N-no! Not everything’s about you baka!” Wriggling in his arms, you tried to pry away from his grasp but that only resulted in him tightening said hold. 
“Babe, you look amazing.” Spreading his signature smirk across his face as he spoke.

“Kise!! GANBATTE!!” “Kise-kun! Kise!!!”  Kise’s fan club could be heard a mile away with this loud screeching of a cheer as everyone one of them preyed on his attention as he held a practice game on a Sunday morning. Honestly it does get on your nerves, just the obnoxiousness of the group but on the other hand you host enough faith in your boyfriend that it doesn’t bother you one bit that 80% of the school’s females are fawning over him constantly… except for her.
The fan club president could be seen standing at the back, with her arms folded over before casually flipping her blonde locks to the back. She’s gorgeous. You couldn’t help but let your gaze linger but soon it became uncomfortable as your admiration soon turned into self loathing. Shifting awkwardly in your seat, you tried to block out the negative thoughts. Someone like her would look so much better standing next to him than me… UGH. You slap your knees before jolting up, and out the gym towards the nearest salon to do something! anything! to your appearance as a confidence boost and to get the damn self loathing out of yourself.

–time skip salon makeover–

You had arrived back just in time to see the match end as you nervously pushed aside the door and sneaked in, trying hard not to attract too much attention. Ugh idiot! you did it so to attract attention! Have to look decent next to Ryouta so GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF WOMAN! You gave yourself two loud sandwich slaps on your own face that turned out to be louder than you intended as people turned their heads in a domino effect towards the sound.Your cheeks flared up in shades of pink as you darted your eyes around in search for a secluded spot to hide in before meeting your gaze with Kise’s.
He had followed the gazes of his senpais, towards you and as soon as he landed his eyes on you, his body reacted before his mind could take in your change visually.
Dashing towards you with arms wide seeking for an embrace, he had stumbled half way and fell on his face upon finally noticing the now caramel-blonde coloured hair that replaced your blue-ish black.
“Ah Ryouta! Are you okay?!” You rushed to his figure on the floor, still completely flustered from all the attention, not knowing what to do hide or help??!
“Y-your hair! When did you do this!? Why didn’t you tell me sooner!” He lifted his head instantly as you reached out to him.
“Ah- I-I… I thought I may need a make over to match you a little more…” You looked down away from him as your voice grew softer and softer.
Not caring for silly thoughts he had beamed out loudly promptly “IT LOOKS AMAZING ___-cchi! YOU LOOK LIKE A MODEL” He shrieked and pulled you on top of him on the floor, into a tight embrace.
“Ah no! There are people around!”
“Who cares! Everyone can stare at how gorgeous you look!”

“Make sure you’re on time okay? And wear something conservative today okay? Remember to bring the fruit bask-”
“Hai, hai. Shintarou do you know how good you are at nagging” You giggled into your cellphone before continuing.
“Don’t worry I have it under control, when have you known me to mess up big events? Okay? So just go to sleep, I’ll be there 6 pm on the dot so wait for me outside yeah? Goodnight Shin”
“W-wait! Don’t forg-” beep. You hung up on him and waited, knowing he wouldn’t not say goodnight. one…two…three- ding ding!
“Shin, you can be so cute you know?” You squirmed around in your bed as you read his goodnight text.
Content with the amount of affection you’ve received, you got up to pick an outfit for the dinner you’ve planned with Midorima and his parents at a nice restaurant. It’s not the first time you’ve eaten with his family, but this time was different. They had invited you out to celebrate your birthday. This act was so kind, it had caused you to feel stressed, even though you were quite good at concealing your panicked self.
Pressing your outfit up to yourself in front of the mirror, you shook your head slightly. Something feels off… the dress is nice but… is it my hair? You stared at yourself as you played around with your long, red hair, trying different partings and styles. No, this isn’t working. I’ll go to the salon in the outfit early tomorrow and figure something out then! So you called it a night and went off to bed.

Upon arriving at the salon in the late morning, you had already figured out the problem with your current look. It might be drastic but change is nice right? You convinced yourself before stepping into the store.

–time skip salon makeover–

5:45pm- “Where is that girl?” tap tap tap. Midorima can be seen outside the restaurant with his arms crossed, tapping his foot impatiently. As you came closer and closer to the restaurant, he starts to notice you. Can he not recognise me? You giggled to yourself and by the time he realised it was you, you were only 3 meters away from him.
“Y-your hair! When did you get this done? Why didn’t you tell me about this nanodayo!” He almost shouted from being too flustered at the new appearance. The once sleek red hair you wore tided back was now curly and a dark brown colour. You swept your locks to one side of you neck with a content smile on your face, happy with the results and the reaction.
“I just thought to be even more presentable and fitting to your parents as your girlfriend” You beamed at him before reaching to hold his hand as to keep him from running away from you. His eyes meets yours before he focuses his gaze back onto the red rug that ran down the front steps. You couldn’t make out if it was the reflection of the coloured rug from the light hitting it and bouncing back onto his face or if it was just his body responding to you.

Murasakibara: You were making your way to Murasakibara’s homeroom during lunch break before coming to a halt by the door. You overhead the boy’s conversation that piqued your interest as they lead to answers you pondered over, yourself.
“C’mon Mura, tell us!” “Yeah, what kind of girl are you into?” “No stupid, he has a girlfriend. It should be what attracts him the most, in her!”
Seems like your boyfriend was getting bombarded by personal question, yet he didn’t seem to get too bothered at all and answered calmly.

“Mm… I guess I like tall girls? It’d be too difficult to kiss them if they were too short…” The words came out so easily, it shocked his classmates.

“Yabe! How can you talk about kissing so easily to your classmates! You’re more than I thought!” The boys teased.

Now you weren’t the shortest girl but you definitely weren’t tall, so naturally you’d be at least a little bothered. The new information had stained your thoughts and taken over your mind throughout the whole day. Having enough of being saddened at how bothered you were by the new information you decided that you’d go to the salon after school to get a make-over for a self confidence boost.

–after school @ the salon–

When the hair dresser asked you a simple question of “What would you like done today?” you were left stunned by your own impulsiveness and lack of decision so you said the first thing that came to mind.
“Make me look taller please!” Little did you know that the hair dresser would be cutting off 10 inches leaving you with a cute bob that curled inwards at the ends. The hair dresser explained that long hair on a shorter person can ‘drown’ the height even more and that showing the neck can extend a person visually. 
Accepting the logical explanation, you paid and headed back to the school gym, expecting your boyfriend to be there.

You could hear the game as you came closer and closer to the gym entrance. The nervousness that swam in your stomach slowly grew as you came to the door. Fiddling with your hair with one hand, you open the door with the other.

Murasakibara was sitting on the bench surrounded by bags of snacks, he did not seem to notice you coming in, so you silently move to sit beside him.

Barely anyone had the guts to sit next to this giant let alone a girl. He glanced at you in the corner of his eyes, wondering who would sit beside him so calmly. He couldn’t see your face but saw the strangely familiar, slender fingers that blocked his view as it twirled around a strand of hair. Without thinking, he reached out and pulled you by the wrist to face him, completely taken over by curiosity.
He stared at your face blankly for an awkward few seconds before finally realising it was his own girl friend. 
“___-chin?? Wait when did you cut your hair?” He leaned in a little too closely to observe the new do, causing you to flush and turn your head in embarrassment.
“I-I didn’t mean to cut this much off… does it… look bad?”  
“No, not at all. Now I can do this-” Taking advantage of the exposed skin, he buries his face in the crook of your neck before giving it a sweet peck. 
W-what are you doing?!” You tried to push him away but lacked the strength as his breath against your skin, weakened you to the bones. 

Hey, all! I’m still working on Adrinette month, but I’m a bit delayed since I was dog-sitting elsewhere for three weeks and am planning out the last details for my Japan trip next month!

Thank you for your patience! I’ll get another card up soon!

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Do you have another youtube channel?

Yeah but it’s mostly anime and old videos I made back in japan. I have another trip planned this year maybe I’ll put a link in my description then, don’t really like to share this stuff here. People aren’t exactly nice with me so…

This week’s dan and phil summary

so dan and phil decided to plan a random trip to go to japan. Traveling that far is a huge deal and has been a dream of theirs for a long time, AND THEY JUST WENT WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE HOW LONG THEY’D BE GONE. who’s gonna water their plants? who is going to look after their flat? WHO WILL EAT DAN’S CEREAL?!

these are the questions I ask.

and the worst part is… WE HAVENT GOTTEN ANY FUCKING VIDEO BLOGS TO TELL US WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OVER THERE. Are they getting married? Adopting a child? Meeting foreign women? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.

and thats what you’ve missed on glee!


Tokyo International Forum - Tokyo, Japan PT III

I had the opportunity to visit this place on three separate occasions during my recent time in Tokyo. What I love most about this city is the architecture which reflects the meticulous infrastructure that makes up so much of Japan’s culture. No detail goes overlooked, in this case the detail being light. This building looked different every time I visited, it’s interior shifting with the ever changing light conditions outside. I plan on visiting the space again at night on my next trip to Japan.

my program director for this trip to japan that i am embarking on - let’s call her dr. b - is now planning yet another trip because of me. the only reason i am in japan now is because i voiced my interest a little under a yeara ago.

you all know i recently started playing assassin’s creed february of this year, right? well. turns out dr. b is an art historian with a very large concentration on renaissance artists and very great knowledge of italy from between 1460 and 1490 and leonardo da vinci

and once she heard about assassin’s creed 2 and brotherhood being part of the reason why we would want to go, she has EXTREME interest in mine and amethystflare‘s love of the game - like she’s really surprised that the game helped us learn about her favorite time period ever probably, to the point where she is so glad we are interested.

and she wants to go to italy next year sometime and focus on firenze and rome and maybe venice and other parts of italy

and she wants part of the mission statement to be something centered around how media really immerses people in an environment and helps them learn and love new things

and she wants me and vega to explain assassin’s creed 2 further to her because she’s too old to play lol

i feel like utter garbage though because asscreed is so old and i’m so late but ugh

This weekend my dad and I are going to finalize our plans for our trip to Japan over spring break (booking a flight and a hotel, as well as places to sightsee) so get hype

Also taking suggestions for places to go to!! Shoot me an ask or reblog this or something if there’s someplace I absolutely need to go to