how to schedule your time (ft. Plan)

requested by anon ; web app featured is Plan

Plan is essentially a digital planner where todos and events are drag/drop, so it’s convenient and easy to make adjustments.

i swear this isn’t sponsored, although it sounds like it ha. i love this site. the app is in beta though, so you have to be on a computer to use it. edit: there is now an app!!!!

there’s a daily, weekly, and monthly view, but I use the daily view most.

you can sync with your Google calendar so all your events are already on the calendar.

  1. every day, after i settle in at my study space, i open Plan
  2. i add my todos / school assignments in the task bar at the top of the daily view.
  3. then, on the timetable, i click to add events for pre-scheduled dinner time, preparing for sleep, etc.
  4. from there, i drag and drop in my assignments into the timetable where I have free time.
  5. adjust assignment times. for e.g., my bio review packet might take 45 minutes while french hw might take 15 minutes.
  6. i move assignments around until nothing overlaps, and –
  7. don’t forget to schedule breaks! i just leave some spaces empty on the timetable.
  8. when you finish an assignment, you can click the check and IT CROSSES OUT and i feel  a c c o m p l i s h e d !!
  9. also it’s so much much much much easier than physically writing it down, because everything is drag/drop and adjustable. say, if I take 30 minutes longer than expected on an essay, I can push everything else back by 30 minutes and still be able to have everything in order.
  10. ALSO!!! at the end of the day, i can look back to see what i’ve accomplished that day. it’s a great feeling honestly

also because lots of people have asked - how to change colors

sorry this was kinda short! it’s getting late and i might have forgotten some things :/ send an ask if it’s confusing!!!

xo, kt


20/8/16 1:15 PM // writing essays and bullet journaling at starbucks while waiting for my music theory lesson to start. just did an SAT practice test. will go to a friend’s house this evening to work on a project for a school event. p.s. will answer asks soon 😁


Professor Willow’s Plan



I think this will be the last Pokemon GO comic I make for the time being, I’m going to go back to making my original comics that so many people seem to love.

Made a set of simple printables, because I was missing some things before the start of the school year.