plaited hair

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She gets it some time after they band up with the SHITs, when there's money enough on the side--a simple inscription laid into her skin, her mother's initials behind the ear where she tucks her feathers. It's hidden well enough but sometimes she feels Vax's fingertips brush against it when he's plaiting her hair, a constant reminder that they are the only family left and that they will never leave each other or their memories behind.

hi yes i would like to thank you for hurting my heart with this kris


In a vague attempt to feel productive I thought I’d make up a quick and dirty “How-to Draw Braids” thing. I hope you can read my horrendous handwriting…

I hope it’s useful to someone! Braids are so much fun to draw, honestly, and the world deserves more art with pretty braids in it.

Oh, and if you want to draw Elsa-style braids, simply draw the pattern upside down. Easy-peasy!

Let me know if this helped! Show me your results! And remember, practice makes perfect. :)