plait hairband



NU'EST’s ‘Sleep Talking’ comeback was one of the menswear highlights of k-pop’s 2013. With the visual aesthetic of the comeback very much in sync with the layered, complex and accomplished track (recorded in both Korean and Mandarin) and the iconic, complicated choreography (including that wonderful 'alarm clock’ move), NU'EST had an exciting year. 'Sleep Talking’ was slightly more put together, mature and thoughtful than the hot pink, bow bun, bleach blonde, silver leather days of 'Face’ and 'Action’ but no less youthful or striking or visually detailed. Using iconic pop culture labels like Joyrich LA, Giza, Tee and Cake & Boy London teamed with classical streetwear brand Nike and layers of beaded bracelets, stud earrings, chunky watches, thin necklaces and ear cuffs for added effect, 'Sleep Talking’ was a delight. One of NU'EST’s most defining visual details is the way they use hair and beauty. Androgynous Ren, in particular, drew many eyes their way when they debuted in 2012. Ren’s hard edged, assertive femininity of 2012 seemed softer and more laidback in 2013. Ice blonde fringes, winged eyeliner, pink leather and silver spikes had given way to pretty plaits, eye-catching hairbands, soft brown eyeshadow, pastel highlights and circle lenses. 'Sleep Talking’ was released at the end of August of 2013 when summer was just coming to a close for most of the world, but for me it will always be deeply connected to springtime and the haze of summer with all it’s pastels, florals and L. O. /\ . E stomach tattoos…