Boilerplate pushes Lily Campion in a wheeled touring chair on the fair’s Midway Plaisance. Archie is walking next to them. Ironically, the visual cacophony of this unique setting gave Boilerplate some respite from curiosity seekers. Few times after this would Boilerplate have this much freedom while mixed with the masses.

  • how is it possible that i have had HOURS UPON HOURS of homework already and i haven't even had a full week of classes. this is crazy! college is extremely overwhelming and tiring.
  • but at the same time, i can totally see how these are going to be the best years of my life. i love everyone in plaisance college, i can tell that we're going to become a really close-knit family. anddddd i am enjoying all of my classes (econ, connecting the global and local, music theory, advanced french)!
  • so far so good. :)

Apartment in Montparnasse, Paris

5 Bedrooms l 6 Bathrooms l Approx. 220 m² | Private Garden | Fireplace

Rue de l'Abbé Carton
Plaisance, Montparnasse, Paris

Stay in this beautiful apartment located on a residential street in the live and trendy neighborhood of Montparnasse, Paris. This location is close to many shops, cinemas and restaurants giving you plenty of options. The apartment has the benefits of a 100m² private garden, laundry room and dishwasher to making your stay even more comfortable. 

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