plainville connecticut

RGF (Resting Grumpy Face) - it’s a thing, and I have it!

Hi guys, I’m Maddie at Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue​ in Plainville, Connecticut. Please don’t let my RGF fool you - I’m actually very sweet, loving and mellow! But I’m pretty sure my “condition” is why I’ve been passed over for TWO years. I hear some humans have a similar condition so maybe you can relate?

Anyway, I’m a half-glass full kinda gal and tend to like that most people don’t believe that I’m a 10 years old…  thanks to my lack of smile lines, perhaps? (Hehe!)

Bottom line, I’ve got a TON of love to give and would do well with humans and possibly another laid back cat or dog. And, although I’m not big on it myself, I promise I’ll make YOU smile. A lot. Seriously. Just look at my face.

Now go call 860-308-0899 or email

And hey, shares make me smile! JK.

Love ya,