Gifts (Reader x The Talon Crew)

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Christmas time at Talon was always weird. Somehow some of the holiday cheer would always creep into the headquarters. There might not have been decorations everywhere or trees put up, but there might have been some eggnog or one or two hats around. This year you decided to snag a few gifts for some of the agents you worked with. There was a weird camaraderie in Talon, not that people were friends, but maybe between some people you were. Begrudgingly.

“Ooh, you shouldn’t have.” Sombra purred as you handed her a gift. It wasn’t anything big, just a stylish black mug with heat-activated purple decals. It seemed to fit her aesthetic and she had been drinking a lot of caffeine or whatever was in her borrowed cups and mugs lately. She booped you on the nose with a small kiss as thanks.

Widowmaker was a little harder to shop for, but you managed to find a stylish dark lipstick that might have suited her tastes. The sniper crinkled her nose at the sight of the tiny wrapped gift, but you figured it was because she found it strange you had even thought of getting her a present. The woman gingerly unwrapped it and her gaze softened slightly at the cosmetic. “Merci.” Her thanks was curt, but soft and she pressed a quick kiss to your temple.

The hardest person to buy a gift for was also the hardest to track down in the base. Reaper didn’t exactly hover around to socialise during downtime and he seemed to isolate himself a little more during holiday seasons, so when you spotted his back disappear around a corner you quickly ran to catch up with him. “Reaper! Hold up.”

The wraith’s shoulders visibly sagged as you called his name, but he stopped and turned to face you. “What now?” He growled. Clearly Reaper wasn’t in the mood for any shenanigans. You weren’t a particularly bad agent to work with, but the holidays always had him on edge; more so than usual.

“Here.” You held out a small rectangular shaped present. It would have fit in Reaper’s palm and it was wrapped in plain brown paper rather than something bright and festive. “For you. Everyone else has got theirs.”

Reaper let out a low growl and waved a hand before starting to turn away. “Don’t want it.”

You rolled your eyes and dared to reach out and pull him back by the elbow. He might have lashed out at you, but before he could, you dropped his present into his hand and backed away. “Seriously? You’re a pain in the ass to buy a present for and to track down. I want that out of my room, so toss it if you really don’t want to, I don’t care.” You turned around and waved a hand. “Seeya later.”

Reaper clutched the present and considered crushing it, but something stayed his hand as he watched you disappear around the corner. No one really cared about his presence during the holiday period and he supposed he didn’t particularly care for the cheer, but sometimes he missed it. He missed being able to celebrate with friends and family. Reaper didn’t have friends and family.

Or so he thought.

The mercenary heaved a sigh and unwrapped your gift. It was a small black box and when he opened it he almost wanted to laugh. It was a gunmetal grey shotgun shell, clearly ornamental. Engraved in the sleek surface was ‘Reaper’. He picked the shell between his claws before tossing the box and paper in a nearby trash can.


In the weeks after you gave everyone their gifts, you were surprised to get a few back; honestly you didn’t expect any at all. Sombra had gifted you with a lovely pair of headphones and Widowmaker had surprised you with a fancy ring which she said she had no use for.

There was one gift which was left in your room with no note, but you had an inkling who might have left it for you. The box was plain, but nestled inside was a lovely black knitted scarf, soft and warm with a matching beanie. Embroidered at the end of the scarf and beanie was your call sign in simple script. “Hah~ Really?” You picked up the gifts and smirked, putting them on without a second thought.

When you marched to the mess hall and saw Reaper you twirled past him with flourish. “Thanks.”

The wraith scoffed at your silly antics. You did look nice in the scarf and beanie, though.


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 4.17.17

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hi leda! i just reread the portrait (still love it!!!) and it reminded me that you mentioned working on one from stiles pov. i was just wondering what are the odds of that still happening? i love your fics and art!

The odds are…probably not very good. It never got past a doc of unconnected sentences I thought were funny at the time, and the only part that’s longer than one or two sentences was the moment Stiles saw Derek’s portrait for the first time:

Behind that plain wrapping was his fiancé. The man he would marry, the face he would be looking at for the rest of his life once he hit eighteen, that he would hopefully grow to love despite this all being for politics. He just had to unwrap it.

With one last reassuring smile and nod from Scott, he ripped back a corner of the brown paper.

And screamed.

Because the eye that glared out at him didn’t want to marry him, it wanted him dead where he stood.

Scott waved off the guards who burst into the room and came around the frame to see for himself. Even he had to take a moment to scrape together something positive to say.

The portrait was…well, it was a portrait alright. It was about as portrait-y as a portrait could get, right down to the stiff and proper posture and deep, disapproving frown. Stiles hadn’t even known someone so young could look that disapproving, or that it was possible for an artist to so meticulously capture the precise moment a man realized he was capable of murder.

“He’s…” Scott stopped and cocked his head to the side while he thought. Stiles did as well, because there was a chance it could look less frightening at a slight angle, and he was desperate (it didn’t look any less frightening at a slight angle).

“He’s distinguished,” Scott decided.

Stiles squinted at him. “He’s homicidal.”

“He could be both.”

The eye glared at them through the torn paper.

“Scott, my future husband is going to kill me!”

Beyond that, the only concrete plan I had was Stiles being perpetually more terrified of each glaring portrait of Derek that arrived, and then leaving the country to avoid them:

The farther he got from that, the better, so it was perfectly reasonable that he had to travel to an island off the far southern coast to study the mating habits of the Slender-billed Gull. No amount of his father’s disbelieving squint would make him break; mating habits of very specific birds were fascinating. 

He loved birds, god damn it.

Made To Fit

Marvel Writing Challenge: @abovethesmokestacks vs. @sebbytrash
Prompt: sweaters
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x reader
Word Count: 2.7k
Tags: so much fluff

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There’s a package on his bed.

Bucky has been standing in front of his bed, staring at the wrapped parcel for nearly ten minutes, as if his quiet presence would intimidate it into revealing what it is, why it’s there, and most importantly: who put it there. Deliveries are usually left at the private access on the first floor, or taken up to the common area for the Avengers to pick up. Their rooms were supposed to be secure, only accessible to the tenant. His first instinct was to check the door for signs of a break-in, but found the locking mechanism to be untouched, the keypad outside his door in pristine condition.

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I heard about the prompts for Dan's birthday, so how about either of these choices? 1. All of the Grumps give him a special present each from their own heart 2. Some great Egobang (because why not?)

I pretty much did both! Gotta drop Egobang in there because I’m 100% certified egobang trash!

Brian -

Dan looks at the rectangle package Brian has handed him. It’s wrapped in plain blue paper, and scribbled in the top left corner are the words “Happy birthday, dick.” He knows immediately that it’s a book, and if it’s a professionally bound copy of The Beej, Dan might actually go to jail for second degree murder.

“Of course you got me a book,” Dan says dryly.

“Open it, you idiot,” Brian tells him, and Dan sighs dramatically, if only to annoy Brian a little bit more.

His sass evaporates immediately upon tearing off the wrapping paper, however. Tears immediately well up in his eyes and he has to set the book down next to him on the couch because of how bad his hands are shaking.

It’s a signed, first edition copy of “The Last Unicorn.”  

Brian grunts from the impact of Dan practically tackling him and hugging him tight. “Happy birthday, Danny,” Brian says, petting Dan’s hair.

“Thank you.”


Later on in the day, when he sees Audrey, she excitedly gives him a stegosaurus plushie and wetly kisses his cheek before running away, cackling.

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Fic 345: If the Hat Fits

Fluffy Red Oktoberfest for you all! 100% spoiler free from today’s new comic release.

“What is this?”

The box, wrapped in plain brown paper and a twine bow, sat squarely in the middle of a rather important requisition request justification that had taken him the better half of the evening to make any headway through. Medic looked up at Heavy, who stood in front of him with his arms crossed over his chest and with an expectant look in his eye.

“Is present.”

“That much is evident.” Medic poked the side of the box with his pencil, listening for any tell tale clues, ticking clocks, hissing vipers, spring loaded gas devices, and the like. A quick glance up at Heavy didn’t help either. The giant was simply watching with an amused look across his face as Medic approached even this simple thing with the same mix of methodical care and callous disregard as he approached his surgeries.

A present. But for what? Medic racked his brain. Smissmass long since past, and neither of them ever discussed birthdays with each other. It had simply never come up. Spy could have been persuaded to part with the information, since he had no doubt already discovered it, but they were nowhere near that date either. There had been no arguments that either would need to apologize for, and even if they had, this wasn’t Heavy’s preferred method of apology. And in any rate, he was usually not the one doing the apologizing either.

There were no upcoming missions that would require additional prep. There were no upcoming unpleasant assignments that Heavy would want to avoid. The look on Heavy’s face was not the one he wore when telling him that he would be traveling back to Russia.

Medic was utterly baffled.

“I give up,” he finally replied, “Why?”

A sly smile crept onto Heavy’s face. “Does Heavy need reason?”

“No, I suppose not.”

“Then open, dorogoy.”

Medit set his pencil down and pulled the package back into his lap,. His fingers played at the bow on top, the rough twine hissing over the paper as he pulled it away and let his drop to the floor with the paper following shortly after. Inside the paper was a box. A proper box of sturdy stock that was emblazoned with a stamp that he didn’t recognize but that was undoubtedly Russian. He felt Heavy’s eyes on him as he pulled off the lid to find red tissue paper beneath. As he pulled it back, his fingers brushed across something soft, furry, and absolutely lacking in a heartbeat.

“A hat?”

Heavy nodded. “Is ushanka. Special for Doktor.”

He pulled it out and turned it in his hands. An ushanka it was, indeed. Dark brown, and almost identical to the one he’d admired on Heavy many times before, but on its front was a gold cross, his own class symbol, that made it his own. He let his fingers run through the furred lining, feeling its warmth and softness, and knowing that it would be more than a match for their inevitable reassignment to Coldfort.

“What kind of fur is this?”

“Bear. Killed with Heavy’s own hands.”

He almost choked up at that. It was hard to find a good man who would kill a bear for you with his own hands and that kind of enthusiasm. Without waiting another moment, he pulled it on and dropped the flaps to let the fur tickle his ears. It fit perfectly. How, he had no idea. He almost never wore hats, and the ones that he did keep around were of the helmet variety. But the ushanka fit like a glove. Of course it did. It was from Heavy, who knew him better than anyone.

“Danke, Misha. It is wonderful.”

The Medi-gun could have been powered for days off of the wattage that came from Heavy’s smile.

“But if you do not mind me pressing,” Medic got up from his desk and made his way around to Heavy and laying his hands on those impossibly broad shoulders, “what is the occasion? If I have missed something important…”

“Nyet.” Heavy shook his head as he pulled Medic close. “Is because we go together, Doktor.”

Medic shook his head as Heavy chuckled a little at his own little joke. Matching hats for men who were a match. It was silly and juvenile, the sort of thing infatuated teenagers would do.

He loved it.

The room was warm, and his head was already getting hot, but he wouldn’t take it off. Not just yet. Not while Heavy was smiling so brightly down at him. Instead, he leaned up just enough to plant a light kiss to the tip of the big man’s nose.

“Ja. Together.”

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May you please do some of your romantic relationship headcanons: Brainstorm edition please? (Particularly with a bot s/o)

Of course! I actually was planning on posting something for him soon anyways.

Romantic Relationship with MTMTE Brainstorm
● First things first, Brainstorm is a memer. His S/O is gonna be getting the rarest of Pepe’s at three in the morning. Why three in the morning? The world may never know.
● Complement the science boy. Call him pretty and a genius please he’s not as confident as he likes to pretend he is. His wings immediately perk all the way up when S/O tells him how great he is and how much they love him.
● Wings also perk up whenever S/O is around. They just make him so happy.
● This boy is big on snuggles, especially when settling down for recharge with his S/O.
●He’s gonna want to be the big spoon. He’ll wrap his arms around his S/O’s midsection and bury his head right into the crook of their neck. If his partner’s bigger than him, though, he’s alright with being the little spoon as long as S/O holds him close.
● A great kisser?? Seriously. This guy’s mouth is magic. And he loves giving his S/O lots of smooches. He’ll wake them up with soft kisses and wish them good night with them too. He’ll kiss them when he’s happy and when he’s just plain bored.
● He’ll definitely wrap his arms around his S/O from behind and rock a little from side to side. He’ll kiss their cheek and the side of their neck and the back of their head. Just. Kisses everywhere.

Finally - Chapter 6: Father’s Day

aka: 9 times Jay tries to win Voight over (intentionally and not so intentionally) and the 1 time he doesn’t need to.

Also on and AO3.

Many, many thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for all of her help, listening to me bounce ideas off her, ramble on about what I wanted to write and mostly, the beta-ing. You are awesome! :)

Jay held his phone between his shoulder and ear as he opened the front door of their apartment, having returned home from his late morning run. He had spent the previous night out at Molly’s with his brother and the rest of the usual suspects, getting home early that morning and waking up with the remains of a hangover. Erin was spending the weekend in New York, accompanying her brother with tying some loose ends so he could make his final, clean break and start afresh in Chicago. Jay had volunteered to tag along, but she had pointed out there was a chance she might not be back until mid-week and Voight wouldn’t let them both go when Olinsky was already on leave for a couple of weeks.

So here he was, filling her in with some of the gossip he had picked up the previous night before asking her how New York was treating her.

“Actually, I do need a favour, if you don’t mind,” she said after informing him that, as much as she loved New York, Chicago was definitely the city for her.

“What kind of favour?” he asked, kicking off his shoes and making his way over to grab some water from the fridge.

“One I’m sure you can twist into winning Hank over,” Erin replied, but it was more her goading voice which claimed his attention rather than the meaning of her words.

“Continue,” Jay prompted, intrigued.

“Well, you know how it’s Father’s Day today?” Her soft, saccharine tone told him that he wasn’t going to want to hear the rest of it, but she hurriedly carried on before he could get a word in edgeways. “I’m not making it home until tomorrow the earliest so please could you go drop off my present with Hank?”

Groaning, Jay threw himself onto one of the kitchen stools and leaned back onto the counter. “Erin-”

Please, Jay? You know how long I spent searching for the perfect present and it’s right there in the drawer. Please? Pretty please? I even wrote the card and everything. You literally need to turn up and give it to him,” she explained, making it all sound far simpler than he knew it would be. However, her words rang true; he did know exactly how long it had taken her to find Voight the perfect gift, especially as this was the first since Justin had died. It was enough to make him concede, for both Erin and for Voight, wondering if the other man would prefer having some company that day or at least the knowledge that his pseudo-daughter was thinking of him. But then she carried on, breaking him out of his thoughts and adding more incentive to the chore. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Will you now? From New York?” he asked amusedly.

“When I’m back, obviously. But if you really want to know how, there’s a box in the closet, under my jeans. You can sneak a peek…” she told him suggestively, trailing off after leaving him enough to start conjuring up the scenarios in his mind about what she could mean.

Jay cleared his throat, blinking a few times to rid himself of the images and trying to focus on the conversation at hand. “Oh, I will definitely be doing that. That’s a thing that’s happening. For sure,” he assured her, already getting to his feet and making his way towards the bedroom.

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Secret Santa Setup

A/N: I’m finally on Christmas break, and I’ve rewritten this fic once already and ready to move on. Ending is literal crap. I’m so sorry. Requests will be opened soon! Like, tomorrow!

Word Count: 4896 ((you don’t even need to read it it’s so long just leave a like for my suffering))

TW: Swearing, food mention

Pairing: LMM x Reader

Y/N liked Lin.

Lin liked Y/N.

Everyone in the Hamilton knew these facts, except the two people it was concerning:

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Y/N L/N.

The holidays were edging closer with each and every show day that passed. The entire cast and crew of Hamilton: An American Musical couldn’t take the constant longing looks cast across the room and purposeful avoidance of one another. So they decided on the only thing they could:

A secret santa gift exchange.

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My Favorite Things (E2 Barry x Reader)

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Requested by: @litterally-trash Requested to do Prompt #8, #9, and #15 with Earth Two Barry Allen.

Prompt: 8: “Thanks for the.. Uh.. Gift?” + 9: “I have no clue what this is supposed to be.” + 15: “Isn’t it beautiful?”

Word Count: 1,402

Author’s Note: HEY GUYS so I finally got my new laptop and this is the first imagine I’d have written on it;) so anyways, here is a short and completely unrelated to my E2 barry series requested imagine and I hope that you guys will like it:) 

It was the day before the wedding. 

The day before your entire life would change. For the better. It was the last day before you would be called Y/N Allen, and you were ready. You were so ready to spend the rest of your life with the one you loved.

In honor of the last day as Y/N Y/L/N, you had just spent the day as an unmarried woman with your girlfriends. They threw you a small bachelorette party, allowing you to have gone into more spas and massages in the last couple of hours than you had in your entire life.

Now, tradition was that the bride and groom weren’t allowed to see each other on the day of the wedding which is why Barry and you wanted to have one last moment together before the big day.

You had decided to give each other presents to represent the new chapter of your lives with each other. Cliche, yes, but you thought it was a good way to start the next step of your life. Anyways, you loved to give presents to another person. And, of course, receiving them too.

It was a struggle to decide what to give Barry, but in the end, you were excited and content with what you had come up with. You smiled as you put the final touches on your present. After a long day with the girls, it was nice to just sit in the quiet of your apartment with your future husband. Even if the manicure you had just gotten was pretty nice too.

When you finished, you waited a little bit for Barry to arrive. You had finished early and now you were sitting on the couch, hoping that you chose the right thing to give him.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

You jumped in excitement and basically almost ran to the door. A few days without Barry and you were already missing him.

“Barry!” you greeted. His eyes sparkled behind his round glasses as his grand smile erupted. “You’re here!”

He chuckled as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “Of course, Y/N. Where else would I be?”

You kissed him lightly on the lips before dragging him by the arm into the living room where you had your present. Honestly, you were kind of proud of your present. It might’ve not been the prettiest thing, exactly, but you put a lot of your time and work into it and you had a gut feeling that Barry would love it.

“C’mon, I want to give you my present!” you said happily. Barry smiled at you as you shook your leg in an act of being slightly impatient. 

“Alright, alright, Y/N. I’ll open it,” Barry said, grabbing the box that you were handing him. It was wrapped in a plain green wrapping paper with a small silver heart stuck on the right top corner.

He raised an eyebrow at the simplicity of the box. You smiled, and then shrugged.

“I heard that green symbolizes new beginnings,” you said. Barry chuckled before slowly unwrapping it. His gentleness was always one your favorite things, but right now, it was making you almost jump in your seat.

Barry slowly opened the box and pulled something out.

He stared at it for a few moments as you scanned his face for any emotions.

Barry pushed up his glasses slightly before making eye contact with you. Glancing at the present, he gave you an uncertain smile.

“Um, t-thanks for the…uh…gift?” he said, the sentence ending in a question. Your smile grew larger. Honestly, you knew that this would happen.

Barry Allen was a smart person; he was the CSI technician for CCPD, of course he was smart. But sometimes, he was just so clueless, it was so cute.

“Do you like it?” you asked, messing with him. “Do you know what it means?”

Barry stared at your present, trying to figure out exactly what it was so that he could tell you what it meant to him. But he couldn’t decipher what it was for the life of him.

After a minute or so passed, he gave up and sighed with a soft smile.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he chuckled. “But, I have,” he glanced back at the present, “…no clue what this is supposed to be.”

You laughed before grabbing the present from his hands. 

“It’s because you’re holding it upside down, idiot,” you said. You turned the present upright before giving it back to him. It took him a second to analyze exactly what it was before he began to smile again.

With him, your smile also enlarged in size.

The present was a crocheted figurine of you and Barry holding hands.

You had decided to take up crochet just because you loved the idea of making something. It had taken you a while, but with the help of the internet, you figured out how to make little characters by crocheting it.

You crocheted Barry with his round glasses, the brown hair, the vest and slacks, and the infamous bow tie. The most difficult part was intertwining your hands together. Once you got that down, you made yourself wearing your favorite outfit. 

You had spent a lot of time on it, and although it wasn’t perfect, you thought it represented you two’s relationship perfectly. 

Barry smiled and turned to you. “I love it,” he whispered. Barry put the dolls gently back into the box and grabbed your head, kissing you softly against your lips. 

“Let’s go see your present,” he mumbled against your lips. 

“Go?” you asked, pulling away slightly. Barry smiled. 

“Yes, go. C’mon.” He grabbed your hand and dragged you off your couch, out of the apartment, and onto the elevator where he hit the top floor button. Still holding your hand, Barry walked fast out of the elevator when its doors opened and pulled you out onto the rooftop. 

There, was the most breathtaking thing that you’ve seen in your life so far.

It literally took your breath away. Stunned, you stared at the lit up dinner setting that laid in front of you.

The small table was covered with two plate settings with a bottle of wine in the middle along with one candle. Dim lights hung from the wires that hung above you which somehow made the stars in the dark sky shine brighter. You could see the streets far below you; the cars driving by mutely and the moon illuminating its light so close to you.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Barry asked you as he stared at the stars. Barry guided you to the table, biting his lip, waiting for your approval.

“I love it, Barry,” you responded, still awestruck at the romantic dinner.

It was one right out of the movies.

You smiled as he lived the silver covering, revealing your favorite dish. 

“It’s fairly simple,” Barry started, “But I think it’s a nice way to start our new life together.” He placed the dolls next to the ice can where the wine was sitting in, making sure that they could sit down without falling over. 

You smiled at the gentleness that he handled them with and the perfect night that he had given you.

“It’s amazing. I-It takes my breath away,” you said. Barry grabbed your hand from across the table. 

“I love you, Y/N. And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you,” Barry whispered, kissing the top of your hand softly.

Tears built up in your eyes. Bartholomew Allen. Cute, nerdy, amazing, Barry Allen was sweeping you off your feet and you had no problem with it at all. He was the one. The one that you didn’t even know that you’d been waiting for. He was your knight in shining armor, even if you weren’t a damsel in distress.

Barry was the one that made you understand why you were here on this Earth in the first place.

“I love you too, Barry,” you breathed. One tear fell slowly down your cheek. He swiped it away with his thumb and smiled at you.

“Let’s eat, Y/N. Before the food gets cold,” Barry told you. You nodded gratefully, picking up a fork.

The night ended with a romantic dinner and crocheted dolls whose hands were sewed together forever.

And it was the most perfect night to welcome the next day that was too come.

The End

Author’s Note: Hey guys! So I FINALLY got a new laptop so that means new imagines! I hope that this wasn’t too cliche for y’all but we all need a little cliche every once in a while:) and it can happen lol my sisters bf did this for her and I can’t even express it to y’all how cute it was omg ANYWAYS I hope y’all like this and I will have another imagine up soon!

Apple Pie

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Pairing: Deanxfriend!reader, SamxReader
Word count: 1,166
Warnings: Swearing, implied smut
Tagging: @nerdflash @faegal04 @damalseer @i-am-not-a-freak @vika-hiddles @mein1928 @craftersdust @panic-everywhereabouteverything @fayemenelmir @crowleysqueen88 @frenchybell @crycrest @captain-princess-rose  @supernatural508 @bananakid42 @beccasnowflake @jared-jensen-misha-are-lovelyy @foxtail-lizey @trashforwinchesters @drampop @fand0maniac @ms-fandomaniac  @winchester-lover95  @ashleeromer-03  @flower-loving-phangirl @chelsea072498 @bookishdorito @frenchybell  @jared-jensen-misha-are-lovelyy @sdavid09 @everyday-supernatural-af @feelmyroarrrr @uselesspotatonoodles @wonderless-screwup @emily-jane-girl-next-door-rp @lovetusk @smoothdogsgirl  @fand0maniac

Part 12 of Can’t Forget You

Dean had lectured you that morning, but it wasn’t as bad as you would have thought it would be. He said he knew that he couldn’t stop the two of you, so he insisted you be safe about it. Besides it being an extremely awkward breakfast conversation, you made him promise to never, ever talk about sex with you again. He agreed, and said he’d cover for Sam, saying he passed out on the couch.

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Kaz’s Birthday Part 2 

part 1

  • The next person who shows up is Wylan. Kaz tries to turn and walk away, but Wylan’s already spotted him. “I need to talk to you!”
  • Good. Maybe Inej didn’t tell everyone. “What is it?”
  • “Jesper’s going to Ravka with Nina.”
  • “And?”
  • “You told me to get someone to do the things I can’t. Read ledgers, write orders. And now that person’s—”
  • “No.”
  • “But Kaz…”
  • “I’m not for sale. Besides, I have my own business to worry about.” Kaz can’t help but wonder if Wylan is out of his mind. Why trust him of all people? The thought agitates him and he doesn’t even understand why.
  • Wylan frowns. “It’s not like you sleep.”
  • “No.” Kaz gestures to the door. “See yourself out.”
  • Wylan’s shoulders slump on his way toward the door. But he stops short and digs his hand into his pocket. “I almost forgot. Happy birthday.” He tosses a small box at Kaz.
  • Is this bribery? Kaz loses the battle of fighting his smirk. Suffice it to say Wylan has picked up a few cues from being part of The Dregs. And Kaz is always taken aback and impressed when he makes use of them.

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Les Miserables Christmas Headcanons
  • Every year Combeferre and Courfeyrac send out themed Christmas cards. This year’s theme was X-Files
  • Marius and Cosette include all of their dogs in their Christmas card
  • jbm have the most Christmas-y house out of anyone. It’s absolutely covered with lights, have a giant tree that doesn’t completely fit, and decorations everywhere
  • Enjolras considers drinking peppermint coffee to be in the Christmas spirit
  • Grantaire wraps everyone’s presents in plain wrapping paper and then decorates them so that each person has personalized wrapping paper
  • Marius can’t wrap presents to save his life so he just puts everything in bags
  • Eponine wears ugly Christmas sweaters every day in December
  • Jehan always gets people the weirdest (but best) presents. Combeferre once got a set of antique medical equipment
  • Joly’s hot chocolate is 50% hot chocolate and 50% marshmallow 
  • Bahorel buys his dogs Christmas costumes
  • Courfeyrac and Combeferre have gotten into passionate arguments about whether A Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie
  • They all spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together and watch Christmas movies the entire time and Feuilly bakes everyone cookies and everyone is happy and absolutely no one is dead

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DWC: the way you say I love you, from far away

Some pre-relationship Kremquisitor because I am hopeless.

For @dadrunkwriting

As soon as Leliana handed her the package, Ellana whirled away and sprinted the entire distance to her quarters, nearly bowling Solas over as she stampeded down the stairs and through the rotunda. 

To anyone else, it was a rather unimpressive parcel. Just a small box about the size of her head, wrapped in plain brown paper and twine, and bearing the initials ‘C.A.’ Yet her nimble fingers shook as they pulled the knotted twine loose and tore into the packaging. A slight squeal escaped her when the parcel was laid open before her.

A plain scrap of parchment with neat, blocky writing sat at the top. It contained nothing more than a dry recounting of his mission so far, in a professional tone with few needless pleasantries or flowery words, signed simply with a brusque hand: ‘Krem’. It was the postscript that had Ellana’s heart fluttering girlishly.

“I saw something I thought you’d like in the little market town just outside of the Dales, and a few other things I found along the way. Best wishes.”

Inside the package was a miniature stuffed nug, with tiny wings and mismatched buttons for eyes; a variety of shiny stones and shells and crystals wrapped up together in a scrap of cloth; a pocket-sized book of Dalish fairy tales, bound in tooled green leather and embossed with silver leaf; and a dainty metal hair comb with filigreed curls of ivy set with minuscule sprays of amethyst. 

She knew the Bull paid his men fairly, made sure they never wanted for the coin to purchase necessities. She also knew that Krem sent most of his pay home to his mother. With careful hands, she examined the comb closely, and knew that it must have cost him at least a few silvers, if not a whole gold piece, maybe even two.

Krem found her at a table in the back of the tavern when he returned and flopped down across from her, tired and parched. “Your worship,” he nodded to her as he accepted a drink from a barmaid, and his eyes shot back to her immediately, falling on the faint shimmer of amethyst nestled in her curling red locks. She wore her usual dove-grey gown, cut low and straight across her bosom where a slim violet crystal wrapped in slim wire hung suggestively. A grin broke across his face.

“You got my package,” he said, still smiling. The crystal was one of the little trinkets he’d sent as well, fashioned by a clever hand into a necklace. “Looks great on you.” 

Ellana gave a bashful giggle before springing to her feet and sliding onto the bench next to Cremisius. “I love it,” she whispered, clutching his arm and pressing a long, sweet kiss to his cheek. It took every last ounce of control he had not to simply turn and capture her lips in his, to press her down against the wooden seat and love every bit of exposed skin with his lips and teeth and tongue.

Instead he gave an awkward chuckle and let his hand rest at the small of her back, his thumb rubbing gentle circles against the soft fabric of her dress. “I’m glad,” he said.

Halsey+(y/n) smut

So I’m vvvv sorry I’ve not been that active lately I’ve had a party and friends staying over for the past couple of days, this one was requested and I hope I’ve succeeded with it, don’t really know if I’m so extremely happy with it but yeah thanks for requesting, and anyone can so go ahead!! Kinda needed RN I have major writers block lmao

Since Ashley had released badlands everything had just flipped upside down, in a sort of good way though, her schedule was as busy as ever, constantly being invited places, playing shows, doing promotional stuff, traveling across the world and tonight she’d been invited to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and had asked you to come along.
You were loyal and all to Ashley, she was the only girl you wanted, she was amazing, but a load of girls walking around in underwear you were sure to look, after about 20 minutes into the show you looked over to Ashley who was looking down at her feet, unlike her usual outgoing self so obviously you were concerned but brushed it off after a while and carried on watching the show, then (models name idk any oops) came on Ash knew you had a major crush on her, you couldn’t help but stare, once she walked round the stage and back off you once again turned to Ashley, this time she seemed pissed off, you shifted your hand onto hers and leaned towards her “you okay?” But she just shrugged you off her hand and ignored you, you weren’t really sure what had happened to make her so pissed off and oblivious to you checking the models out hurting her but you were going to find out soon enough.
“Babe, please just talk to me” you whined, she had ignored you the whole show and the way back to the hotel, you weren’t taking it much longer “God, Ash just talk to me!” You snapped “the whole fucking night you have been checking out all those God damn girls and didn’t pay a fucking minute of attention to me, I’m supposed to be your girlfriend (y/n)” you were taken back by her sudden outburst and didn’t really expect her to talk to you for the rest of the night but before you could reply or do anything so had locked her lips on yours “bed now” she grunted in your ear “and I want you ready for me” she followed with a cocky smirk. You didn’t disobey her, you knew what she was talking about and it made every part of your body tingle, you undressed and lay on the bed waiting for her to return not to long after with a box in her hands
“Now, do you really think it’s appropriate that you check out other girls when I’m around”
“No” you mumbled, feeling bad for earlier but also extremely turned on because you know what’s yet to come.
“It’s not is it? And that’s why I’m going to punish you.” “No touching me- or yourself for that matter, but then again I’m going to make sure you won’t” she pulled out handcuffs grabbing both of your wrists and pulling them toward the bed frame securing me to it, she reached to the box again and pulled out a plain black bandana and wrapped it around my eyes so you couldn’t see anything, she got up off the bed that you where now attached to, leaving you like a bag of nerves and excitement. You heard her rummage through the box again, and then her foot steps pacing around the bed “I’m going to make you scream my name, honey, just enough so you and the whole world know your mine and hopefully you won’t feel the need to check anyone else out”
You soon felt her cold hands against your bare hips making you whine and buck them up a little “ash” you cried dragging the letters she flipped you over so you were laying across her lap pulled her hand up an smacking it down forcefully on your butt,
“You like this don’t you, you’re such a slut” spanking you again and again until you were bright red from the sharp contact of her hand and your butt.
“Now, No talking unless I say you can” she snapped back.
She spread your legs and kissed up my thigh stopping mid way and started sucking and nipping it with her teeth, hard enough to leave a mark and make you groan.
Although You couldn’t see her Icould feel the smirk across her face the fact she’s done so little as kiss you and has so much control, she worked her way up the rest of your thigh again, once she was only centimetres away from your core she kissed you again and got up leaving you frustrated and needy, she walked towards you leaning into your ear “what do you want me to do love?” “Tell me what you want” she hummed, “you, please, Ashley” you whined moving restlessly “but what do you want me to do to you” she groaned making you wetter by the moment, “fuck me please”, “as you wish” she replied once again being able to feel the smirk across her face.
She moved back down to my core letting her hot breathe hit it “mm babe you’re so wet for me” she inched closer to it and quickly kissed it, she let her hands and fingers trail down your thighs holding them down in preparation for your reaction of what she was going to do next, with no warning she starting sucking on your clit, your moans filled the hotel room the effect she had on you was huge, she sucked and pulled harder making you cry out in pleasure, you were soon going to hit your climax the pleasure building a knot in your stomach, the moans becoming louder.
Just seconds away from you coming she stopped and pulled away from you, making you groan in frustration “Ashley please” you whined.
“Nope, you shouldn’t check other girls out, sweetheart, and you’ll learn that” she chuckled.
Soon you heard a soft humming noise “I’ll teach you right” she whispered crawling back towards your sensitive area without warning she pumped the vibrator into you slowly turning up the setting so it went faster as she did, the quick action caught you by surprise earning a whine from you, the fast action was already so much for you, but soon she dived her mouth into your clit sucking harder and faster than before all while the vibrator was being pumped in you.
Your climax was hitting you with so much force, your legs began to shake and you began to whimper, you closed your eyes seeing white dots in the back of your head
“I-I’m going to cum”
“Do it, cum for me baby”
You let out a huge cry as you came undone “I love you” you said breathlessly, she pulled the vibrator out of you “good” she said.
You felt her crawling up toward you unlocking the cuffs and untying the blindfold “I love you too” she replied nuzzling her head into your neck and wrapping her arms around your waist.

you’re a keeper

Yoonkook Week, Day 2: Favorite AU (1 /2)
Harry Potter AU (~2k words)
background vmin. ‘97-line is aged up a year so I could have 95z still be in school with jungkook as a 6th year.

The Amortentia has been bugging him for weeks now. It always sits in his robe pockets, within reach for those times he can’t help but pop it open to sniff at the fumes rising in circles from the vial. If he really needs a whiff, he brings it right up to his nostrils. By now, he’s sure his House mates think he’s smoking something illegal, not remnants of a potion everyone had brewed and dumped a month ago in class. But it smells amazing, like his favorite soap and the laundry detergent his mother had used when he was a child and—

And he can’t figure out the third smell.

He cannot for the life of him figure out what it is. He knows that it’s familiar, that it tugs at the back of his mind hard like it wants to be remembered, like it’s angry with him for forgetting. He knows that it’s comforting, that as much as it pulls at him, it calms him more than the scent of his childhood can. It smells more like home.

Out of the three scents, it’s his favorite.

He just doesn’t know what it is.

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Imagine accidentally letting it slip that you're in love with Parrish

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“It’s just a quick stop,” Kira begs, turning in her seat to pout at you.

It only took one look before you find yourself agreeing. “And then we’re going straight to my house to meet Lydia and Malia,” you say, and Kira nods quickly.

When you reach the station, Kira has her seat belt off before you even stop the car. “Will you come too?” she asks as she’s about to get out, a blush creeping up her cheeks. “Sheriff Stilinksi scares me.”

Smiling, you nod and follow her to inside. As it turns out, Kira had no reason to be scared - the Sheriff had gone out for his lunch break.

“This is for Sheriff Stilinski,” Kira says to Deputy Parrish, handing over a small parcel wrapped in plain brown paper. “Tell him it’s from Kira.”

“Will do,” Deputy Parrish says, and Kira grins thankfully before leading you back outside.

“He’s nice,” Kira remarks as you start up the car and begin to drive home.

You’ve zoned out, concentrating on driving. “Um, yeah. Isn’t he great? I’ve been with him for a while and I love him,” you say absentmindedly, watching the road carefully.

You suddenly realize what you had said and freeze, slowing the car in the middle of the road.

“You love him, huh?” Kira teases.

“What I meant was-”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Kira asks, motioning for you to start driving again.

“Well …”

“Never mind that,” Kira says, waving her hands. “You two are cute together.” Suddenly, a though comes to her, and she laughs giddily. “Wait until Lydia and Malia hear about this!”


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Shower HCs - Mass Effect Men edition
  • Kaidan brings his own oddly shaped bottles that are missing their labels to the showers - he takes the good-natured teasing about being vain silently, letting the assumption he’s using expensive products slide, until it’s noticed noticed he showers with his eyes closed, or in the dark if he has the showers to himself  - one of the few concessions to his migraines.
  • Garrus avoids the communal shower - says it’s ‘embarrassing’… which is odd considering his prior military service.  It’s the scratching  under the fringe that gives it away.  He’s allergic to the Alliance issue soap.  Who knew Garrus Vakarian has sensitive skin?
  • Wrex hoses himself off in the cargo bay, chanting Krogan war songs as the cold water washes over him.  Shepard adopts the “800 pound Krogan” philosophy and leaves it be.
  • Joker has a chair, and a special extendable shower head - and anyone who gives him shit for it is going to get soaked just as he’s dry dressed and ready to head out.  Jeff Moereau is a marksman when it comes to water hoses.
  • Jacob uses some system of ‘3 minutes hot, 2 cold, repeat’ - “helps the circulation after a work out,” Kasumi explained.  She swears she only knows about it because she read an extranet page over his shoulder once when she definitely was not cloaked, and Shep believes her.
  • Thane avoids the showers - too humid.  His sponge baths in Life Support are vastly improved by the anonymous gift of a Hanar heating stone, found one evening wrapped in plain paper affixed with a single scratch and sniff sticker of a rose.
  • Garrus teases Grunt about deigning to use to the crew showers, needling him about Wrex’s habits ‘back in the day.’ Grunt glares at him for a moment before shoving the turian out of the way so he can use both shower heads at once.  Garrus decides to adopt the '800 pound Krogan’ philosophy on the spot.
  • Legion reminds EDI that “The Geth do not ascribe to organic, specifically human, sex and gender assignments.  But we will take the matter of removing the remnants of collectors from our mobile platform under advisement.”
  • Zaeed always smell of cigars and spilled liquor mixed with old-school weapon oil, but he’s always downright civil if you cross paths in ’ the head’.
  • Vega is as boisterous in the showers as he is anywhere, but he’s never flicked a towel, and the observant will notice he gets a bit more boisterous, a little more exhibitionist, drawing a bit more attention to the far end of the stalls whenever one of the shyer guys happens to join them.
  • Cortez hums - scales mostly, half-murmered lists of things he has to do, making it musical so he’ll remember later, he explains. But sometimes, it’s a a few bars of music he shrugs off when asked what it is.  After one of his trips to the Citadel, he actually sings the words, just the once.  But after, the scales are much more melodic.
  • Javik hoses himself off in the cargo bay - he does not wish to 'commune with the primitives in such a manner.’  Garrus almost gets biotically flipped head over feet when he startles the prothean by sneaking up and starts chanting Krogan war songs.  Garrus lands on his bony ass as he simultaneously extends the '800 pound krogan philosophy’ to fifty-thousand year old protheans.
100 Followers - Imagine: Being Kidnapped by Millennium and then Guarded by a Polite Captain

Whew, this took forever, and I’m sorry for that! This is much, MUCH longer than the last one. A lot more backstory too. I apologize for the lack of Captain. It was difficult to get him in there without it becoming weird of why he would be there, so yeah, sorry. I really hope you all like this. Do let me know how I did on this, I always love your comments (which I read on EVERY post) and talking to you all. Please enjoy and thank you!


Hellsing Fanfiction - Reader-Insert

Reader x Captain (slight, can be interpreted how you please) 

Feedback is appreciated, and I apologize in advance for my terrible attempt at a German accent XD


Something cold and metallic pressedagainst ______ aching skin. The touch was a strange mix of pleasantand painful. As their eyes pried themselves open, the peculiar feeling quickly transformed into an irritation. They were in a cell, which only meant one thing: damn Millennium.

Groaning, they pulled their sore body to their knees. In the dim light, the small square room was even more dismal. A perfect cube with one side holding criss-crossed bars and the other a plain metal sheet that wrapped to hold them. A metal prison that stank of gunpowder and antiseptic, with only an oddly brown-colored toilet in the corner and a thin mat in the other.

It shouldn’t have surprised ____ that their conditions were so terrible. They were a part of the enemy after all. It embarrassed _____ to be in this situation, especially after having finally rose in the ranks of Hellsing. After starting off as just another cannon-fodder soldier, they climbed their way to the top, or rather, was one of the few that still stood and still clung to their sanity. Most either died or went insane after having witnessed all of the horrific sights that Hellsing dealt with, many of which had to do with the No Life King himself, who had no qualms with devouring the enemy right in front of the new recruits. Somehow, _____ managed to become used to the screams and splashes of blood. Maybe because they knew it was for the best, or because they thought it was kind of cool, or maybe because they rationalized that at least it wasn’t them. Whatever the case, ____ remained, through all of the battles, through the arrival of the Draculina, Seras, through the hiring of the Wild Geese, and through the initial fight against the Millennium members. And this did not go unnoticed. Sir Integra was impressed, not an easy feat, and Alucard appeared to be amused by _____’s talent of not dieing, despite the odds. During Jan Valentine’s assault on the manor, ______ survived, and that was the final tipping point. After such heavy losses, ____ was promoted, even standing above the newly recruited Wild Geese (which, of course, Pip Bernadotte laughed at this before being smacked around by Miss Victoria, who did not appreciate seeing a senior officer belittled as they were). When it came time to escort the No Life King, it was no surprise that _____ was assigned to accompany the Wild Geese in their guarding. At first, ___ was excited to find that they were going to be visiting such a pleasant place and began to daydream about perhaps getting a well-deserved break. However, it appears fate had other plans, or rather, Millennium had.

Everyone was busy during that night when Tubalcain Alhambra and several other Millennium soldiers attacked Alucard, including a rather tired ______. They had been asleep at the time, but was awoken quickly by the sound of gunshots. They had been stationed in the hotel as well, as a precaution, yet, this seems to have been a mistake on Hellsing. While attempting to gather up their guns, several men rushed in, far more prepared than _____ was. They fought the vampires the best they could, however, was overwhelmed by the numbers, which just seemed to continue to grow. When their gun was knocked out of their hands, they knew it was over. However, instead of devouring them as they believed, they were hit over the head with the butt of one of the enemy’s guns and immediately blacked out.

And now, _____ was under the gracious care of Millennium.

The bruises on their arms and legs from the fight had not healed, only worsened from the apparent rough treatment of their unconscious body during the move. Blood stained their hair, crusty around the area in which they were hit. Gingerly, they wobbled to their feet, fighting off the nausea that was rising in their throat. They were sick from the impact and injuries, but also could not deny the hunger pangs that were rising in their belly.

_____ made their way to the bars, and peered past the cross-stitched metal. There were other cells, yet none of them appeared to be occupied. The faint light from the bulb hanging from the ceiling, however, did not help with their vision. The silence was unnerving; no one was around by them. Why kidnap them, but then not even bother to guard or interrogate them? Wanting answers, ______ did something that only seemed rational at the time.

“Oi,” ____ yelled into the hall, “why am I here?” Their voice reverberated off the metal walls, sending a shiver down their spine from the sheer emptiness.

When there came no answer, they huffed before turning around to slump down onto the mat. They huddled there, holding their knees to their chest, just realizing how cold it was in there. A growl emitted from their stomach and they held it, pressing their palm against the soft spot in hopes of silencing the ripple. The continuous inner cry was interrupted by the sudden clang of metal against metal. ____ glanced up, their eyes widening at the sight.

The Captain.

Not known by any other name but his position, The Captain was only a rumor, a whisper, a I-hope-to-God-he’s-not-real-because-otherwise-I’ll-shit-my-pants-murmur. However, ____ knew right away from his appearance who he was, just from the stories of white hair and red eyes, and his clothes, which matched the military-grade outfit for captains. He was tall, much taller than _____, and broad-shouldered with a face hidden behind his collar and hat.

Here was the Captain, a mere legend, standing before _____, with a tray in his gloved hands.

_____ was speechless, only stuttering out breaths in an awkward attempt to form words. The Captain, on the other hand, was quiet as well, yet carried a superior air around him. With their back still against the wall, _____ tried to slink back farther into the shadows. When he realized that they were not going to come towards him, the Captain took a step forward, causing ____ to flinch. He did not attempt to approach them further, but instead bent down to place the tray on the ground. Their eyes locked with his when he went to stand back up, but they quickly looked away. Their stare remained on the colored-toilet until they heard the sliding of metal and footsteps fall away. When they were sure they were alone, they vaulted their body towards the tray. A simple sandwich, apple, and glass of water appeared to be the most delicious thing that ____ had seen in a very long time. They devoured the food and drink without a moment’s hesitation. Afterward, they crawled back into their corner, their thoughts racing and their skin still achingly cold.

As ______, thought over their current situation, wondering how the heck they were going to escape a Nazi prison, heavy footsteps echoed through the hall, making their way towards _____’s cell. ____ stood up, preparing themselves for the inevitable encounter.

“Ah, did out prisoner enjoy their meal?”

____ remained silent, refusing to answer the man. First, they stood toe-to-toe with the infamous Captain, and now, in the flesh, was the Major himself. A portly man with grin plastered against his face, the Major was dwarfed easily by the Captain, who stood to his right. _____ kept their eyes on the Major, but couldn’t help but catch glimpses of the Captain and his own crimson orbs.

“It was fine,” _____ finally replied, “thanks.”

The Major clasped his hands together in a dramatic fashion. “Wunderbar. I know it vasn’t much, but I’m glad to hear that it could fill some of zhat void in your stomach.”

____ quietly scoffed at the man’s mock-enthusiasm. “Thank you again.” It was best to try and remain polite. The last thing they needed was to go and piss off the reason this war began.

“You are most velcome. Now, onto business. You are probably wondering vhy you are here. Well, you see, our Doctor has taken an interest in you and your apparent inability to die, despite the dire circumstances.”

_____’s eyes widened. ‘Doctor?’ Who the hell was the 'Doctor?’ Was he the one that was turning those soldiers into ghouls? Oh shit…

“So, you brought me here,” _____ said, “because you want to experiment on me?”

The Major’s grin stretched farther. “You could say zhat. You impressed us, all of us, and zhat is not an easy feat. Do not worry though,” he spread out his arms, “I promise zhat it won’t be as bad as it sounds.”

“I don’t want to be a vampire.”

The words left _____’s mouth before they could stop themself. It was true, they wanted to remain human, please and thank you, but they really did not want to make their captives angry. However, despite _____’s initial thought, the Major’s grin did not fade, but instead, somehow seemed to stretch even further.

“Ah, I know zhe feeling. Do not worry, we wouldn’t dare take away your humanity. Zomething like that is far too precious to lose. For it is your spirit that keeps you alive.”

Okay, now the guy was starting to sound like some inspirational poster. _____ wanted to meld into the wall, but they remained, still under the watchful eye of both the Major and the Captain, whose gaze had not left them.

“The process will be difficult, true,” the Major continued, “but it will be vorth it. We hope.”

“Well, what is it then?” ____ asked, regretting the words once more, but their curiosity would kill them before any sick experiments would if they were not told soon. However, they were not given an answer. Instead, the Major shook his head, the sickening smile never leaving his face.

“You vill see soon.” He locked eyes with them once more. “For now, you vill stay here, with the Captain here checking on you once in a vhile.”

With that last comment, the Major left ____ to themselves, the Captain trailing behind.

Having kept count of the days by sheer memory, ______ was up to four days in the cell. It was the same everyday: the Captain would come by three times a day with a tray of food (always a sandwich, apple, and water) and then stand there for just a little while before leaving. Each time he was there, _____ made use of the temporary company and attempted to talk to him. Perhaps out of need for company, or perhaps their sanity truly was slipping. Whatever the case, they were the only one that talked between the two, the Captain remaining ever stoic and silent. Usually, their “conversations” consisted of ______ thanking him before reminiscing about the past, mainly events from their career in Hellsing.

It was on the fifth day, they noted, that something was different: it was much colder than it had been. They sat on their make-shift bed, holding themselves, and attempting to stop their violent shivering. When the footsteps arrived, carrying the Captain and his food tray, they did not bother to look up. They did, though, when they heard a sudden whooshing noise, and a darkness cover their view. An incredibly warm cloak was now placed over their shoulders. It was tucked close to their collarbone by two nimble hands. The body to which these hands belonged to was now, as _____ noticed, shirtless. The Captain had leaned down to their level and was adjusting his very own cloak around them. Because of his height, his chest was more at eye length than his face, making the cloak seem to be made out of ice in comparison to the hotness that enveloped ______’s cheeks.

“Um,” ____ said, “thank you Captain.”

He said nothing, instead, standing up from the shivering figure, stepping over the tray, and leaving, allowing _____ to keep his coat. After coming out of their daze, they gingerly ate the food, careful not to stain the coat. Normally, ____ would have purposely tried to ruin anything Millennium had, but due to the Captain’s abnormal kindness, they decided against it. He came back a little later, carrying a pile of blankets. He took back his jacket, but made sure they wrapped the fabric around them first. They thanked him once more, before he slipped away.

All of this was too confusing for ______. They were sought out by Millennium, imprisoned, being prepped for some sort of experimentation, and now the infamous Captain was bringing them blankets. What was with all of this? Why was he so polite? Why did Millennium want them? It was almost too much.

Within the next few days, the Captain came around more often and stuck around more. To ____, they enjoyed the company, but was growing concerned by this need for extra protection. Was it almost time? However, he remained polite, making sure that they were brought food and blankets. At one point, he even brought them a sponge and a bucket of water to wash off. Of course, he turned around like a gentleman to give them privacy.

It bothered _____ how much they were going to miss him and his visits when it came time, him and his damn politeness.


Yeah, sorry about the shit ending. I had no idea how. You all can make up the rest I suppose :)