plain white t's rhythm of love

songs to listen to if you’re in love (link)

first day of my life - bright eyes

lights down low - max/gnash

sleep on the floor - the lumineers

build me up buttercup - the foundations

for him. - troye sivan

something - gnash

girls like u - blackbear

skinny love - bon iver

say you wont let go - james arthur

i do - colbie caillat

how would you feel (paean) - ed sheeran

rhythm of love - plain white t’s

i want to write you a song - one direction

chasing cars - snow patrol

only love - ben howard

love on top - beyonce

thinkin bout you - frank ocean

drive - halsey

from eden - hozier

crazy little thing called love - queen

1,2,3,4 - plain white t’s

bloom - the paper kites

somewhere only we know - keane

lucky - jason mraz

little things - one direction

mess is mine - vance joy

im yours - jason mraz

kiss me - ed sheeran

Rhytm of Love

summary: based on the song “Rhytm of love” by Plain White T’s, you are spending your last night before college with Peter.

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Rhythm of Love

High school was finally over and you couldn’t say if you like it or not.
These last years have been hard, Peter knew this and he was proud to have overcome each challenge with you by his side.
What he wasn’t ready to face was a separation.
You two were inseparable, if someone was looking for Peter he needed to know where you were because surely Peter was with you and vice versa.
When you told Peter you were accepted at Brown university he was over the moon and had a ‘five-minutes-dance’ but then he processed better and understood that you were moving to a different state. Moving without him.
No one knows - except May, of course - that Peter cried a lot the night after.
Together with Ned and Michelle, Peter had organized a party in a pretty nice pub near the Thai restaurant you used to go on Thursday nights.
His eyes stayed on you all the night, more precisely on the little red dress you where wearing and the high heels that made your legs look as long as highways.
“Can I steal you Y/N for a few minutes?” he asked to the group of friends you were talking with.
You looked at Tom a bit confused “What’s up, Parker?”
Peter shrugged his shoulders “I need some alone time with my best friend. Is it too much to ask?”
You pretended to think about his question “I guess no.”
“Can I take you somewhere?” Peter asked.
You didn’t even let him finish his question that “I’d go everywhere with you.”
It was just a matter of seconds: at first you were at the club, then in the Street where Peter and the on the rooftop of a skyscraper.
That was the best perk of having Spider-man as best friend.
“Oh my god, Peter. It’s so high!” you exclaimed “There wasn’t any lower skyscraper around here?”
“Do you want to go back?” he asked.
You shocked your head “I won’t lean”
“I love the view from up here, warm sun and wind in my ear. We’ll watch the world from above.” He explained while coming closer to you “We just have tonight and I want to stay with you.”
You didn’t know what to say. You were sorry to leave him but it was just a goodbye, you knew that your friendship was strong enough to overcome everything. Also your crush for him.
You shocked your head. You have to reject your feelings, it wasn’t the right moment to tell Peter you deepest secret.
“Dance with me” Tom stated breaking the silence.
“Sorry?” you asked confused.
“Dance with me.” Now you were face to face and you could see the soft brown of his irises.
“We don’t have music.”
“I can sing for you.”
You chuckled and nodded.
Peter hands surrounded your waists and you put your arms around his neck.
“Ahhh, which song can I sing to you?” he said to himself aloud.
“You know which one is my favourite.”
“Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like on
A-Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby, kiss me”
he started to sing making you spinning around.
“Sing with me” he whispered.
“I… I can’t” you took a step back “This is too much. The sunset on a skyscraper, dancing, you singing my favourite song the day before mov-”
Your words died in your throat as Peter kissed you. Once, twice a billion of times.
A small tear escaped from you lashes.
That was too much to handle for you. Too much emotions, too much passion, too late.
“You don’t have to cry Y/N. We have tonight, and tonight is enough for me. Until the morning sun you’re mine” he kissed you again “you are just mine.”
You smiled between kisses “I’m forever yours, Peter Parker.”

playlist for a veronica who loves her jd and likes pop punk and rock.

here (in your arms) // hellogoodbye
still into you // paramore
drunk in love // oceans ate alaska
kids in love // mayday parade
rhythm of love // plain white t’s
whole lotta love // led zeppelin 
i don’t care // fall out boy
love of a lifetime // firehouse
do i wanna know? - arctic monkeys
true love waits // radiohead
beautiful love // the afters
is this love // whitesnake

I hate having ships cause when I’m relaxing and listening to those sappy songs from when I was in high school, I start giggling because my mind automatically imagines the ship with the song.

Case and point, atm I’m currently imagining Akko being a dork and singing Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s to/around Diana, who’s either blushing or trying and failing to bite back a smile. Or both.
chills run down my spine as our fingers entwine - thelabours - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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yamakage; for @yamakage-week, (see this could technically be all the prompts, im just !!!!)

in which we learn how yamaguchi and kageyama met, what yamaguchi is like when he procrastinates, and exactly how much kageyama loves him

or, how blueberry cupcakes are magic

(here’s an accompanying mini playlist that’s completely unrelated to the fic but yamakage all the same:

if my heart was a house - owl city // youth - troye sivan // rhythm of love -  plain white t’s // by your side - the 1975 // cosmic love - florence + the machine // unconditionally - katy perry // first date - blink 182)

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Manicure by Lady Gaga

You Know My Name by Chris Cornell

Classic by MKTO

Are You Gonna Be My Girl? by Jet

Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s

Hymn for the Missing by Red

Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant

Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling

Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows

Shake Your Groove Thing by Peaches and Herb

Everybody Wants to be a Cat from The Aristocats

Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz

Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner

Esmeralda From the Hunchback of Notre Dame

Take a Chance on Me by ABBA

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Fairy Tail Ship Songs

People liked my songs I associate with Fairy Tail characters so this is songs in associate with ships.

Nalu-Accidentally in love by Counting Crows

Gruvia-You’re The One I Imagine by Tone Damli

Jerza-Clarity by Zedd

Gajevy-September by Earth Wind and Fire

Natza-Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran

Graylu-The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel

Jeredy-you make me smile by Uncle Kracker

Chendy-Everything I do by Bryan Adams

Max x Laki-Closer by the chainsmokers

Lyvia-She’s Got Love Like Woe by The ready Set   

Freedmira-All Of Me by John Legend

Rerry-Let’s Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth 

Gratsu-Hot ‘n Cold by Katy Perry

Zervis-Tainted Love by Soft Cell

Albis-Can you feel the love tonight by Elton John

Edo Nalu-I roll up by Whiz Khalifa 

Laxana-It’s five o'clock in the morning by T-pain 

Zancrow x Meredy- Animals by Maroon 5

Jeltear-Beautiful Love by The After

Baccana-you’re love is my drug by Kesha

Rokino-Hey there Delilah by Plain White T’s

Jellal x Kagura (Jelruga?)-If it ain’t love by Jason Derulo

Stingyu-Treasure by Bruno Mars

Mystwalker-love the way you lie by Eminem 

Miraxus-four five seconds by Rhiana         

Edo Gruvia-Exes and Ohs by Elle King

Happy x Carla-Sugar by maroon 5

Elfever-Marry me by Jason Derulo 

Cobra x Angel (Coangel?)-Shut Up and Dance with me by Walk The Moon

Gildarts x Cornelia-Rhythm of Love by Plain white T's 

Locana-Die Young by Kesha       

Nali-Puppy Love by Paul Anka

Rogura-we found love in a hopeless place by Rhiana

Bixanna-Bailando by Enrique Iglesias

Graytear-I will always love you by Whitney Houston       

Hibiki x Jenny-Like I’m gonna lose you by Meghan Trainor

Lolu-Uptown funk by Bruno Mars

Silver x Ur-Runnin’ by Nico & Vinz

Stingerva-No Place I’d Rather Be by Clean Bandit

Rowen-Love Story by Taylor Swift

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Top 10 songs I’m currently into:

1. Nara - alt-J

2. Warm Foothills - alt-J

3. 99 Red Balloons - Sleeping at Last

4. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - The Police

5. Sophie - Goodshirt

6. The Night We Met - Lord Huron

7. Hunger of the Pine - alt-J

8. Matilda - alt-J

9. Can’t Help Falling in Love With You - Elvis Presley

10. Rhythm of Love - Plain White Ts

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title: heartbeats (like a drum)
summary: lucy loves his music with all her heart, but he seems pretty untouchable. until she crashes right into him. (nalu modern au, title from “rhythm of love” by the plain white t’s)
a/n: happy belated birthday @amehanaaa <3 hope you enjoy this cheesy oneshot I wrote!

He was a rockstar on the big screen, and he sang with all of his heart. He was a musician in every sense of the word, and played every instrument on stage at least once in every concert. He was a legend in a human body, and a household name (admittedly, among teenaged girls especially. He was too old for them).

And Lucy was head over heels.

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Rhythm of Love -Plain White Ts // Nishinoya Yuu. Hope it isn't too much trouble! If you ever get tired, it's okay to take as many breaks as you need ^-^

FINALLY I FINISHED IT. This was long, but it was a pleasure to write it. It’s currently 1 AM and I have to get up for work in like… 5 hours, but it was worth it. I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 


Rhythm of Love - Nishinoya Yuu. 

Being in a la relationship with Nishinoya was something quite unique. It was, in all sense of the word, a constant adventure. Nishinoya was that kid in class impossible to ignore. His loud laugh, and extrovert personality claimed to be acknowledge. Anyone was able to see the bravery and confidence that existed in his eyes whether they knew him well or not. 

So when he asked her out, she was already aware of his crazy antiques. In a superficial way she knew what he was about. He had screamed the question as he bent his body aggressively towards her in intent of a formal bow. The few people around them inevitably turned to them. She gave them a shy smile before accepting the invitation. She never knew what was, she only knew she would actually like to go out with him in a date. She wasn’t sure back then if she liked him that much to be his girlfriend.

My head is stuck in the clouds
She begs me to come down
Says “Boy quit fooling around”

Nishinoya wasn’t one afraid to show his true colors, nor his feelings. His intentions were always good, and when he wanted something he never gave it a second thought. He followed his heart with no fear. In this case, he wanted a someone instead of a something. And it wasn’t the type of infatuation or silly crush like the one he had on Shimizu. No, what he was feeling was the real thing.

He didn’t know her personally, they had never properly talked, but he had seen the insignificant things almost everyone missed. From the way she smiled, to the way she treated their classmates, all of that from A to Z told him a preview of who she could be. And he had fallen for that. He wasn’t in love with her then, but his hunch hadn’t been wrong.  

I told her “I love the view from up here
Warm sun and wind in my ear
We’ll watch the world from above
As it turns to the rhythm of love”

He acted confident when he asked her out as it was expected from him, but inside he was beyond nervous. And that same nervousness had followed him on his way to his first date. He checked his hair every time he found his reflection in a window, and his hands were clammy. He had arrived almost half an hour earlier, but when she arrived and asked him if she had made him wait for too long, he lied saying he had just arrived.

While asking her out had taken him a whole lot of courage, getting to know her had been the easy part.

The conversation flowed as effortlessly as the water of a river. They were soon laughing and sharing as much information about themselves as they could. In rare occasions one was able to connect so naturally with another human being. Sooner than they had liked, their time together was over and they had to say their goodbyes. However, both were left wanting more. The date had woken a spark between them that wasn’t going to die out.

Nishinoya didn’t waste any of his time, and before she left, he asked her out one more time.

We may only have tonight
But till the morning sun you’re mine

Play the music low and sway to the rhythm of love.

One date led to another, and then another, and so on until they made it official. It was a complete nonsense to keep denying, or hiding what they truly felt. It was intense, and it shone as brightly as the midday sun. Whenever they were together in a room, the place lighted up. Everyone around them could not only see, but also feel what they were feeling, a love so strong that it was almost a physical presence.

Before she noticed, she was involved in what used to be Nishinoya’s own personal adventures. Late night trainings, early walks, exploring new places in town, and the list went on. For him those adventures had become ten times better. It was no longer him randomly wandering through those places, they were now transforming into the holders of beautiful memories. And he liked it; he didn’t feel as if his own space had been taken away from him, to share was a mesmerizing experience for him. He wanted to share his world with her, and she was open to listening to him.

But from all of those new memories, his favorite was their first kiss. It had been spontaneous just like him, and at the same time it had been sweet like her. He wasn’t aiming for a kiss that day, it suddenly happened. The atmosphere around them had turned mellow in merely seconds, and before they realized what was happening, they were already leaning their faces for a kiss. He guessed that their whole relationship was based on hunches and impulses. They had been following their instincts since day one, and their instincts hadn’t failed them, not even once.

My heart beats like a drum
A guitar string to the strum
A beautiful song to be sung
She’s got blue eyes deep like the sea
That roll back when she’s laughing at me
She rises up like the tide
The moment her lips meet mine

Nevertheless, no relationship is perfect. Insecurities eventually get in the way, one makes mistakes, and a simple comments can lead into a fight. Sometimes it took them only minutes, or an hour before making up again. There were times when it took them days. Tears would roll from both their eyes as they admitted just how much they loved each other, and the strange, unusual magic that surrounded their relationship. Because they couldn’t let it go that easily. Love doesn’t become strong through clear blue skies; it becomes stronger when it endures the hardest storms.

And it was between those stormy times that their demons came out. They talked for hours about their past, and the scars that would forever be with them. When you love someone, you can’t choose what to love. You need to love them whole, and that included what hurt them, what made them scared. 

That’s what they started to do, then. They started loving the broken parts that lived inside them, and with that love, those cracks were filled with gold. Suddenly their past wasn’t so heavy anymore. Once they fully accepted the other, a lot of their fears subsided. The biggest freedom a human being could ever reach was the ability to be one’s true self at all moment.

When the moon is low
We can dance in slow motion
And all your tears will subside
All your tears will dry

What also came with a love as grate as theirs was an unconditional support. True love is selfless. Eventually they stopped spending as much time together. They had exams, training camps, and family events out of town. All left to do is to understand the other, and that they have a world aside from the world you have crated with them. At first love is a mighty power that lifts you up, a mighty power that in one point cools down. Love becomes part of a routine; you get used to love that specific person.

Both of them had witness relationships ending. They had the answer to the routine problem, thou. They still believed in the other, and the little time they got for themselves, they made the best of it. And more often than not, making the best of it meant to be together in a couch sleeping the evening away.  

Being together was enough. They still had summer, and winter breaks ahead to give them time to return to their usual exotic activities.

And long after I’m gone
You’ll still be humming along
And I will keep you in my mind
The way you make love so fine

It is said that there’s no grater pleasure than to love, and be loved in return. And they knew it, so they hold on, and they tried, and they would continue pushing forward together.

We may only have tonight

But till the morning sun you’re mine all mine

Play the music low and sway to the rhythm of love


Thanks for the request! I hope you liked it!

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You have an awesome dae, too, Sammy!! -3- NO! YOU’RE AWESOME!!!

😖 something that makes you anxious 

Hehehehehehehehe… What doesn’t? OwO Honestly, people yelling at me triggers some really bad memories so yeah XP

👀 eye color

Brown. Pretty generic XP So I’d like to think mine’s dark chocolate :3

🌸 favorite flower

Forget-me-nots for a very obvious reason XDDD

🍎 favorite fruit

Y’all are gonna think I’m bananas because my favorite fruit… is bananas =)

🎶 top 5 favorite songs

  1. the entire Hamilton soundtrack (shut up. it counts XDDD)
  2. Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s
  3. Undertale by Toby Fox
  4. I’m a Rocketship (Chetreo Remix)
  5. Crazy Girl by Eli Band (mostly because it’s my boyfriend’s song for me >////<)

🕒 time you go to bed

Somewhere around 12-3 :3 But recently, I’ve been setting up a curfew for myself to be asleep by 2


      She likes the smoke. Not in an inhale-it-till-you-get-cancer-in-your-lungs kind of way but more in an aesthetic way. The aura it gives her every time she is on stage signing. Tonight that smell is heaver, richer. She can tell there is someone in the crowd smoking a cigar, the expensive kind. Which stuns her a little bit. After all the pub she is singing at, isn’t one where rich people usually hung out. She puts the thought aside.

      Persephone goes over her lyrics once more before she takes her place on the stage, behind her beloved microphone. She loves the freedom she gets each time she sings. The jazz rhythm starts playing and her body slowly takes over. Hips moving sensually in her plain, floor length, white dress. Red painted lips part as her voice takes over the room. Yes, she can do this for a lifetime.

                                       play song !!!

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challenge: shuffle your music and write the first 10 songs to come up

  1. sparrow - scattered trees
  2. fat lip - sum 41
  3. la la land - demi lovato
  4. rhythm of love - plain white t’s
  5. ronan - taylor swift
  6. i need a doctor - dr. dre
  7. caraphernelia - pierce the veil
  8. shake it off - taylor swift
  9. come away to the water - maroon 5
  10. the schuyler sisters - hamilton

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late night party - basically, this is a list of songs you can listen to when you have a spare two and a half hours, which, come on, there's always nights where you just need something to listen to. just give it a little listen if you want okay { LISTEN }

// Boulevard of Broken Dreams ∞ Green Day // Nine in the Afternoon ∞ Panic! At the Disco // Rat a Tat ∞ Fall Out Boy // Chasing Cars ∞ Snow Patrol // Tonight You're Perfect ∞ New Politics // Rhythm of Love ∞ Plain White T's // Born to Die ∞ Lana Del Rey // "The Take's Over, The Break's Over" ∞ Fall Out Boy // Scene Two - Roger Rabbit ∞ Sleeping With Sirens // Bring Me To Life ∞ Evanescence // What A Catch, Donnie ∞ Fall Out Boy // How to Save A Life ∞ The Fray // Just One Yesterday ∞ Fall Out Boy // Love Robbery ∞ Kailin and Myles // Robbers ∞ The 1975 // Ain't it Fun ∞ Paramore // Check Yes Juliet ∞ We the Kings // California ∞ Phantom Planet // Bubblegum Bitch ∞ Marina and the Diamonds // New Perspective ∞ Panic! At the Disco // Animal ∞ Secondhand Serenade // Girls ∞ The 1975 // Lying is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Off Her Clothes ∞ Panic! At the Disco // She Will be Loved ∞ Maroon 5 // The Birds - Part 1 ∞ The Weeknd // The Real Her ∞ Drake // Ordinary ∞ Ricky Dillon // I Wanna Get Better ∞ Bleachers // Sour Patch Kids ∞ Bryce Vine // Bangarang ∞ Skrillex // Rejects ∞ 5 Seconds of Summer // Happy Little Pill ∞ Troye Sivan // 21 Guns ∞ Green Day // We Come Running ∞ Youngblood Hawke // Do I Wanna Know? ∞ Arctic Monkeys // Ho Hey ∞ The Lumineers //

she is love ♥ a sappy tomadashi playlist

gold- owl city // aquaman- walk the moon // girl that you love- panic! at the disco // can’t help falling in love- fleet foxes // if i ain’t got you- eric nam // rhythm of love- plain white t’s // super love (acoustic)- dami im // 1004 (angel)- b.a.p // she is love- parachute // something good can work- two door cinema club // animal- ellie goulding // my lady- exo // hide & seek- t-ara // avalanche- walk the moon // this is gospel (piano)- panic! at the disco // heart beats again- dami im // coffee shop- b.a.p // coffee- bts

you already know - daichi/sugawara 
listen on 8tracks | dont delete text | art credit 

you already know - bombay bicycle club | talking bird (demo) - death cab for cutie | postcards from italy - beirut | only love - ben howard | bloom - the paper kites | and then you - greg laswell | flightless bird, american mouth - iron and wine | the garden that you planted - sea wolf | somewhere - sanders bohlke | beauty - the shivers | love at first sight - the brobecks | love bug - the jonas brothers | rhythm of love - plain white t's