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Anyone who knows me could tell you I’m no kind of artist. However, as a professional project manager, I frequently work with artists, and one of the most frequent challenges we end up dealing with is lost work due to technical issues, unforeseen circumstances, or just plain carelessness. I’ve seen projects that have lost dozens, in some cases literally hundreds of hours due to lost or damaged artwork needing to be redone - which isn’t great news for either a budget or a timeline!

Of course, this is an even bigger issue for artists who are working solo, since you typically won’t have anything to fall back on when things go south. Lost or damaged art may set back a big project’s timeline, but when you’re working for yourself, it can be an absolute show-stopper; most solo projects that suffer significant lost work never recover at all. So here’s a basic disaster mitigation and recovery plan that anybody with a working computer can set up:

1. Sign up for a Google account if you don’t already have one. The free version gets you 15GB of storage, which should be more than enough for your current projects unless you’re working with ungodly huge files; if you are, the 100GB version is only like twenty bucks a year.

2. Download and install the Google Drive sync client - I believe they’re calling it “Drive Everywhere” these days.

3. Set up a special folder on your hard drive that you’re going to keep all of your working files in, and point the sync client at that folder.

4. Configure your art program to autosave every 20 minutes or so. How exactly you do this will vary depending on the program you’re using - you can Google for instructions easily enough.

Blam. Now you have continuously updated offsite backups; hard drive crashes, lost media, or even - heaven forfend - stolen equipment will no longer wipe out your work in progress.

Plus, go into the web console for your Google Drive and right-click a file. See that menu option that says “Manage Versions”? That’s right: Google Drive keeps separate copies of every individual version of the file that’s ever existed (or for the past 30 days, if you’re using the free version). Unwittingly saved over your lineart two hours ago? Working file irrecoverably corrupted because your questionably legal copy of Photoshop barfed? No problem: just walk backwards through your version history until you find a version that’s still good.

Now, this is by no stretch of the imagination a particularly robust offsite backup and version management scheme - I’d certainly recommend additional measures for anyone who’s doing digital art as their regular paying gig - but it’s better than nothing, and it has the benefits that a. it requires no particular expertise to set up, and b. it’s free.

It’s all about trust

So I’m loving the posts going around really digging into the details of Season 2 and I’d like to add one of my own that I haven’t seen covered yet.  Let’s talk about this:

This is one of the first times we see Shiro talking to his lion since the end of season 1 and its not at all the way we’ve seen the other Paladins talk to theirs so far.  To be fair, we’re skipping ahead in the conversation, which started out very much as a ‘we’ve got some work to do’ (implied ‘together’;) but it escalates to this point pretty quickly.  *side note?  Shiro is the only one not shown talking to his lion after the team comes out of the corrupted wormhole and crash lands on their respective planets/nebulas.  Maybe he does, but we get no indication of it the way we did with the others and I think that’s deliberate of the show writers.*  In season 1, we saw that Shiro had, possibly, the strongest bond with his lion in the flying blind incident so how did we get to the point where Shiro’s voice actually holds panic when he’s talking to his lion now?

That’s the easy part, really.  We all remember this scene.

Shiro basically gets kicked out of his own lion and, Zarkon controlled or not, it would be very hard for him to not feel as if the lion itself was, if not actively participating, at least complacent in the act.  This isn’t just a mindless mechanical response - it looks like a rejection of him as a pilot and as the pilot of the Black Lion.  Now we need to consider Shiro’s state of mind for a moment to understand just how deeply this would effect him.  For an entire year of his life, he hasn’t been treated as though he had any intrinsic worth at all.  He’s been a piece of meat, entertainment fodder, a pawn, a toy, a commodity.  He has had his physical and mental state forceably changed against his will.  All the things that probably make up what he considers himself have been ignored or outright mowed right over.  And he remembers just enough to know that - and not enough to know how deep the damage or the alien change inside of him has gone.  He’s someone that’s struggling to rebuild his sense of self, to figure out who he is and what his worth is and its not hard to suppose that his place as team leader, Black paladin and pilot of his lion are stones he’s been building a lot of his new foundation on.  ‘Defenders of the Universe, huh? It has a nice ring to it’ he says as everyone else is quietly freaking out over the concept.  This gives Shiro purpose, this assures him he’s still worth something, this helps tell him who he is beyond slave, gladiator, experiment.

And this has just summarily rejected him in favor of a universe crushing tyrant.

(this got long, have a ‘read more’ to spare your dash)

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andrewinghart’s favorite group dances of the 16-17 season 

Two Hundred And Four Reasons

A seven-part series of informal essays about the exploits of Spartan-IIs John-117 (a.k.a. the Master Chief) and Kelly-087. Moving in in-universe chronological order, these writings examine the contents of the official novels, animated shorts, and comic books. With emphasis on the moments that attest to the bond between Blue-One and Blue-Two, and how their relationship as teammates and friends has been an important part of what has defined both their characters since the inception of the Halo Universe.

A Rocky Start

Into the Fire

Heavy Price Paid

Unwavering Trust

Before Anyone Else

Thinking of You

It’s in the Subtext


pure beauty.

Favorite Senior (competition) Dancers

A lot of seniors, in my opinion, are overlooked yet are the dancers I like to watch the most. So here are my top 5 (those who still compete as of 2017) and why:

1. Brittany Bruno- I mean a lot of y'all know I’m kind of obsessed with Brit and her dancing. Her ballet technique is off the charts and her flexibility and control are virtually flawless in my eyes; she is also always so genuine when she is on stage. Not to mention she is the sweetest dancer I’ve ever talked to and it’s amazing being able to say that we are friends. I highly suggest those of you who don’t know her to check her out! ❤️

2. Bella Allen- Bella is one of a kind and is probably the most captivating artist and performer I’ve laid eyes on. What I like so much about her is that she is so unique and has her own sense of style that you don’t find much nowadays. While she may not have her legs up all the time or do fancy tricks, her technique is still highly impressive and she always leaves me speechless/in awe with her freakishly amazing solos 💕

3. Kayla Murray- Kayla drew me in all the way back to when she competed Skyscraper almost 5 years ago! Ever since that day, Kayla has been one of my favorite dancers. Usually my list changes over the years, but she is one of the few who have stayed for quite some time. It’s bittersweet watching her grow up and now I think she is genuinely one of the most beautiful dancers I’ve ever seen. Her solos Run and I’ll Be Your Clown almost leave me in tears because of how amazing her passion, flexibility, and control are and because of the story she tells. Love her! 😘

4. Tessa Dalke- I mean, let’s not get me started on how freaking incredible Tessa is. Her solos are always INSANE and the tricks and things she is able to do are other worldly to me. Her head stands- OMG they are perfect. Her control- 🙌🙌🙌. Her emotions- so believable. Everything is off the charts and I highly suggest you watch her solos; you won’t regret it. Unfortunately she is graduating very soon, but I can’t wait to see what she does and where she goes in the future 😚

5. Brandy Baker- Along with many of my other favorite seniors mentioned above, Brandy is such a mature dancer with stunning technique and AHMAZING turns and her solos always blow me away. I love the relationship she has with her teacher Brynne Becker and her studio West Coast School of the Arts as well as her friendship with Emmy Cheung. It’s sad seeing that she is graduating this year, but her legacy has been left and I know she will do great things 😍.

  Hello everybody!! I’ve been away for a long long time from Tumblr.
Many things have happened in my life since my last login here.
I will try to inform you in few words without tiring you.
  So, in these months that I have been away, my life has changed soo much. I’ve been through the most difficult situations that I have ever lived. I don’t feel still free to talk about them. But at least I can say that now those situations have passed and even that they still hurt, I can move on free without them.
  I prefer to talk now only about good things. First of all, I finally made it and now I am an official Psychology student!!! I am very proud of myself cause it was very hard to get in!! We were almost 500 people that participated in the exams and in the end only 18 made it!! I was one of the 18 that succeeded!!! Now I live the student life for the second time in my life to the fullest! I am very happy and excited because I truly loooove psychology and what I am learning!!!
Also in the months of my absence I participated in a great project that helped me a lot to be a better photographer! I love taking photos! But till December I didn’t take it so serious. In December I took for everyday a photo of Lydia Plain for her project on Patreon! It was a great+difficult project and I enjoyed every single photo-shoot! Lydia is an amazing artist and creative!! I didn’t know how much creative I also could be with her!! It is true!! Beautiful people make you do beautiful things!! I can be very hard with me, and I criticize me like noone does, but these 31 photos are a really piece of art!! Check them out here: Go to the photos of December!! The black&white pictures and let me know what you think!!! Also, I would be more than happy if you supported Lydia Plain on her patreon page:
She deserves it!!!! :)
  I want to thank all of you that cared for me and sent me your thoughtful messages all this time!!! I really needed your thoughts!! And I felt so nice reading your words. It is true that in your most difficult time people that you don’t expect disappear from your life, and people you don’t expect are near you!! And with only a phrase “I want you to be fine” help you so much.. And they don’t even know it!! Thank you !!!! Thank you so much!!! <3
  I won’t be away from now on!! I can’t wait to come in your blogs and see what are you doing all this time!!!
  For now: I give you all a big big hug!!!
  Alma from Athens!!