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Hogwarts School Uniform

The other day I read a series of posts on the Hogwarts uniform and how book!uniform differs from movie!uniform, which is more canonical and whether there’s been/there should be some retconning to unify the books, films and illustrations from different sources. Since wizarding fashion is one of my favourite subjects (particularly since the word “corsets” was mentioned in HBP), I thought I had to write a post about it. So here it goes.

On tradition and unmuggleness

As much as I like the movie uniforms, the way I see it, they’re irreconcilable with those described in the books, which, both because they’re from the book and because that’s how I see them in my head, I consider canonical. Most people point out as proof of this that in a couple of occasions we are told more or less directly that the basic (I’ll talk more about this later) uniform does not bear any house indicator (see the Penelope Clearwater and Crabbe-and-Goyle’d Ron-and-Harry Cases, both in CoS). This is true. However, what I see as a bigger issue is the fact that the movie!uniform is basically a muggle school uniform with robes instead of a blazer, which, considering how often we see wizards struggling with muggle clothing, doesn’t really add up. And given that school uniforms tend to be on the conservative side of fashion, it would make much more sense to have the Hogwarts uniform resemble traditional wizarding attire.

On openings and trouserslessness

The movie robes are completely open at the front save for one (PoA-onwards) or two (PS-CoS) little clasps, which would take next to no time to do up and undo, so the movie robes would be put on and off like a bathrobe or a coat. However, most (if not all) of the times we see Harry changing into his school robes he’s described as pulling them over his head. To me that implies that the front is not open all the way down, that maybe there’s just a small opening with a few buttons, like a polo shirt. Either that or the robes are open all the way down but fastening and unfastening them is so tedious that students simply never do them up or undo them all the way. In a pre-zipper world, a front opening like that would most probably mean a metric tonne of little buttons, at least (look up some old-timey portraits, particularly of women’s fashion. They took their buttons seriously). No one has time to fiddle with that many buttons, so it would be easier to undo a few of the top ones and pull the robes over your head.

Personally, I think the left-hand version fits the description of “plain black work robes” better. And yes, there’s no indication anywhere in the books that the sleeves are flared or gathered at the top, but they look more wizardy this way, so. 

For an even more undeniable piece of evidence that supports the idea of having a closed front, look no further than Snape’s worst memory in OotP. When he gets levicorpused by James, we see his underwear. He’s not wearing trousers. Wh. Why is he not wearing trousers??? Because there’s no risk of accidental exposure of one’s undergarments when there isn’t a massive opening on the front of one’s robes, that’s why. Also, if for some sinister reason he had not been wearing trousers under open-fronted robes, everybody would’ve been able to see his pants already and it wouldn’t have been “funny” when James revealed them.

Moreover, it seems that trousers, even though they are worn in the wizarding world, are neither required nor part of traditional wizarding attire. See the old man at the Quidditch World Cup. Trousers have been adopted to some extent, but they are not considered wizarding clothing per se, but rather a garment borrowed from muggles. So if we go back to the idea that uniforms tend to be conservative, the Hogwarts uniform would have probably been designed to be worn with no clothes underneath other than underwear.

On hats gone with the wind and cloaks

Hats. “One plain pointed hat (black) for day wear.” Day wear. In the films (PS, basically), hats seem to only be worn on special occasions. And I can understand that; On set they’re probably a huge inconvenience as they like to fall off and have to be touched up constantly and may cover something/someone important. Still, canonically, a pointed black hat for day wear is part of the Hogwarts uniform.

Now, do not quote me on this, but I am positive that in one of the books there is a description of a windy day where students grab the brims of their hats so that they don’t get blown off. That’s the one and only time in the whole series (that I can remember) where the uniform hats are said to be brimmed. It makes sense, though, as traditional witch hats do have a brim. Modest brims seem adequate for uniforms. (I do think it is strange to make students wear hats indoors, but oh well.)

(Edit:  ‘ “Maybe I’ll skive off Divination,” he said glumly as they stood again in the courtyard after lunch, the wind whipping at the hems of robes and brims of hats.’ - OotP, chapter 17)

Then there’s the winter cloaks. Again, plain and black, this time with silver clasps. No crest, no house colours. And there’s also the protective dragonskin gloves, which seem to be used both as protective gloves for Potions/Care of Magical Creatures/Herbology and as regular winter gloves.

On house pride (or the lack thereof)

So far we have established that the uniform consists basically of plain black garments: a set of black robes (closed front), a black cloak, a black hat. Hence, by default, there is no way to tell what house a student belongs to just by their attire. Or is there? Here’s where the “basic uniform” I mentioned  before comes into play.

It is true that the robes, hats and cloaks are plain black when bought. And yet, there are many points in the story when Harry seems to simply know what house some students belong to, even when he clearly doesn’t know them. We get constant references to “a gorup of first year Ravenclaws” or “a Hufflepuff girl”, and since the story is told from Harry’s point of view rather than an omniscient narrator’s, there must be a way for Harry to tell apart people from different houses without knowing them personally. So how can we reconcile the ideas that some people’s house is recognisable at first sight while other people’s isn’t? It’s quite simple: CUSTOMISATION.

Bagdes, scarves, appliques, ribbons, hat ornaments, buttons, socks, belts, and a long etc, to show your house pride. Just as we can get jumpers and hoodies and caps and whatnot with the name and colours of our uni or specific college, kids in the wizarding world are probably able to buy (and make) house merchandise. These items would be available at Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, and parents would send them to their children once they’ve been sorted or the kids themselves would be able to get them via owl order.

Some students may only wear a small badge on their chest. Others a scarf+turtleneck undershirt+bandana+animal-shaped hat bauble combo. I love to imagine some kids wearing ridiculously tacky things, like red-and-gold neck ruffles or bee-striped boots. And those kids who are not as inclined to show off their house? They can just wear their basic black uniform.  

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Ace Fred Weasley II would get one of those prank cans that when opened would create an explosion of purple and black glitter with an Ace Pride flag; he sets it off at Weasley Family Dinner to come out. Afterwards, his father is so supportive that he creates a new line of Pride gear at WWW -R

Fred II has been wanting to come out as asexual for a while now. But he wants to come out to his parent’s first, and he wants to do it in just the right way. Inspiration is slow to strike, but it’s okay. Fred’s good at waiting. He’s the kind of kid who can be the life of the party when he wants, but otherwise can go pretty unnoticed - useful for collecting all types of information that he absolutely never uses to blackmail his cousins into doing all sorts of hilarious things. Point being, Fred is patient. He wants to come out. Wants to share this with his parents. But he can wait until the time is right.

Fred really went into the muggle store on a dare. Turns out that the prank shop was a goldmine. Fred II walks out with an exploding prank can and a huge grin on his face. Dinner tonight is going to be the best. With a little creative spellwork, he transforms the green shamrocks into purple and black glitter and the snake into an ace pride flag. He’s finally ready.


The flag hovers over the table and in the brief moment of silence - a rare occurrence indeed - Fred II wonders if this was really the best way to come out. Or maybe he should have come out to just his parents. He’d just gotten so excited and wanted to share it with everyone at once -

“I KNEW it!” Rose roars, standing triumphantly up. “Pay up, suckers!” And suddenly money is being quickly exchanged between all of his cousins.

“I don’t -” Uncle Ron is saying before Hermione cuts him off, reminding him that it’s the ace pride flag.

Uncle Harry, who’s sitting the closest to him, slaps his back in a friendly manner. “Welcome to the Club,” he says. “Charlie’s president, so we don’t meet much since he’s away all the time,” he smiles and winks. Fred rolls his eyes.

Grandma is leaning over past grandpa and reaching towards his wrist. “Oh, really, now, Fred. You know I love you,” she says before turning to Teddy to give him a pointed glare. “What exactly was wrong with just coming out? Now you’ve turned it into a competition between everyone, nearly giving me a heart attack every time someone comes out,” she admonishes. 

Teddy simply winks and gives him a thumbs up, a gesture James copies.

“Thanks, Fred!” Rose grins, stuffing her pockets full of money, clearly having taken the largest share of the pot from their cousins. “Oh, and congrats on finally coming out.”

“She means thanks for trusting us enough to come out to us,” Hugo corrects, starting a small bickering match between his sister and himself.

And then Fred is being enveloped in a ginormous hug from his father, who doesn’t bother to say anything.

Mum quirks an eyebrow at him once his dad has quit hugging him, a huge grin still on his face. “Is that all spelled? You know we’re going to talk about that later. But I’m proud of you for telling us,” she says with the barest hint of a smile.


Two weeks after Fred II comes out, and dad drags him to the shop.

“Dad, I’ve seen the new puking pastilles. The old ones were better.”

“Pish posh,” dad says cheerily. “Besides, this is something new. Just wait here.”

Fred rolls his eyes but stands obediently where his dad asks, near the front of the shop.

“Ta-da!” dad shouts, while at the same time the shop briefly flashes purple, black, and gray, before the color goes right again. Streamers burst down from the ceiling and mini-pride-colored-fireworks go off (one in the shape of a dragon, which Fred files away to absolutely get one of those), and then several new stands pop up in the store. Fred recognizes various pride colors amongst the stands: aro, ace, bi, gay, lesbian, pan, genderqueer, trans, and nonbinary. Others he doesn’t recognize but has no doubts they’re pride-related.

Dad pops down from upstairs right next to Fred, apparating even though he only had to go down a few stairs. “Look,” he says, dragging Fred along the stands. “Candy that lets you breathe a burst of fire in the pride color you buy, some of those cool exploding cans you found that burst into pride flags, plain hats that turn the wearer into your pride colors of choice, pins to show your pride that disappear after a day, lollipops that make the person eating them spout out random messages of support and understanding, and - okay, yes, there are puking pastilles here, but they give you multi-colored pride puke. Not very useful for getting out of class but good for grossing your friends out. It’s not everything, either, just my start! I’m going to offer a permanent pride line here,” dad presents, a huge grin on his face.

Fred lets everything sink in slowly. He feels the grin slowly spreading across his face. “Oh. Dad. I have so many ideas,” he says.

~Hufflepuff Mod

my favorite davekat is  the kind of davekat where karkat lowkey takes on an alarming mixture of shitpost aesthetic unironically because he’s been way too influenced by dave mashing sbahj with his photography

i’ve never drawn lucinda before so i took the chance to draw her finally

shes my favorite lesbian witch tbh 

also luci has big, fluffy, soft hair and nobody can take tht away from m e

Dr. Flug: Sir, I think this is a bad idea. 

Black Hat: Yes, a very wickedly bad idea for the greater good of bad!

Dr. Flug: But I’m saying it’s the kind of bad that… Okay, you might think this is good from your bad perception, but from a good perception… it’s just plain bad.

Black Hat: Oh, you don’t know what’s good for bad!

(source: Megamind) 

Apple of My Eye

requested by @gelattuan:  “ Hyungwon with the quote “In a room full of art, I’d still stare at you.”. :)” <3

ship: Hyungwon x [y/n]

word count: 2112

a/n: hi! i hope you guys like it and im sorry if it took me a long time to write this ^^’’ i apologize for any grammatical error and credits to the owner for this gif! 


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You were just merely a hat maker, working under your Mother’s wing. Every single day there was this customer of yours who couldn’t take his eyes off of you. It’s not like it bothered you or anything but the thought of him staring at you made you wonder. You were just some plain ‘ol jane making hats for people and if compared to the other girls out there, you were just probably on the eight or ninth scale of the beauty chart… well that’s what you thought. 

The young man’s family has been one of your Mother’s long-time customer and it was amazing to hear that he was the first third-generation of their family to continue their footsteps in having their hats made at your Mother’s shop. He was tall and slender like his father. His eyes and lips reminded you of his beautiful mother, who would always have her hat made by you. Overall, he was a beauty made by such beautiful couple. 

Young ladies who would see him would swoon over his good looks and his slender figure. And you, yourself, are guilty of swooning over him when you first saw him but now that you always see him, you’re still guilty. It’s not that you’re used to seeing his face every other day, but the fact of him staring at you would always make your heart beat run wild.

And in fact, today’s the day when that young man visits the shop again at exactly two in the afternoon. The hands of your co-workers moved gracefully, fingers tightly holding onto the needles as they touch up some unwanted flaws on the hats before handing them to you.

Carefully observing the different ornaments right in front of you, you picked up a pale orange ribbon and checked whether it suited the tan fedora hat. Unsatisfied of the color combination, you angrily push away the ribbon from your sight and let out a groan. It has been hours since you’ve been working on that damned hat.

“Urgh! I think I need to go and ask Mother about this.” you grumbled and picked the hat off your table, carefully holding it to prevent any dents or folds. You were too preoccupied to notice the young lad, who just entered the room with such grace, staring at you. His gentle yet tired eyes followed you until you entered your Mother’s workplace.

“Good afternoon, Sir! Please, take a seat.” Lily, your Mother’s secretary, ushers and immediately prepares some tea for the young man. “It’s my first time to see [y/n] enter her Mother’s workplace. Is something bothering her?” The young man asked out of curiosity after receiving his tea. He then hands her his coat and hat which she immediately hangs on the coat rack beside the door.

“She’s been working on this tan fedora hat since this morning and I think she finally exploded.” Lily quickly gave out the information, making the young man nod his head in amusement before standing up. “Please excuse me, I think I’ll go see Mrs. [y/m/n].” 

([y/m/n] - your mother’s name)

Lily instinctively took the tea from the young man’s hand and flashed him a smile, “Alright, Hyungwon. You know her workplace so I’ll just be here at the counter if ever you need anything.” The young man named Hyungwon nods his head and proceeds to your Mother’s workplace.

Hyungwon carefully stops right in front of your Mother’s workplace upon seeing you almost out of your wits when your Mother hands you a cranberry ribbon and the shop’s stamp. A knowing smile slowly crept up on Hyungwon’s lips when your Mother took notice of his presence. “Hyungwon-ah, come in. Honey, [y/n], can you stay for awhile?”

Nodding your head, you obediently sat right back down on your seat and watched Hyungwon sat down on the chair right in front of you. “Now, I have two tickets here with me and I want the two of you to spend the whole afternoon at the carnival.”

Carnival? The two of us? you mentally asked yourself as you narrowed your eyes at your Mother. You couldn’t help but ponder on the words that came out from your mother’s mouth. Does she believe that someone as beautiful as Hyungwon would hang out with her own son? Glancing towards Hyungwon’s direction, he didn’t seem unfazed at the sudden invitation and he even looked like he was in for it.

Looking back at your mother, you couldn’t help but think that she was right in believing that someone like Hyungwon would hang out with you. 

“Here is your pocket money and Hyungwon, you can bring my daughter back before ten in the evening. Your parents and I would just hang around back at our place, alright? Now, carry on!” 

Before you knew it your mother has already pushed the two of you out of the shop. The weather was great, the breeze wasn’t too hot nor too cold for the two of you to die. The streets were buzzing with gentlemen and ladies of different families and here you were, standing side by side by the well-known Chae.

“Shall we go?” Hyungwon asks with a smile as he offered you his arm. Stammering at such gentle gestures, you let out soft ‘yes’ before linking your arms with his. The two of you walked in sync and there was not a second when people didn’t turn to look at the two of you.

Hyungwon was someone who’d be gradient as light while you were just someone who’d only be seen at the shop making hats. Whispers of those passersby buzzed like bees and it was slowly getting to you. You hated the attention and the stares that they gave you.

You unconsciously tightened your grip on Hyungwon’s arm as you looked down on the ground. Glancing around his surrounding, Hyungwon was quick to catch on that you were becoming uncomfortable with the attention. Without hesitation, Hyungwon pulled you to another route where there were fewer people. 

“You okay?” He casually asked as soon as the two of you were away from the crowd. With his sudden gesture, you couldn’t help but feel the heat rising up from your neck up to your cheeks, turning it into an embarrassing reddish hue which Hyungwon saw right away. “Y-yeah, I’m okay.” you stammered while trying to get your beating heart to calm down.

Smiling at the sight, Hyungwon lets out a soft chuckle before transferring his gaze back into the road, only to see the carnival just meters away. “We’re almost there.”

The place was filled with various booths with various games and decorations. Visitors from different places came, may it be children, or elders. The bright and vivid colors gave life to every single booth and you couldn’t help but admire the people who made this carnival a success.

Looking around, you spotted a poster that said there was a magic show currently going on, which you immediately tugged onto Hyungwon’s sleeve before nodding towards the small tent. Your footing became lively and a big smile was plastered on your face when the two of you got in the tent. 

The sight of the magician pulling out a rabbit out of his hat was the only thing that made you hold into Hyungwon’s hands before pulling him down to take a seat beside you. Your hands never left his and this was something that made Hyungwon warm on the inside. Your eyes twinkled in fascination and throughout the whole show, Hyungwon just couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

Every time you break into a big smile, Hyungwon wished that time would just stop and have this moment last forever. Feeling Hyungwon’s stare, you turned your head towards him and flashed him a smile. “What’s wrong?” In response to your question, Hyungwon just shakes his head and looks at the magician, only to be notified that the show has finally ended. 

“Oh, it’s finished already?” Hyungwon aks as he glances down on his watch. Time flew by so quickly that it was already five in the evening. “Was the show that long, [y/n]?” Hyungwon asked as soon as the two of you left the tent.

“Yeah! The show was really amazing though. Like, I wondered where those things came from and how it fitted that small hat of his.” You blabbered while looking straight ahead. Hyungwon just nods his head as his eyes trails down to your hand, which was long gone from holding onto his.

“Do you want to eat some corndog?” You casually asked as you looked back at Hyungwon, who had his hands stuffed into his pockets. “A corn dog sounds nice right now.” 

Stopping right in front of a food stall, you ordered two corn dogs and was about to pay when Hyungwon immediately hands the man the payment. “It’s alright, my treat since it’s our first time hanging out after twelve years.” 

“Twelve years?” You furrowed your eyebrows at him. It seemed like he knew something that you didn’t know. “What do you mean twelve years?” You asked once again to which you only received a look from Hyungwon.

“You don’t remember?” He asked with confusion written all over his face. You shook your head and received the corn dog from the man and handed him his share. Grabbing the ketchup, you squirted some out from the bottle and into the corndog. 

What was Hyungwon talking about? After twelve years?” Was there something that you’ve forgotten about? Staring at Hyungwon with anticipating eyes, he places the ketchup back into the tray and links his arms around yours. “You’re quite forgetful, munchkin.” 

Munchkin? you gawked at Hyungwon. Who in the world uses the word munchkin as a tease? But then suddenly, it somewhat ringed a bell. There was always that older kid who’d call you a munchkin when you were young. He somewhat had an uncanny resemblance with Hyungwon until you’ve finally realized that it was him all along.

“You were that kid who used to come at our shop every single day?!” You gasped and pointed your corndog at him. “Yeah, you seriously have forgotten about me aye?” 

Flushed by his remark, you give him a light pinch on the arm, making him burst out laughing at your reaction. “N-no, I did not! You just…. changed into someone who’s very… handsome..” your voice trailed off at the end, making him look at you with a teasing look.

“What was that?” 

“Nothing! Now, c’mon and let’s go ride the ferris wheel.” You quickly changed the subject and pulled Hyungwon towards the ferris wheel and immediately got in without any problem.

“Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve taken a break.” you heaved out as you looked at Hyungwon who sat right across you. “When Mrs. [y/m/n] offered you some days off, you turned her down and now she’s given you tickets to this carnival, you only realized it now that you haven’t taken a break from making hats.”

“Well, I didn’t know that it was fun to hang out with someone whom I’ve spent my childhood with. And why didn’t you tell me at the shop that we’re childhood friends instead of staring at me the whole time?”

Hyungwon shrugs his shoulder before looking out at the view where the lights looked bokeh in his eyes. “And it’s not like I’m that beautiful for you to stare for I don’t know…. two hours?” 

Looking at you with a surprised look, Hyungwon scoffs before flashing you a smile. “ In a room full of art, I’d still stare at you.” Gawking at his sudden confession, you immediately looked away and tried to hide your blushing cheeks. “W-what the heck, Hyungwon….”

“It’s true. I’d rather stare at you since you’re someone whom I consider as beautiful.” He pauses as he slowly takes your hand into his, making you look at him. 

“And I’d also stare at someone who’s gotten my heart beat like crazy ever since we were still little.”

Badump, badump, badump….

It felt like everything stopped for a second. Your heart was pounding so loudly against your chest that you were scared that he might hear you. His eyes was filled with admiration that you didn’t realize that his face was inching closer and closer until both of your lips touched. It was just a quick peck but it already meant something for the two of you. 

Flushed at the sudden skinship, you couldn’t help but let out a groan, making Hyungwon laugh.

“Seriously, Chae Hyungwon?! Don’t do stuff like that!!”

“I love you~”

“….. Urgh….. fine…. I love you too….”


    The upper-class man needed to focus on his clothing style. This consisted of dark and plain colors: a hat (main display of social status), ascot, trousers, jackets, and white collared shirts. - This dress style showed not only the man’s wealth and integrity, but his actual masculinity during this time period. Due to the many poor during the Victorian era, the “working man” had to display that they were comfortable in the clothes that they were wearing otherwise it would not show that they had a joy in wealth. Although the men did not always get the chance to wear bright colors, “Checks and stripes were ‘un-serious’-and regarded as the mark of a loafer or con-man” they were certainly able to be taken seriously due to the moderately bland attire. This allowed the man to take the more dominate role in the home as well as the stronger lead in a relationship.


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this is a collab with @rapmoniepapi

Summary: You’re friends with a group of trouble makers, ‘junkies’ as the town calls you. But one day.. it gets all too much.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

After saying thanks to Amber for the first aid kit, and getting her number, incase we wanna hang out again, we were on our way. 

Walking quietly around the town, we found a park, and sat down at a picnic table. I rested my head against Jin’s shoulders and in response, he wrapped his arm around me, kissing my forehead, silently telling me everything will be okay. 

Jungkook suddenly spoke from in front of me, “You guys know what I miss?”

“Weed?” I heard Hobi ask, “Cause I sure fucking do." 

"No, well yes, but that’s not what I was talking about,” Jungkook said, shaking his head, chucking, “No, music. We haven’t really listened to any since we got here, and the music at the bar doesn’t count." 

"Well, what do you wanna do, rob a music store?” Jimin asked him, sarcastically, but immediately noticed the change on his face, “I WAS JOKING.”  

“Well, I didn’t take it as a joke, now I wanna go rob a music store.” Jungkook said, with a smug look on his face. 

“We’ve never robbed a place before, also we don’t know which stores have cameras and which don’t.” Jin pointed out, his arm still around me.

“What about those black masks that we have? Also, we all have hats, plain generic black hats. We could get away with it.” Jungkook said, pointing to the back pack on Namjoon’s back.

“He’s right. Plus, new headphones, and we all have black clothing, they won’t know who it is,” Namjoon responded, after pulling out the black masks and hats, “I actually forgot I packed these.”

“As long as we don’t get caught and thrown in jail, I don’t give a fuck,” Jimin said, “It will be a good story to tell my kids, if I ever have any.”

“There’s one thing you guys are forgetting,” Jin said, getting the boys attention, “We don’t have anywhere to play the music." 

"Yeah, we do!!” Hobi said, “We can play it when we go back home and get the truck!!”

“Anything else we’re forgetting, eomma Jin?” Jimin asked, nudging him from the other side of Jin.

“We have to be out within 5 minutes, so makeup your mind on what albums you want.” He said, with a sigh. 

After changing, and walking around for about an hour we finally found a music shop. 

“Who’s phone isn’t dead?” I asked, “Mines dead, and I wanna know the time." 

"It’s three am, so if we’re gonna do this, we better do it now,” Namjoon sighed, “Wait, do you not have your charger?”

“No, I do, but we gotta get a hotel or something if i’m gonna use it,” I said, letting a smile slip at the end, “So, let do this, yeah?" 

Jimin got on his knees before the lock on the door and started using the few bobby pins I found at the bottom of my bag to try and unlock the door. "Almost got it,” Jimin grunted out, but froze when we heard a voice ring out.

“What are you guys doing?” He sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place from where. I turned around to face him, and his head tilted to the side, his eyes squinting at me. 

“Weed girl?” It hit me where he was from. 

“Cologne guy!” I said, pointing to him, “I didn’t recognize you cause you dyed your hair!" 

"Oh, yeah, I got tired of the blonde, do y-” he got cut off by Hobi saying, “Wait, you know him?" 

"What? Oh, yeah. The day that everything happened, when Jin dropped me off at the bus station, Cologne guy-" 



“The cologne guys’ name is Yoongi,” he said, chuckling.

“Yoongi gave me some cologne cause I smelled like weed, and I don’t know, why were you so nice to me?” I asked, spinning back around to look at him. 

“Cause I went through the same thing. Now two things, can I have you guys’ names? annnnd, what the hell are you guys doing?" 

Pointing to each one, I started calling their names out, "Namjoon. Hoseok, but we call him Hobi, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, and then I’m (y/n). Also, we’re robbing a music store." 

”(y/n)!! You can’t just say that!“ Jin scolded me. 

"Nah, its fine. Mind if I join in? There’s a cd I’ve wanted for a while, and we can take my jeep, it’s a faster getaway than running,” Yoongi said, pointing to down the block where his jeep was parked, “It doesn’t look the best, but she’ll do for the time being.”

“Fuck yeah, okay, let’s get this show on the road!” Jungkook yelled, “Open it!!” Now yelling at at Jimin.

“How about you hold your fucking tits while I unlock a goddamn deadbolt,” Jimin muttered, while I heard Yoongi chuckle under his breath.

“Hey,” I whispered to Yoongi, after walking towards him, and standing next to him, and him humming in response, letting me know he’s listening, “I think you’ll fit in with us, you know? We’re a bit broken, but we fix each other. You can be apart of us, too. Well, if you want. Also, you might want this,” I handed him a black mask, and a hat that I pulled out of my bag. After a moment of silence, he spoke, “I think I’d like that, and thanks,” he turned towards me and offered me a gummy smile, which I returned with my own smile.

“Fucking finally! Guys, come on! If we’re gonna do it, let’s do it now!” Jimin yelled, and we all walked to the door, immediately hearing the beeping from the alarm in the wall going off, and Yoongi immediately punching it, making us all look at him. 

“What? It’s annoying. Now, come on, we’ve only got 5 minutes,” he said, immediately taking off, grabbing a cd. I start walking towards the cd section of the music store, and looked around for some music I liked, and hopefully a pair of headphones. After I had gotten around 5 cds, I heard Namjoon calling my name, and I immediately lifted my head up. 

“Black or red?” he asked, holding up the two pairs of headphones. “Black,” I responded, pointing to them. 

“Guys, we gotta go, like now. I hear the sirens in the distance,” Jin said, and we immediately started running out of there, Yoongi pulling out his keys and unlocking the car, I jumped into the passenger seat, taking my cap off and putting the cap and cds in my bag, and Yoongi starting the car.

“Hey, Joon?” I asked, looking in the review mirror after a moment.


"Did you get my headphones?" 

"Yes,” he gave me my headphones, and I put them in my bag. 

“Can we go to a hotel now?” I asked, and got a choirs of ‘yes please’ and Yoongi said, “Yeah, i’m staying at one, you guys can stay with me.”