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You know when you eat a huge mediocre meal so youre full but you just dont feel satisfied? Thats fallout 4

haha yeah, i feel like its a really big plain hamburger with nothing but mustard on it. like they expected people to bring their own condiments. expected players to build settlements/factions up or make/download mods because thats bethesdas schtick, so everything is underdeveloped. but youre still forced with this protags backstory, and even mods that try and change that, like the different start mod or the mod that lets you have have a m/m f/f relationship at the beginning have issues because its so hardwired into the game…so its like trying to scrape off the mustard but your still stuck with all the residue.

and some ppl like mustard and are totally fine with it or even enjoy it, but for the ppl who hate mustard or wanted ketchup it sucks.

Swan Queen and the Parent Meeting at School 

REGINA:  You’re late, dear.

EMMA:  Yea, sorry about that.  My WIFE decided to pack my lunch today and all I found was a plastic container of blended apple, kale, carrot juice and a bran muffin.

REGINA:  It’s wholesome and nutritious.

EMMA:  It looked like sea monster vomit in a cup.

SNOW:  Guys, please. We’re in a meeting.

EMMA:  What.  You’re my mother.

SNOW:  Right now I’m your daughters’ principal!


REGINA:  (ignores current conversation, turns to Emma)  Lunch was delicious.

EMMA:  I wouldn’t know.  I didn’t eat it.

SNOW:  Maybe we should proceed…

REGINA:  What do you mean you didn’t eat it?

EMMA:  I didn’t eat it!

SNOW:  (waves to get their attention)  Hello?

REGINA:  (crosses arms)  Well, what DID you eat then?

SNOW:  Principal trying to talk here.

EMMA:  (defiantly pins Regina with a stare)  I went to Granny’s and had a DOUBLE bacon, grilled onion cheeseburger and French fries with a chocolate milkshake chaser.

SNOW:  (shakes head in hands)  Oh geez.

REGINA:  You did WHAT?

EMMA:  You heard me.


EMMA: (imitates)  REGINA!

SNOW:  (points to self)  Principal!

EMMA:  (to her mom)  SHHH!

REGINA:  (to Snow at the same time) Oh shut up!

They both stare at each other hard again while Snow tilts her eyes heavenward and closes them while shaking her head.

REGINA:  Do you know what those things are doing to your body as we speak?

EMMA:  I don’t know about you but my body’s feeling pretty thankful.

REGINA:  You think so?  Let’s see how it feels when your ASS is sleeping on the couch tonight.

EMMA:  (scoffs)  Are you serious?  For eating a cheeseburger.  Who are you? My mother?

SNOW:  No… that would be me.

EMMA:  (jokingly)  You just said you were the principal.

There’s a knock at the door. The school janitor, Leroy, pokes his head in.

LEROY:  Snow, you called to have some extra stuff thrown out?

SNOW:  Yes, Leroy.  Those bags by the wall.

Leroy nods to Regina and Emma but they only crack a small smile alerting him to the tension in the room.  He awkwardly shuffles towards the trash knowing well what could happen between the Sheriff and the Mayor, even though they’ve been married for years and were perfect for one another.

REGINA:  (to Emma)  Do you even care about your heart and arteries?  Because I do.

EMMA:  Oh my God, Babe!  Look at this body.  I am in prime condition.  (flexes arms) I don’t mean to BRAG but look at these! (holds her arm up to a passing Leroy)

LEROY:  (puts garbage bag down and feels Emma’s arm)  Wow, those are some serious guns you got there, sister! (Looks up to find Regina glaring at him and Snow subtly waving for him to leave while he can)  Um…

SNOW:  Thanks, Leroy.  That’s it. (waits a beat, looks at two cross-armed irritated women)  Okay… Why don’t we just forget about this whole thing and move on. What’s done is…

REGINA:  (scowls at Snow)  Don’t you have chalkboard erasers to BANG somewhere?

SNOW:  (tilts head back and sighs at the ceiling)  

EMMA:  Babe, it’s not like I eat like this all the time. And I think I’ve done pretty good with all the other stuff you give me. I actually like flaxseed and goji berries now. (sees Regina soften and puts a hand on her forearm)  Heck!  I’ve even gotten used to grilled cheese on WHEAT bread!  (looks into Regina’s eyes meaningfully, smiles)  But I draw the line at “cat puke in a can”.

SNOW:  (mumbles unheard)  I don’t even think a cat would eat the stuff Regina gives you.

REGINA:  (pause, raises eye brow, smirks)  There was no “milkshake chaser” was there.

EMMA:  (smiles wider and nods yes)  No.

REGINA:  (strokes Emma’s hand)  And the grilled onions?

EMMA:  It was a plain hamburger, no cheese and with a side salad instead of fries. (happy with Regina’s megawatt smile) And NO onions.  I WAS planning on kissing you later.  (wiggles eyebrows)

Both women have eyes only for each other and ignore Snow’s twisted mouth as the moment seems inappropriately intimate all of a sudden.

REGINA:  Only later?

EMMA:  Well… Maybe a lot sooner than then.  

REGINA:  How about right now?

EMMA:  How about we take this someplace more private?

REGINA:  Follow me then, Sheriff Swan.

EMMA:  To the ends of the Earth, babe.  (opens door for Regina)  So am I still sleeping on the couch?

REGINA:  (as door closes behind them)  Lucky for you I happen to like “your guns” wrapped around me in bed where they belong.

Snow is left with an empty blinking expression at their vacated chairs.

SNOW:  Well, Audrey and Sophie are adjusting really well to school life. They love kindergarten and play well with others. (pause, dismissive wave at the chairs)  I’ll just tell them everything at Sunday dinner.


Credit for the gif goes to @lana-lana-b0-bana.  (Thank you for letting me use it!  I love it!)

When I saw this lovely gif, I immediately thought it looked like a parent/teacher conference type thing and this scene took place in my head.  This is set in The Twins of Storybrooke universe and I made Snow the principal.  Who knows, by then she might be!

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How would they react if you told them you were pregnant?

I am going write this as if the two of you are married (because that is the only way I really see them conceiving a child). 

Jin - He would come home to find you in the kitchen, sitting at the table with your head in your hands. Coming in, he would place his hands on your shoulders, asking if you are okay. You would look up at him with a half smile, saying you are okay, but would he kindly take something out of the oven? Agreeing immediately, he would grab an oven-mit, and open the oven, only to see a plain hamburger bun in there. “Honey, why is there a bun just sitting in the oven?” he would ask. “A what?” you would smirk. “A bun in the oven! Why is there..a…bun_” his face would slowly fall off as he realizes what he just said. You would be grinning like a fool, and he would be looking back and forth between you and the oven. “Are you p-pregnant?” he would gasp. You would nod, and immediately he would be shouting with excitement. He would pull you out of your chair, hug the stuffing out of you, before dancing with you around the kitchen. Once the initial excitement dies a little, he would cry on you. He would be so thrilled that not only did he succeed in meeting the most amazing woman in the whole world and make her his, but he would now be having a child. One of his dreams. But be prepared, mommy Jin is about to mega on your butt; he will be on you about your health and the care of the baby until the little thing comes into the world, Try to have patience. 

Suga - You would pull a clever one on him. He would be working so hard, but there would be one night where you both are sitting peacefully in the studio, and he is just writing a song at random, when you will pipe up and tell him that you wrote a song and want his opinion. Of course he is going to stop and listen, his curiosity piqued. You would give him a USB, and he would plug it in. There would be only one MP3 file in the folder, and he would immediately open it to listen. You would sit nervously and watch his face as the a compilation of your favorite songs plays through, and then the beat would slowly even out to one steady rhythm. The rhythm would beat for a few second before your own voice cuts in, singing rock-a-by-baby. He would lean back in his chair and listen carefully to the end of the song, and then sit quietly. You freeze for a moment, a little afraid of his reaction, but are completely stunned when he turns to you with misty eyes. He would pull you into his lap, where he will wrap his arms around you, hide his face in your shirt, and sniffle happily until he can compose himself. He would be overrun with emotions; elation, surprise, and love. You are giving him one of the greatest gifts he could ever hope for, and he can’t wait until the day when the child comes into the world. You two would spend the night in the studio listening to your (poorly) composed song until you both fall asleep. I can see Suga becoming a much softer person after this. Kids can do that to people. 

J-Hope - It would take a moment to get the hyper puppy to calm down, so you would bait him with a git. Thee would be small box on the table with his name on it. He would sit down and you would be across from him, watching him as he lifts the lid off the small box. Inside, nestled in some tissue paper, would be a pacifier. He would pull it out and look at it strangely before noticing the tag hanging from it. Taking the tag in hand, he would read it out loud. “Congratulations, Daddy,” he would read. Suddenly his face would freeze and he would look at you. when you nod happily at him, he would suddenly start to laugh, which would turn into tears of joy. He would be bawling happily while coming around the table to ull you into his arms. He would cry into your neck, where you would be holding him and telling him that everything is alright. He would soon try to regain his composure, and ask how far along you were. You would tell him all of the details you had at the moment, and then he would be planning very step from there. Having a child is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give him. He would sometimes break down again throughout the day, but just be patient with him. He is a little sensitive after all, but you know you would have him no other way. 

Rap Monster - He loves reading poetry in his spare time, so you would write up a little poem about him being a daddy, and plant it in the book he is currently reading. It would be his day off, and he would be reading his book peacefully in another room, when suddenly you hear a commotion. You know it’s time. He would come blasting through the house, trying to find you. When he sees you sitting on the bed with a smile on your face, you would have to contain yourself from laughing because his eyes would nearly be bulging out of his head. He is a very smart man, and would understand the poem right away. “Really!? Really, really, really??!!” he would be shouting and jumping around, holding the poem in his hand. You would laugh and nod, before getting pounced on. He would be suffocating you with kisses as he says he loves you, and those dimples of his would just make you melt. His excitement would be such a thrill to you, that you would both end up dancing around like crazy fools. And why not? Having a baby with your loved in is an amazing celebration in life. Once things calm down, you two would lay in bed, eating junk food, and talking about the future. You would talk about gender, names, what their room is going to look like etc. You would both be falling asleep that night as the happiest people in the world. But prepare yourself for a crazy amount of phone calls the next day, because once the members and his family get wind of this, things aren’t going to be quiet for quite some time. But hey, practice makes perfect right?

Jimin - You would have to be a little more straight forward with him, because sometimes he can be a little thick. You would come up to him one day when you both are home alone, and you would give him a card. He would ask you what it is for, and you would tell him that he has to open it to find out. He would slide out a blue card that had the words ‘What does a daddy look like?’ printed across the front. You would watch his brow furrow as he reads, not really sure where this is going. Then, when he opens the card, he would be met with a mirror. He would still be puzzling over the card when suddenly it hits him. “I’m gonna be a daddy?” he would gasp as he turns to you. You would nod happily. Then suddenly the fireworks would explode in this child. He would be up out of his seat, running around screaming I;m gonna be a daddy! I’m a daddy!” at the top of his lungs. You would only be able to laugh as he does this for some time, before settling down a little and coming to hug and kiss you with every fiber of his being. He would be so giddy that he wouldn’t be able to calm himself down for weeks. Yes, weeks! He is so excited to be a daddy, and there is no person that he would rather be having this baby with than you. 

V - He would come home to find you in the kitchen, eating ice cream. Immediately, his eyes light up, and he says he wants some too. You would tell him sorry, that all the ice cream is for you. He would give you a pouty face and ask you why. Instead of saying anything, you would merely hold up your ice cream bowl, which says ‘Eating for Two’. He would stare at the bowl with a furrowed brow, before realization would finally dawn on him. When you confirm that you are indeed pregnant, you would have to set your food aside (this time) so he can engulf you in a hug. He would be laughing, and pressing his face close to yours. He would be so overwhelmed with emotions, he wouldn’t be quite sure what to do about them. But there is one thing for sure; he is extremely affectionate with the people he loves. He would have his arms permanently wrapped around you, placing kisses on every inch of skin he can reach, and his hands constantly caressing your still flat belly. It would be such an emotional, and touching moment for the both of you, holding each other, loving each other, and talking about your futures together with this child. He would talk about taking them to the zoo, showing them off to the fans, having them hang out with the members, and just growing up in the loving home that you two will create. It will truly be a moment to remember. 

Jungkook - He would come home, adn you would announce that he got a package in the mail. When he finally retrieves it, he would notice that it’s from… you? Smirking, he would just open the package to find a box of his favorite candy. He would be so thrilled, ripping into it right away, but freezes when he sees a note inside. ‘If I’m getting fat, then so are you’. He would read the note a couple of times, confused, before coming to you. He would ask t=what the note was about, but he wouldn’t need a single word as you your belly lovingly. He would quickly abandon the chocolate to be in your arms, smiling and kissing you. He would be so ecstatic, and would continue to laugh at your little joke. He would happily say that he can’t wait to get fat with you (lol). As things slow down, he would rub your belly more (even though there isn’t much there) and maybe talk to the baby a little. He would rest his cheek against your belly, head in your lap, maybe sing a little song or something. Just don’t be surprised when you feel a little wetness on your shirt. Even if he has a hard time expressing his feelings, with you he knows he can let everything go, and in this moment he needs to . There is no moment when he is more proud or excited, and you will both revel in it for a long time. 

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Fred Weasley Imagine - The Boy Who Kept Fireworks in His Pocket

Okay, can I get one with Fred (obviously) where we are hanging out with my muggle friends and he leaves to go the bathroom or something and when he comes back he overhears my friends say how I could do a lot better and that he’s weird (the don’t know he’s a wizard and don’t get his personality) and he leaves (back to the burrow?) and I shout at my friends and then go back to the burrow and find him crying and I have to comfort him and it’s all fluffy and cute and long (please?)! - requested by somanyimagines (who is my friend starting to write imagines and you should check her out if you get the chance/are interested)

Enjoy! :)

Sorry if I used anyone’s name in a bad way.

     Outside the cafe the wind screamed, lightning flashed, and rain fell in torrents, but I was much too excited to care.  I had finally brought my boyfriend, Fred Weasley, to meet my muggle friends, Jessica and Allie.  I had been waiting for this moment for weeks - Fred really mattered to me, and so did they, so I was sure that they would get along well.

     At least, I hoped they would.

     Fred and I were sitting together in a booth at the corner of the restaurant waiting for them to arrive.  I could tell how nervous he was, but he was trying to act confident.  I snaked my fingers into his and kissed him gently on the lips.

     “Fred,” I said, “You don’t have to be scared.  Jessica and Allie don’t bite.  Just be yourself, and I’m sure they’ll like you.  Who wouldn’t?”

     Just as I finished speaking, the bell on the door of the restaurant chimed and I saw my two best friends from childhood walk in.  I leapt up from my seat to greet them each with a hug.  Fred came to stand next to me.

     “Jessica!  Allie!” I was so happy to see them.  They beamed at me, and then turned and smiled a little hesitantly at Fred.  He grinned back.

     “Hi!” he said, “I’m Fred.  y/n’s boyfriend.”

     “We’ve heard all about you,” Jessica replied, “I’m Jessica.  This is Allie.”

     “I’ve heard all about you as well,” he told them.

     We made our way back to the table.  Everything was going well - smooth conversation, no awkward pauses - until the waitress came to take our order.  Fred had only been to a few muggle restaurants, and was still a bit confused on how to order his food.

     As my boyfriend stumbled through his order, a plain hamburger with a side of fries, I saw Allie shoot Jessica a strange look.

     But that was quickly forgotten as the conversation progressed.  Jessica and Allie told us all about high school, only pausing to ask a few questions.

     Then, the food arrived.  Everything was delicious - I had been going to this burger joint since I was a child, for good reason - and the table grew silent as we all ate our food.

     But the table was only silent for a short period of time.  About a third of the way through his hamburger, Fred reached into his pocket to get something and bam.  A mini explosion shook the table.

     Food was everywhere.  It ran off the walls and dripped from the ceiling around our table.

     The whole restaurant stared at us, shocked.  Jessica and Allie were sitting frozen, staring at Fred.  All of our food and drinks had spilled, and it looked like a food fight scene from a muggle movie.

     Fred, on the other hand, was desperately trying to avoid making eye contact and blushing furiously.

     The waitress walked over cautiously.  “Sir, you can’t have fireworks in the building.”

     Fred and I were the only ones in the building that knew the truth about those ‘fireworks.’  They were some sort of prototype for Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and quite magical, although we couldn’t tell anyone that.

     Fred nodded and said, “I’m sorry.  I forgot that I had that.”

     Jessica rolled her eyes and Allie looked away.  I blushed.  I already knew what they were going to say as soon as he left - bad things about Fred.  But I also knew that none of it would be true.

     Spilled soda dripping on to my lap brought me back to the current situation.  I grabbed a couple of napkins and started cleaning up the table, but it wasn’t making much of a difference.  This mess was going to take a lot more than a few napkins.

     “Maybe we should leave,” said Jessica, scrubbing at a ketchup stain on her white shirt.

     I nodded in agreement, and asked the waitress for the check.  Fred fumbled for his wallet, but I stopped him.  He, like most wizards, always had a hard time with muggle money.  It would just be easier if I paid - Fred had already made a bad enough impression on my friends.

     He looked down at his shirt, and as if for the first time, noticed the spilled food and beverages on his clothes.  He mumbled something about going to the bathroom, and after I told him that we would meet him outside, left.

     Jessica, Allie, and I walked out into the storm.  The rain was still pouring down, so we huddled against the side of the building.

     After a few awkward moments, Allie turned to me.  “y/n,” she said gently.

     I cut her off.  “He’s not always like this,” I began.

     “y/n, you can do so much better,” Jessica cut in, talking over me.  “Look at him.  He’s not even cute, and he acts like he’s never been out in public before.”

     Lightning flashed in the distance, and the rumble of thunder followed soon after.

     “Besides,” Allie added, “I don’t really think that you should be dating someone who keeps fireworks in their pocket.”

     I bit my lip.  Fred really was reckless sometimes, but he was so much more than that.  He was kind, and funny, and awkward, and adorable, and so many other things.  Why couldn’t they see him for who he really was?

     “I think you should break up with him,” Jessica finished.

     “But - “  I began.

     “No, y/n, listen to us.  You can do so much better than him.  You wouldn’t have even looked at him before.  He’s ugly, and his jokes are dumb.  Why don’t you two just break up?”  Allie looked at me.

     I glared back at her.  “You two don’t understand.  I love him.”

     “Come on,” Jessica said, “We’re in high school!  It isn’t like it’s meant to be.”

     “He’s a loser, and you aren’t,” Allie put in, “y/n, we just want what’s best for you.  We’re right, and you know it.  Remember Eric, from school?  You could date him.  You two were perfect for each other.”

     Suddenly, I couldn’t take it anymore.  “No, we weren’t.  Eric was a stuck-up idiot who had the IQ of a jellybean.  Fred and I are meant for each other.  I love him.  If you won’t respect that, then maybe you two should leave.”

     As soon as I had finished speaking, lightning struck, much closer than before.  The thunder was deafening, and I saw the lights flicker out inside the cafe.

     We stood there awkwardly for a few moments, until Allie and Jessica turned away.  But before they got into their car, Jessica turned around one final time.  “y/n, we missed you.  But … you’ve really changed.   I … I don’t think we should hang out anymore.”

     That hurt.  First they were insulting my boyfriend, and now they didn’t want to be friends.  I bit back tears as I thought of all the times we had laughed, we had had fun together.

     Ping.  My phone buzzed, and I pulled it out, trying to keep it out of the rain, to discover that Allie had unfriended me on Facebook.  Seconds later, the same notification from Jessica followed.

     A tear rolled down my cheek.  All those years spent making friendship bracelets and having sleepovers for nothing.

     I stayed huddled against the building, shivering in the rain for a long time.  Too long.  I was so distracted thinking about Allie and Jessica that I had forgotten about Fred.

     Eventually, I walked back into the now dark restaurant.  I found the same waitress as before cleaning our table and I cringed.  That had to be a chore.

     “Excuse me?” I asked quietly.  She turned to face me with a frown.

     “I thought you all had left.”

     “I’m sorry about the mess,” I nodded to the table, “But have you seen my boyfriend?  He was the one with red hair.”

     “I couldn’t miss him,” she said.  “Sorry honey, but he went out the back door almost ten minutes ago.  Thought you were waiting for him there.”

     I nodded and felt my eyes fill with tears - yet again.

     Less than two minutes later, I was driving in my car with a cup of coffee (from the waitress, who evidently felt bad for me).  There were a few places I could think of that Fred would go, but only one was close. 

     I had to get to the Burrow.  Fred had to be there.  He just had to.


     I stepped inside to the Weasley’s house without even knocking.  I had been over so many times that I was used to it.

     When I saw Fred’s rain-soaked jacket and muddy boots, I let out a breath that I didn’t know I had been holding.  Thank god that I figured out where Fred was.

     I headed quietly up the stairs to his room, and heard something that chilled me to the bone.  Fred was crying.  He must have heard what Jessica and Allie said.  What had I done, taking him to meet them?  Why hadn’t I realized how much we had all changed?

     I stepped into the room and saw Fred staring out at the rain with tears pouring down his face.

     My heart broke.

     “Fred,” I said quietly.  “I’m sorry.“

     He jolted and turned to face me, wiping his cheeks quickly.  “y/n.  I think you should go.”

     “Fred,” I repeated, “I love you.”

     His voice broke.  “Why would you?  How could you love me?  I’m ugly, and stupid, and my jokes are dumb, and I’m a loser, and - ”

     I cut him off with a kiss that he didn’t reciprocate. 

     His eyes were full of pain when he spoke again.  “Come on, y/n, you shouldn’t date someone like me.  I’m holding you back.”

     I could see how much my friends’ words had hurt him, and the thought made me ache.  “Fred, don’t you understand?”

     He turned away from me, wiping his nose with the back of his hand.

     “I love you.  I love your freckles and your red hair.  I love the way you look.  I love your jokes and your sense of humor, even if it’s a bit unusual.  Maybe I love it because its unusual.  I love everything about you.”

     He continued to face away from me, watching the rain hit the window, but I refused to be deterred.  I sat down next to him and took his hand.

     “You aren’t stupid at all.  You’re much smarter than I am, and much smarter than Jessica and Allie combined.  You have a business!  You’re practically rich!  How could you be a loser?”

     He was still staring outside at the awful weather, but he gripped my hand.

     “Fred, I love you.”

     He looked at me - looked me right in the eyes - and kissed me.

     I held him close even after we pulled apart.  We sat pressed together and I noticed the way his red hair curled gently away from his face.  The way his freckles formed constellations on his cheeks.  He met my eyes and I saw for the first time the flecks of green in his.

     Even when I tried, I couldn’t see how my friends thought he was ugly.

     “What are you looking at?”

     “You.”  I pulled him in for another kiss and worked my fingers into his hair.  After a few moments, I couldn’t help myself.  I smiled into his lips.

     Why?  Because I was happy we were together.  Because I loved him.

     I loved the boy who kept fireworks in his pocket.

So I was thinking about Dan Vs at work the other day, and my thoughts went back to the episode where he was trying to order a plain hamburger (with nothing but meat and a bun)

And I got to thinking… Dan would probably be the kind of person to, completely unironically, call and order a none pizza with left beef.

“Yes hello? Is this Domino’s? Yes, I’d like to order a large pizza, NO CHEESE, no sauce, and I guess beef.”

“… no, I said NO cheese. ALL I want on my pizza is beef… well, maybe half beef. Yeah, just put the beef on the left.”

“NO! Why is this so hard to – NO, I do NOT want a cheese pizza, I want a NONE pizza with LEFT BEEF!!”

Daddy 5SOS Preference: Learning to Eat

“Can you do a prompt when the kids are just starting to learn how to eat proper/solid food? “

A/N: This one is pretty short, I’m sorry! But I’m surprised I wrote anything at all, seeing as yesterday was one of the most hectic days of my life! Haha. Enjoy :)


“Luke, you can’t keep worrying about her!” you laughed, wrapping your arms around your husband. “She’s growing up. She can’t breast feed forever,” you rationalized.

“Well why not?” he pouted. “She could choke! What if she’s allergic to something?”

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REGINA: “Yes… I’ll have the BBQ bacon double cheeseburger, but hold the bacon, the BBQ sauce and the cheese.

GRANNY: (writes order down) Sooo… You just want a plain HAMBURGER?

REGINA: You know what, without the hamburger patty. As a matter of fact, forget the hamburger! Just give me a veggie sandwich, heavy on the lettuce, extra tomatoes, bell peppers, olives and cucumbers but light on the onions.

GRANNY: A veggie sandwich. Got it.

REGINA: (flags Granny down before she can leave) Oh, and can you add some chicken and put the bread on the side.

GRANNY: (pause) Soooo… You want a dinner salad with chicken and a roll on the side?

REGINA: (nods once) And a cup of soup.

GRANNY: (nods with a frown, turns and mutters under her breath) The Queen loves messing with my head.

REGINA: On second thought!!

GRANNY: (whips around with an evil eye)

REGINA: Forget the chicken and just give me exactly 2 hard-boiled eggs.

The older woman runs to the kitchen before Regina can even speak again and the mayor snorts and laughs.

REGINA: This is just too easy.

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the years when andrew & neil are on seperate teams: one night they have games really close to eachother, andrew drives to neils hotel to pick him up they go get some fast food & drive to an empty parking lot overlooking a beach. they eat in silence & hold hands. then they share some kisses & take a nap holding hands. then andrew drops neil off at his hotel (a goodbye kiss bc why not) & they part with the anticipation of the next game they'll be in proximity of each other in a month :(

Ahh! I am so happy right now!! Thank you!! I love this!! Okay, I’m not ready to move on from this, so I’m going to try that thing where people write bullet points that are like plot points because a) creativity is fun, and b) if I try to write this like actual fic it won’t be done for like a month. And what have I done? This is so incredibly long. I got slightly carried away.

  • Neil arrives in town first. His game is close enough that the team drives, but only barely, and it’s in the opposite direction of Andrew.
  • Also, Andrew’s game is even farther in that opposite direction.
  • So, yeah, Andrew’s going to have to fly, unless he wants to spend the entire day driving to his game.
  • (He would definitely prefer that.)
  • (Actually, he’d prefer to skip the game all together.)
  • Of course, no one except Neil knows that Andrew doesn’t like flying, and no one’s going to find out.
  • The airfare is covered, and Andrew’s coach is like, “Don’t you dare miss this flight, Minyard.”
  • (Andrew has possibly missed flights before.)
  • (Andrew is not going to miss this flight; at least this flight is going to take him to Neil.)

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Personally, I don’t like condiments. At all.

Ketchup? Yuck

Mustard? Even grosser

Mayonnaise? Forget about it. 

Everytime I tell someone this, they look at me with an expression of horror and they always ask “How do you eat things?!”

Hamburgers? Plain.

Hotdogs? Plain.

Fries? Plain.

Salad? Plain.

I just find the taste of condiments, (Or atleast the mainstream ones like Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, salad dressing and etc) really revolting. Though it’s just a personal opinion.