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Movie night

Pairing; Park Jimin x Reader

Words; 3.2k

Genre; Angst (if you squint), PURE SMUT, Fluff (if you look real closely)

Summary; You and Jimin have been in a 6 month long relationship and the most you’ve done is make-out. During a movie night you deicde to push the boundaries but things don’t go as planned.

A/N; I’m still low-key sick so this isn’t perfect but I tried!

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The Tea is Decaf


3.7k words
Dean/Cas, Sam/Eileen
Based on this text post

Castiel just barely slips out the door into the hallway and turns the knob as he closes it so the latch doesn’t make a sound. The light is always on in the hallway, and Dean always wakes up if too much of it pours into his room, so Castiel has mastered the art of slipping through the smallest space possible.

He breathes a sigh of relief once he’s in the hallway.

A small voice to his right lets out an amused laugh. He turns to see a particularly tiny woman wearing a very large plaid shirt and nothing else. Well, he supposes she could be wearing shorts under the shirt. It really is very big on her.

“You must be Castiel,” she says rather loudly, mispronouncing his name just slightly.

He walks over to her with a finger to his lips.

She puts her hand over her mouth in embarrassment before signing, I’m deaf.

Castiel mouths an “oh” before dropping his head and laughing. He then pops his head back up fast and mouths, “Are you Eileen?”

She nods eagerly and signs, You’ve heard about me?

Sam has mentioned you a few times, he signs back. He says you’re a very good hunter.

Her face lights up. You’re damn right I am. Still, that’s very sweet of him.

So, are you two…? Castiel looks back toward Sam’s room and then down at Eileen’s shirt.

Eileen’s eyes widen in embarrassment. He’s asleep. I was just going to the bathroom.

I was heading to the kitchen for a cup of tea. Would you like some?

Is there caffeine in it?

Not at 4 in the morning.

Eileen smiles and gives him a thumbs up before moving past him toward the bathroom. Castiel watches her go for a second before it hits him.

He looks down at his plain black t-shirt and too-small boxer briefs and wonders if Eileen could tell that these clothes aren’t his. And that he came out of Dean’s room instead of one of the countless other extra bedrooms in the bunker.

By the time Eileen pads into the kitchen, Castiel has two mugs ready with decaf teabags in them and he’s standing at the stove staring at the pot so he can pull it off the burner before it whistles.

It’s only a minute longer before Cas pours the water into the mugs and takes a seat across from Eileen at the kitchen table.

You’re an angel, aren’t you? Eileen asks as her tea steeps.

Castiel nods as he takes a drink.

Does that mean you don’t sleep?

Sometimes I do. I didn’t feel like it tonight.

Is Dean good in bed?

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The Secret Book Club Part 5

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Content/Warnings: Fluff, sexy-time-that-isn’t-quite-sexy-time-yet, flirting

Words: 3122


Hade to force myself to stop writing 😂 Enjoy this one!

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Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four

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“Hi! Can i request a tvd imagine? All smutty with damon being dominant and rough and everything? Thank you :))” “Hi! I was wondering if you could write a damon salvatore imagine (smut ofc!!) Where you two are not together but kind of have a crush on each other. so eventually you end up having rlly rough kinky sex? Pls! ^-^”

A/N: i guess you can say i changed the plot a bit?? SORRY IF ITS NOT KINKY !! WHOOPS ?? (I can’t write kinky smut for shits ????)

You looked at yourself in the mirror, admiring on how well you did on your outfit choice for Girls Night. You twirled yourself so your back was facing the mirror. Shifting your head to look at the mirror, to see the back if the lovely dress Caroline helped you picked out. It wasn’t too short nor too long, hugged your curves perfectly. You felt good. You did your final touches on your hair and makeup before heading out the door. Once your bag and keys were in your hand, you swung your door open, out to have the time of your life with Caroline, Bonnie and Elena.

However, there was a certain someone blocking your way out. “Ah! Y/N I know I’d find you here! Cute little dress.” The raven man cheerfully said, a smirk appearing onto his lips. “Obviously you would, it’s my house.” You laughed. “What do you want Damon? I need to get going somewhere.” As you motioned towards your outfit. You knew the reason why he was here, and you tried every single thing possible to avoid him, not try and make much eye contact as possible. “Well you see Y/N, the thing is, you’re constantly avoiding me.” You were about to protest but he beated you to it. “No, don’t give me ‘I’ve been busy.’ crap, that’s such an overused excuse, sweetheart.” His voice was stern, serious for his answer. “Tell me the truth Y/N please, I’m your fucking friend for christ’s sake!” He nearly shouted, eyes wide, inching closer to you. You didn’t want to tell him why. You knew he would taunt, tease, laugh at your response. You knew he wouldn’t feel the same feelings towards you. “I don’t have to tell you everything Damon, you’re not my dad, or my boyfriend. So please, move out of the way.” You spat at him. Pushing yourself through, though you knew it was no use. You were still just a mortal, where as he was a hundred and something year old vampire; with much experience with his inhuman strength. “No.” Damon simply spoke. He pushed his way into your home, closing the door behind. He pushed you against the closest wall.

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Pairing; Kim Taehyung x Reader

Words; 3.4k

Genre; Smut with a plot (hints of other things if you look real closely)

Summary;  ❝Lust; A passionate or overmastering desire or craving❞

Aka; Taehyung is a jerk, Jimin drags you to his Halloween party and Taehyung looks too fucking good dressed as a vampire

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Requested by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​: A Misha x reader x Jensen in which the reader is Misha’s girlfriend, but has a thing for Jensen. Jensen returns the feelings, and they surprise the reader by telling her they’ve shared before.

Word Count: 2100ish

Warning: smut, threesome

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy! XOXO

Misha knows.

You tried to ignore it, and since you realized that wasn’t going to help, you’ve just been trying to hide it. But he knows.

You’ve been caught staring at Jensen one too many times, have laughed too loudly at his jokes, have let yourself text him about silly things in the middle of the night, and now Misha knows.

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Summary: Five snapshots of Jughead’s and Betty’s life when Jughead had nowhere to stay and Betty was hiding him in her room. 

Read on AO3

(Okay, I know this is long; I know. But seriously I can’t help the fact that I want to fill entire books with how adorably cute those two are! <3 So grab your snacks and drinks and dive in hahaha! Also I’m sorry if there are any typos, it’s really late and I’m way tired to notice my mistakes. I hope you all like it guys!!!) 

Two days had passed since the night Betty Cooper had stormed inside the Blue & Gold office like a wild force of nature, catching Jughead on the act as well as learning about his secret of not having a place of his own anymore, and coexisting under the same roof was going smoothly for the two friends. Every morning they would wake up way earlier than most people in their town, and especially than Betty’s parents, and Jughead, although not being a morning person, would sneak out with a grateful smile plastered on his lips and hands full with every new snack Betty seemed to always prepare for him, and every night she would sneak him back in once she knew her parents were retired to their bedroom for the night. Their system seemed to be flawless.

Today was a low-key Wednesday night and the first time they had the house entirely to themselves, since the Coopers had yet another late night at the newspaper, the two teens finally enjoying some peace and quiet without closed doors and hush whispers. Betty was sprawled over the bed, text books and colorful markers all around her as the blonde girl was trying to finish her homework, elbow holding herself up and chin resting on her palm, head aching over an answer sheet and calves crossing and uncrossing behind her. Jughead was over the window with blinds shut – he had made Betty promise that his secret would stay between them – sitting comfortably on her white desk chair and having his long legs crossed at the ankles, outstretched against the wooden window frame, while typing furiously on his laptop that rested on his lap. Since no one was at home he didn’t have to lurk at his usual booth at Pop’s. Plus, he found Betty’s presence a very good remedy for writer’s block.

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Double Take | Part 1 | PETER PARKER X READER

Description: The reader is helping Peter with his English essay when he comes to the startling realization that his best friend is really pretty. Peter goes to Ned for advice shortly thereafter because he’s confused about his new found feeling for her.

Author’s Note: Wow, Phoebe’s back at it again with another Peter Parker fanfic. What a surprise… Anyways I hope ya’ll enjoy this and let me know if you think I should do a part 2. I got inspiration for this fic from one I read last year and liked. As always, my requests are open so feel free to send me a message with an idea for a story if you want.

Word Count: 1268

Part 2| Part 3

“Okay Peter, so the key to writing an analytical essay is to examine how certain aspects of the story make it what it is. You should always ask yourself why the author chose to do this instead of something else and how that effects the story as a whole. Get it?” (Y/N) explained, tapping her pencil against the notebook laid out in front of her.

Peter nodded slowly while jotting down some quick notes. “I think so. Can you give me an example?”

“Sure. Uhhh…” (Y/N) leaned back into her chair and started spinning slowly. “So the story To Kill A Mockingbird, it takes place in Alabama during the 30’s. The setting is really important because it adds significance to the events of Tom Robinson’s trial. That’s why Harper Lee chose that specific date and place. Okay?”

Peter put his pencil down and shut his notebook. “You’re the best English teacher I’ve ever had (Y/N),” he said with a smile.

She grinned and stood up out of her chair to stretch. “I try Parker,” (Y/N) yawned, extended her arms above her head. “Anyways I better get going. I’m supposed to have dinner with my parents’ friends tonight. How do I look?” she asked, facing Peter.

Peter swiveled in his chair and looked his best friend up and down, examining her every feature. That’s when his posture suddenly went rigid and his mind started whirling.

(Y/N) was really pretty.

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anonymous asked:

I have a request if that's okay? Peter notices that his girlfriend is really tense and in shock on the quinjet after a super hard mission and he just sits beside her silently and plays with her hands to relax her xx

You barely noticed Clint and Bucky conversing in urgent, hushed tones and glancing over at you repeatedly. Your eyes were fixed on the other side of the Quinjet, where Wanda lay unconscious on a stretcher.

You were supposed to have been covering her with Clint, your fellow archer, while she took out the many guards preventing your entry into what was hopefully one of the last HYDRA facilities. You had both gotten distracted by a sniper targeting the pair of you, and in the chaos Wanda had been shot in the shoulder.

“Peter,” Clint called under his breath, beckoning him over to where he stood behind Bucky’s seat in the cockpit. “Has she said anything?”

“Not a word,” Peter replied quietly, glancing over his shoulder at you and running a hand through his already messy hair. “She’s just staring at Wanda.”

Bucky sighed. “She blames herself. Stay with her once we’re back at base, Peter. She’ll need support tonight.”

Peter nodded in agreement, but he’d been planning to do so since the moment he saw Wanda fall. He knew you would blame yourself for letting her getting hurt, and that if left alone, you would shut yourself away for days with only your guilt for company. He wouldn’t let you do that to yourself.

As Bucky and Clint went back to discussing the mission, Peter turned to look at you again. You were hunched over in your seat, your elbows propped on your knees and your hands clasped in front of you as you stared unseeingly at Wanda’s unconscious form.

“Hey,” he whispered, sitting beside you. You didn’t acknowledge his presence, and he bit his lip before carefully unzipping your jacket and pushing it off your shoulders. You didn’t resist him, lifting your arms to let him take them out of the sleeves, leaving you in a plain black t-shirt.

Peter took your hand in both of his, finding it to be cold and shaking. Pressing a kiss to your knuckles, he began to trace delicate circles on the back with his fingertips. He felt you relax ever so slightly, and continued to lightly run his fingers along your forearm.

You breathed out slowly, feeling your heartbeat begin to slow down as the adrenaline from the mission finally began to settle. Peter looked up and smiled softly at you, and you leaned towards him, tearing your eyes away from where Wanda lay on the stretcher.

He let you lean against his chest, wrapping his arms around you and burying his face in your hair. Your face was in the crook of his neck, his soft, warm skin against yours soothing you. He started to trace his fingers along your forearm again, feeling the thin hairs there lift under his touch.

“Thank you,” you mumbled, your lips brushing lightly against his neck. He held you a little tighter, kissing your forehead gently.



 Pairing; Kim Namjoon x Reader

 Words; 8.6k

Genre; Angst, fluff, smut

Summary; You had fallen for Namjoon, the guy you’ve been sharing an apartment with a long time ago, but he wasn’t the type to settle down into a relationship. One night you both end up sleeping together, but what then would become of your relationship?

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Tease - Simon Minter (Smut)

Originally posted by sidemen-gifs

Pairing: Simon Minter (Miniminter) & Y/N
Words: 3.5k+
Warning(s): smut
Request/Summary: I had a lot of requests for a Simon smut and also a Truth or Dare Simon imagine so here you go
A/N: This is my first collab and it is with the beautiful @whateverbabeslove (please go follow her, shes the nicest person on the planet), but yeah, we really hope you like it!
Sophie’s Masterlist
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You didn’t know what to expect, arriving at the Sidemen house ready to go to the club.
You wouldn’t say you were dressed to impress, but you definitely wanted to make an impression on Simon. You were wearing tight black jeans that made your ass look great with a plain white crop top that really made your boobs stand out.
You had been friends with the Sidemen for around 2 years now. It was innocent at first until Simon started making moves on you which ended up with you lying naked in his bed. You’d been friends with benefits with Simon for about 4 months now.
It had been a while since the last time you spent time with him alone. You’d had no sexual contact with him for about 2 weeks, and to say you missed it was an understatement.
“You look nice,” Simon told you as you sat on his bed.
When you arrived at the house he answered the door, not ready to go out so you decided that you would sit in his room and wait for him to get ready.
“Fuckable,” he smirked laughing at you, changing from a sidemen shirt into a plain black t-shirt matched with black jeans. Simon always looked hot in all black.
“Ah, so do you.” You stood up and walked over to him, his hands immediately gripping your waist, pulling you towards him while your hands wrapped behind his neck.
“Well I’m glad we are on the same page here” he spoke before kissing you, pulling you closer to him before letting his hands slide down to squeeze your ass making you gasp and laugh into the kiss. Before pulling away from him and his grip and going back to sit on the bed.
"Well it’s been a while babe,” he walked towards you, sitting next to you on the bed. He moved your hair to the side and placed a few kisses on your neck before staying in one placing and sucking lightly.
“I know, but we are going out remember? Or has that slipped your mind?” You asked, laughing as he pulled away.
“Of course it hasn’t, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind us staying back.”
“But I’ve got all dressed up for the club now, I’m not staying behind. I’m going babe.” You stood up, walking towards the door, hearing him get up behind you.
He spun you around before you could open the door, pinning you against it by your waist.
“Fine,” he whispered, so close that you could feel his breath, hot against your neck, “but I hope that means you’re coming back with me later, because I don’t know how much longer I can wait.“
With that, he left the room. Leaving you leaning against the door, breathing heavily.

Once you sorted yourself out, you went downstairs to be greeted by the others.
"Ready to go?” Josh asked and you nodded, walking outside, and getting into the uber.
Simon was facing you, not taking his eyes off you for the majority of the ride, completely zoned out from anyone else. You couldn’t tell if he was focused more on your face or your boobs.
He was turned on. You were killing him and you didn’t even know it.
When you arrived at the house he wanted to just take you then and there, but he couldn’t. So here he was, in an uber with his friends and you sitting across from him, your boobs standing out because of your crop top. Frankly, he couldn’t wait for the night to be over so he could take you back to his and finally have his way with you.

Arriving at the club, you all got drinks and sat down at a table, chatting away about the nonsense going on in your lives until Freya dragged you and Sarah up to dance. So, you danced for a while, moving your hips to the beat of the music, not really paying any attention to any of your surroundings.
Simon sat watching you intensely, he began to think you were teasing him on purpose although he wasn’t too sure, his thoughts were dragging off. He couldn’t help it, he was in too deep of a thought for anything to distract him, well other than CalFreezy shouting in his face.
He barely heard any of it though.
“Sorry what?” He asked back.
“I said you good bro? You seem really zoned out.”
“I’m fine,” he spoke, his gaze still on you.
Cal followed Simons eyes and saw you. Smirking, he looked towards Simon.
“Y/N, yeahhhhhhhh,” he spoke laughing, extending the yeah just showing how intoxicated he really was.
“What you mean?” Simon asked, his gaze finally leaving you and landing on Cal.
“I am not going to pretend I didn’t see you gawking at her not even 2 minutes ago. I can hook you up if you want? Maybe she’ll go home with you tonight.” he said laughing at his own words.
Simon laughed with him, for a different reason though. He appreciated his friend trying to help but he already knew you’d end up in his bed either way.
“When the girls come back I’ll hook you up with something bro,” Cal said once again to Simon who was laughing and shaking his head at his words.

While you were dancing Freya had turned to you.
“I swear Simon’s been staring at you for the past 10 minutes.”
“What?” You asked laughing while Sarah nodded.
“He has, he’s not even trying to hide it,” She said while laughing.
“Come on let’s go back to them,“ Freya spoke, pulling us back towards the guys, pushing you into the booth next to Simon.
"Hi” you giggled as you landed on him, making him laugh back.
You noticed the look he received from Cal when you spoke.
“Alright Y/N, odds on for a body shot off of Simon. If we get the same number you do it, if we get different numbers then you don’t,” Cal spoke, looking over at you making everyone ‘Ohhhh’.
“Alright,” you laughed, not knowing what to expect, “1-4.”
Getting a countdown from JJ you both spoke,
“3-“ you both said, making you mentally curse.
“AYYYYYY” JJ shouts, laughing at your reaction.
“GET THE SALT AND LIMES OUT LADS ITS TIME!” Cal shouted once again, way too excited, making everyone laugh.
They decided to put the salt on Simons neck and then the lime in his mouth, and the shot of tequila on the table.
“On the count of three you need to lick the salt off of Simons neck, take the shot, then get the lime from his mouth,” Cal spoke up winking at Simon, “and remember to take your time, we don’t need you to rush.”
Simon put his hand onto your inner thigh before you started, lightly massaging it, making you chuckle.
"Three, two, one go.”
After that you started, leaning into Simons neck and placed your lips there, sucking at the salt, his hand gripped your thigh tightly, making you smile against his neck. Pulling away, you licked one last strip up his neck before pulling back and taking the shot then turning his head to you and taking the lime out of his mouth, your lips touching for a brief moment. Sucking on the line then putting it in the glass, Simons eyes were on your lips the whole time.
“AYYYYY!” They shouted once you finished.
“Seemed like you were into that Simon,” Harry joked, making the others laugh, Simon telling him to shut up.

The rest of the time was spent drinking and laughing at stupid jokes, Simons hand still gripping your thigh, every now and then sliding it up, eventually making you push his hand off you when he got too close to your heat.
“How about we all go back to The Sidemen house?” Josh asked making everyone nod.
The uber back to the house was the same, Simon sitting next to you this time, once again his hand gripping your thigh, massaging it softly through your jeans.
“Had a good time?” He asks, turning his head to face you.
“Yeah it’s been alright,” you responded, looking back at him smiling softly.
“Good. I’m glad, but just know the night is nowhere near over yet baby.” he whispered, smirking, and squeezing your thigh harder making you jump a bit and lean into him. What a dick.

Arriving back at the Sidemen house was a dream come true, you were sure that if you were in the car any longer with Simon you would’ve jumped him.
It seemed like you couldn’t catch a break with Simon, hoping you could go upstairs and let him have his way with you. But obviously that’s not what happened as JJ thought a good old game of truth or dare would’ve been a better way to end the night.
So you all sat in a circle in the living room, you being pulled down in between Freya and Sarah while Simon was in between JJ and Cal, typical.
The game started off pretty standard, the usual drunk truth or dare questions, Harry was dared to run around the street naked for 2 minutes, Ethan had to lick JJs toe and Josh had to answer a question.
You simply sat and waited for your turn to come around and soon enough it did, JJ was the one who got to ask,
“Y/N truth or dare?”
“I dare you to make out with the person you find most attractive in the room,” he spoke and nudged Simon, laughing slightly while smirking.
You stood up, walked over and kneeled down in front of Simon, placing your lips on his, continuing the kiss for a while before pulling back, going back to your spot and sitting down breathless.
The game continued like that for a while until people started getting bored and decided it would be a good time to leave.
The people who didn’t live in the sidemen house left, leaving you, Simon, Josh, JJ, Freya, and Vik. But lucky for you they decided to go to bed, leaving you and Simon alone.
“I think I might head home,” you teased and stood up.
“Excuse me?” He asked, standing up and walking towards you.
“I don’t think you’re going anywhere baby,” he whispered once he was close enough to you, grabbing your waist and pulling you into him.
“And whys that?” You asked as he pushed you up against the nearest wall and began to kiss along your neck.
“Because, I think you’ve teased me a bit too much tonight and I didn’t deserve it” he spoke, smirking into your neck when you let out a light moan at the feeling of his lips against you.
“Wh-what are you talking about,” you questioned, your breath quickening as his kisses got more intense on your neck, sucking and biting in one certain place that drove you wild.
“I saw the way you were dancing tonight, the way you’ve dressed and even the way you kissed me earlier, you’ve been driving me crazy all night and I think I’ve been good enough to get something off of you.” He whispered once again, kissing up your neck and on your jaw, hovering over your lips but not pressing against them, just letting his hot breath fan over them as he spoke.
“So what do you say, what do you think about joining me upstairs tonight?”

You nodded and began to walk up the stairs, Simon following behind. You felt Simon close behind you as you went up the stairs, a light smack being placed on your ass, followed by a light tipsy giggle. You chuckled, turning to him, and trying to tell him to be quiet.
“I couldn’t help it love, it was in my face, what did you expect me to do?”

You eventually got up to his room, you both not able to keep your hands off each other.
The door closed with a click behind you as you made your way to his large bed.
“You haven’t been very nice tonight. You’ve been teasing me since I answered the door earlier,” he whispered in your ear, his voice raspy and rough.
You pull back slightly so that you could look into his eyes, “Is there any way that I could make it up to you?”
He nods lightly, taking a seat on the edge of the bed, hands splayed behind him, his legs spread apart slightly.
You took the hint, stepping between his legs, leaning down to capture his lips with yours. Your hands made their way down to the hem of his t-shirt, pulling it up slowly, breaking apart to throw it somewhere in his room. You kissed him deeply before you sank to your knees between his parted ones, undoing his belt and removing his jeans.
You moved your hand up his thigh, skimming over the edge of his boxers, up to cover his clothed cock. You rubbed your hand along it, circling his tip lightly with your thumb through them.
You hear him bite back a moan as you remove your hand, replacing it with your lips, pressing kisses up and down it.
You hear a whine leave his lips, shallow breaths leaving his lips.
“You’ve teased me enough,” he whines, his eyes closed at the brief pleasure you were giving him.
You  lean back and let out a breathy laugh, “You’re so needy tonight.”
You move your hands to the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down and placing them with the rest of his clothes.
You graze your fingers over the inside of his thighs, feeling him shiver at the contact, before you ghost the tip of one finger along his length.  You hear Simon’s breath snag in his throat as you remove your hands to kiss and lick around the tip of his cock, your tongue teasing at the slit he finds there.
Simon can’t hold back a moan as he watches you slowly sink your lips down over his cock, cheeks hollowed from sucking, eyes closing with the effort. His hands dig into the sheets below him at the sight of your flushed face and reddened lips.
You pull off, placing small kitten licks on the head, letting your tongue swirl around the top and all the way down to the base. Simon is breathing erratically, trying his hardest not to buck his hips up.
You suck at the head, letting go to see pre-come drizzle down his cock.
You look up, meeting his desperate eyes. He throws his head back and groans, feeling so close to the edge already.
You feel him reach out with one of his hands, resting it on the back of your head, but not pushing down.
“Fuck, I- I’m gonna come…” he moaned, bucking his hips into your mouth slightly.
You pulled off of him, hearing a loud whine leave his lips as he was so close to coming but wasn’t able to.
Looking down at your smirking face he reaches down and grabs you by the waist and pulls you down so that you’re laying on the bed, him hovering over you with his knee between your thighs. He presses heated kisses to your lips, slowly making their way down your neck, sucking lightly when he got to your collar bones, grazing over the marks he had made earlier with his tongue.
You felt his rough fingertips dig into the dips of your hipbones, holding your body close to his. You felt his body move downwards. He let out a breathy sigh while pressing his lips to your exposed stomach, his hand gripping at the hem of your shirt and dragging it slowly off you, a heated trail of kisses following closely behind.
When your shirt was taken off, you connected your lips with Simons, feeling his hands wander from surrounding your waist to your back, unclasping your bra easily from the amount of times he’s done it.
He throws it somewhere in the room once it was taken off. His hands roaming to graze the side of your breast as they make their way down to the button on your jeans.
Once they’re off, he captures your lips in his and deepens the kiss, letting your tongues meet. You immediately feel his hard length pressing against your thigh and you can tell that the kisses are getting more and more desperate.
You feel his hand move down to your panties, sliding light teasing touches to your heat. He moves his thumb over your clit, making small circles to it, making your breath hitch in your throat.
Your moans are caught by Simons mouth, your hands roaming from his hair at the back of his neck to down his back.
He ends your kiss, leaning back to remove your panties, making delicate touches to your centre.
He inserts a finger slowly, beginning to pump it in and out of you in a steady pace. He then withdraws his hand and brings it up to his mouth, sucking his finger into his mouth, a moan of pleasure following it. Simon quickly pushes his finger back inside of you, inserting a second one too. You tighten your grip on his arm as he starts to curl his fingers, a loud moan escaping your lips as your fingernails scratching lightly down his back when he finally hits that spot within you.
You can feel yourself coming close to the edge, moans and gasps leaving your lips, and just as you feel like you could go over the edge, Simon removes his fingers.
A high whine leaves your lips at your frustration. You open your eyes to see a cocky smirk on his face.
“You’re such a dickhead,” you whisper, a light chuckle following.
He interrupts your laugh by connecting your lips, tongues swirling, fighting for dominance. His hands moved from your jaw to your breasts down to your legs where he parts them more so that he can comfortably lay between them.
“Are you ready?” He asks as he lines himself up with your core, biting his lower lip in anticipation. 
You nod and he presses in, biting down gently on your exposed collar bone at the feeling of your walls clenching around him.
He lets out a soft whimpering moan in your ear as he finally sinks into you, stretching your walls in a way that his fingers couldn’t.
He pulled your wrists up above your head, pinning them there gently with one hand, the other helping him keep his balance as he rocked his hips into yours.
He lets out a groan in your ear, a quiet question of “Would you ride me?”
You nod eagerly, your teasing mood had not died down.
Simon pulled out, lying down next to you as you sat up, straddling Simons hips. You hovered above his rock-solid cock, running a finger up the underside of it, hearing a hiss leave his mouth. You pick it up and run it along your slit, teasing him with the feeling.
“Please y/n,” he almost begged, just wanting to get what he’s been craving all night.
A satisfying moan came from the both of you as you sank down onto his cock.
You hear him let out a string of curse words when you started moving, his fingers gripping onto your hips for dear life.
He pulled your hips down harder as you both were nearing climax, the steady rhythm that was once there, no longer present.
As Simon felt the overwhelming urge to come he moved one of his hands to rub tight circles on your exposed clit, wanting you to come as well.
When his climax hit he pulled your hips down hard so that he was buried deep within you, his body going tense as you rocked your hips slowly back and forth, riding out your shattering climax.
You fall forward in exhaustion as both of you had come, small pants leaving your mouths. You rolled off him, relaxing into the bed. You feel the bed move as Simon gets up, but you took no knowledge of it until he brought back a cloth to help clean up.
After you were both adequately clean you collapsed into bed together, your head resting on Simons chest as his arm wrapped around your shoulders.

JJ needed to ask Simon a technical question. A genuine question that couldn’t wait until Simon woke up himself. So, JJ did what he thought was the most logical answer. He barged in like the good friend he was, however he was shocked at what he found. He only expected to find a hungover, slightly grumpy Simon. Instead he found the two of you naked cuddled in his bed, marks and bruises littering both your bodies.
You opened your eyes at the slight movements from beneath you, seeing a shocked JJ standing at the foot of Simons bed, his mouth hung wide open. When you made eye contact JJ ran from the room screaming to the whole house.

“I told you they were fucking!


Shawn tries to help you get ready in ten minutes flat.

This is a little something that has been on my mind for a few days now. It’s nothing major. Just a random blurb I’d like to share with you! I am writing a different thing I might post tonight so, I hope this feeds you for a little while until the other is finished!! It’s small, compared to what I usually post, but I hope you like it! Xxx

“Just try to hold it…” You tried to explain. “Do it a little slower.” You tried to gesture with your hand to make it easier for him.

“Isn’t it going to burn down your hair?” He asked, wearing the cutest frown. “You know, one time I saw that video of that girl…” He tried to explain, clueless.

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☾ pt1 | pt2 pt3 | pt4 | pt5 | pt6 | (ongoing)

pairing: jungkook x reader 

genre: smut, angst, punk!jungkook 

word Count: 12,182

description: It was everything, from his tattoos, to his touches, to the way sweat rolled down his neck as he strummed into his guitar on stage; everything about him completely enthralled you. So why are you now, two and a half years later, on a train to Seoul, telling a complete stranger the recollection of how you became fated to forever have scars on all of your future hearts due to the happiness, but most of all the pain, that came along with falling in love with Jeon Jungkook. 

note: inspired by the anime/manga “Nana”


In fall it was lust

In winter it was young love

In spring it was true love

In summer it was heartbreak



The blades of grass dipped within the spaces of your fingers as you laid on the ground underneath the school tree. The shade covered your body allowing a relaxing atmosphere to take over; well that is until he gets there.

You suddenly feel yourself being pulled up to your feet, causing you to crash into something firm. When you open your eyes you’re met with a sly smirk hidden behind the now familiar glint of his lip ring.

“Jungkook, what’re you doing here, you’re supposed to be sick?” You give him a skeptical look, but he’s not having any of it and he quickly pulls you into his embrace.

“I was, but now I’m not, and I wanted to see you.” He smiles as he drops his hands down to your hips to keep you in place.

“You’re gonna get in so much shit if they see you.” He was wearing jeans and a plain black t-shirt, nothing even close to the school uniform.

“Well then we better get out of here before they see me.” He whispers as he dips his head down pressing his lips to yours, enveloping you in his addictive presence. You begin to mold your mouth to his as his fingers dig into your sides. You’ve only been going for a few seconds when you feel him tug you forward, causing you to reluctantly break away.

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Cute sentences prompt: Don’t

“I’m so in love with her/him, I don’t know what to do”

He paces around his dressing room and groans a little. “I hate this outfit”

He pushes his bottom lip forward, looking into the mirror, brows furrowed.

“You’ve been hating every outfit so far,” Brian huffs, holding up a navy blue button down shirt. “Try this one. This seems nice”

“Fuck this, I’ll just wear a plain black t-shirt,” Shawn growls and quickly gets out of the olive green shirt he is wearing.

“What is wrong with you, dude?” Matt asks, frowning at Shawn. “You seem weird and impatient and you are annoying”

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Painted Hearts (2)

part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part sevenpart eight; part nine; part ten;

Four missed calls and three text messages.

All from Oh Sehun.

You weren’t purposefully ignoring his attempts at communication but work had that annoying habit of getting in the way. The entire household had been rushed off their feet cleaning and preparing the house for Yuri’s mother, who was coming back from a business holiday in a week’s time. Even though she wasn’t due back straight away, the house had been a flurry of activity that just left you completely exhausted. Every night, you’d finish late and head home, looking at the missed calls and collapsing asleep before you could call him back.

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Night Terrors

Charasters: Y/N(reader), Dean, Sam(mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request/Summary: could you write maybe write something where the reader is sleeping and has a nightmare. Dean hears her and come into the room to comfort her then ends with some smut??

Warnings: smut, oral(female receiving), unprotected sex(always use condoms!), slight nipple play, nightmares(?), explicit language

Word Count: 2838

A/N: I know, it’s been a hot minute since I last posted, but I am back and writing again! Sorry this took so long to get out. Enjoy!


Originally posted by thejabberwock

You sat up, gasping for air. Your throat dry, cold sweat running down your forehead. Another nightmare.

You ran a hand down your face and pushed the blankets aside, swinging your feet on the side of the bed. You stared into the darkness, it wasn’t pitch black, so you could make out most of the furniture in the room. You got up, your legs still felt a bit sore from the hunt you finished the day before as you made your way towards the door. With a deep sight, you twisted the doorknob and almost jumped as your body was met with a solid mass.

“Woah, Y/N.” - his voice sounded even more gruff than ususal, which indicated that he had just woken up. Oh, crap. Did I wake him up?

“What’s up Dean-o?” - you looked up at him, illuminated from the light that was coming in from the hallway. He was wearing an old plain black T-shirt and a pair of a flannel print boxers. Figures.

“I heard you screamin again, Y/N/N.” - his emerald eyes were full of concern as he spoke gently - “Another nightmare?” - you just shook you head in response, casting your eyes to the ground. Dean let out a deep sigh - “C'mere.” - he wrapped his arms around you, enveloping you in his embrance. He placed one hand on the small of your back, while the other one caressed your hair soothingly.

You stayed like that for a few minutes, inhaling his scent, that sweet musk that had become somehow calming to you. You’d come to associate it with home and everything that came with it - safety, comfort, and even love.

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Little Tease

Pairing: Kyungsoo x reader

Genre: smut

Note: yo yo yo, so haha first smut I’m writing on this platform, I didn’t really proof read so if there are a couple mistakes I’m sorry. So yeah, enjoy.


It was early in the night, the sun had just set and you were currently bundled up in blankets, sprawled out on your best friend’s couch. School had been taking up every second of your time for the past couple of weeks as finals was coming up, you thought that today you should give it a rest and go visit your best friend, Kyungsoo.

“What movie are we watching?” You heard Kyungsoo’s voice come from the kitchen.

“Hmmmm, what about… Star Wars?” You said, you knew he loved Star Wars so there wouldn’t really be any conflict in the matter.

You turned on the movie and felt Soo plop next to you on the couch. He set down a bowl of popcorn on the coffee table and focused his gaze on the movie as it started.
After a while you began to feel bored, the screen in front of you no longer was interesting so you began to let your mind wander.
You started thinking about school, about your friends. And then your mind absently wandered to the topic of Kyungsoo. You two had been best friends since you were Freshmen in high school. You two had grown up together. But as you both started to grow up, you watched Kyungsoo turn from a boy into a man. A pretty attractive one to be exact. It wasn’t long before you started to have feelings for him, your heart would jump every time small touches were exchanged or the way he would say your name, in his ragged deep voice would make you quiver in your seat. But Soo was your best friend. Only your best friend.

You snapped out of your daydream.

“What?” You said, you leaned your head against the couch.

“I’m bored” he said, leaning his head against the couch as well as he shifted his body to face you.

“Me too.”

He got up. Your eyes followed him as he climbed the stairs.

“What are you doing?” You yelled after him.

“I forgot to give you pajamas, plus I think my parents put the bored games up here.”

You climbed the stairs, it’s better then sitting there bored out of your mind. You reached Soo’s room and saw him rummaging through his drawers.

“All I have is an oversized shirt, is that okay?” He asked as he held up a plain white shirt.

“Yeah that’s fine.” You said, taking the shirt.

You changed in his bathroom connected to his room. The shirt was oversized, but it wasn’t as long as you had hoped. Your underwear were definitely going to be on show if you walked or bent over wrong.
You walked out of the bathroom and didn’t find Kyungsoo in his room. You heard noises from what seems to be the living room so you headed downstairs.


“Yeah I’m in here.” You heard Kyungsoo say, probably from the couch.

You awkwardly walked in, trying to not let your panties show by holding the shirt in place as you walked. Kyungsoo was resting on the couch. He had changed into a plain black t-shirt and some gray sweats. His hair was messy and his hand was resting on the inside of his thigh while the other took place on the top of the couch. He looked so hot.

“We can watch the office” he said. You realized you had been staring.

You just nodded your head and took as seat on the couch with what seemed to be a comfortable distance. The Netflix home screen took over the tv and you watched the little pointer click on “the office.“p>

When you looked up from the tv you caught Kyungoo’s eyes, wandering up and down your legs and torso until his eyes met yours. He then quickly and awkwardly turned his attention back to the screen. Did that just happen?
You started thinking. Why was he looking at you like that? His eyes looked dark. Was Soo… checking you out?
This was it, if he wanted to tease you with that little look, then you were gonna tease him right back.

“Hey Soo? I think my phone needs your wifi password again, I accidentally pressed ‘forget’ when I was trying to connect it. Can I check?”

He looked up at me, nodded slightly, and pointed towards the black box on the floor next to the television, “the wifi box thingy is right there, the password should be on the bottom.”


You got up and walked over to it. You then kneeled and bent over slightly. Panties now definitely showing as you put on your little show. You then slowly put in the password on your phone, making sure that Kyungsoo was definitely watching.
You got back up and sat on the couch. This time you say pretty close to Soo, maybe an inch dividing the two of you as you pretended to pay attention to what was going on in the show. You put your head on his shoulder and scooted closer to him, he rested his head on yours and you felt so comfortable.

“Hey.” You said sitting up.


“Can I get something to drink?”

“Yeah sure go ahead” he said “the cups are on the top shelf” you nodded and got up, now in the kitchen.

“Kyungsoo.” You called out.


“I can’t reach the cups”

You heard him enter he kitchen. You were standing on your very tippy toes, your shirt lifting past the waistband of you undies. The next thing that happened shocked you.
Kyungsoo spun you around and pushed you against the counter. His eyes looked dark as he look down at you.

“What are you doing.” He said. You swallowed hard, you didn’t expect the aggressiveness.

“Tr..trying to get a cu…”

You were cut off by his lips on yours, pressing hard and hungrily. His hands were on your hips as you tangled your fingers in his locks. He lifted you up, legs wrapping around his waist as you now moved up the stairs.
Everything was such a blur, you couldn’t believe this was happening. Soo, the one that had been your very best friend was now kissing you and carrying you up to his bedroom. You had dreamt of this night after night, and now it was so surreal.
You felt yourself being pushed up against a door. Your feet now planted on the ground and your clothes were now being removed. The t-shirt that covered you was on the other side of the room as you struggled to lift Kyungsoo’s shirt and put it with your own.

You took in his torso. It was so toned, and he was so tan. You moved your eyes up his body and your eyes met his.
He moved toward you and joined your lips together once again. He spun the both of you around so that you were now walking backwards towards the bed until you felt it hit the back of your knees and you fell backwards. You shifted up the bed, Kyungsoo following after you as he hovered.
His lips traveled down your body. They were so plump, they felt so good on your skin. And then he met with the band of your panties. I assume that they had been annoying him all night by the way he ripped them off your body.
He kissed down both thighs, and kissed everywhere but where you needed him. He was now the one teasing.

“You’ve been a little tease all night. You’re lucky I’m even touching you.” You felt yourself growing even wetter than you were before at his words.

His lips attached to your clit. You became a mess as he added his tongue to the mix. He began to lick and suck harshly, you could barely contain your small gasps and moans. He then inserted a finger and then two. It was all over from there. You came. So hard.

He cleaned you up with his tongue and crawled up your body.

“Wait condom.” He said looking down at you.

“No it’s okay I’m on the pill.”
He simply nodded and once again looked up and down your body.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” He asked, he seemed concerned.

“Kyungsoo please.”

He aligned himself up with your entrance, then slowly pushing in. He was big. Really big.

Your eyes fluttered shut for a moment at the pain, until he pulled out and sunk back in again slowly.

“Kyungsoo please, faster.”

He obeyed and started thrusting in and out, starting kinda slowly and then picking up the pace.
He felt so good. Your moans filled the room, thank god his parents were out of town, you thought.
He was so deep inside of you, he then lifted your left leg over his shoulder and somehow managed to go deeper. Your screams of pleasure announced that you were close.
He felt you tighten around him and went faster. You came again for the second time tonight and basically went cross eyed from the pleasure.
Kyungsoo followed soon after you and rode through his own orgasm.
He plopped next to you, breathing heavily with a sheet of sweat covering his body. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close to him.

“Are you okay?” He asked, holding tightly.

“Yes, very.” You said, giggling.

“What, what’s so funny” he said, a smile caught his lips as he watched you giggle away.

“I can’t believe we just did that.” You said looking up at him.

He then started giggling with you, so cutely as you laid together.


Note: I didn’t know how to end it!!! I didn’t want it to be cheesy but I also wanted to end it a little cutely so here’s what i came up with. I really hope you guys liked it. PLEASE tell me what y'all thought and send me requests if you would like. 😊

The Mall

Originally posted by hardyness

Kurt Wagner x Reader

The Mall

Author: Morgan


Warnings: None?

Jubilation Lee knew how to have a good time. So naturally, when she invited you to the mall with Jean and a few of the new kids, naturally you had oblidged. You loved the mall anyway, but Jubilee was just a blast. The cute new guy from Germany was a bonus.

God, what a cutie. So sweet and nice, not to mention the accent. Jean smiled as you slid into the back seat of the car beside the blue mutant. Scott turned up the radio as the five of you made your escape in Charles’ borrowed (stolen) vehicle.

First things first upon entering the mall, Jubilee dragged all of you into the nearest clothing store. She insisted Kurt change into something more fashionable. And if Jubilee knew anything, she knew fashion. Kurt stood beside idly, watching the four of you piece together a new outfit for him. His tail swayed behind him curiously. He liked this. He liked shopping, and he liked having friends.

You held up a bright red jacket. It looked like it had fallen out of a Michael Jackson music video.

“How’s this?” you asked. Jubilee admired the jacket.

“Kurt, try this on.” Jubilee called him over. “With these.” She handed him jeans and a plain black t-shirt.

“Okay. Danke,” he bamfed into a dressing room, emerging a few minutes later dressed like any other American teenager would.  

“Spin.” Jubilee motioned in a circle and Kurt turned around. A proud grin tugged at your lips. He looked good. “I like it.”

The four of you chipped in a few bucks for the clothes and then you rode the elevator up to the second floor to the arcade. You slid a quarter into the Pacman machine and set to work, winding through the maze and avoiding the ghosts. Kurt was set up at the machine next to you, managing two games at once. One with his hands and the other with his tail.

“That’s so cool, Kurt!” you told him. “How does it function? Like how do you control it?”

“It’s like having anozher arm.” Kurt explained. “I control it as easily as you control your hands.”

“That’s really, really cool.” You smiled, focusing on the machine. You moved the joystick back and forth, weaving through the electronic maze. “All I can do is heal people.”

“Zhat sounds like an amazing gift.” Kurt grinned.


“Yeah.” he nodded, a charismatic grin tugging at his lips. “I do have a tail zhough, so I zhink I win.”

“Yeah I think so too,” you chuckled, giving him a playful nudge. He nudged you back, and so it became competitive, nudging eachother until one of you messed up and lost. The racing game Kurt had been playing with his tail was long forgotten, and you hardly noticed that his tail had coiled around your waist. In fact, you didn’t notice until the group met up outside the arcade after half an hour or so.

“Um…?” Scott motioned to Kurt’s tail, still secured around your hips.

“Oh!” you noticed, smiling. Kurt unwound it as fast as he could, a look of apology on his face. His amber eyes searched yours for forgiveness, as though he had done something wrong.

“I’m so sorry! Sometimes it has a mind of its own, and I didn’t mean to creep you out or-”

“Kurt, it’s fine. I promise. No harm done,” you assured the tall blue mutant.

“Are…are you sure?”


“Okay.” he nodded, swallowing the lump in his throat. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” you repeated, smiling. Jean peered into each of your minds. She knew there was a connection there, and as she would bet with Scott later, she figured you’d end up together in less than a month.

Next, the crew went to the food court to get Slushees. Kurt took a large sip of his cold drink before you could warn him otherwise and clutched his head, yelling out in pain.

“Aah! Somezhing’s wrong!”

“It’s called a brain freeze.” Scott told him, leaning forward.

“Vhat?! I froze my brain?!”

“Yeah.” Scott nodded. You set down your drink and scooted towards Kurt a little. His face was still scrunched up in pain.

“Come here,” you told him. He leaned towards you. You pressed your hand to his forehead, focusing warm energy towards him. He let out a little hum, eyes rolling back in his head as you got rid of the pain.


“No prob.” you shrugged.

“Mom friend,” Jubilee teased with a smile.

“Is that a bad thing?” you smirked, taking a sip from your drink.

“Mom friend?” Kurt asked.

“It means she takes care of everybody.” Jean explained. “Getting extra napkins and tissues, sneaking food into the movie theater, fixing collars, tucking in tags…”

“Comes with being a healer, I guess.”

Kurt’s fangs poked out as he smiled at the concept. A mom friend.

After hanging out in the food court for a while, Scott, Jubilee, and Jean wandered off to the record store. Kurt agreed to come with you to the Nike store to get shoes. You needed new sneakers for school, and he insisted on accompanying. He didn’t want you to be alone. You appreciated the gesture.

Kurt stood near the wall display at the front of the store while you retrieved your shoes from the back of the store. He looked up at the tall wall of shoes. There were so many in all sorts of sizes and colors and styles. He never really wore shoes, what with his abnormal feet and all.

“That guy your friend?” asked one of the girls in the store. You nodded.


“Where’s he from?”

“Germany.” you smiled. She nodded.


“Met him today. He’s a sweetie.”

“I can tell.” the girl smiled. You liked the teens at the mall. None of them seemed to mind that you and your friends weren’t exactly normal. They were cool with it. It was usually in adults that you found problems.

“Did you find zhem?” Kurt appeared in front of you in a puff of smoke. You coughed, nodding.

“I forgot you could do that.” You chuckled, leading him up to the register to check out. After you left the Nike store, you met up with the others. You had all planned to see Star Wars at 1, but Kurt wanted to watch the break dancers. He watched a few before trying his hand at it.

He moved robotically, popping and locking like you had never seen before. He was amazing. Of course, he could spin on his tail which was pretty cool too. You rooted him on with the others. God, he could move.

“How vhas zhat?”

“That was awesome Kurt! You killed it!”

“Danke,” he smiled.

“Come on guys! We don’t want to miss Star Wars,” Jubilee dragged you all along as the group gushed over Kurt’s awesome skills.

You ended up sitting between Kurt and Jean, and sometime during the movie, Kurt’s tail wound around your leg. You scooted a bit closer to him, fingertips grazing over the blue skin of his one of his three-fingered hands. He smiled. So did you.

By the time you and the others got out of the theater, Kurt wasn’t concerned over the mild argument over which Star Wars movie was better. All he cared about was the fact that your hand was still wrapped tightly with his own and that his tail was comfortably coiled around your waist.