“The sweetest choclate = chu~colates!”


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I hope you like your chocolate. (*’∀’人)♥ 

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Old Peru, Iowa
Population: Unincorporated

“Although Old Peru is unincorporated, it once had a post office under the name of Peru; the office was established on 18 April 1853 and closed on 14 September 1903.  Even though the community’s post office has been closed for over a century, ZIP Code 50222 is still reserved for Peru. Old Peru was laid out as a town in 1855, but it declined when the railroad missed it by a mile, and in 1887 the town of East Peru was founded on that line.  The original (seedling) delicious apple tree grew in Peru.”


This is a horseshit skill journal reward number.  Who would EVER mix 500 drinks.  ….. >_>;  Someone working the bar at The Toadstool in this MF.  He got this ages ago?  ‘cuz of packed houses like this?  A drink is made for every person in the room.  He does this like five times, that’s what…. fifty or so, counting a couple sims outta view?  THEY ALL DRINK LIKE FISH.  Do it again!  Five times!  Up to 100 now!  Night’s over, you walk out with this.  >_>;  I didn’t even have to cheat the value down.  xD

Cute as a button.

I can’t imagine what he’d look like as an adult.  >_>;  I’d see but… cba to stoke the flames on an Error 12.  xD

Oregon Standoff Ends In Arrests, Disappointment At Failure To Spark Revolution

Good news from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Thursday, as the last four militia loons occupying the refuge surrendered to FBI agents without violence. Three of the four surrendered as planned when Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and preacher Franklin Graham accompanied FBI agents onto the grounds. Then, for over an hour, the final holdout, David Fry, said he would not be taken alive and threatened to kill himself, before finally surrendering. And off he went to jail, along with Jeff Banta, Sean Anderson, and his wife, Sandy, none of whom were from Oregon. All will be charged, at a minimum, with federal conspiracy felonies.

Yr Dok Zoom spent much of his “weekend” live-tweetering the bizarre livestreams — Wednesday evening and Thursday morning — of phone calls from the four would-be revolutionaries set up by pro-militia guy and Real Piece of Work Gavin Seim. At first, we were a tad skeptical that the remaining Liberty Campers had decided on Michele Fiore as their preferred negotiator, but darned if she didn’t do a fine job of keeping the crazy to a minimum and actually talking them down off the ledge.


Hail, Warriors of the 12 clans

Hail, Commander of the blood


Kayla Q - “Questions I’ve Been Asked as a Midwife” (Great Plains 2015)

“A woman’s body is unapologetically powerful. She is so powerful she is often taught to be scared of herself.”

Performing during finals at the 2015 Great Plains Poetry Pile-Up. Subscribe to Button on YouTube!


So, like, I really never thought to actually look at Pearl’s teapot in “Serious Steven” but there was a gifset on my dash earlier today and I realized that there’s a rose design on the teapot. Like, an abstract-ish design but to me they definitely look like they’re meant to be roses

and now I feel extremely silly for never having noticed it before