2011 wouldn’t be as colorful as it was without the help of these people. They are the ones who have inspired me to be who I am today. They somehow molded me into the Oswald whom you know. They are exceptional in inspiring people in their own little way.

  • Kuya Marjan ($) - The small but terrible engineer has made it here. Thanks to the common denominator between us - engineering! This man has been a constant inspiration. I don’t know but I feel the same towards all engineering graduate. Probably, we could understand the language hence it is easier to communicate with them. Plus, they know what it takes to be an engineer.
  • Kuya Ron (@) - The man says it all. The Mechanical major graduate has inspired me to think over a million times of how my life would be in engineering. He is more of a friend more than of a mentor; little did he know that through our simple conversation, he has made it clear that I am really for engineering.
  • Sir Ariel (#) - I would describe him as the Photo God for manipulating it so graciously. He really has put my interest in manipulating photos into another level. I must say that the colors he put into the art piece speaks of how colorful my dream is. I get inspired, I tell you. He has this magic of urging someone to pursue one’s dreams.
  • Sir Claren (*) - Another great artist. The works he has posted in his dash is such an attention-grabber. Look at his portfolio and you’ll discover why I am looking up at him. You’ll also get inspired with the things that he does.
  • Sir Pabee (^) - I know you wouldn’t be asking me why he has made it to my list. The photographs speaks of it already and you’ll get the chance to see how he does it - with passion. His works are just awesome and it wouldn’t fail to be the apple of your eyes after seeing those. 
  • Sir Toto (+) - Have you seen his photographs? I bet you have. And I am pretty sure that you have fallen in love with this guy’s pieces. Who wouldn’t fall for them, right? He is one of the two people who have captivated my heart to drag my feet to follow their footsteps.
  • Ate Kash (!) - I have known this Iskolar ng Bayan since my high school days. She has built her name the way she want it to be - girly but full of wit. She is one of those people whom I look up to when it comes to writing. She has this charisma that she puts into her work.
  • Sir Robx (~) - Now, I will kill you if you do not know who this man is! He is the living legend, at least for me, of the world of art! He has indeed proven his worth to the world and justified to where he is right now. Ever since I saw his work, I started to dream higher and believe that I could also make like those of his works. 
  • Kuya Kleinzh (%) - The funny thing about this man is that he doesn’t know that he is indeed a great creator. He is humble enough to claim things as his own.  I tell you he is such a funny guy and when you get the chance to text him you’ll understand me. A great adviser, when it comes to courting. LOL!
  • Kuya Toni (&) - This guy is my inspiration in being loyal to my girl. He is the perfect epitome of the guy who’s every girl dreams. Long distance relationship may be their setting but it didn’t made his love for her girl any less.
  • Ate Arcell (=) - The girl that knows how to loves truly is hard to find especially if you’re placed in a scenario of being away with your love. She amazes me on how strong she is despite the fact that her guy is in Dubai. Both of them have inspired me to my girl and made me realize that distance could never destroy love.

I would like to give you my biggest and fattest thank you for being part of my life. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better me because without you, I won’t be the Oswald people know today. You have greatly impacted my life! No words could actually explain how much grateful I am to you. For that, may you continue to inspire other people as you have inspired me.