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1.Favorite quote from movie/book?

“Boom” - Minerva Mcgonagall

2.The last song you heard?

Die young - Kesha

3.Favorite Animated Movie?

Rise of the Guardians

4.A song that make you cry?

Every sad song in the world…

5.The most memorable scene from a movie?

The scene from Hunger Games, where Prim’s name just got picked, and pure panic flashes over Katniss’ face as she steps in for her sister.

6.Favorite movie/series character?

Right now I’m quite intrigued by Clara Oswin Oswald.

7.Describe yourself in three words?

Down right (mothertrucking) awesomesauce!

8.A movie you don’t like?

I’ve blocked all bad movies from my head. Gone Sherlock and only stored, if it’s worth it.

9.Your inspiration in life?

Chocolate (Bærtemus!!)

10.Favorite food?


11.Things that make you move forward?

My feet.


My questions.

1. Did you even shower today? DID YOU? That is pityful!

2. When did you last brutally slaughter llama? Don’t lie.

3. Count the number of freckles on your nose. How many were there?

4. If Slip Me and Slap Me went for a walk, and Slip Me fell in the water, who was left?

5. If you could set fire to any building in the world, which one would you choose?

6. Does your best friend have long nails too?

7. Which fictional world would you like to be dictator over?

8. Can you name seven horrible dog names?

9. Are you up late, my dear friend? Lazy bastard.

10. What is your craziest childhood memory?

11. Do you want a cookie? Too bad you can’t get one!

>:≈ (I tried making this smiley >:} but the mouth turned into bacon)

P.S. It’s late on a friday, with my best friend and we both need sleep. So please answer all questions no matter how cray-cray they seem.