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What is you worst cosplay experience?

>spends tons of money on custom plaid fabric
>devotes 12+ hours to sewing a tailored button-up shirt
>goes to con dealer’s room at ACEN
>Homestuck troll cosplayer shoves past us
>gets unsealed body paint on shirt

Fortunately ofbaskerville was able to clean it off but I’m sure you guys can imagine what my face looked like when that happened.

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Jude has a panic attack

*I did some quick research, and it doesn’t seem medically prudent for the need to call an ambulance for a panic attack - of course depending on the situation. So hopefully this is realistic enough - I apologize if it is not medically sound*

Jude was having an awesome day. His moms gave him some money to buy clothes for the new school year, and he decided to go along with Taylor and Connor to the mall. Daria was still away in Italy, but kept sending suggestions to them, via text.

Jude and Taylor were already done their shopping, and were just waiting outside of the store at their last destination. Connor was taking his time as he could not decide which plaid button up shirt he liked best.

“Oh my god,” Taylor complained for the hundredth time, “He’s worse than Daria.”

Jude chuckled. “I’ll go see how he’s doing.” Jude got up from the bench, the two were sitting on. As he walked towards the store, he bumped into an older man.

“The hell?” The man aggressively pushed Jude out of the way. “Watch where you’re going ki-”

Jude not only recognized the voice and the face, but the aggressive push as well. Last time he saw this man was two years ago, threatening his sister with a gun.

The man recognized Jude as well. He pushed past him hurriedly, and left the premises.

Jude fell on to one knee, unable to control his legs. Then his breathing quickened as he tried to suck in the air that he felt wasn’t entering his lungs. He suddenly felt cold, trembling on the spot.

Taylor hadn’t noticed at first, as she was looking at her phone, but out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Jude on the ground. Now fully alert, she ran over to him, to see what was wrong.

“Jude? Are you alright?” No response. “JUDE!” She shook him slightly unsure what to do.

Quickly thinking, she figured Connor might have an idea and called out his name as loudly as possible at the store entrance, hoping he would come.

He did, running over to his boyfriend, he knelt at his side.

“What happened?” He spoke quickly.

“I don’t know, I just saw him bump into someone, and then he was on the ground.”

Connor nodded, “Jude are you alright.”

As a response, Jude only looked into Connor’s eyes with terror, mumbling “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” over and over again.

Connor, unsure if it was himself being referred, replied “It’s okay bud, it’s fine.”

Suddenly a woman appeared behind them. She had witnessed the situation in greater detail. “I’m a nurse,” she replied when the two noticed her. “I think I know what’s wrong, you boy, go find someone from security, this young man needs to get to the mall infirmary.

Connor jumped to his feet and ran to find one of the security officers as soon as possible, worrying all the more for his boyfriend.
Only three minutes had passed, but thankfully Jude was in the infirmary. Connor immediately called Lena’s number, as that was the only one he had other than Jude’s.

“Hey uh, Lena,” he still wasn’t used to calling her that, outside of school, “We need you and Callie to come to the mall right now.”

“Wh-what?” Lena responded, her motherly instincts set in, hearing Connor’s tone of voice, and she already began to leave the house to pick up Callie.

“A nurse thinks he’s having a panic attack,” Connor responded.
By the time the two women got there, Jude looked a bit better. He was drinking some water with his friends when he saw the two come in. Immediately he went to hug his sister. Callie wordlessly hugged her brother back. Callie had an uneasy feeling as to why her brother had had his panic attack.

The nurse who was kind enough to help them out, pulled the two women and Connor aside, describing what she had seen. The description of the man, that the woman gave, made Callie’s heart sink - it was their previous foster “father”. She told them who it was. He must have already finished his jail sentence…

They thanked the Good Samaritan, and dropped everyone off. Lena realised that Jude had never really opened up about his time with his previous foster “father”. And she now had a better idea as to why. At the same time, she didn’t want her son to bottle up his emotions or the hurt or guiltiness he may feel and hoped he would someday open up about it.

Callie still reassuringly held on to her brother in the back seat of the car. He smiled weakly at her. “I took a page from Connor, and bought my own plaid shirt,” he said, lifting the particular shirt from his bag to show it off.