Marble Hornets eBay Masterpost

If you are a Marble Hornets fan and enjoy either cosplay or collecting memorabilia (or both!), you’re in luck! I’m currently auctioning off several props and clothing items that I wore/used in the series, and this is the post where I will be adding links to each eBay listing. Be sure to bookmark this post to check for updates! Just click the text beneath each photo to go to the eBay listing.


Marble Hornets - Tim’s Jacket


Marble Hornets - Tim’s Mug


  Marble Hornets - Gray Plaid Button-Up Shirt (Entry #53)


Marble Hornets - Blue Ringer T-Shirt (Entry #61)


Marble Hornets - Red Henley Shirt (Entry #66)


Marble Hornets - Red Ringer T-Shirt (Entry #63)


Marble Hornets - Gray Ringer T-Shirt (Entry #69)


TimMan’s Rollerblades - Troy Moves Out

Build-A-Bear and Hot Topic have joined forces for the fiercest (and cuddliest) collection ever

It’s no secret that Build-A-Bear and Hot Topic are each killing the game when it comes to pop culture merchandise. It a match made in mall heaven, the brands are teaming up to create the the ultimate line of clothes for you and your favorite Build-A-Bear.

Build-A-Bear, the store you begged you mom to take you for your birthday turns 20 this year and Hot Topic is just as excited. The Furry N’ Fierce line features some of Hot Topics best looks — for you AND your bear — and a special Hot Topic bear. Making this collab the *ultimate* pop culture match, Funko is even getting in on the game, offering a special vinyl figure of the Furry N’ Fierce bear.

Check out the whole Furry N’ Fierce collection:

Hot Topic Bear


The bear can be found at Build-A-Bear for $28.00.

Black Floral & Bear Crossbones Print Dress

Hot Topic, Build-A-Bear

The human version of this dress can be found online and in stores at Hot Topic for $49.90, while the bear version can be found at Build-A-Bear and online for $10.50.

Funko Pop! Furry N’ Fierce Vinyl Figure

Hot Topic;Build-A-Bear

The figure can be found at Hot Topic and Build-A-Bear in stores and online for $12.50.

Black & Red Plaid Woven Button-Up Shirt

Hot Topic, Build-A-Bear

The shirt for girls can be found in stores and online at Hot Topic for $36.90. For bears, the shirt can be found at Build-A-Bear in stores and online $7.50.

Black Faux Leather Moto Jacket with Hot Topic Bear Print Lining

Hot Topic, Build-A-Bear

The human version can be found online and in stores at Hot Topic for $59.90, while the bear’s version of the jacket can be found at Build-A-Bear in stores and online for $12.50.

Hot Topic Crop Sweater and Hot Topic Pleated Plaid Skirt

Hot Topic, Build-A-Bear

You can find the skirt for $34.90 plus tax and sweater $36.90 at Hot Topic, in stores and online. The skirt can be found for $7.00, and the sweater for $10.50 at Build-A-Bear stores and online.

The prices are listed are all in USD and is the perfect way to ring in Build-A-Bear’s 20th birthday. Everything in the collection goes on sale July 13th, and happy shopping!

Dean Winchester - It's Too Hot

Originally posted by hunterchesters

When the A.C. in the bunker breaks, you’re frustrated because it’s so warm. However, when Dean comes home, he finds a way to distract you from the heat.

Requested by: @theoneandonlysaucymo after a conversation last night about how bloody warm it was

Pairing: Dean x Fem!Reader

Warning: Smut

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Thanks, Mom

Summary: You go to visit your mom at her new house and find a handsome man mowing her yard.

warnings: none, just fluff! (minor fantasies about Dean, but who hasn’t had those, right?)

word count: ~2600

You turned onto your mom’s street, eager to see her new house all finally put together.  She had moved about a month ago, but you had been so busy with your job that you hadn’t had a chance to come by and see the place, let alone help her unpack.

She didn’t seem to mind, as she quite enjoyed organizing and arranging things.  You had talked to her on the phone many times and she told you all the new ideas she had for the house… It felt like you had been there a thousand times with all the details she had shared, but you were just now getting to see it.

You pulled into the driveway, eyes scrunched in confusion when you saw a man pushing a lawnmower in her yard. Your mom had always done her own yard work, saying that it was the best work out she would get and not liking to work out in any other ways.

The man looked your way and waved, before quickly turning back to his task.  You reached for your purse after you turned off your car, getting out slowly.  You looked at the man again, taking him in.  He was wearing jeans and a v-neck t-shirt, hair short with scruff on his face. His face – that was a handsome face.  Plump lips and a light brush of freckles under piercing green eyes that you could see all the way across the yard.  He turned the lawnmower so that he was now facing away from you, and you couldn’t help but admire his back muscles that flexed under his thin t-shirt and the curve of his ass –

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BTS Reaction | Seeing you in their clothes

Reaction to the boys seeing you wearing their shirts the next day. If you guys have any requests for these small reactions or prompts for fics send them in!!

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by yoongiski

Damn you looked so good, walking around in just his t-shirt, the piece of fabric hanging low on your shoulders. He couldn’t help himself as his head lowered to catch another angle view of you. You looked good enough to eat. As he sat down on the breakfast counter, he motioned for you to come closer, your frame moving to him instantly. 

“You look so good in my clothes baby girl,” he purred as his hands ranked up your waist, slightly taking his shirt with him, “let’s stay in all day. ” 

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

As he opened the door to his apartment, he stopped. Your smile was so simple as you looked back at him from the kitchen, so innocent and pure. But his mind was so far from that, the way his shirt looked on your body sending all kinds of desires to his mind. He closed the door behind him, his eyes never leaving your figure. 

You turned around as you saw him approaching you, a blush making its way onto your face as Namjoon pulled you closer, hands gripping tightly on your waist. 

“Baby, I want you to wait for me like this every day,” he groaned as his head dipped towards your neck, “can you do that for daddy?”

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by kpoptrashandproud

He walked out of his room with a yawn, his eyes still unfocused as the kitchen came into view. His mind awoke as he heard you humming softly, but the view of you in his button up plaid shirt had him stopping in his tracks. 

Yoongi watched as your hips moved slightly in rhythm with the song you were humming to, his shirt flowing around your body with the movements. His hands snapped at your hips as he pulled your back against him, his head dipping towards the crotch of your neck. 

“Seriously, you better be dressed like this everytime I wake up from now on” he smirked as he gave your neck a small bite

Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by sunshinejhp

He walked outside the bathroom with a smile, you were still gonna be there, waiting for him. How long had it been since you two could wake up and just chill around, no other plans to ruin your day? At first, he looked around the living room, searching for your frame, but when he heard you in the kitchen he went straight for the kill. 

Hoseok stopped in his tracks as he saw the small line of your butt showing through the bottom of his shirt. You turned around as you heard him approaching you, your hands quickly snagging onto the rim of t shirt in embarrassment, 

“I’m sorry, I just took it withou-” 

“Until the end of the day, I’m the only one allowed to take this off you” he groaned as his hands snagged your waist to pull you closer, 

Park Jimin 

Originally posted by jiyoongis

As he walked outside his room, you were right there. After the night you two had he couldn’t help but simply watch you. Everything about you amazed him, and he stared on as you moved around the living room, moving things onto their right place. He watched carefully as you picked up a slightly bigger box, his shirt riding up your body as you bent down to put the box on the ground. 

His eye brows rose at your predicament, so damn good. He walked closer slowly, his arms roaming around you as he pulled you in for a hug. 

“You’re so fucking amazing, I’m so lucky.” he breathed into your hair. 

You leaned back at the hug, wanting to be closer to him, but as his actions continued you blushed,

“Princess, let’s go back to bed,” he purred as his hands trailed up your thighs. 

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by cutae-hyungie

He sat down on the couch waiting for you to come out of the room. Maybe leaving right after your small fight was not the best of ideas, but he knew that whenever you got annoyed at all his teasing, the best thing to do was give you some space. He watched the TV lazily as he heard you come out of the room, his eyes slowly moving onto you, but when Taehyung saw you, he froze. 

You wore one of his buttons up T-shirt open, some simple lace lingerie underneath, and the cuteness scowl on your face. Your eyes caught sight on his dumbfounded face, making you even more annoyed, 

“What?” you groaned, 

But for a second he just sat there, speechless. You looked so good in his clothes, he knew that he could never do something to lose that, and without thinking, he said it

“I’m sorry” he blurted out, his eyes widening as he saw the smile opening up on your face before you jumped onto his lap. 

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

He woke up slightly startled when he noticed that you weren’t beside him. Jungkook sat up on his bed to look for any signs of you, his heartbeat slowing down when he caught glimpse of your clothes hanging tall on top of his open closet. How did they even get there? 

He laughed at the idea of you having to stroll naked through his apartment, surely you would be embarrassed to death for doing it, your cute blush a prominent vision in his mind. But when you opened the door to his room that was all gone. You held an innocent look as you walked in, his opened buttons up t shirt flowing behind you. You looked up at your clothes and groaned, your eyes turning towards him as you were about to ask him to help you, but he cut you off. 

“Forget about it, you’re gonna wear that for the whole day,” he began as his finger pointed at his shirt, “now come back here bunny, let’s play”

anonymous asked:

Jaehyun and his youtuber girlfriend? Filming boyfriend tag video haha :)

Hello there! First off, haven’t written a scenario of my ult in so long ;;; Thank you for requesting this & I hope you enjoy it although it took me forever to finish. Ah, Jaehyun is totally boyfriend (and husband) material. 💘


Listen: [1]

You finished setting up the Canon T5i and looked through the screen monitor to ensure that the camera was placed at the right angle. Lights, check. Camera, check. Now, all that’s left was the action.

“Are you ready, babe?” You called, as you made last minute touches to the room that would be the background setting of the video.

Jaehyun had finally concurred to appearing on your YouTube channel to film the boyfriend tag. Your subscribers had sent in requests since early last year, as you had always mentioned him in your videos, but never uploaded any footage of him. After months of begging, a month’s worth of pizza on you, and a promise to pack him lunch everyday for three months, you had finally coaxed him into making an appearance on your channel.

He appeared right at the door, popping his head in before smiling nervously. It wasn’t like him to be so shy, he is articulate and a naturally gifted speaker, so you found it quite adorable that he had spent the past week contemplating what to wear and how to act on camera.

He was dressed in a cream cable knit sweater today, paired with his favourite pair of vintage Levi’s. His hair was slightly parted at the front, coloured a chocolate brown. You couldn’t help but marvel at the sight in front of you.

The corners of his lips turned upwards as he begin to realize that you were checking him out. He walked closer to you and embraced you with his strong arms as you buried your face in the comfort of his sweater. His familiar scent wafted into the air, wood sage and a tinge of sea salt.

You peeked at him gingerly, the bottom half of your face still resting on the fabric of his shirt. “Are you nervous?”

He looked down at you, his sharp eyes transforming into crescents as he broke into a docile smile and nodded his head slowly. “A bit.”

“Why? Aren’t you the definition of ‘mom’s friend’s son’?” You teased, unravelling your hands from his back, reaching upwards to cup his face.

He leaned forward, trying to steal a kiss from your lips. You giggled and ducked to avoid him, giving him a quick peck on the cheek instead.

“Can I get one more kiss? The cheek one didn’t count.” He pouted.

“I’ll give you one if you answer the questions about me correctly, you know that.” You flicked him on the forehead lightly.

He chuckled, elongating his arms such that his right hand was now hovering in front of the camera lens, as if he was covering the camera’s eyes.

Then, he leaned over and planted a soft kiss directly on your lips.

He could feel you smiling into the kiss, but you immediately pulled back before things could escalate any further. “Stop cheating,” you murmured, a sheepish smile slowly spreading across your face.

“Alright, alright.”

“If you get even one question wrong, you know what you’re in for, right?” you teased, curling your hand into a fist.

He laughed, taking his position on the white leather loveseat. “I guess I’m lucky I have a good memory.”

You wiggled your eyebrows, skipping towards the camera set up at the front of the room to press the record button. 

“We’ll see how well you do, Jae. We’ll see.”

You took a deep breath before pressing record, then quickly walked back to your position beside Jaehyun on the loveseat. He scooted closer, blinking slowly a few times before nodding his head and focusing his attention back on the camera lens.

“Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!” You started, before breaking into laughter and covering your face with your hands. Jaehyun turned to you and raised his brows.

“This is so awkward. I’m not used to filming beside you, even though you film me sometimes,” you whined.

“Do we have to start recording again?” Jaehyun whispered quietly, pointing to the camera.

“Yes, genius. Let’s set up the camera again.” you jokingly teased.

“Oh right, you can just edit it out.” He flashed you a sheepish grin and instinctively covered his face with his hands, a habit of his when he was embarrassed.

After an uncontrollable fit of giggles and a sip of water, you decided that you were ready to film again.

“Let’s go, take three.” Jaehyun whispered under his breath.

You barely kept in another fit of giggles, but managed to start the introduction without making any mistakes.

“Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today, we’re going to do the highly requested and long-awaited boyfriend tag.” You smiled, turning beside you to make eye contact with Jaehyun, as he nodded obediently.

“We decided to spice things up a little and make it a little more interesting. We’re each going to ask each other ten questions that we’ve prepared on our own, and if we answer any of the questions incorrectly, we’re each going to get a little punishment.” You continued.

“The punishments are going to be different each time since the questions vary in difficulty level. Basically, we prepared various levels for punishments which will be revealed once either of us makes a mistake.” Jaehyun added.

“Are you ready for this?” you turned to your right slightly, your eyes meeting each other.

“Of course. More prepared than I was for my SATs.” He replied with ease.

What a smooth talker.

You clicked on the ‘Notes’ app on your phone and did a quick scroll through, overlooking the questions you had prepared before clearing your throat.

“Okay. First question. I’m starting off easy, just so you know. When was the first day we met?” you smiled cheekily, waiting for his answer.

“January 14, 2014. Exactly a month before my birthday.”

“Too easy,” you teased.

“You can challenge me, you know. I’m better than that.” He chuckled, his gaze fixated on you.

“It started off easy.” You emphasized, turning to face him again.

You were distracted by the light that his phone screen emitted on his face, a luminous glow further highlighting the contours of his face.

How gorgeous he looked right now was beyond you.

“Bring on the hard questions, but it’s my turn now.” He winked at you before reading his first question aloud.

“What was the first gift that I gave to you?”

“Was it the silver necklace with the dainty hexagon shape in the middle that you bought me when we were browsing the streets of Hongdae together? I think that was our fourth date or something… or was it something else?”

“Guys, I have a terrible memory.” You scratched your head, slightly abashed.

“And in what you lack, I make up.” he propped his head to the side and smiled widely, his dimples deepening.

“Jae, please. We’re on camera.” You blushed.

“_________, first present. Think harder. I think this one’s pretty memorable.”

“Hint please?”

“First. First present. But also first something.” he emphasized, cutely putting up his index finger.

“OH MY- THE BLACK AND WHITE PLAID BUTTON UP SHIRT. It’s literally my favourite gift but it’s so precious to me I haven’t worn it since we met two years ago.” You continued.

“_______, you failed, so punishment time or?” He nodded coolly.

“Wait Jaehyun, wait! Before the punishment, reveal the story behind the first gift.” You gushed with excitement, recalling the very first time you had met him.

He instinctively placed his hand on the nape of his neck. You could tell he was a little flustered.

“Really?” he mouthed.

“Awww, are you shy?” You placed your hand on top of his and gave him a little squeeze. “Alright, we’ll save the story for next time. It’s a little embarrassing to talk about.”

Just as you were about to direct your next question to him, he started speaking.

“It was actually the first day we met. At that time, I was a part-time barista at a coffee shop and _______ was a customer. She was waiting for her coffee when one of the other customers was in a rush and accidentally bumped into her while rushing out, spilling some drinks on her. I guess he was in a rush but he didn’t even apologize and just ran out. She was drenched and all she did was grab some extra napkins from the dispenser and wipe at her shirt. So yeah, I found that ridiculous and without thinking I took off my shirt and told her to change into it.”

“Don’t worry guys, he was wearing a t-shirt inside.”

“By the way, how did you even manage to catch that? I remember it was pretty busy that day.” you added, smiling at him sweetly.

Jaehyun simply smiled and shrugged.

“I didn’t even think twice before taking my shirt off. Like I literally could have been wearing nothing inside.”

“Shirtless barista makes the headlines.” You teased jokingly, clutching your stomach to prevent yourself from doubling over.

He just shook his head and laughed softly, casually placing his hand on top of your head to ruffle your hair.

“_________, don’t change the topic, punishment time. Level one is… let me see… ”

“Lemons.” you finished his sentence, a look of regret washing over your face.

He smiled, eagerly getting up from his seat to grab a lemon wedge that he had sliced up from earlier.

You reluctantly took it from his hand and began nibbling at the lemon, wincing whenever you took another bite as the acidity instantaneously spread throughout your mouth.

After you finished half the wedge, Jaehyun swiftly grabbed the lemon from your hands and popped the rest of it into his mouth.

“It looked too delicious.” he replied simply. “It’s actually good, not too sour.”

“You little pig, why do you love food so much.“ 

You cracked a smile, immediately reaching for the glass of water in front of you to wash away the sour taste that still lingered in your mouth.

“Okay so next question. What’s my favourite food?” you asked.

“Is this some type of trick question ‘cause I feel like it’s too easy.” He placed his right hand under his chin, and glanced at the ceiling, thinking deeply.

“Well, it’s not a trick question but it might be a little difficult. ‘Cause I like everything. But there’s only one correct answer.”

“If I could only pick one… spicy tomato sauce pasta with seafood.”

“Didn’t expect you to be so specific,” you said, awe evident in your voice.

“Am I right though?”

You made a tiny ‘ok’ sign with your thumb and index finger and nodded in defeat.

“Alright, my turn. I’ll make it easier since I should be the bigger person and give you some points.”

“So thoughtful of you.” you replied, a hint of teasing sarcasm in your voice.

“I know right. So, what is the facial feature that I’m most confident about?”

“Your eyebrows.”


“Guys, I’m really jealous of Jaehyun’s eyebrows ‘cause mine are so sparse and I always need to fill them in but he’s born with such beautifully-shaped thick eyebrows.” you turned to him and outlined his brows with your fingertips.

He wiggled his brows in satisfaction, leaning in to give you a peck just above your brow-bone.

“Jae, I’m editing that out!” You giggled.

“It’s a good luck peck to define your eyebrow hair.”

You teasingly hit his arm. “JUNG YOONOH. SERIOUSLY.”

“Sorry guys, this is probably like one of the most boring videos you’ve ever seen.”

“And you’re going to have to edit half of this out because of the PDA… or you can just keep it in?” Jaehyun joked.

“Should I?”

“Johnny would say 'I just want to show the world how much I love my girlfriend’ and I completely agree.”

Listen: [2]

Another twenty minutes passed and you were now on your eighth question. You were pretty sure the video wouldn’t be the most entertaining boyfriend tag around, but you were having a fun time filming with Jaehyun and most importantly, you had realized how lucky you were to have such a sweet and caring boyfriend. Maybe even the luckiest girl in the world, you smiled to yourself.

You always knew that Jaehyun was a detail-oriented, observant and caring person, but he sometimes surprised you, picking up on details that you didn’t even know about yourself.

“Oh, ________. You’re doomed this time.” Jaehyun smiled widely, while reading his eighth question.

“Why? I’ve been doing pretty well up until now, just a couple mistakes.” You retorted.

“The next question is sports-related.” he replied with a grin.

“Damn… really?”

“It should be passable, I always make you watch their games with me on tv and you usually do, even if you’re not paying attention.” he teased.

You glowered in response but you had a little bit of faith in yourself since you had watched a lot more sports since you had started dating Jaehyun. You just couldn’t resist his adorable antics.

“Okay, I love you ________. But tell me, which NBA team do I cheer for?”

“Give me a while to think about it. I swear I know though.”

“Mm, of course.” Jaehyun replied smoothly.

Here goes nothing. Let’s decode NBA first, you thought to yourself.

N for National. B for… baseball? Doesn’t seem right. Why are there so many sports that start with the letter b. Badminton? Something seems off. Then, it must be basketball. Jaehyun’s favourite sport is basketball! A… what did it stand for again? Shit, I forgot. Oh well.

“First, NBA stands for National Basketball A.” You replied, a smug look evident on your face.

Jaehyun chuckled and finished with perfect English, “A for Association.”

“Yes, that.” you smiled.

“Oooh, that’s impressive.” he replied, the right dimple on his cheek becoming more prominent.

You nodded. “Okay, three more minutes. Going to do more decoding in my head.”

“I’m so touched you’re working so hard.” He leaned over and bent down to give you a swift peck on the cheek.

“I’m working hard since I don’t want to do the punishment.” you simply replied.

“Why so tsundere.” A quiet giggle escaped Jaehyun’s mouth.

“And also the fact that you’re beating me by a landslide.” You laughed. “How is it possible that you didn’t even get one question wrong yet?”

Jaehyun scratched his head. “Were my questions too hard? Or yours too easy?”

“No, it’s because your memory is too good. Give me some brain cells! Anyway, let me continue. I can do this.”

“You can do this.” he replied.

“WE CAN DO THIS!” the both of you chanted, as you made a fist and pumped your arm up.

Jaehyun’s favourite basketball team. Hmm… he watches a lot of games but he is especially fond of one team. One of the heavily populated cities. It was definitely L.A… I’m sure he cheers for the team from L.A.

Now what were they called again? I loosely remember that it also started with a 'L’. Oh! It had a similar spelling to some of my favourite lip products. Lacquers? Yes… I think it was something like that. It was slightly different though. Lacers. Yes. Lacers.

“You ready?” Jaehyun asked.

“A hundred per cent ready.” you replied with ease.

“Wow, you’re really incredible.” he smiled at you and clapped slowly.

You hit him lightly on the shoulder and cleared your throat.

“The team is from L.A.”

Jaehyun immediately stood up and started clapping. “You basically got the answer already.”

“Mm, I know.” you answered.

“Los Angeles…”

“Lacers” you finished, your expression full of confidence.

Jaehyun scrunched his face cutely and doubled over, almost toppling on the couch.

“You were so close, babe! Should I just give the point to you?”

“I’m not right?!” You asked, genuinely surprised. “I remembered the name because it’s similar to lip lacquers.”

He laughed and brusquely wrapped an arm around your shoulder, bringing you even closer to him. “I’ll give you half a point for being such a cutie.” He said while gazing deeply into your eyes.

“But you still have to do half the punishment.” He continued, winking seductively.

“Jung Yoonoh, can you tell me what I got wrong first? Because I swear it was Lacers.”

“Well, you were only one letter off. It’s actually Lakers.” He nuzzled his face in your hair to stifle his urge to laugh.

“What, are you serious? I get three-quarters of a point then, not half. Meanie.”

“Anyways, what’s the quarter of a punishment I get?” You continued. A slight nervousness could be sensed in your voice.

You could see a shade of pink washing over Jaehyun’s ears as he read the punishment aloud in a voice an octave lower than usual. 

“Re-enact your first kiss.”

“Ah… so embarrassing.” You whispered, fidgeting with the ends of your sleeves.

“You wanna pass on this one?” he asked casually.

You were never exactly the shy or introverted type, but when it came to public display of affection, you were astonishingly timid.

However, for some reason, you were feeling slightly audacious today. Whether it was because you wanted to show everyone how much you liked him, or just because you felt like kissing him and experiencing that rush of nostalgia as you imagined the first time you felt his lips on yours, you weren’t sure. You just knew that you wanted to do this.

“Retract the point from before. I’ll do the full punishment.” You answered with certainty.

Jaehyun was slightly astounded, but he clearly liked your determination because you could he see him biting his bottom lip to hide his smile while he nodded in agreement.

“It’s actually easy to re-enact this one since our first kiss was at the movies. So let’s pretend the camera is the movie screen and imagine that we’re sitting on regular seats at the theatre.” You started.

You scooted about four inches away from Jaehyun in order to recreate the exact distance between the two of you during the date at the cinema. Then, you motioned to the space in between.

“Imagine that this pillow is the popcorn and this water bottle is a cup of cola. Unfortunately we don’t have the actual props,” you giggled.

You locked eyes with Jaehyun, who gave you the cue to start. A re-enactment of your first kiss together in front of a virtual audience was really odd, but it made your heart flutter nonetheless.

You glanced at Jaehyun from the corner of your eye as you cautiously curled a strand of hair behind your ear. He was looking straight at the camera, pretending to watch the so-called ‘movie’.

You could feel your heart skip a beat as you made your next move. It was almost as if you had shut out all your surroundings; you didn’t see the filming equipment and the bright lights in your room seemed to have dimmed. All you saw was Jaehyun sitting in a dark movie theatre, the only source of light being the dim glow of the screen outlining his sharp features. The memory was still so vivid in your mind, as if you were being transported back to that time again.

You drummed your fingers along the edge of your seat waiting for Jaehyun to reach for the popcorn. When you saw his hand on the pillow, you casually reached for it without being too blatant, but he had already finished grabbing a handful of imaginary popcorn.

You had turned away thinking that Jaehyun was just too immersed in the movie, but he was secretly laughing. Now that you were re-enacting the memory, it was difficult for you to refrain from peeking at him. Although you didn’t see it back then, he was intentionally concealing his smile by burying his face deeper in his turtleneck.

Jung Yoonoh, you little tease.

Next, you tried to reach for the bottle of water at the same time he did, but he was already taking a sip out of it, eyes trained on the screen.

You sighed. You still remembered how you were feeling a little dejected about how the movie was clearly more interesting to him than you. In all those dramas you had watched, the boy would usually try to initiate skinship with the girl at the theatre. You decided to try one last time anyways. After all, there wasn’t a rule in the book that said girls couldn’t initiate skinship first.  

When Jaehyun finally changed his position, leaning a tad bit closer to your side, you attempted to lie on his shoulder, all the while trying to be subtle.

You closed your eyes and smiled, expecting his warm wool turtleneck to make contact with your skin, when you realized that he had already switched back to his initial upright posture. On top of that, you probably looked like a dumbass right now, head cocked to the side, leaning on invisible air.

You imitated the exact expression you made that day, eyebrows furrowed and lips slightly downturned. At that exact moment, he leaned over and quickly gave you a short but soft kiss on the lips before returning to his upright posture, reverting his attention back to the imaginary movie screen. You were in total shock, but managed to take a quick peek at him. His arm was casually resting on the headrest, his hand slightly covering his mouth to keep from smiling too widely.

Your rounded eyes were still enlarged as the reality of what just happened hit you. So he was paying attention to me all this time? His attention was still on the screen, but he secretly took your hand with his free hand and interlocked his fingers with yours.

Jaehyun swung your entwined hands back and forth as you turned to smile at him. The two of you burst out laughing as he let go of your hand and you both applauded each other, “Okay, this is so embarrassing. But I did my punishment. I hope it wasn’t too much of a cringe-fest to watch.”

“I could see that you were really into it though.” Jaehyun commented cheekily.

You blushed.

“I was just trying to give an accurate portrayal to my subscribers!”

“But hey, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that you were laughing at me the whole time back then. I thought I was being natural with my moves.” You continued, while playing with a strand of his sleek brown hair.

He chuckled softly. “You don’t know how difficult it was for me to hold back my laughter. Too cute.”

You poked one of his dimples lightly and leaned over to give him a peck on the other one. Too adorable to resist skinship.

“Alright, time for the next question! Hang in there guys, we’re almost done. Okay Jae, the next one might be a bit hard. Are you ready for this?”

Jaehyun nodded. “How difficult can it be, am I right?”

You giggled while reading your question aloud. “If I could only wear one outfit everyday for the rest of my life, what would I wear?

“Have you been paying attention to my wardrobe?” you questioned.

“_______, you love clothes. It’s almost impossible.”

“Just guess, my Mr. Perfect soon to be Mr. Ninety-Nine Percent.”

“Well there’s always the black skinny jeans with the grey varsity sweater combination that you love wearing. But then there’s also the pleated skirt with blouse outfit that you love wearing to events… and then there’s the fitted plain white tee with Levi’s, that’s a classic, you can’t go wrong with that. This is so hard,” Jaehyun whined, his head leaning on your shoulder.

“Wow, Mr. Jung. I can’t believe this is the first time I’m taking a point off. Incredible.” You teased.

He placed his face in his hands and smiled shyly. “Ah, I wanted to get all the questions right. So what’s the correct answer?”

He peeked through his hands timidly.

“You’re too detailed. All I have written down is an all-black outfit. Black is the new black, Jaehyun. It’ll never go out of style, so… it’s perfect.” You bit your lip to keep from laughing too much as Jaehyun made faces at you.

“Punishment?” he asked, his voice slightly reluctant.

“Punishment for question nine is to do aegyo…” You paused for a bit before continuing. “That’s too easy for you, not fair.”

Jaehyun sighed. “Trust me, it’s not that easy.”

You pinched his cheeks as he pouted.

“You’re so good at it though. My cutie valentine boy.” He brightened up and smiled devilishly at your compliments.

“I’m not going to prepare chocolate on Valentine’s Day. I’m the chocolate myself, what would I buy chocolate for?” He started, his voice oozing with honey.

“The man born on February 14! It’s me, the choco-man!” He continued, placing one finger on his cheek, smiling widely.

You placed your hand on your mouth to refrain from laughing too loud, as Jaehyun’s eyes were noticeable crescents now. He was squinting his eyes because of the abundance of 'sweet’ lines.

You poked his cheek and placed that finger directly on your mouth.

“If you say so… hmm it’s salty?” You joked.

Jaehyun furrowed his brows and dabbed his finger on his tongue to check himself. “Oh! It’s sweet!”

He bent over, clutching his stomach from laughter, gesturing a 'X’ with his arms to signal that he was done. “Seriously, are you posting this online?” He pretended to cry.

“That was so cute!! How did you come up with that?” You squealed.

“It’s in my genes.” He replied flatly, before wrapping an arm around your neck and tickling you.

You squeaked as he tackled you and aimed for your most vulnerable parts, tickling your waist and under-arm area.

“JAE!!! STOP IT’S SO… TICKLISH… OKAY… I’ll stop laughing at you. Okay, stop. Let’s continue.” He steadied you and fixed your messy hair, then stole a quick kiss before nodding at the camera.

“Okay, so next… when did you meet the family?” Jaehyun asked.

“The date that I met your family right? Not when you met my parents? Or both?”

“Just when you met my family,” he replied, a coy smile on his face, remembering the moment.

“December 25, 2015. I went over to your house for a Christmas party and met your parents and I messed up the food, it was really embarrassing.” You recalled.

“Mom thought you were adorable but she said that you should learn some cooking skills from me,” Jaehyun chuckled.

“Hey! I’m better now okay? I even cooked for your parents and they loved it.” You bragged.

“True. Chef Jaehyun really helped you polish your skills right?”

“Yes, I acknowledge that!” You laughed.

“Wow. We’re already at our last question.” Jaehyun pointed out.

“Hope we didn’t bore you guys to death! So my last question is… Jaehyun, when do I find you the most attractive?” You tried to hide your smile and lowered your gaze a bit. Why did I think this was a good question again?

When you glanced up, you could see that Jaehyun’s smile had reached his eyes. So adorable.

“I think I’m going to get this question wrong too. ________, you should tell me these things, you know… when you find me the most…” He paused for a bit.


“Oh just guess!” You answered, evidently flushed by his teasing.

“Hmm… is it when I’m driving with one hand on your seat? I remember how you blushed when I first drove you around right after I got my driver’s license. That kind of seems too typical though… no, not that. When I’m ordering for us before the movies or restaurants. When I’m done ordering you always give me that look.”

“What look?” You asked, mouth slightly agape.

“You know, that… 'I’m so lucky to have you’ gaze.” He did his own rendition of that gaze of yours, causing you to hit him playfully as he caught your hands and wrestled around with you.

“No it’s not that! Jae, you’re getting worse at this.”

“Oh really? What is it then?” He clearly didn’t mind that he got the question wrong, he was just really intent on hearing the answer of when you found him the most attractive. He was giving you that gaze again. His sharp eyes exhibiting his confidence and curiosity.

“It’s when I look at your backside when you’re in the kitchen cooking for me.” You answered shyly.

“I feel all fuzzy and warm inside when I observe your backside in the kitchen. It makes me feel at home for some reason.” You continued, your voice softer than usual.

Jaehyun adjusted his position so that his back was now facing you.

“You know, you can hug this when I’m cooking. Since it’s so attractive.” He turned his neck to look at you, his gaze sharpening such that he was emitting a seductive aura.

A deep shade of red spread across your cheeks, but you still tried to hide how flustered you were.

“I will,” you replied, placing your hands around his waist and leaning on his broad back. It was so comfortable.

Listen: [3]

After Jaehyun did his punishment, which was to eat a piece of sushi with a large wad of wasabi between the raw fish and the rice, which he easily aced, filming had almost come to an end.

It was time for the last question.

Jaehyun cleared his throat before reading his final question aloud.

“What is my fondest memory of you? It’s a hard one 'cause I never told you before.” He commented, shyly averting his gaze from yours, a slight smile pulling at the corners of his lips.

“Hmm… I seriously have no idea.” You pondered aloud.

“I’m just going to give this a shot even though I’ll probably get it wrong…”

“'Cause I’m really too curious about what your fondest memory of me is.” you continued, looking directly into his eyes, an abashed look on your face.

He held your gaze for a while until the two of you noticed that you were still filming, and he looked away, clearly shy.

“So, any guesses?” He smiled softly.

“The first time we saw each other, at the coffee shop? I mean, I think I left a pretty big impression on you.” You teased, giggling at the same time.

He paused, holding your gaze, the corners of his lips turned up in a knowing smile.

For a moment, you thought you had the right answer.

“Close, but not quite.”

You looked at him in confusion, slightly puzzled.

“________,” he started.

You nodded.

“Yes, Jaehyun?”

“So… I actually never told you this. But the coffee shop, it wasn’t the first time I saw you.”

Your eyes widened, slightly taken aback yet full of curiosity.

“My fondest memory of you starts like this. I was on bus route 148, just any regular day, coming home from school. That was the first time I saw you. I didn’t think much of it, if I had to admit though, you did catch my attention a little bit. But the bus approached the next stop, and a pregnant woman had boarded the bus. As I was about to stand up, I noticed that you had already stood up to offer your seat to her. I don’t even know if you remember this, honestly, but there was this man that came in and sat down just as she was about to sit down. You really started to catch my attention when you started to explain how the seat was for the pregnant lady, but you still managed to handle the situation well, even though he was being an asshole. I haven’t seen people like that in a long time. I was about to get up and at least try to strike up some conversation with you, but the next stop was your stop, and you had already left. So two weeks later, when I saw you at the coffee shop, I was just thinking… I didn’t want to let the chance to talk to you slip away again.”

“So that’s why…” you started.

He nodded before you could continue.

“The spill was a good excuse for me to talk to you.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You had always thought that the coffee shop meeting was your first. And although it was, you would’ve never thought you ever crossed paths with Jaehyun before that.

You blushed at the thought of a teenage Jaehyun, noticing your actions.

“So, why didn’t you ever tell me this?” You placed your left palm under your chin, gazing at him earnestly. 

“Well, it’s embarrassing, I didn’t want to make it seem like I’m a total romanticist.” He bit his lip and sighed softly.

You wanted to seem cool with it, but it was difficult to hide how touched you were.

Jaehyun felt your warm touch, as you placed your hand on the left side of his cheeks, visibly pink.

For a moment, you tuned out your surroundings again. You even momentarily forgot you were filming. This would probably be too much for your subscribers, but this would be footage you’d keep forever.

“I’m glad you took that chance.”

You held onto the ends of his sleeves, as you leaned closer for a passionate kiss. You could feel Jaehyun responding as he embraced you lightly, yet kissed you deeply, paying no mind to the camera.

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ranmin10  asked:

bts reaction to their S\O had a nosebleed after riding a roller coaster (make it super duper fluff please) :(

Aw, sure thing cutie! I hope this was fluffy enough and what you wanted :) Please enjoy!

BTS Reaction to their S/O getting a nosebleed after riding a roller coaster


Kim Seokjin:

“Y/n!” he screamed, shocked at the sight of blood trickling down your nostrils. “Are you okay?” he sat you down and tilted your head slightly forward, pinching your nose with his fingers.

“I’m okay, Jin,” you smiled, voice nasally from your blocked airways, causing him to chuckle a bit.

“Jeez jagiya,” he let go of your nose once the bleeding had stopped and wiped off the thankfully small, amount of blood on your upper lip with his shirt. “You should have told me that the ride looked too scary, we didn’t have to ride it.”

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Min Yoongi:

You felt nauseous and unstable upon exiting the roller coaster and felt something sticky and warm run down your nose.

“Oh, shit Y/n,” Yoongi swore as he saw the blood dripping from your nose. He took off his plaid button up over-shirt and wiped you, mumbling to himself about how he knew that ride wasn’t a good idea. “Next time, we’ll go on something less exciting.” 

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Jung Hoseok:

“Oh my God, Y/n!” Hoseok screamed when he turned around to see blood on your face. “We need to go find a bathroom right now,” he wiped off the blood and grabbed your hand, pulling you past the string of people exiting the ride. 

When you reached the bathroom, he ordered you to stay put as he ran into the men’s room, returning with a handful of paper towels.

“That was 1000 times scarier than the ride!” 

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Kim Namjoon:

“Babe,” his eyebrows furrowed, concerned as you sat on the bench with a towel on your face. “Are you okay?”

You nodded your head slowly, cautious to not make yourself bleed again- the ride having been a bit too adventurous for your liking.

“Okay, good,” he sighed in relief, plopping himself down next to you. “Tell me if you start to feel light-headed or get too warm, okay?”

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Park Jimin:

“Jagiya,” Jimin frowned as he saw you exit the bathroom, small pink spots of blood stained onto your white t-shirt.

“I’m all better, Jiminie,” you reassured him as he pulled you into a hug, squeezing you tightly.

“Why don’t we go home for the day?” he proposed, still worried and wanting nothing more than to make sure you were alright.

“It’s not that big of a deal, Jimin,” you laughed at his caution, and kissed him on the nose. “It was just a small nosebleed.

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Kim Taehyung:

“Jagiya,” he mumbled, concentrating on cleaning you up with the wet tissue in his hand. 

“I didn’t think the ride was going to be that crazy,” You suck out your tongue, trying to erase the taste of blood from earlier.

“There…” he huffed, tossing the tissue into the garbage can next to you. “All better,” he smiled that boxy smile you loved and pinched your nose.

“Thanks, Tae.” 

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Jeon Jungkook:

“WHAT DO I DO?” Jungkook panicked when he saw blood running down your nose. “JAGIYA.” he continued to panic, and you sighed, rolling your eyes as the other exiting passengers looked at you two in curiosity.

“It’s okay Kookie,” you told him as you reached into your bag and pulled out a small travel sized pack of tissues. “I’m prepared!” 

“My God, Jagi, don’ scare me like that!” he let out a breath of relief, hands reaching towards the tissues. “Let me help you, please?” 


2 am // Jughead Jones

Jughead Jones : 26 & 95, please.

 Prompt: “You drove here at 2 in the morning to come and get cuddles?” + “If i did anything right in my life, it was falling in love with you”

 Warnings: Fluff, just so much Jughead Jones x Reader fluff. Honestly, my ovaries are killing me. I am so proud.

Word Count: 782

Characters: Jughead Jones

Authors Notes: So I decided that I should do Authors Notes to communicate with you lot a bit more. So, I have about 14 requests in my inbox at the moment, and I have a huge drama production tomorrow and Wednesday (Australian time zone) so I’m sorry if I don’t post anything for the next two days, but I’ll try to throw some quick prompts out for you guys. x

 —- —-

You took a deep breath as you stared at your ceiling, the twinkling fairy lights strung across the top of your ceiling and above your bed. You looked at the time, seeing it was 1:30am. Taking another deep breath, you kicked your covers off, pulling on the jacket your long distance boyfriend, Jughead Jones, had given to you as your parting gift.

You made sure not to make too much noise, as your parent’s bedroom was downstairs, only because of their early morning starts and they didn’t like to wake you, so that’s why the spare bedroom is located across the hall from you. Grabbing your phone and a book, you took your knitted throw blanket and opened the door to your balcony, the cool winter breeze hitting your bare legs, goose bumps appearing on your skin. You took a seat on the outdoor sofa, throwing the blanket over your legs and turning on the porch light so you could see what you were reading.

You weren’t sure how long you had been reading for, but your phone buzzing broke you from your imagination. Seeing your boyfriend’s name appear on your phone screen made you smile. “Hey there, handsome. How are you?” You asked, bookmarking your page and placing your book on the sofa.

“I’m good, bub. How about you?” Jughead asked. Just hearing his voice made your heart melt. You missed him so much. “I’m missing you, but other than that, I’ve been good.” You pulled the blanket up over your stomach, getting comfortable in your seat.

“Hey, you should come and open your front door for me? It’s a bit chilly out here,” Jughead chuckled and you let out a quiet squeal, dropping your phone on the sofa and making your way downstairs. You tried to be as quiet as you could be, since it was 2 am and you didn’t want to wake your parents. You opened the front door and much to your delight, he was standing right there in all his glory. Black jeans with blue and black suspenders hanging down his legs, his blue plaid shirt buttoned up and a navy blue hoodie over top. But to top it all off, his signature whoopee cap sat upon his raven hair.

“Juggie…” You breathed out, tears forming in your eyes as you threw your arms around his shoulders, pulling him close to you. Your head was buried in his shirt and you just wanted to make sure he was actually there. “What are you doing here?” You pulled away, wiping the tears that were on your cheeks, taking a deep breath and regaining your composure.

“I missed you and wanted cuddles…” He stated shyly, looking down at his shoes and then back up at you, a small smile on his lips as you awed at his love for you.

“You drove here at 2 in the morning to come and get cuddles?” You grinned, taking his hand and pulling him inside, fingers interlaced with his. “Do you want anything to drink? Coffee, Hot Cocoa? Tea?” You asked, walking into the kitchen and filling the kettle up with water, placing it on the stove top and turning on the gas to heat up the water.

“I’ll have a Cocoa, thanks.” He grinned, pulling you closer to him, his arms around your shoulders and his head resting on top of yours. He took in a deep breath, breathing in your scent. “I missed you so much. Riverdale isn’t the same without you,” he murmured, eyes closed.

You had pulled away from his embrace once the kettle started whistling, you got two mugs, spooning in some Cocoa powder and grabbing the milk and marshmallows. Once you had fixed up two cups of Hot Cocoa, you handed one to Jughead and took the other, walking upstairs to your bedroom and closing the door behind Jughead.


You and Jughead had both been cuddled up on the sofa on your balcony for a few hours now. It was almost 5 am and the sun would be rising soon. “If I did anything right in my life, it was falling in love with you,” Jughead had whispered in your ear, making you sit up and turn around to look at him, love and awe in your eyes. You placed your hands on his face, bringing him closer and pressing your lips gently against his. Once you pulled away, you had whispered; “Jughead Jones, I am absolutely in love with you and I’m so glad I met you.”

 You were in love with him and he was in love with you, and you were each other’s happy ending. And you were thankful for that.

Farmer’s Market

Something catches Frank’s eye at the farmer’s market

(inspired by @frankxcastle‘s term of ‘farmer’s market hot’ [though i made this a bit sad because i torture myself on the reg] and thank you to @badgirlprotagonist for suggesting writing a fic based on the term <3) 

Even though he’s grown a beard now, Frank still wears a baseball cap while out in public with you.  At least you got him to not wear a black t-shirt, he compromised and wore a plaid button up shirt.  You figured a guy dressed in all black in the spring would draw more attention than anything.

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I Hope You'll Keep Me Around

Lin x Reader
Word Count: 1298

You dragged Lin into the next shop, much to his displeasure; “This is what you have to look forward to, Little Man,” he said to the little boy sitting on his hip, “This is what marriage is.”

You rolled your eyes, “Lin, we haven’t been shopping in months; you need a new sweater, I want some more dresses, and this little fella,” you grinned, pinching your sons cheeks, “Has already outgrown most of his outfits. Isn’t that right,” you asked, pressing a gentle kiss onto your sons nose.

He nodded his head, “They’re too small, Daddy,” he said, making you smile. Thank goodness he had agreed with you; after years of being with Lin, telling him ‘no,’ had become easier and easier. But this little man-he was a hard one to argue with. And both of them combined? There’s no way you could win that. You hoped they never realized how powerful they could be when they teamed up.

Lin sighed softly, but nodded his head, “Fine,” he said, “But we’ve already been here for an hour and a half; it’s nearly dinner time.”

You nodded your head, as you son wiggled himself out of his father’s grip and made his way onto the ground. He was very good at walking now, despite being a bit clumsy; this wasn’t due to lack of skill, rather it seemed to just be in his nature. Knowing this, you offered him your hand. He took it, and the three of you walked through the shop, picking out different outfits, mostly for you.

“Maybe we could eat out tonight?” You suggested, “We can go wherever you want,” you sang, bumping your hip into his.

Lin nodded his head, “Fine,” he sighed, leaning over to kiss you cheek, “We can eat at that Chinese place a block down from our place?” He asked, not bothering to disguise the hopefulness in his voice.

You nodded your head, “Of course,” you replied, going onto your tippy toes so you could return the kiss.

He grinned against your lips, pulling away, only to give you another one on your forehead, “I’m gonna go wait on the benches outside,” he said, “I can take the lil man with me if you want,” he offered, looking down to his son.

Immediately, your little boy shook his head, “We’re shopping, dad!” He exclaimed, latching himself onto your arm.

You chuckled and looked up to Lin, who was grinning, “He’s just like me,” you bragged, running your hand threw your son’s hair, messing it all up.

Lin rolled his eyes, “Whatever,” he smirked, playfully, “I’m waiting outside; you two take your time,” he sighed.

You nodded your head, knowing well that he DID NOT want you to take your time; and to be fair, you had dragged him shopping on his day off, and you had been here for nearly two hours. So, after quickly finding yourself a cute new outfit, and one for your son, you began picking things out for Lin.

“Do you think daddy will like this?” You asked your baby boy, holding up a plaid button up shirt, that you definitely planned on using as pyjamas. Nobody had to know that, though.

“Um,” you son pondered, “His favourite colour is not red, momma,” he said, his little eyebrows raised.

“Oh of course,” you chuckled, putting the shirt bag on the shelf; “What is his favourite colour, then, Angel?” You asked, looking at the wall filled with men’s shirts.

His little eyes scanned the walls, before proudly exclaiming, “Blue!” He pointed to one of the shirts residing on a shelf, far to high for your son to reach. On your tippy toes, you managed to pull one down. You held it up; light blue, dark blue, white and a little bit of black.

You held it up for your son to inspect; “This one?” You asked, cocking your head to the side.

Nodding his head, your little boy grinned brightly, “He will love it,” he decided, his little smile never leaving his adorable little face.

“Okay,” you grinned, reaching for your boy’s hand, “blue it is; now he needs some new jeans, a new sweater, and then we can go out to eat our dinner. Sound like a plan, lil man?” You asked, swinging your arm with his, gently.

“Sounds like a plan!” He agreed with a laugh, running his little hands along every shelf and rack the pair of you passed by.

The rest of your shopping day didn’t take very long; you knew Lin was becoming impatient, but he was hiding it well, and your son was, really, just happy to be there. Like usual.

The three of you caught a cab home, to drop off your bags, before heading to your favourite Chinese place down the street.

“Mommy bought a dress,” your son said, catching his dad up on all of the afternoon activities, “It’s the colour blue, even though her favourite is red,” he said, with his eyebrows raised. “Sometimes you can wear a colour that is not your favourite,” he said through a mouth full of noodles.

Lin nodded his head, but before he could get a word in, your little guy continued; “You’re favourite colour is blue,” your son said, looking at his father, intently, “You will like mommy’s dress.”

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll love it,” Lin grinned, looking up at you. “What else did you and mommy get today?”

You son took a drink of his water before answering; “I got a new shirt, because my favourite one got too small for my body,” he explained quickly, “And new pants, because mine are too short for my legs now,” he sighed, “And we got you a surprise,” he giggled, looking up at you, to make sure he was allowed to tell his dad about his gift.

You raised your eyebrows and your little boy continued talking, “It’s a surprise though, we can’t tell you yet,” he sighed, looking back down at his food.

You chuckled and shook your head, “He picked them all out,” you said, grinning, “We’ll show you at home.”

Lin chuckled before replying; “I can hardly wait,” he beamed, leaning over so he could place a soft kiss onto your cheek.

That evening, you, your son, and your husband were all in your bedroom; your little guy desperately wanted to give Lin his gift, especially since he had chosen everything himself. With his little hands clasped in anticipation, your son watched as Lin pulled out the plaid shirt.

“Oh my- I have never loved anything more,” your husband grinned, before shaking head and looking down to your son, “Except for you two, of course,” he corrected himself quickly, making you grin.

“You really like it?” Your little boy asked, his voice filled with nothing but hope.

Lin nodded his head, enthusiastically, “I love it,” he grinned, putting down the shirt to give his son a hug.

“I even paid for it myself,” your boy continued, proudly.

“What?!” Lin asked, excitedly, “I didn’t even know you had any income!” He exclaimed, looking down at his son in forged disbelief.

You chuckled, and nodded your head, “He did,” you grinned; of course you just handed him a twenty dollar bill, but that’s a big deal to a five year old. “He’s growing up, Lin,” you smiled, “Outgrowing his clothes, picking out his own outfits, paying for his own gifts… What’re we going to do?” You said, playfully, fiddling with the very ends of your sons hair.

Your little boy smiled up at you, proudly, “I hope you’ll keep me around,” he grinned hopefully, earning himself a laugh from his father.

Lifting his son onto his lap, Lin was beaming, “Yes,” he giggled, “I think we will keep you around.”

Zayn’s in the middle of watching a documentary about solar flares, the volume blaring out when a figure appears in front of him, fussing, tutting lightly and undoing then refastening the button on their jacket.

Zayn narrows his eyes, then adjusts his glasses so the rim rests lower on his nose and takes in the view then with a wicked grin he says and indicating with his hand for Liam to get out the way.

“Out of the way babe, I’m just getting to the good bit.”

Liam’s reaction is as predictable as Zayn’s probably was.

“Zayn fucks sake, pause your fucking programme about solar flares and the planet’s impending[ doom which you can regale me with later to your heart’s content or your impending doom may be a lot sooner and just tell me honestly do I look okay?.”

The heat in Liam’s words are taken away by how he continues to fidget and how even as the light fades Zayn in the September late afternoon, Zayn can see the blush in Liam’s cheeks and this beguiling mix of uncertainty and  like always a certain confidence that means Liam holds himself straight, head held high.

Zayn considers playing along for a bit, teasing Liam some more but instead, he nods, murmurs an ‘okay.’ presses the mute button on the tv, stands up, feeling ridiculously underdressed. in his tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt and old man slippers and tilts his head to one side taking Liam in fully for the first time.

He indicates with his fingers for Liam to turn round and Liam rolls his eyes but grins and does exactly that allowing Zayn to take in every curve, every detail of him that he’s so familiar with, the smell of him, the mix of cologne that’s Liam to a tee and yet it’s never predictable before he takes a step forward ready for when Liam turns back to face him, expression expectant.

Zayn shrugs lifts a finger to his own lips and blows out a breath.

“I mean personally I preferred the plaid buttoned up to the brim shirts you used to wear in 2012 but I suppose if you have to try a new look then burgundy and velvet isn’t the worst on you..”

“I hate you,” Liam presses his palm towards Zayn’s chest as he says it but Zayn catches his hand before he can make contact and then pulls the hand down, tangling his fingers in between Liam’s staring down at them, still getting used to the feel of them again after their days apart.

And then he looks back up and Liam’s face is the natural tan all over but the blush in his cheeks is still present except Zayn realises maybe it’s just the way the colour of the jacket makes it look like that.

Either way.

“You look dynamite babe, you look ready to go out and conquer Armani just like before.”

“Really?”  Liam’s always been this mix of supreme confidence and yet a little bit of uncertainty just before an event, just that small need for confirmation that what he sees himself isn’t a figment of his imagination and Zayn’s the same and the difference in them both as opposed to friends or colleagues?

They don’t bullshit, couldn’t if they wanted to, not with each other.

So Zayn reluctantly untangles his fingers from Liam’s, then lifts both hands up smoothing them along the arms of Liam’s jacket and then bringing them up to the neck, to the black of the jacket and then dropping them to the button where he toys with it for a moment before nodding and leaving it fastened and then nodding once more.

“Really Liam, just make sure you’ll still speak to me Mr Armani,” Zayn pauses then adds with a smile, “Larmani.”

This time Liam breaks out into a smile lets a breath out and there’s no doubting that the blush on his cheeks is real this time.

“So says Mr Versace.”

Zayn smirks.  

“We’re not doing so bad are we but ey, if you’re not careful babe, the colour on your cheeks’ll be the same as this jacket so relax before I get a better idea to keep you here and test whether velvet does crease or not under extreme pressure and slay them then come home and tell me all about your night and I’ll just sit here and learn more about solar flares and whether we should buy a house on Ma-.”

The doorbell interrupts Zayn and Liam’s kissing him on his lips, murmuring a thank you and heading for the door before he can even blink but Zayn turns around, takes a step towards him just as Liam stops by the door as he holds it open, nerves gone and a suspiciously sly smile on his face.

“Can’t wait to hear about the solar flares babe, but maybe instead of finding a home in Mars, we should think about finding a home in Uranus.”

Zayn shakes his head, reaches for his phone to text a comeback but before he can the door opens again, and Liam’s there in front of him, smile bright and wide before he whispers, his breath warm against Zayn’s neck.

“Oh wait I already did.”

“Get out!”  Zayn’s laughing though and Liam grins delightedly.

“Love you Zayn.”

“Love you too you idiot, now go slay.”

And so he does.

Preference "How they react realizing you left some hickeys on their neck"

(So yay more preferences :3 i’m a little busy this week and thought it was better to just write preferences for this week! Hope it’s okay! Yay for our faves being all 😏, well most of them XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners)

Negan-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d check himself out for a good long while and get kinda turned on by them. He’d spend his time touching the marks and would see them as a sign of your possessiveness. He’d totally loved it that you were able to feel that way for him and wouldn’t mind at all for the world to see it, he’d probably even brag about it.

Daryl-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d feel all warmhearted and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling about it. He’d look at it and remember what had happened for him to be left with them. He’d grow to like them even more knowing for sure you had did it to show how much you loved him and because of that he wouldn’t even bother to hide it.

Rick-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get a slightly hot and bothered and wouldn’t stop thinking about it. He noticed it in the morning, when he was getting ready and as he stared at it, he got turned on. He’d spend the day, thinking about it and glare at you lustfully just to see if you would notice him.

Merle-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be impressed and would definitely want to get back at you by doing the same. He’d spend some time looking at them while getting ready in the morning but the more he did, he just couldn’t let go until he did the same to you. So he’d walk back to your bed and climb on top of you to get his “revenge”.

Glenn-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d feel as if he understood your feelings for him and would smile whenever someone asks about them. At first, he was shy to show them off but as someone asked him, he wouldn’t hesitate to tell then it was from you and by then it didn’t even matter if everyone saw them.

Carl-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get all nervous and pop his collar up. He liked that it was a sign of your affection and all but he’d definitely be scared to be scolded by his dad and Michonne, so as soon as he saw them, he had decided to button his plaid shirt up completely and even going the extra mile by popping his collar.

The Governor-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d smirk and would think about them all day. He loved the fact that for once, you were the one making sure he was yours and that everyone knew, and just thinking about it, he’d want to come back to you to do the same. He’d even wear his shirt with the first few buttons unbutton to remember.

Abraham-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d find it silly and cute of you for being so affectionate toward him. It didn’t even bother him if anyone saw them, so he walked out wearing his normal white tank top and as they would point them out, he’d look over at you to tease you and just start to talk about how you spent your time making him “yours” in the end.

Eugene-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get all awkward but would act oblivious about them. He hadn’t noticed it until people looked at him weird and as he saw them, he gasp and pulled the collar of his shirt up. However, when he sees you smiling and all, he’d stop and just wanted to be as casual as you so he’d try his best to act like he just didn’t knew what people were looking at.

Ron-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be proud about them and would just think about you. He’d enjoy spending his time noticing them one by one and even more when other would point it out to him about them. It just made him smile to know that you had made him yours and basically showing it to everyone.

Jesus-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be stunned to noticed so many of them and would probably spend his time counting them all. He had noticed them all until he walked passed a mirror and saw a few and gradually saw them all. He’d then count them and remember the last night, he’d then just be stunned by how much time and effort you had put it for him and just think about you.

Dwight-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d take his time to look at each of them and trace them as he’d remember about how it all happened. As he’d be washing his face in the morning, he’d noticed them and would look at himself in the mirror, realizing how much he meant to you and gradually start to smirk thinking about last night. He’d then call you over.

Morgan-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d cover them up by spending the whole day with his jacket completely zipped up. He thought it was endearing of you to show your love that way but as he walked out earlier, Rick had noticed the marks and he instantly got shy so he decided to just wear his jacket out.

Shane-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get all excited about them and be completely casual. He’d notice while putting in his shirt and suddenly the more he saw them, the happier he felt and just couldn’t stop looking over at you. He’d then just decided to wear his shirt even more unbutton than usual just so everyone could see.

Milton-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get startled and always try to distract people away from looking at him. He wouldn’t notice them until he saw you smirk at him and once he knew, he got nervous. As he just had no time to change, he’d just decide to to change the subject whenever others would notice his neck.

Aaron-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d jokingly get angry at you and complain to you. He’d realize it as he was getting ready to go recruiting and although he liked them very much, he just had to make you realize your fault. He’d then promise you’ll get your fair share once he gets back home and that you’ll be the one out embarrassed tomorrow.

Gabriel-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be delighted but then get embarrassed as he couldn’t hide them. He’d try to rub them off but when he realizes it wasn’t useful, he’d end up spending most of the day in your room while sulking at you. Whenever someone would look for him, he’d awkwardly hide behind the door and lie about being sick.

The Wolf-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d laugh and push his hair away from his shoulder to show them off. He didn’t even realize them until he looked down his neck and saw some “bruises” as he touched them, he didn’t feel anything and understood it was from you. It made him happy and he just casually moved his hair away.

Noah-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d nervously chuckle and always move awkwardly to try to cover them up. Once he realizes so many of them, he’d get gradually nervous and the more he noticed the stares from the others, the more unnatural and awkward his movements and attitude were.

Simon-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d whistle and look over at you at like he’ll get back at you. He’d just notice how many of them there were when Negan would look at him wide eyed and asked him what was with the “bruises”. He’d look at them and understand what had happened so he’d look back at you with lust and start to ramble on about his night with you and all.

Ezekiel-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d spend the day teasing you about your feelings for him and wouldn’t bother to hide them. He’d see them while getting ready and just had to look back at you like he was preparing something to get back at you. That’s when you’d notice him wearing his lighter shirts and every time he’d look your way, he’d just get closer to you to tease.

Benjamin-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get embarrassed and would spend the day casually holding the collar of his shirt with his mouth. He didn’t have any turtleneck so that was the only solution he found. When people would ask, he’d just act as if it was a strange habit of his and try to brush it off as much as he could.

Caesar-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be satisfied and find it hot that you had spent so much time on him. He’d see them early in the morning, as he’d wake up in bed next to you. Seeing how many they were made him just want to do it again with you, so he’d stir in bed and as you’d wake up, he’d give you a look and just get on top of you.

Spencer-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d spend the day following you and ask about your feelings. He’d see how many they were and was just so glad he just had to be sure if you really liked him. So he’d walk around anywhere with you and ask you what they meant.

Michonne-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d act in disbelief despite actually loving them. She’d see them and enjoy the care you took in giving her so many but realizing she had to go out and all, as well as seeing you being happy about it, she’d just had to start blaming you and make you self conscious about your “mistake”.

Maggie-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d bite her lips and be all satisfied until you’d walk in. She’d love seeing all them and just thinking about your feelings made her giggle and all. However, as she’d hear you in the room and all, she’d get flustered and try to get your attention on anything else than her staring at her neck.

Andrea-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d be reminded of last night and would be distracted by her thoughts. She’d noticed them as someone would point it out to her and as she’d look at them, the thought of you came back to her mind and she’d just suddenly get quiet.

Jessie-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d find it lovely but way too embarrassed to go out exposing them. She’d look for any kind of clothes able to cover so much and just end up wearing a scarf despite the weather and just act as if she was really sick just to avoid questioning.

Beth-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d blush and be all shy about them. She’d get prepared in the morning and as she saw them she’d be reminded of what you both did and get shy. She’d then try to find any piece of clothing able to hide them and just spend the day being awkward.

Sasha-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d go to you and try to find a playful way to get back at you. She’d only notice them once someone would point it out and feeling embarrassed, she’d go look for you and call to you. Once she sees you, she’d drag you over and tell you she’s getting “revenge”.

Rosita-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d be really pleased and think about you. She’d be reminded of the night before and just be happy. However, when people would noticed, she’d glare at them and start to act all offended, by asking them what they were looking at as well as tell them to mind their own business.

Enid-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d freak out a little and spend the day with her hair always around her neck. She’d see them while in the mirror and try to get them to rub off. However, as it wouldn’t work, she’d realize her only choice was to not push her hair back so she could hide them at least a little bit.

Tara-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d get all flustered and nervous, as she only noticed it once someone pointed it out to her. She’d be pretty oblivious but as soon as someone said something, she’d be reminded of the last night and start to sweat and get all red, ending up just not answering the questions

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When s/o wears something that belongs to the 2ps

Ah, this was kind of vague, and I almost deleted this ask because of my anti vagueness rule

However, I kinda liked thinking about this one, so here you go

I typed out what his s/o wears and how he reacts to it

2P Italy: *half of his entire closet is just plain white button-up shirts, so his s/o decides to borrow one….he doesn’t really notice until he goes to kiss them, smells his own cologne on the shirt, and starts laughing and saying they’re adorable*

2P Germany: *his s/o steals one of his T-shirts with shitty jokes on the front (this one in particular says “I put the fun in dysfunctional”)* awWWWW BABE YOU LOOK SO CUUUUUTE COME HERE LET ME LOVE YOU *glomps them and doesn’t let go for like a year*

2P Japan: *they’re wearing his black hoodie that has a picture of three fried eggs on the front (…..three fried eggs. yeah.)* _____-chan, have you seen my phone—- uh, is that my jacket? Pft. How immature. You could have at least asked. *as soon as they’re out of sight, he starts squealing and flapping his arms around in a major fangirl attack because holy shit they looked adorable*

2P Romano: *they take an orange shirt with gold sequins on the hems* uh. babe. That’s cute and everything, but that’s really Not Your Color. Come here, let’s find something that will look better with your skintone…. *he drags them into his closet and forces them to try on dozens of different shirts until he finds “the right one”*

2P Prussia: *they put on one of his many plain, neutral-colored T-shirts* i-i-is that m-my shirt? You look…really cute……c-c-can I t-take a picture of you? pLEASE? *it’s the cutest thing he’s ever witnessed*

2P France: *they borrow a blue plaid button-up shirt and he doesn’t really notice until they sit kind of near him…..then he starts sniffing around* hey, what the fuck is that smell? ….I think it’s coming from your shirt…. wait… that mine…..? Um, I gotta go— *he runs off to take a shower and do some laundry*

2P America: *his s/o takes a plain white v-neck* awwwwwww dollface you look adorable—– *he goes to just give them a quick peck on the lips but then “accidentally” ends up making out with them for like an hour*

2P Canada: *basically every shirt he owns is a red plaid button-up shirt, so his s/o takes one of those* … that my shirt? heh. You’re weird. *quickly gives them a kiss on the cheek, then tries goes back to what he was doing, but he keeps glancing over to his s/o*

2P England: *they wear one of his clip-on bowties* POPPET OH GOSH DIDDLY DARN AREN’T YOU JUST THE CUTEST THING THAT EVER EXISTED OH GOODNESS COME HERE LET ME KISS YOU PLEASE *gives them a gentle kiss on the cheek, then continues to gush about how cute they look*

2P China: *they steal his black hat* awwww kittennnnnnnn come here let me HoLd yOu awh you look so adorable hahahha okaypleasemarryme *hugs them and kisses their neck*

2P Russia: *his s/o puts on his red scarf. he thinks it’s immature but adorable, but instead of Showing Affection, he just awkwardly points out random facts* …..That’s my scarf. You have my scarf. You’re wearing my scarf. My scarf is red. And you’re wearing it.

A Lodge In My Heart

(this is  part 1 of a danvid -David x Daniel- camp camp fanfic taking place in a dad David Au)

It was a cloudy afternoon as David started his car to go pick up his son Max. Though the ten year old never liked being picked up in front of others David still did it. It showed parents he was a responsible care taker even for his young age against the other parents older ages. As he started towards the school his mind drifted in thoughts of what to tell max, his son knew he’d been dating someone.

David just didn’t quite know how to explain to max that he was a relationship with another man. He had a hard time explaining to max he was bisexual a few months back. David shook the thought from his head as he pulled up to the school. He watched the school kids leave the building after the school bell rung out, he sat there waiting for max.

Max walked out of the building his hands in his coat pockets and careful looked for David’s car with out looking like he was. The 10 year old had reputation to up hold after all, he couldn’t look like normal kids. He waved good bye to his friend as he spotted David waiting for him with the usual goofy smile the adult was known for. Max climbed through the snow over to the car and opened the door  quickly getting in and shutting the door.

“how was your day max?” David asked cheerfully as max buckled up.

“same as everyday David boring “max replied bitterly,”only fun thing is the weekend is starting”

“ookie dookie max” David said as he slowly drove out of the school parking lot. The car grew quiet for a while as David drove them home. Parking in the camp parking lot , David turned off the engine as Max got out,”Careful max there’s ice under the snow I would want ya breaking something now would I?”

“I’ll be fine David “ max said as he started towards the cabin while David got out of the car. David sighed closing his door and locking the car, he followed behind max slowly watching where he stepped in the snow. The methods david had tried to make in the snow had failed yet again. He couldn’t use salt because of the wild life in the area and shoveling the snow just left him sore but it was also useless with how much it snowed at night.

David kicked the snow off his boots  on the door mat as max was taking his jacket and slipping on his hoodie. David hung his jacket up in the closet before properly hanging up max’s winter jacket, the 10 year old was never quite comfortable without having a extra layer on. David didn’t question why fearing it would make Max uncomfortable. He’d only been max’s care taker for 2 years and Max was very slow to opening up to him. 

“I’m going to grab root beer and watch some TV” max said walking into the kitchen as David finished clearing himself of snow.

“alright but when Gwen gets here you have to do your homework”David said with a sigh as he walked to his room to get ready for the date he had in 3 hours.

“aw but homework sucks ass” max complained as he walked out of the kitchen into the living room soda in hand,” and where you going David since when is there a meeting on a Friday?”

“I’m actually going on a date max” david said from inside his room as he dug through his dresser for a nice shirt.

“ You made up with Bonquisha?” max said sounding a bit excited as David gulped. In truth he had apologized to the woman and her new boyfriend a while ago but he didn’t allow himself anywhere near her. Mostly because he tried to beat her boyfriend with a bar stool, a out burst which David didn’t want to happen again. He thought about a answer shortly before someone knocked at the door.

“I’ll get it “ David said quickly dashing to the door, somewhat forgetting he’d taken off shirt in his room as he opened the door,”hi”

“Hey David-…why’s your shirt off” Gwen said in confusion as David let her inside, David blushed nervously covering himself up with his arms. He awkwardly walked back to his room and said,”oops sorry Gwen I forgot my shirt was off when I came to answer the door”

“you still haven’t answered my question”Max said as he drunk his soda, Gwen took off her coat and scarf.

“though I did make up with Bonquisha Max” David said calmly but sternly somewhat,” We have not gotten by together because she is still with her current boyfriend and I respect her choice. I’m going on date with a different individual who you have not met”

“oh good for you David” Gwen said sitting on the sofa next to Max and putting her feet on the coffee table as max pouted. David sighed putting on a button up plaid shirt and slipping into a pair of black jeans. He brushed his hair as Gwen and max watched TV. He knew max was a bit upset about him not being with Bonquisha but David hoped max get over it. by the time David has finished getting ready it was 5:45 pm and he was going to late if he didn’t hurry. He grabbed his bottles of Celexa and buspar from the nightstand opening the Celexa  bottle and taking one pill . He then closed the  Celexa bottle and chucked the pill into his mouth and swallowed it before putting buspar bottle in his pocket. 

“heres a 20 for pizza and 45 for your pay I don’t know how long I’ll be gone” David said quickly handing Gwen 65 dollars as he slipped his jacket on,” bye see you guys later”

Love and Breakfast

[Summary]: You and Tony spent New Years Eve together and he wants to make the next morning even more special.

[Warning]: PURE FLUFF and some implied smut

Requested by: @angel34jolly-blog

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You awoke as a small beam of light shone through the window and made it’s way across your face. The warmth from it felt good, as did the warmth that was caressing the rest of your body.

You laid there and smiled, remembering the events that took place last night. Tony Stark, your boyfriend of two years, brought you to Stark Tower to spend New Years Eve quietly. Just the two of you and no one else. It was rare that he did this since, knowing Tony, he would’ve thrown this massive party to ring in the New Year. But that wasn’t the case. Not that you were complaining.

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You need dysphoria to be trans

In order to be trans, you have to want to transition, you have to experience dysphoria. Being trans isn’t being a girl who likes to wear boy clothes and not shave her legs. Being trans isn’t a boy who like a clean shaved face and to wear pink.

Being trans is:
At the age of 3, crying when your mom puts you in a dress.
At the age of 4, cutting off all of your beautiful blonde hair.
At the age of 5, telling your teachers you’re supposed to use the boys bathroom.
At the age of 6, praying to God that you would wake up with a penis.
At the age of 7, being told that girls have to wear shirts outside.
At the age of 9, not having any friends because you’re no longer “one of the boys”.
At the age of 12, buying your first of many plaid button up shirts to hide your chest.
At the age of 13, being afraid of people physically hurting you in the bathroom.
At the age of 14, cutting yourself for the first time hoping it would take away the pain of people bullying 
At the age of 15, believing your girlfriend cheated on you because you were born without a penis.
At the age of 16, having to watch your mom almost cry as you tell her that her little girl is really her little boy.
At the age of 17, trying to kill yourself because you can’t handle it anymore.
At the age of 18, having to tell a judge why you should be allowed to change your name.
At the age of 20, having to stick yourself with needles every two weeks to get the hormone you weren’t born with.
At the age of 20+ having to spend over 20k to make your body match your mind.

Without dysphoria, you’re not trans. Without dysphoria, you are gender nonconforming and belittling trans people by calling yourself trans. 

Summer House ~ Chapter 4: Confessions

Again I’m just floored by the positive response! All of you make this world a better place! 

Read it here or on AO3

Chapter Four: Confessions

 She stood there with her fingers slipping back and forth over the camera’s lens for what felt like hours. He remained posed like some Greek statue along the door frame of the bathroom door; while the leftover heat from the adjoining room gracefully highlighted the many rivets of his sculpted features. She gulped making his lips curve, her arms finally fell limply to her sides while he chuckled nervously, “That’s what you chose for self defense really?”

 Felicity babbled with a nervous sounding scowl over her full lips, “I, well…I…oh fuck it! What the hell? How? Why and, more importantly when did you come back from the fucking dead if that’s actually what this is!!!!”

 When his head shook droplets of water flew freely from the tips of his hair until they splattered down to the pale floors. Felicity’s ire waned when she heard him whisper, “I can’t believe how much I’ve missed you…” She kept quiet but something in her stomach jumped violently… whether it was positive or negative had yet to be determined.

 After she regained enough equilibrium to form a coherent sentence she suggested that he perhaps put on more than a fluffy white towel. She also remarked beneath her breath that for a dead man he looked incredibly hot for the second time in the span of five minutes. He of course appeared to have hearing like a bat and, rasped back almost inaudibly, “Well the years have been kind to you as well…”

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Coffee Shop Rescue III

Paring: Pater Parker x (Female) Reader

Warnings: None?

Word Count: 1520

Summary: You wake up the morning after the attempted mugging and plan on doing nothing, then you remember that you’re supposed to go out.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 4

Saturday morning you woke up and stared at your ceiling, arms behind your head, under your pillow, sheets pushed down to your waist. You were wide awake, watching how the sun coming in around the edges of your curtains created patterns on the ceiling as the light reflected off the mirror. The gauze wrapped around your neck rubbed just enough when you shifted to remind you of the night before, and force the realisation that it wasn’t just a bad dream.

Should I report it to the police? Would I have to testify? Was it worth it?

Throwing the covers the rest of the way off, you got up and shuffled to the bathroom. The blue and teal decor was relaxing, but not enough to quiet your mind.

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