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Build-A-Bear and Hot Topic have joined forces for the fiercest (and cuddliest) collection ever

It’s no secret that Build-A-Bear and Hot Topic are each killing the game when it comes to pop culture merchandise. It a match made in mall heaven, the brands are teaming up to create the the ultimate line of clothes for you and your favorite Build-A-Bear.

Build-A-Bear, the store you begged you mom to take you for your birthday turns 20 this year and Hot Topic is just as excited. The Furry N’ Fierce line features some of Hot Topics best looks — for you AND your bear — and a special Hot Topic bear. Making this collab the *ultimate* pop culture match, Funko is even getting in on the game, offering a special vinyl figure of the Furry N’ Fierce bear.

Check out the whole Furry N’ Fierce collection:

Hot Topic Bear


The bear can be found at Build-A-Bear for $28.00.

Black Floral & Bear Crossbones Print Dress

Hot Topic, Build-A-Bear

The human version of this dress can be found online and in stores at Hot Topic for $49.90, while the bear version can be found at Build-A-Bear and online for $10.50.

Funko Pop! Furry N’ Fierce Vinyl Figure

Hot Topic;Build-A-Bear

The figure can be found at Hot Topic and Build-A-Bear in stores and online for $12.50.

Black & Red Plaid Woven Button-Up Shirt

Hot Topic, Build-A-Bear

The shirt for girls can be found in stores and online at Hot Topic for $36.90. For bears, the shirt can be found at Build-A-Bear in stores and online $7.50.

Black Faux Leather Moto Jacket with Hot Topic Bear Print Lining

Hot Topic, Build-A-Bear

The human version can be found online and in stores at Hot Topic for $59.90, while the bear’s version of the jacket can be found at Build-A-Bear in stores and online for $12.50.

Hot Topic Crop Sweater and Hot Topic Pleated Plaid Skirt

Hot Topic, Build-A-Bear

You can find the skirt for $34.90 plus tax and sweater $36.90 at Hot Topic, in stores and online. The skirt can be found for $7.00, and the sweater for $10.50 at Build-A-Bear stores and online.

The prices are listed are all in USD and is the perfect way to ring in Build-A-Bear’s 20th birthday. Everything in the collection goes on sale July 13th, and happy shopping!

It has been decided that I am The Instructor now. The Instructor is basically the person who conducts all the tutorials that someone at corporate stole off of Pinterest and decided could be done in two hours by someone with no experience in the medium. They are meant to be introductory classes for people who aren’t crafters, but instead are makers. 

They give us instructions. They’re usually pretty simple things. 

Generally, people look at the picture and say ‘well, I could figure that out myself’ and then they hop to. This is why generally no one shows up to my classes. 

There are very few crafts out there that I can’t somewhat learn how to do, which is one one of the reasons why they gave me this promotion. 

The one thing I have fuck all to do with is fiber arts. I can knit with a loom and that’s it. Anything else and we’re in frustration station. And a lot of fiber arts are kind of complicated, so if you’re going to give us a craft to do with yarn, it’s best to work with something that’s a little low-effort so that people can get their feet wet and build confidence in the medium. 

Like a hat or a scarf. 

But no.

“You, too, can make a woven plaid clutch!”

O…kay. Maybe no one will show up? No one showed up at all last week and we were even giving stuff away. Maybe no one will show up. 


Two people came in and they were SO EXCITED! They signed up for this class in November!

Oh god. 


Before the class began, the woman who used to be the knitting teacher came in to talk to me and see how we were doing. She tells me that she tried to make this clutch at home and she just… could not get it to work right. It seemed pretty easy in the instructions but in execution…. things just went wrong. ‘Anyways, good luck!’ Thanks, Deborah. 

Now for those of you who have never woven anything before, the concept in itself is pretty simple. Over-under, over-under… tie it off when you’re done. Pretty simple.

Except we were using a loom that can be reconfigured into over 30 different shapes and sizes to create thousands of motherfucking projects right with your two heathen hands. Just fucking snap all the pieces together somehow and fit all the fucking pegs in the misshapen holes. Don’t fit? Use your BRUTE FUCKING STRENGTH and smash that shit right in there. Do you even LIFT?! Nah, bro- I fucking KNIT. 

So that took thirty frustrating minutes, made more difficult by the language barrier because my students were from Greece and Uzbekistan.

After we were done putting together the IKEA Bookshelf of weaving looms, we only had an hour and a half left in the class to do the actual weaving. 

And for those who have never woven before…

Weaving is fucking time consuming. It takes forever. And there are lots of things that can go wrong. And if you mess up, you have to go back and fix it. And if this is your first time, by golly are you going to fuck up. This is not helped by the fact that an entire page of the instructions were just… missing and the ones that were there were pretty much Tab A to Slot B. 

So about ten wefts in, the woman from Greece says “I am never doing this again. This is too complicated, I can’t do it. I am never doing this again. Never. I’m returning all of this. I am getting my money back. Never again.”

She disassembles her loom, puts it in the box, and they both leave together because those ten wefts took up the entire hour and a half. 

I don’t know why they thought that THIS frustrating thing that you have to assemble all the parts to make the BIGGEST loom configuration possible and THEN string the warp and THEN weave the wefts and THEN sew it up to be a clutch was going to be possible in two hours, but man did they miscalculate.
David's Potholders - Black Gray white Plaid Cotton Potholders - Hot pads - Woven Pot Holders - Cotton Trivet - Handmade - Set of 2
Davids Potholders - Black Gray and white Plaid Cotton Potholders - Hot Pads - Woven Pot Holders - Cotton Trivet - Handmade - Set of 2 These are great woven potholders that are the best you will ever use. They are 100% cotton handmade potholders that are loom woven. The pot holders and all materials used to make the potholders, are 100% made in the US. They are tightly woven on a loom and very sturdy! Machine washable. These potholders will protect your hands and look beautiful at the same time. These are great to use as trivets to protect your table from hot dishes. They are an absolute must have for cooking on a campfire or the grill! These beauties are made by my little brother, David. The youngest of 9 kids, he has been turning these out for years as much sought after Christmas gifts. This is his work as well as his bliss ... he is a joyous maker of potholders! DIMENSIONS: Each potholder is about 6 inches x 6 inches (15.2 cm x 15.2 cm) ****Use the drop down menu to the right of the photo section to order more than one set*** Some slight initial shrinkage MAY occur if you use real hot water to launder, just like with many cotton items. The loops have been pre-washed however. See other rescued items for sale in our shop: See the rest of Davids Potholders : COMBINED AND ALTERNATE SHIPPING Shipping costs listed are for USPS First Class Mail. If you desire an alternate shipping method, please contact us BEFORE paying and we can alter your invoice. We are happy to combine items for shipping to reduce shipping costs, just get in touch with us before you pay so we can calculate the charge for the specific additional items. For some combinations, there is no additional charge. But say you bought this item and added an embellished bowling ball (which we havent ever made ... yet), there would be an upcharge in shipping. ECO-FRIENDLY: Why is this product eco-friendly or “green”? First, by using materials that were destined to be discarded, repurposing them, we keep them out of the landfill. Second, by creating products from existing materials, we reduce the demand for the production of new materials, which reduces the energy used, natural resources consumed and waste products and often pollutants generated by the manufacturing processes … reducing the carbon footprint of the product.


imagine a family;
a mother, a father and two little kids.
a white picket fence daydream,
complete with apple pie and cut-off crusts and warm hands
and a shadow of a monster in the corner.


imagine a family:
two scared boys grasping at each other in a world full of nightmares,
one small step away from alone.


imagine a family that doesn’t end in blood,
a man as worn out as his baseball cap,
a student turned prophet,
a hacker turned hunter,
an angel of the lord turned human;
imagine a plaid-woven patchwork happiness carved away from monsters,
a bunker underground called home.


imagine two tired men grasping at each other in a decaying world.

a question arises:
is it better to have loved and lost or never loved at all? —
for even an honorary Winchester is already damned.
rivers of red upon white knuckles and trembling fingers;

family doesn’t end in blood
until it does.

(spn hiatus creations | week ten
↳ bunker family )

(This was an image that popped into my brain after seeing Dylan go into happy clappy seal mode when he heard Hoech’s voice at SDCC, and I think I broke prettyinsoulpunk with this mental image so naturally I had to make it a reality. Love you, Angie! :D <33)

Sterek AU: After nearly 3 weeks of not hearing from Derek, Stiles finally cracks. Sure he’s received vague texts saying he was fine, he found Cora who ran into trouble with a pack and were on the run; he promised he’d be safe and call when they were in the clear, but now Stiles is frantic.

With a little help from Danny, Lydia, and resources courtesy of the Sheriff’s department (ok sure it might not be 100% legal, but it’s for love damnit!), he manages to track Derek’s cell phone activity to a county in South Dakota. Against the pack’s protests, Stiles packs up his Jeep and speeds off into the night alone.

Of course his Jeep broke down 15 miles before he reaches the diner, where Derek’s last known location was before his cell service abruptly stopped three days ago. Stiles would never abandon his Jeep, but if he didn’t move quickly he might lose the trail, and no, he’s not giving up. Not now, not ever. Luckily he’s near a ranch and inquires about a horse, to his dismay he finds they only have miniature horses because of course they do. He sighs before agreeing to take one of the larger of the group.

Undeterred, he sets off on his mini steed, waving a cowboy hat in one hand while yelling, “I’m coming for you, Sourwolf!” He mumbles to himself, ‘And when I find his non-communicative furry ass I’m going to make sure he’s unharmed, first, and then I’m going hogtie him, throw every damn dog joke I know at him, and then kiss him until his face turns as blue as my bal- ugh, damnit Derek you better be ok. What I do for love….’

Stiles is a few miles away from the diner when he notices Derek’s truck in the parking lot of a rundown motel. He enters the offices and asks if a Derek Hale is registered there. As the woman working the desk is checking the records he notices Derek opening the door to a room. He bolts out the door, words escaping him, as he crashes into him just as the door swings open. Derek half shifts into beta form before realizes it’s Stiles. 

“What the hell?! Stiles?! How did you find m- no you know what, I don’t want to know.” Derek reigns himself in seeing Stiles on the verge of a panic attack, clutching to him as they lay on the floor halfway inside the room.

“I thought something happened to you. Something I couldn’t save you from. It’s been 3 weeks, Derek, I had to find out if you were ok. I couldn’t…I just needed to…”

“It’s ok, Stiles. I’m fine, I’m ok. Just breathe,” Derek replies, gently stroking down his back. “My phone got damaged while we were running from the pack. We double backed and holed up here once I knew the pack lost our scent. I was going to call you and let you know we’re on our way back home tonight.”

Stiles’ breathing slowly returns to normal and he can do nothing but cradle Derek’s face and kiss him like his life depended on it, “I missed you so much.” 

At that point, the bathroom door swings open, “Oh my god, can you two please control your hormones.” Cora rolls her eyes as she picks up clothes from the floor when she glances out the window. “Uhh…can someone explain why there’s a tiny horse peeing on Derek’s truck?”

Stiles chokes out a laugh, “Yeah, yeah. Nice to see you too, Cora. And that is my faithful steed. Figured since my Jeep broke down, what better way to feel like a knight in shining armor than to ride in on a horse and possibly save the day.”

Now it’s Derek’s turn to roll his eyes, smirking, “More like knight in woven plaid.” 

Stiles glares at him momentarily, “Zip it, wolfie, or else you’ll be participating in the jousting portion of the program…solo.” Derek groaned but Stiles pinned him down a little harder and continued to kiss him senseless while Cora complained about idiots in love and needing her own room tonight as she jumped over their prone forms to take care of the horse.

How to Make Apple Picking a Stylish Outing

Cozy ensembles that double as stylish fall outfits

If the chilly weather makes you want to curl up under the covers and binge on Netflix, we don’t blame you - that’s what fall weekends are for. But we also love outdoor excursions, because nothing quite compares to this season’s beautiful colors and the new warm layers hanging in our closets. So if you’re planning a day of apple picking, or another fall-friendly event, we’ve got your outfit covered. Opt for flat shoes like booties or sneakers and bring a cozy coat and hat. Even if you’re not one for preppy style, you can still combine cold-weather favorites like stretchy denim and simple sweatshirts. Just be sure to keep it comfy, add texture and wear muted fall colors to ensure a successful and stylish day of picking (and eating) fall fruit.

Gabrielle Lacasse of Dentelle + Fleurs in a Glamourous coat and Vero Modo top and pants

Jane Floppy Hat

Structured Collarless Coat

Woven Plaid Flannel

Petite Faux Leather Leggings

Cotu Classic Sneakers

Stone Wave Necklace

Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific in an Isabel Marant coat, Madewell sweatshirt and Tommy Hilfiger booties

Wide Brim Fedora Hat

Super Duper Strength Sunglasses

Festive plaid wool moto jacket

City Names Crop Sweatshirt

Look Who’s Sockin’ Knee-High

Mila Booties


No Fuss Festival Gear

On The Road To The Life Is Beautiful Festival With Zappos

So excited to be heading to Vegas today with the Zappos team for one last music festival to round out the year. I can’t think of a better place to listen to some of my favorite artists than the adult playground that is Las Vegas! I might’ve jumped the gun due to my excitement when picking out some festival attire for this trip - uhmm no one told me it would be in the upper 80’s temperature-wise! - but let’s pretend for a sec that it’ll be perfect fall weather and this is what I’d wear. That is, something easy and no fuss, because when you’re gonna be dancing all night and day you’ll want to be comfortable. I paired a plaid woven shirt with a super cozy sweatshirt and a pair of joggers for my look, and THE BEST pair of sneakers I could find because INTERNET CATZ. Be sure to keep up with me on Twitter (@closet_freaks) and Instagram (@oh_anthonio) this weekend for some live festival coverage. Happy Friday Everyone! #wishyouwerehere


Obey Sweatshirt  //  Obey Flannel  //  Publish Joggers  //  Vans Shoes  // Brixton Hat


Disclosure: This post was written as a part of my collaboration with

Mad for Plaid

The classic accessory that will never go out of style

The plaid scarf is one of those ubiquitous accessories that you can have 10 of and still get wear out of each one. Warm, classic and seasonal, plaid scarves are like the short sleeve button-downs of summer. They look great tucked into simple coats or worn freely over light shirts. Take a look at our favorites styles below and choose which colors look best on you.


Barbour Newmarket Plaid Scarf

Plaid Woven Scarf

Buffalo plaid scarf

Barbour Check Plaid Scarf

Lofty Plaid Cashmere Scarf

Blackwatch Tartan Scarf

Wool Box Plaid Scarf

Niven Vale Wool and Cashmere-Blend Scarf

Cashmere Plaid Scarf w/ Fringe, Blue/White/Gray

A Plaid Woven out of Lies and Deception - recap of 2x01

(Note: We’re going to title our recaps an alternate episode title. This week’s comes from the lovely bearded Scot who graces our tumblr icon.)

Did the prediction come true?: Hell yes it did. Score one for me (the non-book-reader, Namaimo).

Things we discovered about ourselves this episode: Namaimo is a couch chip motherfucker who eats chips off the couch and chocolate off the floor. Eloise is a regular chip motherfucker who has no self-control when it comes to TV snacks.

Before we get further into the recap, I gotta say, as I’ve said probably a million times before, Bear McCreary is a goddamn genius (*Eloise immediately downloaded new theme and is now quite fond of the viola de gamba*). Also THOSE NEW TITLE CREDITS. I don’t know if ‘on fleek’ can be used for TV shows but DAMN IT IMMA USE IT, cause look at these beauties

(*cue medical nerds bouncing up and down with excitement*)

(*and Eloise obnoxiously mentally commenting on remembering the exact part of the book this is from and being SO FREAKING HAPPY IT’S GONNA BE IN THE SHOW*)

They’re so on point they even have S1|S2 parallels in their damn intro

(with the above medicaling)

Aaand more

(nice credit placement there, Maril)


And my fav, hidden stabbies:

(Gonna go ahead and say yellow dude isn’t a friend)

And then we get some bonding

(*moar bouncing from Eloise but FOR OTHER REASONS*)

(Okay that ring he’s wearing also looks a lot like the one Claire picks up from the grass when she wakes up post-time-travel)

Anywho onto the episode


the 1940′s, that is

(Maybe she’s going for ♫ FIVE GOL-DEN RIIINGS ♫)


Do you think it’s possible they learn about using the rocks to go through in this season? Perhaps from Raymond? Could Jamie have given her his ring for that purpose - to see her safely through, that is?


And then she meets…

(It’s a theory.)

(One I know not to be true BUT I DON’T CARE. ALL THE NED, PLS & THX)

Turns out the Brits won Culloden anyways

I kind of enjoyed her asking about who won Culloden, though I feel like it was laid on a bit too thick (and that’s shocking coming from me, cause I think Cait’s a great actress, and I love how she plays Claire. It was just a bit much in that scene, I think.)

Namaimo points out that perhaps they changed the course of events leading up to this to make it even more devastating and warrant what Eloise worries borders on melodramatic. But again, Namaimo doesn’t know.

Eloise adds that this does up the dramatic tension for the rest of the series, since it’s very clear that what they’re working to do will fail. I mean, we knew that in the book, but here it’s more immediate so I feel that it packs more of a punch. 

*queue intro*

Namaimo the nursing student does not approve of this doctor’s action and is sure that this 1940s nurse agrees.

You don’t give a vulnerable patient a goddamn sedative, because you are just asking for them to temporarily lose it (aka delirium). As Nike has never said, just don’t do it.


Favourite medical moment: PTSD. I honestly thought this was lacking in the book on Claire’s part. We think it makes perfect sense that Claire would see BJR flashbacks when she looks at Frank, and we are glad that they included her trauma around that in episode 1. We also like their inclusion of her trauma around wars in general. Poor woman’s been bounced from WW2 to the Uprising back to the Cold War that looks like it might devolve into WW3. She’s got to have trauma around that.

And then they go to “convalesce” (honestly, so bloody English) at the Rev’s crib

I really liked that they mentioned the clothes. Cause nobody really mentioned them in the book and that seemed odd. We also enjoyed the choice of having Frank just burning them without asking Claire (notice the theme of him not asking her what’s best for her or what she wants… Imma come back to that later)

Frank is cheesed, the Rev is sassy, and the press are fuckwads

“Devil take the press”

“Even the devil has standards”

Claire is traumatized and desperate for info about Jamie’s fate

Sidenote: We both think it’s nice that she can talk to someone about what happened, someone who not only believes her, but sort of saw what was going to happen and believed it even before she had it confirmed (Mrs Graham was the one who suggested in S1 that Claire had gone through the stones when she disappeared).

One thing Eloise did like was that she threw herself into finding out what happened to Jamie. To me, in the books, it felt out of character that she didn’t look into what happened to him. I understand she was grieving and it was hard, but given her characterization, she seems like she would absolutely throw herself into finding out what happened and only stop doing so when it was one of Frank’s conditions and her guilt and promise to Jamie would convince her to close the books.

(kudos, Gary Steel)

And then they settle in and have the little chat we’ve been waiting for

(10 points if you get the reference there)

Frank can’t brush that off, and it’s concrete proof Claire was at least intimate with someone else, so he freaks

Namaimo is of the opinion that Tobias Menzies purposely channelled some BJR facial ticks for this scene. They’re very hard to screencap because they’re so small and also we’re weenies who don’t know how to gif and are too scared to learn, so there aren’t visual examples here - but I saw a similar jaw clench and some lip curls and a couple others. Namaimo and Eloise both thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it added to the story, the drama, and the overall characterization of Frank in the 2nd season.

(♫I came in like a wrecking stick♫)

It’s interesting to note that both here and in season 1 when he beats up those people in the alley, Frank feels a great deal of guilt about his angry outbursts. They do a great job of showing that while he is BJR’s descendent and has a temper (as, might I point out, do Jamie and Claire), he is not BJR; he’s not a monster. 

Namaimo is actually thinking that out of the three of them (Claire, Frank, and Jamie), Jamie is arguably the most gentle. Of course, he gets into fights and arguments and he can be pigheaded sometimes, but his temper is generally under his control. Even in those oft moments when we see someone say something rude to Claire and he does the thing:

…even so it’s not really a result of his temper, but rather a result of his loyalty, his urge to protect, and his need to do the right thing.

Anywho Frank gets on with the whole business of repairing their marriage

Unpopular opinion: At risk of alienating everyone, we have to admit that we quite enjoy Frank as a character. Eloise feels like the book made him too two-dimensional (though it’s worth noting that even DG doesn’t think of him as a villain) and the show does a better job of making him greyer (and even my non-book-reader companion thinks he’s a grey character).

THAT BEING SAID, Eloise wishes we had a bit less of his perspective in the first episode and more of Claire’s. After all, it is ultimately her story, but I felt like they spent more time exploring Frank’s side. Her emotions were really only explored in scenes with Frank. The only time her feelings as explored alone are in the one scene with Mrs. Graham, whereas Frank’s feelings were explored more in depth.  (Namaimo nods as I write this)

Eloise has also heard people say they made Claire out to be the bad guy and Frank the villain, but I disagree. Claire was quite sympathetic, and there are moments where I sympathized with Frank too. But he did not react well. He did not ask her what happened, and honestly sounded like he didn’t want to know. He just wanted her to forget and move on, cause that’s what he wanted. All of his proposed solutions were not made with respect for her feelings, they were quite selfish, just as they were in the book. He wants her to just forget and move on, he doesn’t want to acknowledge what she went through and her relationship with Jamie. He doesn’t even ask her if she wants to go back with him, even when she calls herself his “ex-wife,” he just assumes that of course she does. I don’t even think he believed her about travelling back in time. I think he just didm’ t want to argue about it. With everything about her disappearance, he seems to just want to pretend it didn’t happen, so I think that’s why he just accepts her story, because it’s easy to dismiss a fairy-tale.

What can’t he dismiss? A baby.

That’s why I think he explodes when he realizes Claire’s pregnant. Cause that’s real, concrete proof that she was with someone else. That her story isn’t just a story. Also, it’s what he always wanted, now given to him by a man he’d rather pretend never existed.

(Namaimo nods emphatically)

Namaimo and I wonder at the Frank hate, because we think the greyness of the situation makes it more interesting and realistic. We also don’t think it makes Claire any less sympathetic.


People were also upset about Frank accepting Claire’s story, thinking it minimizes the significance of Jamie accepting her story. I disagree. I think the comparison lies in the fact that Jamie ascertains that she wants to go back, and then gives her the choice, whereas Frank keeps saying they can move on, never asking whether she wants to move on with him. 

He never even imagines she might want to go back, that she might have been happier there or that she might have loved Jamie more (Namaimo disagrees. She thinks that’s exactly what he’s trying not to imagine. Eloise thinks that comes down to the same thing. Either way, he’s not considering it.) It’s clear she’s told him Jamie dies, but he never helps her look for him; never helps her get closure though he professes to understand that she loved Jamie. To reprise Jamie, “those are just empty words.” I think the anti-parallel between Jamie’s actions after Claire tells him about the stones vs Frank’s is quite telling. Jamie seeks to give her a choice, to act in a way that allows her to chose the life she wants, to optimize her happiness, disregarding his own. Frank orders her to stop looking for Jamie in spite of her obvious need to do so; he takes choice away from Claire, acting to optimize his own happiness, disregarding hers.

Here I must say, I see where people are coming from being upset about her taking off the ring, but then again, she is acting on her promise to Jamie to leave him behind. 


Also, I did not find it realistic in the books that she NEVER took it off in 20 years. She would have to, as a surgeon. You can’t leave that on in the operating room, it’s insanitary. She would 100% have had to take it off for every operation. Just wanted to mention that.


(Apologies to Namaimo, who can’t see parts of her own joint post. She feels like Frank, specifically “I FEEL LIKE THIS BABY ISN’T MINE”)

And then they fly away to ‘merica


(Namaimo and Eloise always love Murtagh, but particularly in these early France scenes when he’s griping about frogs.)

Jamie and Claire have some lifechats

More fiery Frasers appear

We have to say, we do feel for Jamie here. Much as Claire is supportive and they’re both together in wanting to protect the Scottish people, it’s much more of a leap of faith for Jamie. He’s just been reminded of how close he was to Jared, and how much Jared trusts him, and he’s about to commit to directly trying to undermine the cause Jared is so fiercely working towards. That would be hard for anyone, and especially someone who holds honour, loyalty, and family as pretty much the most important things in life.

Basically we like that this highlights how pragmatic Claire is, as well as loyal in her own way, versus Jamie’s strong commitments to seeing the Rising succeed. Claire is trying to get them (the Scottish people, the Highlanders) to survive in order to possibly fight another day, whereas Jamie probably views this as more of a one-shot deal, now or never, and it goes against his instincts and values to fight it.

As a book-reader, Eloise must also mention that she likes that Jamie asked why they weren’t trying to help the rebellion succeed, which he didn’t do in the book. It just makes more sense that he would ask that, while still clearly trusting Claire’s judgement.

Jamie then strips, with Claire’s help, to show Jared his back

We particularly liked this because it parallels the scenes of him being stripped during Dougal’s quest to raise funds for the rebellion. Here, he gently removes his shirt of his own volition, as opposed to having it violently torn off against his will by Dougal. Also, Dougal was stripping him to support the Uprising, here they’re stripping him to undermine it. 

And then we have some medical fun

We’re always here for Claire standing up for medicine, but…

She’s talking about quarantine and then immediately feels up Jamie’s coat without WASHING HER DAMN HANDS. It’s a small thing, but this is a hella infectious disease we’re talkin’ about. The outbreak’s in the details.

Namaimo want to know if Claire knows how the smallpox vaccine originally came about - if she’s aware of the whole inoculating with cowpox thing, and if so why is she not doing this for Jamie and then everybody?

Anywho, they speak in lovely accents to people with fabulous wigs, and make lots of new friends

This actually segues into one problem Eloise had: at times, the dialogue felt a bit on-the-nose at times (ex. “you’ve made yourselves an enemy” (I mean, we know. It felt a bit mustachio-twiddling villain-esque. Or perhaps wig-twiddling, in this case.)

(But look at these dorks being all supportive of each other. Warms my wizened heart.)

We go out with a sizzle

So that’s episode 1. All in all, we loved it and had lots to say about it.

See you for Ep2!