plaid trouser

o’shea robertson & julian schneyder for british gq | ph nick leary 

some of my fave Matty looks

- earring and stubble @ Reading 2016

- ACNE platform boots


- leather jacket + floral shirt

- blue suit from lolla 2016

- those all black outfits from the last era


- plaid Gucci trousers

- just any suit

- THE DUNGAREES (he should bring those back)

- sleeveless

- the white suit from Glastonbury 2016

- coachella 2016


do you ever think about remus being a half-blood in the seventies and coming back to school in some bizarre muggle fashion like fuckin bootcut plaids and sirius just Stares™ at his legs in silence with a face of utter dismay/horror and remus goes a bit red like “…what?!” and sirius puts his hand against his forehead full drama mode like he’s gonna faint and says, “your trousers. they SCARE me. take them off

Jessie, 21

“I’m wearing my roommates’ thrifted plaid trousers, a black American Apparel leotard, and an thrifted variety jacket. I tend to stick to clothes that are comfortable. I like baggy pants, bold patterns, and big jackets. As long as I have some flexibly in it, I’m happy. But honestly, most of my clothing is either borrowed or given to me from friends. If they have something that looks cool on them, I borrow it but wear it in a way that suits me. I am not really the best shopper.”

Aug 20, 2016 ∙ Bernal Heights

After being pulled over for a stop and search by police, officers realised that the car Ted Bundy was driving was unlicensed, so they arrested him. Having just escaped from jail, Bundy panicked, kicked at the officers and managed to run away. An officer, David Lee, fired two warning shots, gave chase, and tackled Bundy to the ground. The two struggled over Lee’s gun before the officer finally subdued and arrested him. After searching the vehicle that Bundy had stolen, three sets of IDs belonging to female FSU students, 21 stolen credit cards, and a stolen television set were found. Also found were a pair of dark-rimmed non-prescription glasses and a pair of plaid trousers, which were later identified by Bundy as a disguise he used while hiding in Jacksonville. As Officer Lee transported the killer back to jail, unaware that it was one of the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives he had just arrested, he heard Bundy crying in the backseat. Through tears, he told the officer: “I wish you had killed me.”

What Harry Hart wore in the movie “Kingsman”

1. Navy pin stripe double breasted peaked lapel suit: When Harry met little Eggsy 

2. Grey pin stripe double breasted peaked lapel suit: When Harry met grown up Eggsy. 

3. Grey birdseye wool double breasted peaked lapel suit: When Harry met prof. Arnold

4. Pajama w/Gown: Right after Harry was recovered from poisonous explosion.

5. Navy velvet smoking jacket w/tartan plaid trouser: When Harry visited Valentine.

6. Grey glen plaid double breasted peaked lapel suit: Breakfast w/Arthur right after the dinner w/Valentine

7. (2-1A): When Eggsy was hypnotized.

8. (2-1, same as 2 but different tie): When Eggsy and Roxy made final two.

9. (2-1B): In Harry’s room, when they were talking about kingsman and being a gentleman.

10. (7): When Harry and Eggsy went to kingsman shop for having Eggsy’s suit.

11. (8): When Eggsy was taken to Harry’s house by Arthur’s black cab.

12. (1, exactly same suit) : at the church

a) Eggsy’s first suit is same as harry’s #1 suit.
b) Eggsy’s 2nd suit at the pub is same as harry’s #2 suit.

Pseudonymously, Chapter 5

Clara smiled at the mental imagine of it. She had always liked a bearded man and even though the plaid trousers sounded like he was wearing a pyjama all day, Clara doubted that it could be so bad.

Dear Doctor,
how would you know I could turn any man’s head? You have no idea what I look like. For all you know I could weigh a ton, have a moustache, a peg leg and a lazy eye.
And I wouldn’t care about the loud music as long as it’s good music. Also the beard bit doesn’t really sound too bad in my ears. Not so sure about the plaid trousers, however…
Your Impossible Girl.

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